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A Photo of Charles Murray Is Too Traumatizing for Some Middlebury College Students

"I recognize that it may be especially jarring, particularly for students of color..."


Charles Murray
Brian Cahn/ZUMA Press/Newscom

One year after Middlebury College students shut down a planned debate between the American Enterprise Institute's Charles Murray and Professor Allison Stanger—injuring Stanger in the process—the student newspaper decided to print a retrospective photo of Murray taken at the aborted event.

This decision was apparently controversial: An apologetic note from The Middlebury Campus's editor-in-chief revealed that "most of the section editors, and the managing editor" thought it would be inappropriate to print a photo of Murray. A photo.

According to Ethan Brady, the editor-in-chief:

I wish to explain the photograph on page A1 to the readers. I recognize that it may be especially jarring, particularly for students of color who feel that Charles Murray's rhetoric poses a threat to their very humanity. I also recognize that Murray's visit to campus last March is an open wound for a campus trying desperately to move forward from it.

During a heated debate in the newsroom on Tuesday night, most of the section editors, and the managing editor, said that running this photograph would be inappropriate. Though I deeply respect the input of my editors, I decided to run the photograph anyway. I take full responsibility for this decision. It was mine alone, and any criticism should be directed at me alone.

This photograph is not meant to troll, or to cause pain, but to ask how that protest still lives with us today, one year later. For many, this image is burned in our collective memory. As much as we try to distance ourselves from that moment, we are made from it.

Even if one accepts the claim that Murray's rhetoric somehow constitutes a literal attack on marginalized students—a ridiculous claim, to be sure—a mere picture of him is not an expression of violence. Wouldn't it be useful to show a photo of Murray, even if the only point was to criticize him? This is verging into He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named territory.

It's worth keeping in mind that the people who think Murray's words are violence were the ones who physically assaulted him and Stanger while they fled the chaos last year. Stanger ended up in the hospital with a neck brace. You might say that makes the students hypocrites—they're against violence, and yet they engage in it—but I know from speaking to leftist students that the most radical activists would say there's no tension here. They do not recognize a difference between words and actions, so when Murray and his problematic racial views came to campus, he essentially threw the first punch. The students' violence was an act of self-defense, in their opinion.

The college-students-are-all-delicate-snowflakes charge is often leveled unfairly. But a bunch of young newspaper editors cowering in fear of printing a picture of Charles Murray is a reminder that there's at least a kernel of truth to it.

Hat tip: The College Fix

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  1. If you believe this:

    As much as we try to distance ourselves from that moment, we are made from it.

    Then is is pretty much impossible:

    Murray’s visit to campus last March is an open wound for a campus trying desperately to move forward from it.

    Sorry, Charlie.

    1. He should go on a safari with his wife Laurie.

      1. She’s too busy playing with Atari

    2. Murray’s visit to campus last March is an open wound for a campus trying desperately to move forward from it.

      I’m sad to say that I had to read it twice to realize they meant that him coming to campus at all was the wound, and not that they assaulted an old man, and a middle aged college professor.

      1. They put a professor in the hospital with fairly serious injuries for the crime of being associated with the wrong person. And as far as I know no one was arrested or charged with a crime. I think the school may have suspended a few of the miscreants but that was it. At Middlebury, you can beat up and old lady and face no legal consequences.

        1. And wasn’t she there to debate AGAINST him?

          1. I don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me. These people are just morons.

            1. Yes she was, demonstrating that yes; they are.

              When you consider that most major companies, smaller companies, and every level of government requires a Bachelors degree to even be considered for employment, I recoil in horror.

              1. Credentialism is a great stain upon modern society. I’m sure some countries are better, but we’re none too great about it these days. All it leads to is lowering standards of actual schools, and arbitrary exclusion of qualified people from work.

              2. Safest not to hire anyone with a degree younger than thirty. Serious as a heart attack. Sorry kids, you brought this on yourself.

                1. Heaven forbid that a company might interview candidates for jobs to work out if they are nutjobs. No, you’re right, much easier to exclude an entire age group. Do you have any advice on which ethnic groups to avoid, while we’re at it?

              3. When you consider that most major companies, smaller companies, and every level of government requires a Bachelors degree to even be considered for employment, I recoil in horror.

                That’s changing. We hire smart people without bachelor’s degrees for high tech jobs at salaries that sociology Ph.D’s would kill for.

              4. You’re assuming that there is no additional filter – that scraping through with a C average in a hobby course is qualitatively the same as graduating summa cum laude in a discipline that adds to useful human capital.

                Even HR-tards – some of the most fuckwitted pop-psychology retards who ever drew breath – are functional enough to be able to discriminate between a useful baccalaureate and a useless one.

                Middlebury’s not a bad school, so long as you want to study a hobby – most liberal arts courses set you up to either teach liberal arts, or become a barista.

                It’s not even close to the top 100 schools in any discipline globally. (In overall US rankings, it’s below Case Western Reserve… which is ranked 213th globally).

                So if I was hiring and the applicant made a big deal of their degree from Middlebury, they had better be spruiking a 4.0 GPA – because anybody outside the top decile of the graduating class from a college in the top 1-2% globally… is not worth hiring for any specialisation.

                Note that this is true of my alma mater too – it currently ranks ~60 globally overall, and was in the top 2 dozen in my discipline (Economics and Econometrics) when I graduated: I would not hire anyone from who graduated with a GPA below 4.0 in my discipline.

