Donald Trump

Trump the Wuss

Trump has confirmed over and over that he's a weakling masquerading as a tough guy.


There are all sorts of possible reasons to admire Donald Trump, but none more imaginative than one offered by a fan attending his Pennsylvania rally before Tuesday's congressional election. Trump's planned meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong Un, said retiree Paul Ambrose, was the product of his unflinching toughness.

"To me, Obama was a butt-kissing liberal," he told a Washington Post reporter. "Trump is Teddy Roosevelt. He just might go in there and kick some ass. Kim's kind of (pooping) his pants because Trump's put the fear of God into him. Obama would have come and bowed."

Oh, would he now? If toughness is proved by threatening or taking military action—an assumption I don't share—Obama certainly qualifies. He began bombing the Islamic State. He escalated the war in Afghanistan. He used air power to topple Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi. He was not bowing when he authorized the raid that killed Osama bin Laden.

North Korea? Obama repeatedly tightened sanctions on Pyongyang in response to its nuclear tests, and he ordered a secret effort to sabotage its missile tests through cyberwarfare. He refused to enter talks with North Korea because he saw no evidence it was willing to give up its nukes.

Teddy Roosevelt led a cavalry unit in the Spanish-American War and tried to get permission to fight in World War I—at age 58. Trump, given the chance to fight in Vietnam, got student deferments and a medical one—for bone spurs on his heels.

He has tweeted out threats against Kim, but when South Korean officials came to the White House to relay an invitation to meet with him, Trump melted like a chocolate bar on a hot sidewalk. Even some conservatives were aghast at Trump's eagerness to grant the North Koreans something his predecessors had withheld.

"What has Kim done to deserve this honor?" asked National Review. "Over the last nine months or so, he murdered Otto Warmbier, threatened Guam, and launched multiple missile tests, including two that flew over Japan."

All Trump got in return, wrote Stephen Hayes, editor of The Weekly Standard, was "a promise from a regime that doesn't keep promises, to do a thing it has avoided doing for decades."

Trump has confirmed over and over that he's a weakling masquerading as a tough guy. He pleaded with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto not to say publicly that Mexico would never pay for a border wall. He talked tough on China, but after meeting President Xi Jinping, he gushed, "We had a great chemistry—not good but great."

When members of Congress came to the White House after the Parkland massacre, Trump told them he favored raising the minimum age for buying rifles and shotguns, chiding a Republican senator for being "afraid of the NRA." But before long, the president dropped the idea, in meek deference to the gun lobby.

The most incriminating display is his treatment of Vladimir Putin, who U.S. intelligence agencies say has carried out a systematic campaign to subvert American democracy. What has Trump done in response? "I can't say that I've been explicitly directed to, quote, blunt or help stop" it, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers told a Senate committee.

After he finally raised this delicate matter with the Russian president, Trump reported: "He said he didn't meddle. I asked him again. You can only ask so many times." He added, "And I believe, I really believe, that when he tells me that, he means it."

Trump has often expressed doubt about Russian interference and rarely shown a desire to punish it. Obama placed economic penalties on Russia before leaving office. But after Congress passed a measure authorizing new sanctions against Russia, Trump refused to impose them.

His reaction to the poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain, which Prime Minister Theresa May furiously blamed on the Kremlin, was to waffle. He initially declined to blame the Russians until "we get the facts straight, if we agree." On Thursday, agreeing to impose sanctions, he offered the limpest possible rebuke: "A very sad situation. It certainly looks like the Russians were behind it."

Yet he somehow fools his followers. If you want to gauge how much of a backbone he has, remember when radio host Howard Stern asked on the air whether he could call his daughter Ivanka "a piece of ass." Replied Trump: "Yeah." In the long annals of weakness, nothing tops that.

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  1. “He refused to enter talks with North Korea because he saw no evidence it was willing to give up its nukes.”

    NK has nukes because they are afraid the US might do to them what NATO did to Libya while Obama was president.

