Dow Jones Drops 200+ Points on Gary Cohn Resignation, CIA Wants to Keep Official Leaks Classified, Tommy Lee Fights Son: P.M. Links


  • JC Olivera/Sipa USA/Newscom

    The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped nearly 300 points after news broke that White House economic advisor Gary Cohn had resigned, although it recovered partially.

  • The CIA argues that its official leaks to journalists should not be subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.
  • Nikolas Cruz was indicted on 17 counts of murder in relation to the Parkland school shooting.
  • The U.S. Holocaust Museum is rescinding a human rights award it gave to Aung San Suu Kyi.
  • Police in the United Kingdom say a former Russian spy and his daughter, who are living in England now, were deliberately poisoned with nerve gas.
  • A tweet by Tommy Lee trashing ex-wife Pamela Anderson reportedly sparked a brawl between Lee and his 21-year-old son.

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    1. Common-sense bullet-point control.

    2. Hello.

      I don’t think Lee and “classy” go hand in hand.

    3. I’m starting to think this isn’t a professional website.

      1. They don’t moderate their comments section. Of course it’s not a professional website.

        1. We don’t see people mooning out of school buses as much anymore.

          1. I had a friend who mooned someone out of a car and then pooped at them.

            1. This “friend,” did he get in trouble? Or did you get away with it?

              1. He got away with it. And it actually wasn’t me. I wasn’t even there, and also I would never expose myself in public.

            2. We all have *that* friend.

      2. don’t worry, i’m leaving

        1. You are leaving Reason? Did Weigel get fired or something?

        2. Better that tree’ing, am I right?

        3. Is this true? Are the comment sections getting a sweet exclusy?

        4. WAIT, ED! The bullets are back!

  2. A tweet by Tommy Lee trashing ex-wife Pamela Anderson

    Is it different than that video of him trashing Pamela Anderson?

    1. Yes, we don’t have to see his military-style assault cock.

    2. Only 280 seconds long?

  3. The CIA argues that its official leaks to journalists should not be subject to Freedom of Information Act requests.


    1. Yeah, agree.

      *** reads article ***

      1. Good Lord. That’s worse than trying to make sense of Janet Yellen’s drivel.

        1. Or her drool, on which many financial analysts have broken their teeth.

      2. “from the redefining-the-term-‘made-public’ dept”


    2. had a statutory obligation not to disclose

      Wait a minute. I might actually agree with the CIA here. The fact that they accidentally/incorrectly/illegally disclosed something to someone WHO DID NOT PUBLISH IT doesn’t mean they are wrong to withhold this information from someone who plans to publish it.

      Doesn’t this fall under the rule you can lose your security clearance for divulging classified information, even if you got it from a public source?

      Honestly, as batshit crazy as this sounds (from having read at least 3 paragraphs) the CIA isn’t wrong on this particular issue.

      1. The CIA gave classified material to people that did not have a legal obligation (through and NDA or normal ‘you’re in the military/government and this is part of your duties’) to protect that material.

        It has, to all intents and purposes, been ‘made public’ – even if those recipients haven’t further published it. The only requirement for something to be ‘made public’ is that *a single* member of the public has it. Once that happened, there’s no take-backs.

        1. I agree with this. And from the article:

          “The intelligence community hates leakers, unless it’s the agencies themselves doing the leaking. And it definitely doesn’t trust journalists? unless it needs them to help control the narrative.”

          CIA and Washington types can rot in hell. They are in bed with the media and manipulate public opinion endlessly with their selective leaks (leaks that would put normal people in prison but hey, it’s ok when a Deputy Director says it’s ok because he is a god) but trash non-sanctioned leakers endlessly. Hypocrisy is hypocrisy and is especially disgusting when it is done with the express position to manipulate the general public.

        2. “”Wait a minute. I might actually agree with the CIA here. The fact that they accidentally/incorrectly/illegally disclosed something to someone WHO DID NOT PUBLISH IT doesn’t mean they are wrong to withhold this information from someone who plans to publish it.””