        2. But at least you can’t say “No” to them.

        3. Shut down Middlebury College, for good. And just for fun, send a bunch of goons in dressed in full riot gear and indiscriminately beat the students. Just for fun, since that appears to be their thing. Also, create a national registry starting with all Middlebury students that were part of any group associated with leftist causes. This will serve as the beginnning of a national ‘blacklist’ of people now,ineligible for enrollment in any school that r drives government funding. Create similar registries for any govern,ent employment, military service, government contracting, etc.. and you get the idea.

          This shit needs to end, pronto.

  2. Diarrhea is literally running down the back of my legs.

    1. Your chinchillas will take care of it.

      1. Chinchilla fur is remarkably absorbent, which is why Crusty lives among them.

        1. Crusty has started to take on some of their mannerisms, such as cutely grooming and washing himself with his own saliva and making alarm noises when someone touches his back.

          1. Chinchillas (and Crusty) bathe by rolling in fine volcanic dust, dude. Come on, everybody knows this.

    2. Were you recently exposed to a photograph of Rick Santorum?

      1. Fully nude except sporting a sweater vest.

        1. HAWT!!!!

      2. You mean ‘Tripod’ Santorum?

  3. During a heated debate in the newsroom on Tuesday night, most of the section editors, and the managing editor, said that running this photograph would be inappropriate.

    And they still are on the newspaper…why? Isn’t this belief a disqualifying factor for the position?

      1. Love the handle, bro

    1. No. See Hinkle’s post from today.

    2. And yet they wear Mao and Che t-shirts…Murray never killed anyone and the dimwits don’t even know what he has written. He is just a symbol of not being sufficiently deferential to wokeness.

  4. At this point, anybody who claims words are violence should be given the option of a discussion or a beating. Then punch them in the face and say “That means ‘hello'”

    1. I like the way you think. Then again, I like anything that involves enlightened faces getting punched.

  5. particularly for students of color who feel that Charles Murray’s rhetoric poses a threat to their very humanity

    This impressive sentence manages to completely destroy the meanings of the words “humanity,” “threat,” “rhetoric,” AND “students.”

    1. They should worry about their own rhetoric.

      Because this bullshit makes me want to feed them into wood chippers…

      1. I wouldn’t want to sully a good wood chipper with their rancid meat.

        1. Oh, just throw some pine or cedar through there after you’re done and it will be fresh and clean.

        2. I didn’t say it’d be a NEW chipper.

    2. I’m guessing this is all based on the Bell Curve still?

      1. You know who else had a nice bell curve?

        1. Alexander Graham?

        2. The drive through at that taco chain?

        3. The blonde in those Enterprise commercials?

      2. Yes, the Bell Curve, a book not one of them ever read, and probably wouldn’t understand if they did read it.

        1. Why would you need to read something when you already know it’s evil and wrong?

          1. The saddest thing is that it does raise troubling issues. But there are several ways to deal with it, one disprove his argumentation. It’s a work of scientific inquiry so it can be argued against. Or discuss what to do about the results.

            Because in the book Murray is not excited about the results. He admits they raise troubling issues. He is not happy with what his data implies. But if it IS true (and I am not actually super certain it is correct) then yelling at the sky doesn’t do anything to deal with that underlying reality.

            1. Just destroy the lives of the student activists as I posted above. That should throw some cold water on this campus commie bullshit. Beatings and blacklists are very effective tools against Marxist subversion.

            2. Thing is, he is right. I’ve read a lot on the subject. The scientific evidence is so consistent it is ridiculous. Every time somebody does a study to finally disprove a link between race and IQ, they end up reinforcing the connection.

              It’s not what I would have chosen if I was god or whatever, but it is as solid as any other bit of science we have if you look through all the data, and correlations with other things known to also correlate with IQ, like income. Everything matches up perfectly. It’s certainly more proven than global warming! The fact that it is highly Un-PC is the only reason this stuff has been suppressed. It is true that there are major implications, and they would completely throw the globalist multi-culti cult into a tailspin. Hence demonizing and suppressing.

            3. What they ARE doing is further adding to the dourness of Murray. They are proving him correct in areas he’d rather not be correct in.

    3. IMO, social justice stuff crossed into Poe’s Law territory a few years ago.

      Stuff like that sounds like it was written by someone mocking SJW college students.

    4. The thing is…it wasn’t even a picture of his rhetoric. He’s an old man, if you feel your humanity threatened by a picture of an old man then you have already surrendered your right to be called human.

      1. or surrendered your right to be called an adult.

        1. They did that when they went to college. See: faculty and “in loco parentis.”

      2. A picture of a *white* old man

        1. Privledged old man. It was the old woman that suffered the physical injury.

      3. I agree. When people turn Marxist, they aren’t really human anymore. Just soulless things.

    5. “Charles Murray’s rhetoric poses a threat to their very humanity.”

      So listening to Murray speak is going to turn them into chimpanzees, or bears, or hedgehogs? That would certainly suck. No wonder they tried to beat the shit out of him.

      1. Beating up the two speakers pretty much says they had no “humanity” to start with.

      2. These students are Marxist, and therefore have no humanity.

      3. No, but they’re afraid it might end up ending affirmative action admittance into university… So it’s basically the same thing!

    6. Would you feel differently if it was a picture of NAKED Charles Murray?

      1. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t feel anything at all, ever again.

      2. After seeing naked Danny Devito, I’m numb to the nudity of,the elderly.

    7. Why particularly colored students? Isn’t that racist?

      1. They can be ‘particulrly’ Colored? I thought people were just colored, or white.

  6. Wouldn’t it be useful to show a photo of Murray, even if the only point was to criticize him? This is verging into He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named territory.

    The proper term is “unperson.”