    “What has Kim done to deserve this honor?”

    Kim certainly hasn’t killed or caused the deaths of millions in the ME – for NOTHING.

    “Vladimir Putin, who U.S. intelligence agencies say has carried out a systematic campaign to subvert American democracy.”

    US ‘intelligence’ agencies also said Saddam had WMDs. Hundreds of Iraqis are still being killed every month as a result of this LIE. Russia says it did not interfere in our election and I believe Russia over the vile regime in Washington.

    “…poisoning of a former Russian spy in Britain, which Prime Minister Theresa May furiously blamed on the Kremlin…”

    Now why would the Kremlin be so concerned about a has-been spy who only received a 13-year sentence from a Russian military court and is certainly no threat to them now. Trump was right to be cautious, and his statement that “It certainly looks like the Russians were behind it.” was so as not to undermine a NATO PM.

    I don’t know why Reason published this neocon garbage but sometimes you have publish the opinions of the other side, even when their opinions are unReasonable.

    1. “I don’t know why Reason published this neocon garbage…”

      Chapman and Max Boot
      Sitting in a tree

      Trump sure has made for some strange bedfellows.

    2. Anyone who defends NK as the responsible party is a treasonous piece of shit.

      1. I took it more as pointing out that they are acting rationally. But I admit that he’s saying the same thing almost word for word that I’ve been saying. Gaddafi should have served as a lesson to any nation that is contemplating giving up WMDs in exchange for normalized relations with the US: DO NOT DO IT IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE.

        I’d obviously prefer it if NK did give them up. I just don’t see why they would.

        1. NK isn’t just holding nuclear weapons. They are irrationally making claims about everyone trying to attack them and then engaging in very aggressive activity. Historically, very few nations with America’s power would have shown the restraint we have. They are clearly the aggressor, and have been consistently for decades.

          Which is the second part of this whole thing. NK is being threatening, at least in part, to engage in nuclear blackmail to get free shit from everyone else. This also goes back decades. It is not about Libya. NK’s game hasn’t changed.

          So again, I say that Chapman has no justification for what he says, and is just another treasonous progressive, who will always blame America first. Fuck him, and Reason should be ashamed to publish garbage like this article.

          Maybe Chapman can team up with AmSoc and Oliver Stone, and produce another documentary that explains how Stalin was totes awesome, and just misunderstood. With anything bad he did the fault of Truman and Eisenhower being big meanies to Russia. It would be about as accurate as this bullshit.

          1. “This also goes back decades. It is not about Libya.”

            I used Libya as an example. Before that, it was Iraq I – which I was also opposed to, though not as much. I am not defending NK. I am attacking the US military/foreign policy establishment which has done more evil to other countries than NK could hope to do, whether or not Kim wants to. NK’s population is 1/40 SK’s and it’s economy is 1/100 SK’s so they are hardly a threat to SK, much less to anyone else.

            As for being ‘treasonous’, I am definitely no longer loyal to the US government, despite being legally a citizen. The US government is NOT America. What was once special about ‘America’ was not its government but its relative lack of one. Defense is a legitimate government function but not when used to attack rather than defend.

            You can argue all you want about NK, Saddam, Qaddafi, etc being bad guys (though none are/were worse than Saudi Arabia). However, in the case of Syria, you cannot make that argument, even if Assad used CWs (which he didn’t). Assad has not attacked anyone outside the borders of Syria. Nor is Assad a dictator, having been elected twice, most recently in 2014. Assad, with his highly intelligent English wife Asma, were reforming Syria – which is the real reason the ISIS-supporting Netanyahu regime wants him ousted. “Hatred of the good for being the good”, as Ayn Rand would have put it.

            Syria is the last straw for me as far as loyalty to the US government is concerned.

            1. Right. NK is wonderful. If we weren’t such big meanies there wouldn’t be any problem them, really. They certainly would never try and overrun their southern neighbor.

