Feds Still Refusing to Say Why They Shut Down Backpage or What's In 93-Count Indictment: Reason Roundup

Plus: Paying taxes on cryptocurrency, Trump's delusional trade talk, and how the FBI is abusing FOIA to go after whistleblowers


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Still no charges unveiled in Backpage case. As of Monday morning, the indictment that led to a federal shutdown of the classified-ads site, the seizure of its servers, and raids on the founders' homes was still unavailable for public consumption. No entry exists on the site (a clearinghouse of federal case data), and there's no indication from the Department of Justice (DOJ) when it will be available.

As Scott Shackford reported, a DOJ spokesperson said late Friday that a federal court had ruled that case documents would remain sealed for now. The FBI also confirmed that agents had raided the Sedona, Arizona, home of Backpage co-founder Michael Lacey (reporters also witnessed a raid on co-founder James Larkin's house) and that the website was seized because it was used to facilitate crime.

Notably, nothing so far has directly indicated that the charges relate to sex trafficking. It is possible that the feds built a case around money laundering or some other unrelated charge. The effort was a joint effort of the FBI, the Internal Revenue Service, and the U.S. Postal Service.

Some have attributed the raid and seizure to FOSTA, the new "sex trafficking bill" passed by Congress in March. But it has not yet been signed into law by President Trump.

So far, social media posts from myriad sex workers indicate that the shutdown of Backpage is having the exact opposite of keeping those in the sex trade safe and free from exploitation.


FBI using "freedom of information" law to crack down on freedom of information. The classified documents released to The Intercept by former FBI agent Terry James Albury "should concern anyone who cares about civil liberties, " writes Zack Kopplin, an investigator with the Government Accountability Project, in The Washington Post. The documents

…outline how the FBI can access journalists' phone records without search warrants or subpoenas approved by a judge. This is despite a 2013 promise by former attorney general Eric Holder to reform rules about spying on reporters […] The documents also identify loopholes in FBI rules allowing undercover agents and informants to infiltrate and spy on members of churches, political organizations and universities — something, the Intercept said, even the FBI acknowledged was a "risk to civil liberties." Additionally, they reveal the FBI was targeting surveillance based on race and religion.

But this isn't the extent of the civil-liberties abuses revealed by Albury's leak and subsequent arrest, asserts Kopplin. The way the FBI went after the whistleblowing agent is itself chilling: They used the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Since the FBI can see FOIA requests and who accesses documents on its network, it looked up when the Intercept had originally submitted a FOIA for the documents (a request that the FBI had not fulfilled when The Intercept published the leaked documents) and who had accessed those documents within the FBI around that time.

The Government Accountability Project "suggests news organizations protect sources when making FOIA requests by disguising insider knowledge as part of broader requests for data and documents that aren't specifically tied to the source's work or job responsibilities."


How the IRS handles cryptocurrency. As the 2018 deadline for filing income taxes looms, here's a handy guide to how federal tax collectors will be handling cryptocurrency (which it considers property, not currency).

"If you made some money off bitcoin, ethereum, or another cryptocurrency, you need to declare your wallet," reports QZ. "In the past, the IRS has mainly relied on the honor system for people to report their crypto earnings."


After a summons was issued in 2016, earlier this year Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange on the internet, was forced to hand over the details of around 13,000 users, including their taxpayer ID, name, birth date, address, and transaction records. These were some of the top-earning users from 2013 to 2015 who traded over $20,000 on the exchange in a single year.

Those whose crypto gains come post-2015 are off the hook for now, but that could change. "When US president Donald Trump signed his monumental tax bill into effect late last year, it more clearly defined cryptocurrency as a taxable entity," explains QZ's Georgia Frances King.

It included an amendment to section 1031 (a)(1), which concerns "like kind exchanges," meaning any crypto being traded for another is now legally taxable. So even if you have never converted your crypto into fiat currency (i.e. the US dollar), but you have traded between two cryptos (like buying ethereum using your bitcoin), then you need to declare it. If you unintentionally earned money through one of your currencies forking, even though you didn't have control over it, then that's also a taxable event.