    1. Remember when people used to mock Stalin for “airbrushing” people out of photos?

      These idiots think it’s a great idea.

      I look forward to their later adult years when, God willing, their kids and grandkids want nothing to do with them.

      1. Luckily, most of them will not be having kids. The women are too frigid and unpleasant; the men are too weak and duplicitous.

        1. Yet the segments of our society that DO reproduce at sustaining rates tend to vote for the people allowing, encouraging, and cheering this sort of ignorant bullshit on.

          1. I assume you mean black and latino people? It’s worth noting that a lot of religious white people reproduce at a pretty high rate as well. Also, the minority communities who tend to vote for democrats have some pretty large differences with the contemporary Democratic party. Pretty much all they have is the notion that Republicans are racist and (to some extent) free shit. Lots of blacks and latinos are pretty socially conservative, and are harmed by the traditional union constituencies of the Democrats. If Republicans weren’t so fucking useless and determined to alienate anyone except their traditional base, they could probably gain a lot more traction with minorities.

            1. Well if you could ever convince the black vote that giving them free shit wasn’t the most important thing… Or the latino vote that we shouldn’t give up on the concept of borders.

              The problem with courting those groups is that they completely disdain a large portion of traditional American values, like limited government. So courting them on the basis of being SoCons, which is one of the less good portions of the GOP platform, is a bad idea. Why would we want bible thumping socialists in the GOP???

              They could message WHY they SHOULD be against the things they’re currently for, but the Dems have beat it into their heads so hard that being against welfare=racist, and being against illegal immigration=racist, it’s just never gonna happen. I used to think it was possible… Then I accepted reality, which is they’re tribal groups out to do what they perceive is in their best interests, even though it’s against most peoples (white) interests. Hence it’s ended up how it has with the racial split.

          2. The Amish vote?

        2. Basically the opposite of Lake Wobegon

    2. ‘The proper term is “unperson.”‘

      Photos humanize and individualize

  7. As contemptible as these idiots are, I feel sorry for them in some ways. Middlebury has completely failed their students. At some point, these idiots are going to no longer be able to bully their way through life and are going to have to calm down and reason. The school has done nothing to prepare them for that moment. Those students have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of their life learning nothing except how to throw a temper tantrum and behave like a trained monkey. Someday that fact will dawn on them and they will realize how badly they have been cheated but will lack the reasoning skills to understand why and who was really responsible. We are going to have a generation of mental toddlers. People who are sentient enough to realize how badly their parents and teachers have let them down but lack the knowledge and critical thinking skills to fully understand what has happened to them. I suspect some of them are going to be even nastier than they are now.

    1. They will go into the bureaucracy or NGO and never have to change.

      But it does make the necessity of funding higher education that much more difficult to argue.

      1. Those jobs are not quite what they used to be and there are a lot more people like this trying to fil them. Most of these losers won’t get such jobs and will be left angry and bewildered about why things have turned out so badly.

        1. They will then blame Trump. Because…well, Trump.

          At this point, I can find no civil purpose in funding higher education. Cut all funding and let them work on their own. Remove tax deductibility from endowments in the process.

          1. God knows who they will blame. They will be ripe for manipulation by the first paper hanging idiot that comes along. In fact, I think that might have been the plan all along.

            1. Ugh…

            2. Just wait for them to riot and then go full Kent State on their asses. That will thin the herd. Just like starvation should have done already.

          2. I can find no civil purpose in funding higher education.

            There never was a valid civil purpose for it.

            1. Indeed. What’s worse, Higher Education became this way because of government funding.

    2. Don’t feel sorry for them. After the dems sweep the midterms they’re going to start rounding up people like us and throw us in the gulag. Then we’ll have all the time in the world to feel sorry for them.

      1. The Dems are not winning the midterms. Even if they did, I am not too worried about being rounded up.

    3. I Don’t know John it seems California’s governor Brown and other lawmakers are acting like children in regards to sanctuary state and gun control laws. Crying and screaming seems to be working for them quite well in the halls of power, the most dangerous place for them to be.

    4. Ugh…

    5. One can only hope they are largely suicide prone.

    6. As contemptible as these idiots are, I feel sorry for them in some ways. Middlebury has completely failed their students.

      Why feel sorry for them? They and their parents chose Middlebury.

      And make no mistake: you and I are paying a lot in taxes for this b.s.

      I suspect some of them are going to be even nastier than they are now.

      Fortunately, they also lack the skills to turn their misgivings into effective actions.

  8. Those students have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of their life learning nothing except how to throw a temper tantrum and behave like a trained monkey.

    They should find a war to protest or something.

    1. I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean. You are really starting to lose your fastball Crusty.

      1. I make up for it by tossing a lot of junk.

        1. You’re a regular Eddie Harris.

      2. I think he means they don’t have a good cause, so they pick dumb shit like this on which to waste their outrage. If only Trump started bombing some shit. I mean, if only the press started covering the bombing that Trump signed off on.

        1. ^ This

          The media is so consumed with Trump’s twitter account, that they seem to have stopped reporting on his warmaking. I mean, he MUST be droning the shit out of half a dozen ME countries, but there’s zero coverage, here or elsewhere. Is he the peace president, or is the media just done with being a watchdog?

          1. That droning shit is on autopilot. You don’t imagine Trump is actually implementing some military strategy in between Fox & Friends and Twittergasms, do you? He’s turned everything over to the commanders in the field and over at the Pentagon.