              Seriously, what a bunch of nonsense. And 1/40 of their population? Wrong, try about half. With a gigantic military very capable of overrunning the south.

              You really know nothing about any of this stuff, and have no concept of how the world works. Your argument is essentially the same kind of victim blaming that people use to when they say a woman who was rape must have been ‘asking for it’ because she wore provocative clothing.

              You should probably not live in America, or be a US citizen. Your worldview and logic are sick and twisted.

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  2. You’re exactly right: Trump is a big fat super cunt!

    1. Pres. Trump is at least nine ounces short of “fat,” according to a medical report that some goobers may wish to regard as credible.

      1. Commit suicide you piece of shit.

        1. Quit whining. Be grateful I didn’t mention that thing atop his head, his pathetic sock puppetry, or his career in money-laundering for corrupt Russian authoritarians.

          1. I’m not whining, I’m telling you what the fuck to do. Now go drink Drano you stupid bitch.

  3. Trump is an opportunistic darwinist, and his behavior is actually very courageous risk-taking, once you understand what he’s doing. The only reason he hasn’t been successful is that he assumed the government establishment was the same way. And they’re not. At least, not so far. He’s hoping his purges will change things, e.g. Tilly and McCabe. But I doubt he’ll have much success. As for Kim, he doesn’t want to de-nuke him, he wants to ally with him to extort the entire world (as Kim’s bigly-me). Which is why the Trumpkims are so excited about this meeting. Well it will certainly be great theater, but probably won’t actually happen because Kim is just another Putin puppet and would melt in front of Trump and so will manufacture a pretext to call it off.

    1. I thought Kim is leading a Chinese client-state, not a Russian one.

  4. >If you want to gauge how much of a backbone he has, remember when radio host Howard Stern asked on the air whether he could call his daughter Ivanka “a piece of ass.” Replied Trump: “Yeah.” In the long annals of weakness, nothing tops that.

    Lol never thought about it like but yeah you’re right, no real man would ever allow someone to disrespect his daughter. I’d bet money that Trump wouldn’t do anything if Putin grabbed Melania by the pussy.



  6. “These attacks on me are so unfair! Sad!”

    /generic Trump tweet

    Identity politics rule the day, we’re all victims now and a whiny crybaby is the new symbol of strength in America. Nobody’s a whinier crybaby than Trump.

    1. Except, of course, Hillary.

      1. “Except, of course, Hillary.” X?D

  7. poor Steve needs to travel more and work to understand other cultures.

    Trump’s behaviors toward DPRK are in-line with Asian culture, particularly the culture that Kim represents. Prior US and UN stances toward DPRK have been based on Western soft-power approaches which have uniformly been met with disdain and ridicule.
    Whether it works or not is unknown. We’ll see eventually. But playing the same soft-power game again and again and expecting different results is appallingly stupid. How many administrations have walked the same path??

    And in no way this is a claim of Trump’s “genius” or 4d chess. It’s just a different approach, one that I expect was devised by advisors to play on Trump’s personae. Mattis certainly understands this game and understands how non-western cultures see the world. His notable ‘quotes’ are part of this as well.

    Steve really needs to get out more.

    1. You assume Chapman would learn from any such experiences.

      Not seeing much evidence to support such a claim.

      1. Steve Chapman is about as valuable and intelligent as what gets scraped off y shoe after walking through a garbage pile.

    2. Seriously. We in the USA and Europe have a VERY skewed view of how the world is, and assume everybody else views it the same way as we do. Some polls done in China showed that many Chinese people liked Trump on a personal level, because he spoke his mind, didn’t come off as a pussy, etc.

      To borrow a phrase, the USA and Europe are totally cucked… But nobody else is. And we’re so cucked we don’t even realize it!

      I don’t think Trump is doing much 4D Chess, but the way he tackles things is not completely crazy, or out of the norm. The USA and Europe are the ones out of the historical norm!

      1. It’s all the bleeding heart hippie bullshit. Soft, weak leftist kids whining about everything. It makes me think of the lyrics from ‘Holiday in Cambodia’.