          That’s not the fact. They are not claiming it’s illegally disclosed.

          From the article,
          “”The CIA argued it had every right to hand out classified info to whoever it saw fit”

      2. “”The fact that they accidentally/incorrectly/illegally disclosed “””

        “””Doesn’t this fall under the rule you can lose your security clearance for divulging classified information, even if you got it from a public source?””

        What about the rule of losing your security clearance for illegally divulging classified information, when you are the source?

  4. OT: Worst Reason trolls, Round Two: annoying-ass righties
    John vs. loveconstitution1972 vs. Sevo vs. the artist formerly known as Domestic Dissident and currently known as Weigel’s Cock Ring.

    1. Am I allowed to vote?

      1. Sure, once you can figure out how a mortgage works.

        1. Stop econsplaining.

        2. I’ve been paying one for years. I vote for John and Sevo to advance–provisionally, I guess.

          There’s only about 10 people that comment here so if 4 are Leftist trolls and 4 are Rightest trolls, doesn’t that mean most of us are trolls?

          1. No. It just means you are an idiot. And just because you pay a mortgage doesn’t mean you understand what you are paying.

            1. Red Tony,

              Fuck it, man. Put me down as voting for John in the finale too.

              1. This cracked me up a bit; if Felacio Stalin is making jokes, I fear the convergence of spheres may be happening.

                1. Yelling “you are a troll” is what passes for funny now?

                  1. It all really comes down to what voice you use for Stalin in your head.

      2. Of course you can. As long as you understand we don’t condone killing.

    2. You Obamacucks are the whiniest bunch of little pussies on earth.

      1. …so you’re voting for whom exactly?

    3. Among annoying lefties and their sympathizers.

    4. A troll is someone who makes insincere arguments just to fuck up the thread. I don’t do that. You can disagree with what I say, but I don’t think you can fairly call me a troll. To do so is just being butt hurt over disagreeing with me.

      1. Yeah. Say what you want about John, and lord knows i have, but he’s no troll.

        1. Fair point. Should I discard votes for John?

          1. Why would you think Tony or Sevo or even Domestic are trolls?

            1. Our cucks get very angry and upset when people make fun of their heroies. Especially Barack Obama, their greatest hero of all time.

              They also don’t like it one bit when people call out Reason’s most dishonest “libertarians” for their blatant hypocrisy and dishonesty.

              1. It’s unbecoming to campaign for yourself like that in a thread on the voting

        2. John is not a troll

        3. Agreed, John is not a troll. There will be a separate contest for biggest blowhard. Entries will include John, Ken, and Gilmore. And we all know Gilmore will win.

          1. None of those guys are blowhards.

            John, Ken and Gilmore.

            Sounds like a really shady law firm.

          2. Ken is a blowhard. Gilmore is an epic asshole. I am just a loud mouth and a jerk.

            1. Eh, you’re a bit of a blowhard. I agree that you’re not Ken though. Ken is the number one. Gilmore is just a verbose Sevo.

            2. Boy you guys really thought things out.

              I don’t want to ask what you say about me behind my back!

              1. That we’ve never seen anybody swallow that much pig semen in an hour.

                1. “”That we’ve never seen anybody swallow that much pig semen in an hour.”‘

                  Never been to a Weinstein casting call?

              2. They never say anything behind anyone’s back…

              3. I think you are generally well liked, Rufus. Plus, you are our resident pet canuck.

                1. A furry pet?

              4. You are Canadian Rufus. Everyone knows that means you are a pinko but painfully nice about it.

            3. You’re an intermittent blowhard (depending mainly on whether I agree with you or not on the given subject). Ken Schultz is a ponderous but usually civil pedant. Gilmore is an obnoxious pedant.

      2. Except I’m including Hihn in a later round, and I’m pretty sure he’s arguing sincerely (and fucking up the thread). And I needed to include righties since our trolls usually fall into either being leftists (Palin’s Buttplug, Josef Stalin Pot) or insane (Hank Phillips, Michael Hihn).