            1. More accurately, he just left Obama’s decision-making and command structure in place.

              1. And this is why MSM is avoiding it.

            2. “You don’t imagine Trump is actually implementing some military strategy in between Fox & Friends and Twittergasms, do you? He’s turned everything over to the commanders in the field and over at the Pentagon.”

              Which is really a gigantic improvement over that military genius Obama’s micro managing things.

              1. The professionals MAY be idiots when it comes to military strategy… But Obama and Trump almost certainly are idiots on that front.

                1. At least Trump has the good sense to,let his generals be generals. Megalomaniacs like Obama, LBJ, Stalin, and Hitler did not. Somehow thinking they could plan and execute strategy better than proven commanders.

                  For Trump’s failings, he learned to delegate effectively a very long time ago.

  9. They do not recognize a difference between words and actions

    Words are violence.

  10. He looks like a fatter Peter Boyle.

    1. Who played Frankenstein’s monster in Young Frankenstein. How ironic.

      1. Murray is…puttin’ them in fits.

          1. They did a song about crackers in that movie or something.

            1. saltines???

              1. Triscuits.

                1. Gary Cooper eating triscuits.

        1. I admit. I laughed. A little.

    2. But does he like the Big Bopper better than Buddy Holly?

  11. But a bunch of young newspaper editors cowering in fear of printing a picture of Charles Murray is a reminder that there’s at least a kernel of truth to it.

    You know who else makes newspaper editors cower in fear when they print certain pictures?

    1. Women Against Pornography?

      1. Women who offer to blow you while you watch porn are almost worth their weight in gold.

    2. Plus-Size Fashion Week?

  12. It’s worth keeping in mind that the people who think Murray’s words are violence were the ones who physically assaulted him and Stanger while they fled the chaos last year.

    It was the very justification. That their words delivered violence on the [insert identity group here] was the reason the protesters had to respond with violence.

    1. They love violence because they have always gotten away with it and don’t understand it goes both ways. At some point, they are going to either run into the wrong person and suffer real harm or do real harm to someone in a jurisdiction where the local college can’t get the police to look the other way and end up in prison.

      1. Absolutely. At some point a human being either has to grow up, or end up institutionalized. Even back in my day there were one or two students who could not handle the reality outside campus. They ended up running the Marxist cafe and shit like that, only taking half unit per semester just so they can stick around. But nowadays these people are common as cockroaches. Absolutely unfit to survival off campus.

        1. that so reminds me of when I attended a junior college back in the early 80’s and a 30 something professional student was bragging about how he protested the cafeteria until they capitulated and gave free refills on coffee all day long. talk about life long accomplishments to be proud of.

          1. Oh shit. At my community college they would have dragged his ass out back and beat the shit out of him. Well, not really. But it was in a small town where that kind of nonsense was not tolerated. I didn’t run across that kind of bullshit until I got to the university in the big city.

      2. Not gonna happen

        They only do this where they know they have the local authorities on their side, controlling local law enforcement

        They only get into trouble when they touch a cop
        Stand down orders or no, cops aren’t going to put up with that

    2. Yeah. Heaven forbid they respond to words with words. That would be too much like “free speech”

      1. It would require thought.

  13. “Even if one accepts the claim that Murray’s rhetoric somehow constitutes a literal attack on marginalized students?a ridiculous claim, to be sure?”


    Man, those conservative snowflakes really are causing a stir on campuses. Ooo, nelly! I mean, they’re so filled with anti-intellectual hate! It’s time to have some ‘common-sense control’ because this is sooo off the charts!

    1. Hey, at least he’s using his “to be sure” for good in this case.

      1. If he inserted that to troll the comment section, it was, to be sure, a job well done!

        1. Absolutely.

  14. The current exhibition at the Middlebury College Museum of Art is “Power & Piety: Spanish Colonial Art”. How is this possible? Where are the protests? A celebration of art from a Christian, European colonial power that was forced on an indigenous people?

    Isn’t anyone triggered? Traumatized? Mildly concerned, maybe?

    1. I am sure if these retards knew what art is or could read and understand the flyers associated with this exhibit, they would be triggered. But as it is, they can’t be expected to be triggered by some stuff that was from like thousands of years ago and is written and Sanscrit. That stuff is like almost as old as the Constitution.

      1. Or maybe the exhibition sufficiently problematizes the blah blah brrr…..

        Oh never mind.

      2. They’re Spanish, not ‘Merican white men.

    2. I hope they have some good paintings of them oppressing Indians! Maybe dead natives laid about everywhere, a nice pale Spaniard with blonde hair and blue eyes laughing as a village burns or something. That’d be pretty sweet.

      I guess the reason the Spanish get off the hook now is because they mostly got brown washed out of existence, and because they pretty thoroughly imposed their culture on the natives. I guess the lesson to be learned here is we should have been more harsh forcing our minorities to adapt to European cultural norms. LOL

  15. But they’ll wear a T-shirt with a picture of Mao. Eat some more Tide Pods, you idiots.

  16. It is unfortunate that these people are going to (potentially) be movers and shakers in 10 years time. I don’t want these clowns running a lemonade stand, let alone anything else.

    1. Exactly. This “university” is HARDLY unique. And most jobs which allow influence require, at minimum, a 4 year indoctrination stint.

    2. only if they’re moving & shaking burgers & fries…until their robot overlords take even those menial jobs away…seriously you can not get these fucks to do shit, even to show up on time…better off with illegals, fear is a great motivator!

    3. Refer to my federal blacklist plan above. Problem solved. Ultimately though, the best outcome for these creatures is to create enough misery for them that they just finally all commit suicide. Like Tony and PB should.