        1. Haha. Pretty much! Maybe good old Governor Moonbean will finally get to be president like Jello predicted! I wouldn’t be surprised if he ran actually…

          But yeah. It’s all this sissy hippie shit. People think they can make the world perfect, and totally fair, and that we cannot EVER do anything that isn’t the nicest possible thing, even if there are huge downsides for us as a country. It’s bullshit. And people are tired of it.

          I’m tired of being told we have to bend over backwards to be nice to other countries in international relations, because we can “afford to” be nice, even if it still screws us. I’m tired of being told we need to let in no education backwards immigrants, because even though they’ll be a burden on US taxpayers we can “afford to” absorb them. Etc. How about “Fuck those people, I don’t want my taxes to go up, I’m taxed enough!”

          It’s not nice, but it’s not unreasonable either.

  8. and another note on Steve needing to get out more…
    “If you want to gauge how much of a backbone he has, remember when radio host Howard Stern asked on the air whether he could call his daughter Ivanka “a piece of ass.” Replied Trump: “Yeah.” In the long annals of weakness, nothing tops that.”

    Perhaps Steve doesn’t realize that in vast swathes of his country, there are a large number of women who have no issue being called a hottie on Stern’s show, and would in fact, think it a compliment. NY/NJ is certainly part of this ‘cultural norm’ that Steve doesn’t seem to understand. Stern and Trump apparently do.

    Get out more Steve. The world is a big, diverse place.

    1. Mike, TDS is a powerful thing in these parts. Then add in the folks here that really hate America when you get down to it. I won’t be surprised to see more ‘hate America first’ traitor talk as the comments accumulate.

    2. >its the cultural norm to allow another man tell you that your daughter is a nice piece of ass

      Maybe if you dont have any backbone like Trump but real men can’t let that slide.

      Funny how Reason downplays Russian trolls when Reason comment section is filled with them.

      1. wow, you’re really delusional.

        At no point did I say “its the cultural norm to allow another man tell you that your daughter is a nice piece…”

        But even if I did, yes, there are a large number of places in this country where that is not offensive and “real men” would laugh about it and probably sheepishly agree.

        Get out of your bubble. It’s just sad.

        1. Trump said he’d like to date his daughter and that he did not object to another man publicly labeling her a ‘nice piece of ass.’

          Hope Hicks’ father responded to his daughter being labeled a ‘best piece of tail’ by her boss by doing . . . absolutely nothing.

          Perhaps there are stretches of West Virginia or Wyoming or Alabama in which this conduct would be regarded as normal, or even manly, behavior. But in most of the country — and all of the better, worthwhile parts — this is regarded as the conduct of a lousy father, a substandard man, and a coward.

          Carry on, clingers.

          1. “Carry on, clingers.”
            Fuck off, asshole.

            1. Open wider, Sevo. Liberals, libertarians, and moderates — your betters — have some more progress to cram down your hapless right-wing throat.

              Unless, of course, you actually believe wingnuts are ready to finally turn back the clock and restore conservative preferences on gay marriage, prayer in schools, abortion, creationism in schools, Social Security, voting rights, public accommodations, contraception, segregation, women in the workforce (and graduate schools), and black men lowering their gaze in the company of white women.

              Just for fun, Sevo, tell us which one of those you expect to be the next great right-wing victory!

              1. Kill yourself you commie traitor.

                1. Wider, LOTS. There’s more to come.

                  1. Why are you still alive? No one could possibly ever love you. Everyone will be happy when you’re dead.

        2. “NY/NJ is certainly part of this ‘cultural norm’ that Steve doesn’t seem to understand. Stern and Trump apparently do”

          You implied that Stern calling Ivanka “a piece of ass” and Trump saying “yeah” is the a cultural norm somewhere.