        1. Hihn is a lunatic and profoundly stupid. But, I don’t think he is a troll.

          1. But he is horrible, and the reactions he incites are on par with those of actual trolls. Plus, unless somebody confesses to actually being a troll, it’s possible to assume that they’re not trolls (for example, Stalin Pol Pot upthread might be arguing from sincerely held but completely moronic principles). I’m basing this more on “do they spark reactions”.

            1. Stalin Pol Pot used to attempt genuine engagement under the moniker ‘american socialist,’ only becoming a full-time troll after his dumb and awful philosophy got rhetorically demolished a few too many times. He’s not going to be on anybody’s top lists, though, because his trolling is lazy and without heart.

              1. Yeah. He is just boring.

              2. Sorry, guys, I’ll admit it. I just considered that you all were right-wing trolls. Why waste your time if you all were just in it for the LOLZ.

                1. RJSP, have you ever looked in on an immigration thread? Plenty of the same commenters that ruthlessly mock you over socialism, guns and suchlike are usually there arguing with the actual right-wing trolls.

          2. Same with Tony.

            Just a mealy-mushed prog.


          4. C’mon, guys, Hihn is his or her own category. Honest lunacy, I fear.

          5. Hihn is a lunatic and profoundly stupid. But, I don’t think he is a troll.

            A troll via duck typing, IMO. He may sincerely believe what he’s saying and legitimately not be a troll, but there’s too much all-caps, bold font-face, willful ignorance, and incessant ‘Left – Right = Zero’ B.S. for him not to be a troll.

            At best it would be like trying to prove that Frankenstein’s monster isn’t a troll.

          1. More a hobgoblin, I’d say.

              1. Fortunately, I happen to already have a Troglodyte Field Test already at my desk.

                Question 1: “have you or a blood relative ever appeared in a film with Ronald Reagan or Clint Eastwood…”

              2. I picture more Ice troll cause of the thick winter surviving fur.

                1. No, that’s just the parka he bought when he moved to Seattle.

        2. I vote that red Tony is something far worse than a troll.

        3. Hey, what’s Alan Vanneman, chopped liver?

          1. I don’t know who that is. Do I need to lurk more?

          2. He’s not right-wing, but mtrueman is up there.

          3. He is almost in a special category. Sort of a grand champion emeritus troll. If there was a worst troll of the year trophy, Venneman would have retired it and been declared ineligible for further wins by now.

        4. Question I’ve been meaning to ask forever:

          Why is Hihn not banned?

          1. No one gets banned without doing a small set of things. Doxing or actual spamming or illegal content.

            1. Actually, I’m pretty sure I saw someone get banned for nothing more than being an abusive bully. Called himself “Reality”, IIRC. But maybe he doxxed or made a threat somewhere and I didn’t see it.

              It sure would be nice if they made an exception for Hihs Royal Cuntness, though. Wouldn’t it, Ed? Ed? You there?

              1. Did this happen awhile ago? I hated Reality, he’s the worst posted I can remember on the site, basically hand made spam-bot. But I did see him post a few weeks ago, so I assumed he had just left. But if he got banned I wonder why as well.

                1. It might not have been him. But I remember a douchebag under a different handle, who I remember I thought was him with a new name, shitting up threads for a few weeks, than having his comments disappear. But I don’t know why.

                  1. My best guess is that Reality was fond of posting the same posts over and over. Stalking people and posting the same response each time, in all caps. In doing so he may have hit the anti-spam protection they have.

                    That happened to me once, where I responded to a bot with a “joke” (or whatever you call what I do) that was basically modifying the spam. This combined with my username (Which the sys-admin said is basically taunting the anti-spam) got me auto-banned. Maybe that happened to him.

                    1. Same thing happened to me. Hence the II.

                    2. I was never banned, you people just weren’t worth bothering with.

                    3. Must have been a different douchebag!

          2. Deep down, we all have little bit of Hihn in us. #ImWithHihn

      3. People routinely call me a troll in other contexts for saying stuff that Reason publishes as common sense. If I really want to piss them off, I say something you might find in a comment here.