  17. The editorial was silly, but why are you all wasting so much anger on a dumb editorial by a bunch of students at an outlandishly expensive private college? Have you considered the possibility that they are engaing in a remarkably successful trolling operation of the right wing?

    1. They really believe all this, deep in their rotten progressive hearts.

    2. why are you all wasting so much anger on a dumb editorial by a bunch of students at an outlandishly expensive private college?

      I’m working from home during a snowstorm and having nothing better to do. Also, it makes me feel superior to these rascally kids.

      Have you considered the possibility that they are engaing in a remarkably successful trolling operation of the right wing?

      Impossible – only libs get trolled.

      1. Performing an inventory of your Bad Dragon toys is hardly “working”, Crusty.

    3. Most trolling operations aim to make the troll’s victim look bad. This would be the worst trolling operation ever.

    4. Lots of people try to handwave these incidents away as something a tiny minority of students do at some obscure college. No, the mindset is everywhere. In my town, we had to remove some monuments to Rev War soldiers because, in part, a mom complained to the township supervisors that her son was afraid to wait at the nearby school bus stop because the monuments looked like a graveyard. In private, the supervisors LOLed but ended up deciding to move the offending veterans monuments.

      1. Wouldn’t it be easier to tell the kid that there is no good reason to fear a graveyard or do something to help him get over his silly fear?

        1. Pols don’t wan’t to be seen confronting a nearly hysterical mom in front of a room of constituents.

          1. True. But that’s exactly what you need to do with a hysterical person.

            1. Tasers quiet the. Down real good.

          2. I would. People need to start showing some spine, especially men. We’ve allowed women and their afraid of everything attitudes to dominate too much of our society the last couple decades. Women are behind almost every stupid nanny state idea there is, and it’s high time we told them NO again like we used to in the past.

    5. As long as these idiots are going to take themselves seriously, they are worthy of ridicule. Furthermore, this is hardly an isolated incident. This sort of madness is endemic on college campuses. And you can’t take note of that without talking about the individual instances of it of which this is one.

      Claiming, this is just one silly incident why should you care, is one of the older ways to dismiss people telling truths you don’t like without being honest enough to stake out and defend a position. It is not particularly clever and is fooling no one.

    6. These are the sons and daughters of the affluent ruling class. They will be ruling over us in a few decades.

    7. Well, you are so I suppose it’s reasonable that you would recognize it in others

  18. It’s almost like these college PoMo idiots are trying to out-idiot each other.

    It would be really funny if it wasn’t so scary and depressing. There is no reasoning with people who reject reasoning and argument. Which is what they do. The entire tactic is to shut down any debate and control the language. I don’t know what you do with them except public ridicule and trying to expose their insanity to a broader audience. I guess arresting and charging them when they actually commit acts of assault and battery would be good too.

    1. People like that are what beatings are for.

  19. Who the fuck is Charles Murray again? Isn’t that Eddie Murray’s brother? Also, follow up, why should I give fucks?

    /proper response, with a dash of sarcasm

  20. No personal aside disavowing the views of C. Muarry or expressing some level of sympathy and understanding of the students feelings? That is an improvement, Robbie.

    1. Well, as far as I can tell, Murray doesn’t hold any offensive personal views about race. But there are certain people who will not entertain the notion that average intelligence could vary among racial groups. Seems to me that it would be a lot more surprising if it didn’t vary at all.

      I notice a tendency among the SJW types to completely fail to make the distinction between what you can say about groups on average and applying that to individuals. Which I suppose is necessary to maintain all the group identity, identity politics bullshit. But come on, it’s not that hard to understand that even if there is an IQ difference among racial groups, it doesn’t allow you to say anything about any individual because they are a member of a certain group.

      1. … it’s not that hard to understand that even if there is an IQ difference among racial groups, it doesn’t allow you to say anything about any individual because they are a member of a certain group.

        This is indeed hard for a lot of people to understand. Although it’s also difficult to control simply for ‘race’ in those testing measures, too.

        1. Yeah. Being on the high end of the bell curve thingy, I suppose I might underestimate people’s inability to make distinctions and understand generalizations.

          it’s also difficult to control simply for ‘race’

          That’s true too. But some people seem to think it’s racist to even try.

        2. It’s all been controlled for pretty well between the bajillions of studies that have been done. There is zero doubt from anybody who looks at the data unemotionally that there is a racial difference in IQ scores. Every counter argument has already been refuted via facts and logic. It is literally the exact same BS they do with gender differences, which far more libertarians accept. They just ignore data they don’t like, lie outright, and demonize. But that still doesn’t change the facts.

          I mean we’re all people, and deserve certain basic respect, but there are vast differences between groups. These differences explain most of the differences in real world outcomes we see in the world. This data will not go away, and sooner or later it will become accepted again. I just hope it is sooner rather than later, like before Europe and the USA get completely overrun by groups with socialist tendencies and lower IQs…

      2. The SJW types are likely to be be people who are most stridently believers in evolution while denying the implication that has for human populations separated from each other in different environments. That cognitive capabilities should be considered a trait immune to evolutionary pressures is a startling assertion.

        1. The SJW types are likely to be be people who are most stridently believers in evolution

          I’m not even so sure about that anymore. Science and reason are white, male, European things. No reason they should apply to marginalized groups. I was reading something recently about leftist creationism in academia (can’t remember where exactly). Apparently we have to believe whatever obscure tribe’s creation myths because to point out scientific evidence as to why it’s not literally true is racist.

          Even more obvious should be the cognitive and personality differences between men and women (again, on average). But just try to bring up that in a discussion about evolution on a SJW dominated college campus.