Syrians see chemical weapons attack and airstrike. Syrian state news agency SANA reported that the Monday-morning bombs were dropped by Israeli fighter jets, after first calling them part of "American aggression"—a charge the U.S. Department of Defense denied. Over the weekend, Syrian forces set off toxic-gas bombs outside the city of Damascus, killing civilians including multiple children.

The attack—which produced ghastly images that quickly spread all over TV and social media—may change President Trump's mind about pulling U.S. troops out of Syria entirely, suggests The New York Times:

Within hours, images of dead families sprawled in their homes threatened to change Mr. Trump's calculus on Syria, possibly drawing him deeper into an intractable Middle Eastern war that he hoped to leave.

"Many dead, including women and children, in mindless CHEMICAL attack in Syria," Mr. Trump wrote on Twitter on Sunday. He blamed Iran and Russia—even singling out President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia by name—for their support of the Syrian government.

"Big price to pay," he wrote, without providing details.



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  1. Still no charges unveiled in Backpage case.

    The prosecution is still too flustered at what backpage was doing.

    1. They’re too busy, ummm, “interviewing” Backpage’s clients. Got to build a strong case, you know.

    2. Hello.

      I hear there was a huge fight in the Reason staff room over the issue of changing the name from ‘AM links’ to ‘Roundup’. I heard it was so stressful Soave’s hair fell out.

      1. Robby didn’t lose his hair. His hair was giving serious consideration to losing him, however.

      2. Nick let him borrow one of his hair helmets.

  2. Congress is back in session today after a two-week break.

    Balls to the wall rethinking that spending bill, to be sure.

  3. Paul Manafort’s lawyers are weighing how strongly to build a defense around allegations of political bias at the FBI and from other federal investigators.

    If it’s good enough for our president and the original run of The X-Files

  4. Facebook said it will notify users if their data was shared with Cambridge Analytica.


  5. How’s that “global warming” working out for everyone by the way in the Endless Winter of 2018? I hear snow flurries are still falling at low altitude in much of the country.

    It kinds of makes me wish I was huddled in front of Fat Albert Gore’s cozy fireplace.

    1. It reminds me of 2007-2008. It was cold here until late May and it wasn’t all that warm in June.

    2. You realize that’s just as retarded as people who say that every hurricane means that global warming is super real and we’re all going to die? Maybe not.

      1. To be fair, Gore has gotten a little bit chubby.

        1. Chubby on the money he’s raking in pimping out his climate change crap like a charlatan.

          1. “He talked like a narcoleptic plantation owner so he lost the presidency to a fake cowboy and now he makes apocalypse porn.”

      2. I’ll believe global warming when Al Gore and his ilk stop buying houses near the shore

        1. I’m not saying there isn’t room for doubt of the dominant narrative. Just that that’s a stupid argument.

          1. That wasn’t suppose to be in response to your comment

            1. Hops aren’t supposed to be the dominant flavor in beer, and yet here Zeb is.

              1. Zeb’s beer preference is far too refined for us philistines to understand

                1. This guy gets it.

          2. “Just that that’s a stupid argument.”

            That seems to be the original poster’s point, and something you seem not to have picked up on.

            1. You may be giving him too much credit. Being stupid is kind of his thing.

    3. I woke up to a white lawn this morning, April 9th.

      Where’s my global warming!

    4. Think how little argument anyone would give if they just called it ‘local warming’

  6. The CBO is about to report that there will be trillion dollar-plus budget deficits for every year of Trump’s presidency.


    1. He was elected to lead not to read.

    2. Remember when the CBO said that healthcare reform would result in net savings for the federal government? Good times

    3. CBO stands for Congressional Budget Office.

      Supposedly “Nonpartisan analysis for the U.S. Congress”.

      These are the same clowns that said that ObamaCare would result in a net savings for America which was BULLSHIT.

      1. Yeah, I like plenty about Trump, and I think the CBO is often wrong, but do we have any good examples of the CBO overestimating expenses?

        I’d take this as a sign of even worse debt increases under Trump than they are projecting. Which shouldn’t be terribly shocking for those of us who voted Trump. The guy ran on increasing all sorts of government spending as I recall.