      4. It would be an insult to trolls. You sincerely believe all the horseshit you spackle this place with. Very sincerely, to the point of an aneurysm sometimes.

    5. This is hard because I like them all, but probably DD is the worst because he’s shockingly stupid. John pisses me off sometimes, but that’s just John. LC is very sincere, even if I fear he needs to take a breather. I never interact with Sevo except when I’m fixing his links, but I love seeing how ridiculously angry he is at times.

      DD is the worst though, he tries to exude a swagger in his posts that is obvious, trying to come off as militant or something. But he’s so often just incredibly stupid that it’s almost impressive. Also, his sub-Limbaugh name calling is embarrassing to us all.

      1. Fist of Etiquette. Not THAT’S a troll.

        I mean, he’s a fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins for the love of God.

        1. Dear Abby,

          Everything about Pennsylvania is dead to me, I cast curses on them beneath the full moon.

          Butt hurt in MN

        2. Ha! You said not instead of now. NEGATED.

    6. Sevo isn’t a troll. He is just a very, very, very, very, very old man who lives in San Francisco.

      1. He calls it Frisco.

      2. He remembers Joshua Norton, and didn’t much care for his shenanigans.

        1. Those mangy mutts Bummer and Lazarus used to shit on Sevo’s lawn!

    7. When is the round including the staff? And the spam bots?

      1. …dammit I totally should’ve done one of those. Dalmia vs. Soave vs. Krayewski vs. Britches.

        1. Anyone who would vote for Kray-kray or Britches are assholes. I at least understand the complain against Britches links (though his articles are fine), but Krayven the Hunter is our fucking bro. Him and Scott.

          1. Really? I was under the impression there was some animosity towards Krayewski for some reason. I included Britches for his links, Soave because he usually takes shit (don’t really get why), and Dalmia for obvious reasons. I just thought there was something against Ed.

            1. Zouave gets shit because he’s always trying to create equivalence between left-wing anti-free-speech activists and the right-wingers they’re protesting- even if in context the latter weren’t at failt. A la Trump’s “both sides” remarks after the UTR rally.

              1. …which isn’t to say that the left was guiltless in Charlottesville- just that they obviously weren’t as bad as the neo-Nazis were at that *specific* venue, just as many of these right-wingers like Charles Murray and Ann Coulter are hardly heroes, but are not comparable to the leftist thugs attacking them in any way.

                1. Also, saying the (left/right) is bad but the (left/right) is also bad is still forcing the left/right dichotomy and removing agency from the individuals that make up those groups.

                  1. Only if you’re using the term to refer to people, rather than concepts. As theoretical concepts, they are absolutely equally bad.

                    1. Could you expand what you’re saying here? Are you saying using it for people is inaccurate, but as ideas left and right are equally bad?

                    2. It’s inaccurate for people, because no one person fully embodies the concepts of “right” and “left”. If they did, Ann Coulter could be tried for the Holocaust, and Bernie Sanders for the Holodomor. Only the actions of the individual themselves can form a basis for culpability (or due credit) for that individual.

                      Whereas the concepts of Right and Left absolutely can be held responsible for the Holocaust and Holodomor, because both of the latter events are products of the former creeds: eg, “hurting people is okay if it’s for Tribe” and “hurting people is okay if it’s for Equality”, respectively.

                    3. Okay.

                      I agree then. My concern is this conglomeration of groups of people into very specific labels rather than dealing with them as individuals. I am always okay with critiquing ideas, though I think even in that realm left/right is a bit difficult since if you see 10 people arguing it here, we have 10 different definitions of left/right.

                      This manifests in the worst common argument I see here. When people argue which side a bad idea belongs to. Like the argument over whether Nazis were right or left. It’s such a useless type of pedantry. There’s a lot of this useless conglomeration in ideas as well.

                    4. I have to disagree about it being useless. It’s basically a question of taxonomy.

                      Identifying a given policy as Right, Left, Sectarian, Egalitarian, etc., is like classifying different kinds of bacteria and germs: you have to know what it is so you can generate antibodies to fight it.