  9. Every time I think Reason can’t sink any lower, you all go and prove me wrong.

    Reason Free Minds and Free Markets Aspiring to be the new Democratic Underground

    1. Indeed.

      1. This was a setup job of an article to get web hits.

        The sockpuppets showed up earlier to provide plenty of satire.

        1. Apprarently so.

    2. What about Donald Trump is libertarian to you? Is it the massive deficit spending, increased bombing of civilians, the ramp-up of the war on drugs, the nepotism and self-dealing, the fact that he envies and seeks to emulate authoritarians, or perhaps the boner he has for law enforcement except when it involves his own crimes?

      1. Please cite where I said Trump was libertarian.

        I am simply dismayed by Reason’s descent into the intellectual fever swamps inhabited by people like you.

        I harbor no illusions about Trump.

        1. There are plenty of places that do pro-Republican propaganda if that’s what you’re looking for.

          1. Tony, you disingenuous piece of shit. You hade no problem with Obama bombing anyone, just like the rest of the leftist trash. The only reason you even bring it up now is because it isn’t Team Blue at the helm anymore.

            Go commit suicide. No one could ever love you amd you have no value.

            1. Oh, please! We don’t want Tony to off himself. He’s too much fun — for us. The answer to bad speech is more good speech. For instance, up above, Tony correctly points out some ways in which Donald Trump is not a “libertarian,” but fails to mention Trump’s libertarian Supreme Court appointment (Neil Gorsuch is a big win for us) and his repealing of many useless regulations. We all know the Donald is a mixed bag, and I suspect many voted against Hillary, rather than for Trump.

              1. If you think Justice Gorsuch is a libertarian, you might be a half-educated, downscale, intolerant, stale-thinking, authoritarian right-winger.

                And “might be” stands in for “are.”

      2. Name a more libertarian President going back to Calvin Coolidge.

        Of course he isn’t a Libertarian, he’s a long time Democrat crony capitalist that ran as a Republican but he turns out to be better on deregulation, upholding the constitution and a host of other libertarian issues than any of the other choices we had.

        1. Jimmy Carter – by miles.

          Carter deregulated huge swaths of the economy from transportation, banking, energy, and even beer making.

          He didn’t raise taxes like Reagan did and started no wars like later POTUSs.

          1. Lying communist. Reagan largely lowered taxes. The only tax increases came with democrat promises for 3 to 1spending cuts to tax revenue. The democrats didn’t keep their promises, as usual. You and your friends are dirty cheating evil liars.

  10. It’s insensitive to attribute poor character to what is obviously severe mental illness.

    1. No, I’ve pointed out that ahillary is a clinical psychopath, with moderate to severe personality disorders many times. She also has no character.

      But then, the Hag lost.

  11. While I don’t think Trump is a proper “tough guy,” ANYBODY who thinks Obama is more manly or aggressive than Trump is SERIOUSLY delusional.

    Obama is the epitome of a pussy soy boy. In all ways. Trump isn’t a Teddy Roosevelt, JFK, or even Bush Sr (who was a pilot during WWII, and even got shot down IIRC), but he’s not a total push over like Obama. Trump is playing the game like he has always done in business. “Oh, this guy over here! He’s soooo great! Love him.” Then you get into the negotiating room, and try to get what you can get. Perhaps normal politicians don’t play it like that, but that’s exactly what he is going. In basically all areas of life talking people up usually helps put you in their good graces, even if they know you’re just blowing smoke up their ass! People are funny like that.

    Whether any of his methods will work out well, who knows? But he’s not crazy, and he’s not a total push over.

    1. Former Pres. Obama is a fit, confident, mature, disciplined, responsible man.

      Pres. Trump is a flabby, blustering, childish, whining, vainglorious man.

      Oh, and Obama is black. And self-made. Trump inherited his life.

      I am therefore not surprised that right-wing yahoos prefer Trump to Obama, even on the “manly” issue.

      1. You’re a lying, pathetic, ignorant piece of shit.

        1. And you are a cross-dresser, an authoritarian, stale conservative prancing about in silly, unconvincing libertarian drag, fooling no one other than yourself.

