Trump Visits Baby Border Walls, Tillerson Snubs Trump in Outgoing Address, and California/EPA Clash Over Fuel Economy Standards: P.M. Links


  • in Bogu Xinhua News Agency/Newscom

    President Trump lifts his spirits with a visit to baby border wall prototypes in California.

  • Recently fired Secretary of State Rex Tillerson snubs Trump in his outgoing address. Current CIA director Mike Pompeo has been tapped to take over the position.
  • Meanwhile, Trump's pick to replace Pompeo, Gina Haspel,played a major role in the agency's torture program.
  • U.N. human rights investigators point the finger at Facebook for fueling violence against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar by allowing for the dissemination of hateful rhetoric.
  • California and the EPA clash over state-level fuel economy standards.
  • New Zealand mulls a ban on home sales to foreigners.