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Bad hair
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A woman has hauled Sydney, Australia, barber Sam Rahim before the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission. The woman, an attorney, claims Rahim violated anti-discrimination law by refusing to cut her daughter's hair. Rahim says he politely told her he wasn't trained to cut women's hair and has no experience cutting women's hair and that there were three women's hair salons just a short distance away.

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  1. Buzz cut for the lass it is, then.

    1. No charge.

  2. What if it were the middle of the desert and this guy was the only barber?

    1. Then we would eat the children, and this would never come up.

  3. Just before Christmas, a woman, a lawyer, walked into his shop asking him to cut her daughter’s hair.

    Not the best sentence ever written, but the reporter got the salient information out right at the beginning. Three women’s hair salons on the same block, but she’s outraged that the men’s barber shop she walks into won’t do her little girl’s hair…. just because she’s a girl!

    Nope, she didn’t have a plan to get litigating “human rights” cases. Nope, not a tiny bit. She just happened to pick the one men’s shop on the block. The fact that she’s a lawyer is irrelevant to the case. ‘Coulda happened to anyone.

    1. A woman, a human rights lawyer, and a wee little girl-tot (Who MAY have been named Little Cindy Loo-Who), all walk into a barber shop…

      OK, so, then, Government Almighty DAMN it all, WHAT is the REAL rest of the story, and the punch line!?!?

      Inquiring minds want to KNOW!!!

  4. Clearly, every young woman has a right to a buzz-cut.

    1. The other commenters may mock me, but I must admit I love what you can do with a euphemism.

  5. Wonder if her daughter is fully on board with mom and reveling in fighting against all those evil “sexist” barbers, or if she is extremely embarrassed and tries to pretend this woman isn’t her mother if anyone asks.

  6. Hmm, the girl’s mom just happens to be a lawyer.

    This poor barber should bake the lawyer a gay wedding cake just to prove he’s not all bad. Maybe then she’d leave him alone.

  7. The woman, an attorney…

    …figured out that walking into a barber shop is easier work than chasing ambulances.

  8. If the commission doesn’t have the power to set up a licensing scheme for barbers and mandate that they all get 400 hours training every year in cutting lady coiffures then what’s the point?

  9. That’s it. I’m taking my son to the gynecologist right now.

  10. Next week, the woman plans to bring her car to a local bike shop and demand that the bicycle repair person replace the timing belt and water pump.

    1. And the week after, she will take the kid to a dentist demanding a tonsillectomy.

      (the one up contest is now officially open)

      1. Nothing more soothing after a tonsillectomy than foie gras from McDonalds.

      2. Never mind that, what about the gynecologist for her daughter’s post-menopausal hormone replacement? If she doesn’t get that, surely it’s age discrimination.

  11. “Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission”

    That’s not scary sounding at all.

    1. What’s Australian for “Diana Moon Glampers”?

    2. Scary? It’s HEROIC. Almost.

  12. I’m sure the fact that the barber charged about 30% less for haircuts (because he only cuts men’s hair) had nothing to do with her asinine decision.

    So she’s going to cost the legal system and the barber thousands of dollars because she was a cheapskate who wanted to save $5.

  13. He should have replied that he wasn’t licensed to cut female’s hair. And it could very well be true.

  14. He should have replied that he wasn’t licensed to cut female’s hair. And it could very well be true.

  15. The woman, an attorney,

    I’ll bet Plan B was a lawsuit for giving her daughter a sexist haircut.

  16. “The more I think about it, old Billy was right,
    Let’s kill all the lawyers, kill ’em tonight.”
    Glenn Frey / Don Henley

  17. I’ll do it for $5. It will look like that lady in the photo, but I’m a gender-neutral hair topiary expert.

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