          1. Yes, it’s worrisome when facts and ideas can become racist/sexist/hurtful enough that they demand repression.

            I have seen people go from solidly centrist/liberal to batshit-crazy, racist, sexist white nationalist in a few years. I don’t want to get into a literal war between arbitrarily-defined tribes. Folks seem to want to escalate the stakes, and I’m just here like, “hey can we all just calm down?”

            Are our lives really so good now that we have to inject them with artificial drama to satisfy our primal urges?

            Is it really that big of a deal that all races/genders/cultures are not identical? What happened to celebrating our differences? If people wanted men to be like women or vice versa, nobody would be heterosexual. Men are aggressive and violent, so we developed things like football to leverage their compulsion to kill each other. Watch a damn nature documentary.

            Social justice movements demand diversity, but I don’t think that word means what they think it means.

            1. Here is the thing though: A lot of Alt-Right people don’t want to mass murder, or even kick all non whites out of the country… They just want the world to acknowledge the pretty clear scientific evidence that DIFFERENCES DO EXIST between genders and races… And then have a rational, grown up conversation about the implications. Listen to some of their podcasts, they’re not all nutters.

              The left cannot accept these facts, because if they do it undermines 95% of their narrative. If women don’t make as much money as men because of differences in cognitive traits, preferences, etc then it’s not the patriarchy keeping them down. If blacks don’t do as well because they have lower IQs on average, it’s not racism holding them down.

              I’ve researched these topics quite a bit, and 99% of the evidence points to both those things being mostly genetic. Environment matters, but genetic IQ differences are between 40-80% hereditary. If the left admitted this they would crumble overnight. Not to mention the concept of multiculturalism would be completely undercut if it was accepted that some people are just born to be a permanent underclass. They’d be done. So they can’t allow rational debate. Hence the shrieking, violence, ANYTHING to prevent acceptance of reality.

            2. Yep and all counts, silver.

            3. Apparently we have to believe whatever obscure tribe’s creation myths because to point out scientific evidence as to why it’s not literally true is racist.

              Which is fun, because the same SJWs go full wacko when white, evangelical Christians publish their creation myths anywhere. FSM forbid there’s a Christmas tree up at the airport, but a totem pole featuring Native American creation mythology is all good. Being perceived as tolerant of other cultures/races is valuable currency to them.

              The willful suppression of the evidence of differences is part of the foundation of cultural Marxism. If there are no inherent differences in abilities, that must mean that people who aren’t successful or self-sustaining somehow have their abilities suppressed by others, are being treated unfairly, and must somehow be compensated.

        2. Don’t forget they are Blank Slaters.

  21. I’m already old enough to remember when Vermont was populated by average working-class folks, people who weren’t mortally wounded by thoughts that weren’t in lockstep (perhaps even “goosestep”) with their own. We lived a couple of towns away from Middlebury, and the only “snowflakes” to be found there were at the college-run ski area. When the original Ben & Jerry’s store was still a gas station.

    At one time I had wanted to move back to Vermont, but no more. My half-sister, born & raised there, already moved far away. My ex-stepmother, long a staunch and enthusiastic Vermonter, is all set to leave got good as soon as she can sell her house.

    It’s getting to where I might as well stay in NY State, since the rest of the country is becoming just as crappy. Or maybe I should knuckle down and learn Japanese; with their dwindling population there will be fewer and fewer dickwits per square kilometre (excluding Tokyo, it probably has the highest concentration and I don’t plan to find out).

    1. Just remember, if all the progressives died, there would be no progressives.


      Or something

  22. How many of those students who were terrorized and offended by Murray’s picture own a Che t-shirt?

    1. Or have read a history textbook….

      Actually, I don’t want to know.


  23. “”particularly for students of color who feel that Charles Murray’s rhetoric poses a threat to their very humanity.””

    This is sarcasm right? Right? No one really thinks that words from Charles Murray are an actual threat to their existence? Right?


    In the past college degrees used to signal who are the best candidates to hire. Nowadays they signal who employers should avoid hiring at all costs.

    1. What happens when someone follows through with a threat to your humanity? Do you turn into a beetle?

  24. in their defense, he is one scary looking old fuck. looks like he could do a hell of a lot of psychic damage!

    1. I think he’s too sexy and it scares them.

      1. He’s too sexy for his debate.

  25. Wow! This is what today’s college students are like. We drank a lot of beer and went to ball games when I was in school.
    Do these kids do anything that’s just fun?

    1. You’re saying rioting isn’t fun?

    2. These kids are bitter bitches that hate fun. They all need a bunch of partying jocks to deliver regular wedgies, smack their books out of their hands, beat them, etc..

      Then things can get back to normal.

  26. The Oscar ceremony song & dance numbers have left me too traumatized to comment.

  27. My alma mater, I’m completely ashamed to say.

    They’ll never get another dime from me, after this fiasco and the milquetoast response proffered by the Administration, enabling and empowering these jackbooted, goose-stepping SJW-twits who are so totally unaware of their own penchant for totalitarian thuggery, and, who are unabashed in evincing infantile contempt for people who reject Leftist orthodoxies and who don’t hold opinions that conform completely to their cloistered, narrow-minded own, born of Leftist indoctrination that is the hallmark of contemporary “liberal arts” academia.

    1. You can almost forgive the idiot students. But the administration, if it was worth a shit, should have expelled anyone involved in the violent protest and made it clear that that kind of nonsense will not be tolerated.