                      The Naziism thing is a good example: if you get into an argument with a Bernie Bro and call his ideology “Nazi”, he’ll dismiss it and ignore you, because he knows his economic policy doesn’t involve gassing millions of racial minorities. On the “authoritarian-libertarian” spectrum, this is also applicable: calling him a Communist is true as far as “left/right” is concerned (Communists and Bernie Bros are both “left”), but he knows Sweden doesn’t massacre labor unions, so he’ll dismiss that too. Only identifying him correctly on both spectrums- “right/left” and “liberty/tyranny”, specifically as “leftist majoritarian”- will allow you to synchronize your worldviews enough that you can criticize him for what he actually is (leftist majoritarian) on its own merits, in terms that he understands.

            2. I just read Soave’s Sargon article and got a sad. I’ve been a Soave apologist for too long. This whole magazine in fact, I feel like it’s been beaten and afraid ever since that hit piece wash pot did on Reason after Charlottesville.

              Basically the exact same thing Soave did to Sargon, the irony is overwhelming.

          2. Damn, now I’ll always think of him as Kraven the Hunter. I hope he wears the proper outfit.

        2. It’s Dalmia all the way down.

        3. Screw it, that’s now a thing. Staff trolls next week.

    8. How about Azathoth? He was weaponized cancer for a year after the election, especially when brown people were involved.

      1. Eh, he barely ever shows up.

        Also, while he is an arrogant pseudo-intellectual, I’ve never heard him say anything racist… not that I’d put it past him.

        1. There was the time he said the best way to secure our borders was to suggest that there were bounties on illegal immigrants in the border zone.

          And the time he said that we needed to
          Americanize Mexicans
          in Mexico (replacing the shithole country’s native culture) and assure them that Mexicans wouldn’t have political power. They’d accept it, even want it, because why not? We’re clearly better than them.

          1. The second link should go here. Oops

          2. The second one is indeed classic Eth-Nat stupidity, but he clearly said in the first one that he didn’t support actual implementation.

            Although given that an unimplemented bounty system would only work for at most a week before being discovered and ignored, I suppose that could be construed as a racist/bigoted underestimation of Mexican immigrants’ intelligence.

            1. Considering the “criminals’ heads being being blown off in the desert” and the specific mention of snipers, I took it to be that the announcement of a bounty was to get people to shoot illegal immigrants but that in the end we wouldn’t pay them.

              1. I’m really not comfortable in the role of “Azathoth’s defense attorney”, but it sounded to me like he wanted us to release video of people getting their heads blown off, without specifying the manner in which said videos would be produced. So, hopefully death row inmates or cartel footsoldiers specifically trotted out for the production.

                Violating the Eighth and/or Fifth/Sixth/Seventh Amendments isn’t quuiiiite as bad as slaughtering random people, right?

  5. …reportedly sparked a brawl between Lee and his 21-year-old son.

    #Hashtag MommasBoy

    1. It’s either “#MommasBoy” or “HashtagMommasBoy.” It’s not “#Hashtag MommasBoy.” Show some journalistic integrity, Fisty.

      1. PoundMommasBoy

        1. I bet you would love to.

  6. Trump’s touted ICE raids damaging California economy

    10th amendment, motherfuckers. Fascists out!

    1. We are trying to get those fascist illegals out of the USA. Give Trump some time.

  7. “If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking till you do succeed.”

    – The Leader of the Laugh Armey

  8. Nikolas Cruz was indicted on 17 counts of murder in relation to the Parkland school shooting.

    In a desperate attempt to milk more news cycles out of him?

  9. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped nearly 300 points after news broke that White House economic advisor Gary Cohn had resigned…

    It made everyone remember his song Walking in Memphis.