          1. Everything you said is complete bullshit. Just like you. Obama is as ‘self made’ as the Clintons. Dong so through corrupt, rent seeking treasonous behavior. As he is a traitor, just like you.

      2. “Rev”, Obama was nothing but a smooth-talking black puppet, bought and paid for by Soros. He did far more damage to the country through his demeaning of law enforcement, degradation of the military, encouragement of anarchy and rioting, giving money to sponsors of terrorism, and using government agencies against his political enemies than any President in history. He had the opportunity, as our country’s first black President, to unite the country but chose (or was directed) to be a divisive, Marxist-leaning POS.

        1. Yup. Nothing but a puppet for the establishment through and through. This is basically all recent presidents too. It always amazes me how people think presidents actually run things. They haven’t for quite some time. They control a few small things on the edges, but otherwise just do what the party consensus of the ruling elite in their respective party says.

          For better or worse Trump is the first president in a LONG time to actually try to run his own show.

    2. They’re all fucking wimps. And why not? Being a tough guy means getting your teeth knocked out and soaking in epsom salt baths. Life is easier when you avoid confrontation.

      1. Ish. Like I said we have had some presidents in this century who were “real” men. JFK and Bush Sr. both did some hairy shit in WWII. I don’t like either of them on a lot of policy issues, but I wouldn’t call either of them cowards. We haven’t had anybody with real balls since Bush though. I don’t think getting shot at should be a requirement for a president, but it does show that somebody has some mettle.

    3. You’re full of shit.

      Trumpty is such a pussy he feels attacked by everyone and hits back with Twitter and lies. Obama is no badass but he would kill the Dotard in a fight (unless Trump brought in Melania to fight for him).

      1. Oh yeah, lets have some black guy beat up a 70 something year old white guy… That’s gonna go over REAL well!


        But seriously, if Trump and Obama were the same age… I don’t know which I’d pick to win in a fist fight. Trump isn’t a small guy, neither is Obama. I’d almost give it 50/50 odds. But Obama just comes off as such a wimp… If they were both saaay 18, at the height of testosterone pumping through their young bodies, I’d probably give a slight nod to Trump just because he is more of an aggressive asshole, and I can totally see Obama just slap fighting back since he’ such a girly man. Trump was apparently all jockish when he was young, so I can see him just being a dumb frat guy who would beat up a sissy like Obama for being too bookish. Haha.

        I haven’t been in a fight in a long time… But I won the last fist fight I was in. If I ever get into another, I plan to win that one too!

        1. I would love to meet Tony, Arty, PB, AmSoc, etc. face to face with no security around to protect them and see how fast they would be crying and begging me for mercy,

          1. Right? But gotta watch out for Tony, he sucks penises so it’d be a hate crime if you said the wrong things while beating his ass!

      2. (unless Trump brought in Melania to fight for him)

        So you’re admitting Obama could get beat up by a girl?

  12. Trump is brave enough to take a full on urine shower from Russian prostitutes.

    Let’s see you top that, tough guy.

  13. The most incriminating display is his treatment of Vladimir Putin, who U.S. intelligence agencies say has carried out a systematic campaign to subvert American democracy.

    Systematic campaign to subvert American democracy? How? Did they rig the vote like we did in Cambodia in 1970, and Egypt in 1957? Outright US taxpayer aid to political parties we wanted to win like Venezuela in 2002, Iraq in 2003, Haiti in 2004, Somalia from 2007-present, Honduras in 2009, Syria in 2012, or Ukraine in 2014? Or do you mean violent overthrow of democratically elected leaders like we did in Vietnam, Guatemala, Angola, Lybia, and others? Chapman – show me where the Russians hacked the voting machines in ? Ohhhh!!! You mean the Facebook trolls and other interwebz trolls!! They trolled so hard that they subverted American democracy?!? Is that it? Is that the best you can do?

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  15. What a crock.