        1. Trump ran to increase some spending and cut other spending. He might be one of the few politicians to tackle Social security and Medicare.

          Everyone chopped his discretionary budget cuts off at the knees, including some staff at Reason.

          Trump also said that the increase to defense was to fix gaps in readiness.

          Trump has signed two outrageously high budget bills so far, so his actions on cuts are not good. With that being said, Its Congress’ job to do the budget and make cuts. RINOs are too chicken shit to do it and Democrats want to spend the USA into bankruptcy.

  7. South Carolina is getting dramatic.

    They’ll have a better chance when the rest of the country disarms itself.

  8. The CBO is about to report that there will be trillion dollar-plus budget deficits for every year of Trump’s presidency.


  9. Congress is back in session today after a two-week break.

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife.

    1. Buy why? Congress is here to help the wife and kids.
      And, by the way, they are not YOUR wife and kids – – – – – – –

      1. His wife, but not his kid…

        1. Don’t insult my relationship with my wife and my wife’s son.

      2. Your kids? You didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen.

  10. It’s not every day that a press release takes 6 percent of the world’s aluminum off-line…

    The price of our hats is about to go up.

  11. promise by former attorney general Eric Holder – Look! A Unicorn!
    WTF is a promise from Holder?

  12. Great future for both countries!

    He plans to end the war in a tie? Boooooo!

  13. Syrians see chemical weapons attack and airstrike.

    The Dotard announced he was pulling all troops out of Syria – why does he tell our enemies? So they can move in safely?

    1. So there will not be any friendly fire, just Russians and Syrians, and Iranians, and the like.

    2. Remember that Drumpf does exactly what Putin tells him to do. Whatever he did, or said he would do, was in Russia’s interest.

      And this is one of the many reasons I voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Her years of experience in the US Senate and State Department made her obviously the superior candidate from a foreign policy standpoint.

      1. ^ This statement is so divorced from reality that it makes your parody seem too forced.

        1. Fact: It’s not just crazy conspiracy theorists who realize Drumpf is Putin’s puppet. See, for example, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe, who agrees with my analysis that Tillerson was installed at Russia’s request, then removed when he refused to play ball any longer with the Kremlin’s orders.

          Fact: Hillary Clinton had more relevant experience for the Presidency than Drumpf did. Many observers claim Clinton was the most qualified candidate ever.

          1. She was a “fantastic public servant” and also, arguably, the worst Secretary of State in American history.

          2. Yeah! I mean, she knows how to dodge sniper fire! And how to wipe an email server–with a cloth! What else does a President need to know?

          3. If trump was in bed with Russia, Putin would be telling him to cut back our natural gas production because it’s supressing the value of oil and nat gas, which is surpressing the value of the ruble, which has been in decline since trump was elected.

            Not to mention every new sanction has also negatively affected their currency.

            It’s amazing so many people like you ignore the largest economic contention between the two countries when trying to rustle up trump/russia romantic novels. Not to mention the fact the dnc/clintons have actual evidence against them proving they paid money for a faulty report sourced by a shady Russian law firm and an ex British spy.

            But you keep ignoring all that.

      2. If anyone ever doubted that the user who posted this is engaged in satire, this is the proof.


        1. Anyone to whom that wasn’t obvious already probably can’t feed themselves without assistance.

    3. You figure that if “the Dotard” didn’t tell anybody they wouldn’t notice if U.S. troops left? I rather think they’d notice.

  14. When US president Donald Trump signed his monumental tax bill into effect late last year, it more clearly defined cryptocurrency as a taxable entity…

    The gift that just really keeps on giving.

  15. More excellent morning ENB, by the way.

  16. When US president Donald Trump signed his monumental tax bill into effect late last year, it more clearly defined cryptocurrency as a taxable entity…

    Cool. I was hoping I would get to deduct my losses.

    1. Heh. That never occurred to me.

  17. We should all be celebrating the fact that Tiger Woods finished some 16 strokes behind Patrick Reed at the Masters notwithstanding all of the coverage that CBS and ESPN devoted to Woods.