      1. wouldn’t expelling students be a continuation of the “words are violence” meme only now with the action of being expelled as proof of violence by the MAN

        1. No. That’s rubbish.

          You interfere with free speech, you should be expelled – particularly if you are progressive, black lives matter type of piece of shit.

          1. These proggie kids should never be able to enroll in another college, ever.

  28. Another truly significant contribution from Robby Soave.

  29. I can’t tell you how happy I am to read that these college students could be traumatized by a mere picture. These are the people that will, supposedly, compete with my children. Having raised four strong children, I don’t think they’ll have any problem competing in the real world against these snowflakes.

    1. Imagine how they’d respond to a picture of American troops landing on Omaha Beach.

    2. On one hand, yes, sane young people are absolutely in high demand. But don’t underestimate the power wielded by these spoiled snowflakes’ parents and remember who, moreso than any academic institution, raised them to be so entitled.

  30. Photos of white men serve to humanize them, and hence must not be allowed.
    White men are not human.
    Whitey is the Devil!

  31. This college desperately needs a course on “how not to be a snivelling little pussy”.


  32. Remind me again why our economy will collapse if we don’t allow Google to import more labor. Nu?

  33. Forecast for Middlebury today…overcast with a 100% change of snowflakes…seems about right.

  34. It’s not his fault that science contradicts the Blank Slate theory, and that men and women have statistical differences in traits, and different ethnicities have statistical differences in traits. We’re all human, but we’re not all identical. Everybody KNOWS THIS deep down inside, but many are too brainwashed to admit it out loud.

    I think the hysterics of the left are finally so crazy that people are waking up though. I bet in 20 years it will be normal and acceptable in polite company to say “Yeah, women aren’t as good at math as men on average, but they do have better verbal skills.” Which is a statement that is backed up by most data sets ever collected on those abilities. Different but equal perhaps? But still different.

    Life isn’t fair, and everybody knows some people are taller/smarter/prettier/skinnier/etc than some other people… Why they expect there should be ZERO differences between sexes/races is completely contrary to evolutionary theory, not to mention life experience where many differences are quite apparent. What man REALLY thinks women think the same as men??? No sane man. I’m just waiting for the bulk of the population to come back to their senses on this stuff…

    1. Right, it would actually be kind of astonishing if any two groups of people, even ones that arent already divided by some characteristic, did anything in exactly equal proportions. But thats an impolite amount of diversity, I guess.

      1. Yup. Did you know they just discovered the other day that SOME sub sets of sub Saharan Africans are separated from some other Africans and all non Africans by around 200,000 YEARS genetically? Two Hundred Thousand Years. We’re only 50-75K away from other Africans, but some in other spots separated from those Africans Eurasians descended from far earlier.

        You know how long it took for modern humans and neanderthals to diverge from their common ancestor into the clearly different species we both ended up? Around 300,000 years.

        To imagine ZERO differences over such a massive span of time is utterly ridiculous. Especially considering that it is now known that what we think of as the modern “white” European itself probably only came into existence around 6-10K years ago tops. Before that we were in fact more Cheddar Man looking folks, although they made his skin tone a bit darker than it probably was. Evolution happens FAST in many instances.

        I guess I feel bad that not every group is at least ballpark the same, but the scientific case is open and shut, factually speaking, that there are HUGE gaps between some groups and others. It’s a bummer, but as a honky I can accept that Jews and Asians have higher IQs than me… So those with IQs lower than whites can learn to live with it too.

    2. I’m an exception, a woman who is very “male-brained”. I am an EXCEPTION. They are trying to make exceptions into rules. It’s very Orwellian and it’s utter madness. Big picture is it’s just part of an attempt to divide everyone into groups based on nothing more than skin color or sexual preference (identity politics) as opposed to ideas, which are the ultimate danger to Marxists and the like. Goal being that we become more and more divided and paranoid and reliant upon our new god, the government. Good times! 😉

      1. That is absolutely it. “See this one girl over here is 6′ 8″ so it’s not true that men are always stronger than women! Women are just as big and strong as men!!!” When that is clearly not the case on average.

        I don’t get why people feel the need to fight over the ON AVERAGE thing so much. They could have easily left it at “Some women are more XYZ than men, but most men are more XYZ than most women. Judge individuals accordingly.” Because that it obviously the best way to do things. Not to mention the fact that women are better than men at plenty of things too! So it’s not like one sex is unambiguously superior in every way.

        It is a divide and conquer thing, and I don’t WANT to be a dick… Part of my problem though, is given the racial disparities, I think one REALLY has to accept that that needs to be taken into consideration when allowing immigration into 1st world countries.

        Some groups will literally never catch up, and even if you allow in exceptional individuals reversion to the mean of IQ will make their children less exceptional or outright sub par. It’s one of those issues that simply starkly contradicts pure libertarianism in the real world. If you allow in such people, it will create more crime, poverty, and racial animus. So is it not better to simply have stricter quality control on immigration? It may be “immoral” but it will give you better real world results. It’s a toughie, but I’m down with saying screw the morality of it, go for real world outcomes.

  35. “They do not recognize a difference between words and actions,”

    Such an epithet. So we are officially post Enlightenment now?

    1. Ugh…

  36. Clicheedness is like the life an idea takes on independent of whatever reality it originally referred to, lets say. A rumor has to be repeated a whole lot to become a cliche, and the rumor or idea being true makes its repetition a lot easier and more likely. Not that every cliche is true, which is pretty obviously not true, but it would be a lot easier for a true idea to catch on (cliches not being true is itself a cliche at this point, but a confusingly self-negating one if you believe it). also, doesnt every archetype begin life as a mere cliche? Theyre just true enough to be worth repeating for at least a couple generations. Or maybe all they really need to be is useful, but that cant be entirely unrelated to truth. perhaps, and this is going to sound a little cliched, reality is more complicated than every cliche being equally (un)true.