    Probably about 1/2 the Congressional Medal of Honor Winners were weaklings masquerading as tough guys.

    Its not whether you are are weakling or not that matter, what matters is if you can pull off the tough guy masquerade convincingly enough to get though what you are trying to achieve.

    1. Name a half dozen Congressional Medal of Honor winners you’d be willing to call a weakling to their face in their prime.

  16. Like all bullies, our illustrious leader talks a good game but when it comes to actually standing up to anyone be it Putin or the NRA he caves. Hr’s Brace in his fantasies but a cringing coward in real life. Nasty tweets and name calling are hardly effective actions against enemies foreign and domestic. It is easy to slander individuals and make constantly threats against political opponents but in diplomacy the Donald’s bigger button was useless against a probably phony offer of talks. He jumped at a vague promise without trying to set conditions. If Kim doesn’t follow up, which seems likely the Donald will look as weak as he did in the negotiations over NAFTA and with China.

    He spent the campaign bashing them and their trade policies. Only to be reduced to abjectly seeking their help with NK. He had no ideas of his own just repetition of the line that “China will help.” He suddenly discovered that their restrictive trade policies weren’ Restrictive at all! Sad

    1. AngelaM, maybe Trump actually believes in the 2nd amendment and doesn’t see anything wrong with the NRA’s positions. Why exactly do you think he needs to “stand up” to them?

    2. The NRA are the forces of good Angela. Why are you against them? What are you hiding?

    3. you made some assumptions.. watch and see. he has set up so many fools it’s not funny..and u are one.

      u are ignorant of real politic.. china did help, if NK attacks they will step aside..and Russia on the northern border, the whole Russia “collusion” is to prevent Trump from making will make the dems look as bad as Reagan killing the iron curtain. all trade policies have to start from a point, Trump reset the point, he dealt the hand, now we see who plays the cards.

  17. Trump is a verbal bully, every day. That’s how cowards behave.

    If he wasn’t a coward, he would stop Tweeting.

    Real men don’t Tweet. They do.

  18. Jeez, Reason…I expect better of you than this piece of tripe masquerading as journalism.

  19. This is such horsesh*t from a moron writer! For almost two years, Obama refused to go after ISIS, calling them “The JV Team.” His so-called bombing did more to kill civilians than ISIS fighters. Obama did not do anything to half the advance of ISIS in Iraq – maybe it’s because he’s the one who created them by pulling all of our troops out of Iraq and then launching an ILLEGAL WAR in Libya that toppled Qaddafi, a parter in the war on terror, for the benefit of the Muslim Brotherhood. Then, he not only allowed Al Qaeda to take all of the weaponry that our military left there, Obama started his gun-running operation in Benghazi to clandestinely deliver weapons to IS fighters – NOT Syrian rebels. Four Americans died in Benghazi because Obama didn’t want the truth about his gun-running operation known.

    After toppling Qaddafi, Obama set his sights on replacing Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian President who was also an ally of the US, with Mohammed Morsi, a Muslim Brotherhood stooge who tore up the constitution and replaced with with Sharia Law. When Morsi was ousted in a coup by the Egyptian people and military, Obama demanded that Morsi be reinstalled. He did the same thing with the corrupt Communist President of Honduras.

    As for Osama Bin Laden, Obama DID NOT authorize the raid that killed him. On the contrary, Obama chickened out and called it off six times before Panette finally gave the order himself to go ahead with the mission.

    1. Chickenhawk Obama loves to brag that he is “really good at killing people”.

  20. wow, Obama delayed the mission to kill bin laden, he fcked up the middle east by announcing our departure from Iran, Libya was stoopid, Qaddafi gave up a nuclear capability we had no knowledge of. okay I’m reiterating,
    we had a community organizer amateur , never did business of any sort, a negotiator? he was an ignorant fool, and the Russians and Chinese tried to tell him. here is what pundits know nothing about,.. you can’t play a hand until the cards are dealt, Reagan did it.. reread history.. and learn.

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