    If Woods were white, you know damn well the ultra-progressive ESPN and CBS would never have consecrated so much precious air time on a golfer who has not won a Major in 10 years and who has not won a tournament in five years.

    Plus, its not as if Woods is some kind of marvelous human being.

    1. Golf-related comments are the worst comments.

      1. I see one that’s worse.

    2. We should all be celebrating the fact that Tiger Woods finished some 16 strokes behind Patrick Reed

      I’m just going to continue not giving a fuck.

      1. Zeb, that is rather harsh. You are one of the most urbane commenters here. Unless my memory is failing me, profanity is rarely present in your posts.

        1. I have my moments.

      2. “I’m just going to continue not giving a fuck.”

        But what about your wife/girlfriend?

    3. You know who also finished strokes behind someone else?

    4. It’s a clear case of reverse-reverse-reverse-reverse-reverse discrimination.

    5. I call bs on your belief that Tiger gets coverage because he’s not white and you sound like one of those snowflakes who quit watching the PGA Tour because they were so offended by Tiger’s fist pumps.

  18. “Trump delusions on trade continue.”

    I don’t think he’s as deluded as you think.

    Nice run down here:

  19. If you unintentionally earned money through one of your currencies forking, even though you didn’t have control over it, then that’s also a taxable event.

    Uncle Sugar gots ta get his’n.

  20. I’m commenting on Hit & Run in order to buy sex.

    Anybody got a problem with that? I’m asking you, FOSTA/SESTA!

    1. I’m commenting on hit-and-run in order to sell sex. ‘Sup?

      1. Awww, I was hoping you kids would hook up.

        1. What makes you think they didn’t?

      1. Amazing links

      2. Just google Arizona teacher oral sex 13-year-old student, you stupid-faces.

        1. Some 30 years ago, you would have been a 6th grade stud if your hot female teacher gave BJs out like candy.

        2. Whoa, babe alert.

    1. Monster is an appropriate description of someone who’d fuck up a link like that.

      1. I blame reasons mobile browser. I also blame the jooz.

        1. It is a poor craftsman who blames his tools.

  21. There have been a couple of things happening at the same time over the weekend.

    1) North Korea reaffirmed that they’re willing to discuss denuclearization.

    2) The Trump administration flooded the Sunday talk shows with people claiming that Trump’s tariffs haven’t happened yet, and may not happen at all. That there is ample time to work out a deal with China.

    In short, I’d look to the North Korean denuclearization talks as a weather vane–for the time being.

    That wouldn’t happen without China’s support, and China isn’t about to support that for no reason at all. There’s supposed to be a Trump-Fat Kid summit in May. So long as those talks remain on schedule–and so long as the Fat Kid keeps talking about denuclearization–we’re looking at a likelihood of there being an agreement already in principle.

    After all, these kinds of summits are usually held to announce agreements. What’s the point of having all those cameras about if there’s no agreement to photograph?

    1. “1) North Korea reaffirmed that they’re willing to discuss denuclearization.”

      From everything I’ve read, that’s as believable as ‘the check’s in the mail’.

      1. We won’t know until they announce something.

        Still, I wouldn’t expect a summit like that on a topic like that over China’s objections, right?

        And that’s my point.

        That the China trade war deescalation and the talks over denuclearizing the Korean peninsula seem to be moving in the same direction at the moment–and they’re both about China.

        If China could wave a carrot in Trump’s face, taking credit for making American safe again from North Korea would be it.

        We won’t know the details or how likely it is to go all the way until we get more information, but that seems to be the way the wind is blowing at the moment.

        1. China is the key and they have a lot to lose if trade problems happen with the USA and/or war breaks out between the USA and North Korea.

          Any conflict with between the USA and China would allow the USA to write off Trillions of dollars in US securities held by China.

          If Trump can pull off ending the standoff in Korea, he will would be hard to beat as a great president. Literally every president since Truman has been unable to resolve that Korean standoff.

    2. Is anyone else prepared for possibility that Kim Jung-Un will try and assassinate Trump?

      I think its a very remote possibility since Trump is deemed the problem not North Korea and China. Lefties here in America and China, NK, and Europe would love to have a less pushy president that does not try and put America first.