  37. If these cupcakes are our future, we are totally screwed. Glad I bugged out to the woods of VT years ago. Read my story for free @

  38. “In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”

  39. At first, I thought this was “The Onion.” Apologizing for publishing a head shot? Because it might upset the students? Are you sh*tting me? Is this a college newspaper or a kindergarten coloring book? Hey Ethan Brady; here’s some free career advice…Journalism isn’t for you!

  40. who feel that Charles Murray’s rhetoric poses a threat to their very humanity.

    It’s not Murray’s rhetoric that bother people, it’s the simple scientific fact that IQ is strongly heritable.

    Of course, if you are concerned that you might have inherited a low IQ from your parents, there is a simple way of removing that worry: take an IQ test.

    1. The thing about the entire debate is that acknowledging differences in averages of IQs does not necessarily mean anything bad. The vast majority of jobs in this country do not require an exceptionally high IQ, and any individual of any background can still have a higher IQ than somebody of a different background, because the difference in averages is far smaller than the range of IQs.

      If we just focused on individualism, group differences wouldn’t matter.

      1. If we just focused on individualism, group differences wouldn’t matter.

        Americans in general have no problem with individualism. The focus on group differences is part of the progressive and Democratic power grab, based on getting different groups of Americans to hate each other.

      2. I don’t think it needs to mean anything bad, as in BAD bad. No genocide or anything. But someday when this information becomes accepted again, keeping in mind it was in the past, there will be implications that some won’t like. They just don’t have to be totally horrible.

        For instance, how can you not consider such information in immigration? Reversion to the group mean IQ means that even if you let in intelligent outliers, their children will fall dramatically towards the group norm, and their grandkids will be par for the course for their group, AKA way sub par for some groups compared to whites/Asians.

        What this means is that every African immigrant family, for instance, is essentially guaranteed to reduce the prosperity of the country overall versus a white/Asian/jew, and increase crime/social problems. Even if he’s smart, his children will be less so, grand children totally norm for the group, and a huge drain on society.

        Individuals are individuals, but statistics tell just as important a story when you’re talking about large groups of people who fit certain categories. It’s unfortunate, but it’s reality.

      3. The whole IQ And The Wealth Of Nations book explains how and why some countries are so much more successful than others. In short you need a certain number of smart people as a percentage of the population to sustain an advanced society, if you’re below that you don’t have enough smart people to hold things together. You end up a 2nd/3rd world country. We cannot sustain America as a 1st world country if we have too many people who aren’t capable of operating at 1st world country standards. So other than Asian immigrants, basically anyone we let in the country will make it worse off… Racist? Maybe, but still true.

        Also, the “many jobs don’t require you to be smart” thing is soooo 20th century. We’re basically already past that point in the west. In 20, 30, 50 years there probably will be next to NO jobs for even AVERAGE intelligence people, let alone sub par folks. So again, it’s a disaster to let in more people that are sub par knowingly.

        All these things are unfortunate, but real. I didn’t create the universe, and wouldn’t have made it anything like this if I had, but knowing the info one is a lunatic if he doesn’t accept that allowing in unfettered immigration from low IQ parts of the world will literally destroy civilization. It can, and it will.

        It’s already happening in slow motion.

      4. A lot of the “USA is struggling” stories are not true in a way… White Americans still get some of the best test scores in the world in academics… Our international ranking has tanked because we have fewer white students as a percentage of the country!

        Same story with jobs, income, and a lot of other issues. Low IQ whites have suffered a lot in recent decades too, but have rolled with the punches a lot better than minorities.

        One need look no further than statistics in the USA to see how much better off we’d be if we had no blacks. Hispanics are more middling, but even they perform way below Asians and full blooded Europeans.

        And none of this is to even speak about the immense hatred groups that don’t do well will have for those that do. Look at how much many blacks hate whites now… Imagine in a world where it is openly acknowledged that they have lower IQs, and they’re simply destined to be poorer as a group and never be as successful. It will be a shit show.

        Honestly, ethnostates have been the default setting throughout all of human history for a reason. Humans have plenty of shit we fight over without throwing this into the mix. I don’t think we need to boot everybody out of the country or anything, but we sure as shit don’t need to be letting in an endless flood of additional people that are doomed to fail, hate the current residents, etc. It’s just asking for trouble. Multiculturalism simply does not work, and the sooner people accept this the better.

  41. Tell you what will be “burned in [their] collective memory”: a 30% unemployment rate among liberal-arts majors from second-rate institutions, and the fact that the labour market does not give a flying fuck about cause-driven lachrymose sentimenality or adolescent ardour.

    The big ticket take-away from all this snowflake shit is yet to be written – it is that they hit the labour market after their stint at virtue-signalling… and find that they and their opinions get paid marginal value product. And when you waste your time learning how to feign outrage at ideas, you fail to augment your human capital.

    So… no surprises that the Googtards who virtue-signalled Damore out of a job, were not coders (by and large) – they were customer relations (glorified call centre) and some UX-design people… who are to actual coding, what sanitary-pad advertising is to literature.

    Good luck in your future endeavours as a barista, SJWs. I say this as someone who is mightily concerned with actual social justice – correcting the manifest injustice that leads to a layer of political grifters and bullshit artists living in palaces at the expense of the productive.

  42. If college students think they’ve been accused of being snowflakes unfairly it’s because they’re pussies.

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