      The fact that most Americans would demand North Korea be obliterated might not factor into NK delusions.

      1. Try to not try and.

        1. Remember, lc has great faith in the ability of blustery strongmen to do whatever they say they’re going to do, so he probably assumes that any attempt would succeed.

          1. See, you cannot even get that right Citizen. I don’t say that they will do whatever they say they will do. I say look at the actions. Since you mean Trump because you’ve got the TDS, look at what he does.

            Kim has killed people using chemical weapons.

            Run with that and see if your brain can remember what I say next time you just jump into a convo trying to act smart.

      2. I wouldn’t want to see NK obliterated. It’s a population of brainwashed peasants in a mountainous region. I think war with them would a particularly dirty affair.

        1. We will probably find out how brainwashed they are.

          If they die to the last person rather than give up after Fat Boy-Un is killed, its more than brainwashing.

          Even brainwashing cannot fully block out people’s human intuition about being attacked by overwhelming forces being fruitless. I doubt every North Korea is willing to die for the Dear Leader of Communism. They might as long as their fellow countrymen are pointing guns at their backs.

  22. “Syrians see chemical weapons attack and airstrike. Syrian state news agency SANA reported that the Monday-morning bombs were dropped by Israeli fighter jets, after first calling them part of “American aggression”?a charge the U.S. Department of Defense denied. Over the weekend, Syrian forces set off toxic-gas bombs outside the city of Damascus, killing civilians including multiple children.”

    It absolutely makes sense that Assad would use chemical weapons after the president announced his intention to withdraw American troops from Syria. And it is completely logical to kill children in bombing campaigns in order to avenge the killing of children by the regime. Genius

  23. So far, social media posts from myriad sex workers indicate that the shutdown of Backpage is having the exact opposite of keeping those in the sex trade safe and free from exploitation.

    Then it’s working as intended. Anyone who thinks the Feds (or really, any law enforcement) has their safety in mind is delusional. The quote from last week about this making it easier to find dead hookers in ditches is a perfect representation of their mindset.

  24. “South Carolina is getting dramatic.”

    Yeah, they should just declare their state a sanctuary state for guns. That’s totes cool, right?

  25. Rather interesting that someone apparently launched a chemical attack in Syria right after Trump speaks of withdrawing U.S. troops. I wonder who it is that doesn’t want U.S. troops to leave Syria.

    1. Tread carefully, my friend

      1. Understood, although I genuinely don’t know who it might be. I can think of more than one candidate. Syria is quite the confusing mess.

        1. Questioning the narrative is worse than Hitler. Unless you have some Russia fever dreams about how the NRA is a Russian front or something just a wildly ridiculous you must accept the wisdom of your betters. Especially when they lie to you

          1. LOL reminds me of the scene in The Great Escape where James Garner’s character is cozying up to one of the German “ferrets” to set him up for blackmail. The German complains about the camp dentist but then asks Garner not to tell anybody he said that. Garner replies that it’s a soldier’s right to complain; the German says “Maybe in your army. Here, one little criticism and zzzt! it’s straight to the Russian front!”

            1. That’s a *focal* plane shutter.

    2. My best guess is the Syrian Rebels / ISIS. Although I don’t make much distinction between the two personally.

      Wouldn’t be the first time. Or the 50th even. And both need us interfering to maintain their last footholds. I hope Trump just backs off of all this and let’s Assad do his thing. He’s by far the best option for us.

  26. The fall of Milo Yiannopoulos.

    I tried to skim this, honestly. But it didn’t make a lick of sense. Or even try to explain its title.

    1. Seems like an apt tribute to the man, then.

    2. It’s a weird article, it’s truly nothing but snide digs at Milo. Which is probably appropriate enough.

  27. Tom Steyer: As if we need more proof that money does not equal brains:

    “Tom Steyer wants Trump impeached, and he’s mad that many Democrats don’t”
    “Trump could be impeached for several reasons, Steyer said, including obstruction of justice and violating constitutional bans on profiting from holding his office.”

    Proof? Who needs proof when you’re a lefty?

    1. I think it’s amusing that even the Democrats are finding him a bit of an embarrassment now.

  28. Most libertarian thing I’ve read anywhere in a long time wasn’t written by a libertarian.

    “The Dark Side of the Enlightenment”

    “I think of these moderate, skeptical words frequently these days, as I follow the political and cultural transformation of the English-speaking world. American and British elites, once committed to a blend of tradition and skepticism, now clamor for Enlightenment. They insist that they have attained universal certainties. They display contempt worthy of Kant himself toward those who decline to embrace their dogmas?branding them “unenlightened,” “immature,” “illiberal,” “backward-looking,” “deplorable” and worse.”

    —-Yoram Hazony…..1523050206

    (Use the archive, dummy,)

    1. He blames communism and Marx on the enlightenment–the continuation of the enlightenment thinking that culminated in the horrors of the French revolution and the Napoleonic wars. He contrasts that with conservatives like Adam Smith, whose thinking taught that stupid individuals when working together in markets will outperform the enlightenment wisdom of intellectuals.

      Think Voltaire ridiculing Leibniz in “Candide” or Swift going after the intellectual Houyhnhnms in “Gulliver’s Travels”.

      Sometimes it seems like the elitists in their fetish for inflicting their will on the rest of stupid humanity in the name of reason are everywhere and unstoppable–but we’ve seen all this before. The computer revolution may have given the elites more data to play with, but the enlightened elitists are just as vulnerable as they ever were to the same factors that brought the Age of “Reason” to an end.

      1. One word: Rousseau

      2. Sometimes it seems like the elitists in their fetish for inflicting their will on the rest of stupid humanity in the name of reason are everywhere and unstoppable

        Oh come on. Libertarians are few and far between.

  29. What I want to know is how the Feds are able to seize this property before obtaining a conviction in a court of law.


    1. FYTW?

    2. We have to seize your property so we can get the evidence to build our case?

      1. What was it that Pelosi said about the ACA?

        You have to seize to know what’s in it.

        1. No, no, you’re thinking Bernie, who in his bid for nomination said the paychecks of anyone making over $20,000/year “We have to seize it to find out what’s in it”. It was in his big speech on closing the tax loopholes for the rich.

    3. It’s evidence. Of what, they won’t tell us, but we just need to trust them.

  30. “South Carolina is getting dramatic.”

    I just saw that episode on ‘This Old House!’

  31. “Trump delusions on trade continue.”

    Again, I’m not sure people are getting the difference between things that have happened and things that have only happened in the media.

    The retaliatory tariffs both China and the U.S. announced last week have not yet gone into effect, and the markets are pricing them into both stock (Boeing) and commodity prices (Soybeans) as being a risk but unlikely.

    I find market prices more persuasive than the opinion of journalists–especially when we’re talking about the effects of events that haven’t happened yet. If anything is “delusional”, it’s the idea that the Washington Post knows more about what’s happening than the market.

    1. “I find market prices more persuasive than the opinion of journalists”

      You’re telling me that they don’t teach economics in journalism classes? I do enjoy the media pressuring the administration to impose trade sanctions against Russia for reasons, but the abject horror of the same people at trade sanctions being imposed on China. That literally makes no sense

      1. Hi, Cathy Young

      2. What they’re saying is that Trump is “delusional” because he’s saying there’s no damage from the trade war.

        Trump might be wrong about that–if that were what he was saying. What he’s saying is that there probably won’t be a trade war.

        The Washington Post is saying that there already is a trade war. Why, they’ve been writing about these press announcements for days already!

        It’s just that:

        a) Trade wars don’t happen in the media.

        b) The announcements were not tariffs themselves. The tariffs in question haven’t gone into effect yet.

        c) The markets seems to be taking Trump’s side–that the tariffs are unlikely to happen.

        Are market prices delusional, too?

        Are market prices deplorable for being unwoke?

        Who’s delusional here? Isn’t it the Washington Post?

        If a tree fell over on the Washington Post building and destroyed their offices, the market would notice the change in value to their property even if their journalists didn’t.

        1. Ken, the media reported that the tariffs already took effect immediately after Trump mentioned them.

          The media never even bothered to find out if they had taken effect, what the actual costs would be, and what possible outcomes might result. That kind of journalism is rare these days and certainly doe snot happen at the WaPo.

          Its TDS all the way down.

          1. Make no mistake, the threat of a trade war is real, and I oppose what Trump is doing.

            Treating things that havne’t happened yet as if they had already happened is delusional.

    2. I just double checked.

      Boeing is trading higher than where it was before April 4, when China announced they would hit them with retaliatory tariffs.

      Soybeans are trading higher than they were too–with the futures contracts all higher.

      So, you know, I can look at that for my rule of thumb predictions based on what we know right now.

      Or I can believe the journalists who write at the Washington Post.

    3. Trump announced the first wave of tariffs on March 5. The S&P is down about 3% and the DOW is down about 2.5% since then. I’m not trying to imply causation, necessarily, only that your very narrow view of the market is misleading.

      1. The Dow is down from an all time high going into 2018.

        On Jan 20, 2017 the DOW Jones was 19,827.25
        On Dec 29, 2017 the DOW was 24,719.12

        The peak DOW was 26,616 on Jan 26, 2018. As of right now its, 24,288.67

        Don’t believe the media hype as they are dumb as door nails.

      2. Besides, the DOW is not the sole single indicator of a strong economy. Its possibly one indicator.

        GDP, unemployment numbers, construction permits for new homes and businesses, and many other indicators combined would give a better picture of the US economy.

      3. “Trump announced the first wave of tariffs on March 5. The S&P is down about 3% and the DOW is down about 2.5%”

        The FAANG stocks, including Facebook and Google, were down some $370 billion in market capitalization alone in the wake of the revelations about Facebook’s use of user data and anticipated regulation. That figure was as of Friday, anyway.

        The S&P 500 is a weighted average.

        Tech stocks have been taking a pounding, but that has little or nothing to do with steel and aluminum tariffs.

        I pointed to soybean prices and the price of BA–both of which were specifically targeted for Chinese retaliation last week and both of which took a hit relatively small hut but have since recovered.

        Why would I ignore those facts and believe the Washington Post?

        For goodness’ sake, there was this guy Adam Smith and these other guys named Mises, Hayek, and Friedman.

        Maybe you’ve heard of them?

  32. Congress is back in session today after a two-week break.

    Senator John McCain however is still barely clinging to life in his Sedona hideaway, collecting that sweet ass paycheck for doing nothing (and denying Arizona full representation) while his ghostwriter churns out mini Tweetstorms in his name every day.

  33. Where’s Lenore on this one, hmm?

    1. HAHAHAHA!

      My first thought when I saw that shirt was “WTF went wrong when they printed that McDonald’s Logo?”

      The lesson I learned from this was “I need to drink at least 1 cup of coffee before reading links from H&R.”

    2. Is it weird that I can almost see a white face and red afro between the arches in my mind’s eye?

      I hope the kid finds a Hooters shirt in the box this week.

      1. That says some pretty odd things about your fantasy life, yeah.

        Next week: the kid gets into the Big Johnson collection.

  34. South Carolina reps introduce bill to allow debate on secession

    If at first you don’t succeed…

    1. …..try to take everyone’s guns again?

      1. I’d have said “Wait until those who thwarted you disarm themselves”

      2. Yeah, murder the shit out of half a million more Americans on each side and then declare The Union stronger than ever.

        1. Well, no states have seceded since. Can’t argue with results.

        2. Hey, sometimes ya gotta break half a million eggs to make an omelet.

  35. So far, social media posts from myriad sex workers indicate that the shutdown of Backpage is having the exact opposite of keeping those in the sex trade safe and free from exploitation.

    FBI using “freedom of information” law to crack down on freedom of information.

    One might almost notice a theme.

  36. Feds unsealed the indictments.
    … crimes of conspiracy to facilitate prostitution using a facility in interstate or foreign commerce, facilitating prostitution using a facility in interstate or foreign commerce, conspiracy to commit money laundering, concealment money laundering, international promotional money laundering, and transactional money laundering.

    Looks like typical bullshit government tyranny to me.

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