    1. Great, now i’m going to have that stuck in my head for the rest of the week.

      1. Do I really feel the way I feel?

        1. Are you a Christian tonight?

    2. Wrong Cohn. That was Mark Cohn you are thinking of. Gary Cohn did Walking in Clevland, which never got any air play.

          1. Might have been the Cohn brothers.

            *** ducks ***

            1. *throws pinecones at Rich*

              1. I saw what you did there, just before you put my eye out!

  10. Mobile Passport Will Get You Through Customs and Immigration in Under 60 Seconds

    Around the Cond? Nast Traveler offices, not having Global Entry is a badge of shame. What kind of travel editor wouldn’t want to make re-entering the U.S. as easy and seamless as possible? Well, this kind. Six years after the official launch of Global Entry, which includes the security-line-skirting PreCheck membership, I still haven’t ponied up the $100 enrollment fee or gone through the application process. It’s not because I love standing in line?obviously that sucks?and it’s not because I don’t have one of the many credit cards that would pay the fee for me. I don’t have Global Entry because I can get through customs and immigration in less than 60 seconds without it.


    1. My secret is the Mobile Passport app, which was first released in 2014 but has yet to catch on the same way Global Entry has. The app, which is completely free, has been downloaded about 3.5 million times since launch, according to its developers. While that number may sound big, it’s less than the number of people using Global Entry, which has at least 4.7 million members and “thousands of additional travelers applying for membership each day,” according to a November statement from Customs and Border Protection. That may explain why every single time I’ve used Mobile Passport to re-enter the U.S., I didn’t have to wait behind a single person in line. On my most recent arrival at JFK, on Sunday, I breezed through customs and immigration faster than the people stuck fiddling with Global Entry kiosks, exchanging exactly one word?”Thanks.”?with one CBP agent on my way

      CBP approved?

      1. This is why I didn’t opt for Global Entry a few months back, the app got me through quickly enough. Granted, I haven’t yet tried to get through Newark in the middle of the day, that may still be a clusterfuck.

        Not sure it’s a “secret,” though, as the kiosk/app is how customs is being done now, isn’t it?

      2. I call bullcrap. I downloaded the Mobile Passport app, waiting to disembark a cruise ship at Fort Lauderdale. Worked my way through its ass-bitingly bad user interface, loaded in all the pictures and scanned all the passports, suffered through it choking and having to re-enter the data several times. This was maybe 8 months ago. Followed all the signs advertising “Mobile Passport”, all the rah-rah advertising, all over the terminal, with my phone in hand. Got to the front: “Oh, we don’t do that here.” Presented our passports, got out anyway in about 90 seconds. Deleted Mobile Passport from my phone.

        Like the retina scanners, or the face scanners, customs is trying to beta test crap on people that doesn’t work, but you know they are keeping all the data in their databases. Fuckers.

        1. I have downloaded the mobile passport app a couple times after being told it can be shorter than global entry.

          Turns out that it adds no value if you clear customs in Canada…

    2. Wait until someone on Global Entry and/or PreCheck does some terrorist violence, nobody in the government will ever get fired for coming up with this BS. Any leader of terrorists with half-a-brain would get one of their suckers to do this.

      Treat everyone the same going through security for security threats or don’t even bother.

      1. Wait… You of all people aren’t for profiling???

        1. He mostly saves his ire for liberals, open borders supporters, and people who don’t like Trump.

    1. Does Governor Moonbeam not understand that the Constitution specifically authorizes the president to suspend habeas corpus during cases of rebellion?

      Article I, Section 10:
      No state shall, without the consent of Congress, lay any duty of tonnage, keep troops, or ships of war in time of peace, enter into any agreement or compact with another state, or with a foreign power, or engage in war, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.

      1. unless actually invaded, or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.

        Easily rationalized.

    2. Secession is an option.

    1. You need work on the “embrace your imperfections” plank

      1. My biggest faults are that I work too hard and care too much.

        1. What a sweetheart you truly are.

        2. R. P. McMurphy fights and fucks too much.

  11. If Your Girlfriend Secretly Masturbates After Sex, You’re Probably Doing Sex Wrong

    An anonymous man sent a question to an advice columnist at the Guardian asking if it was weird that his girlfriend secretly masturbated after every time they had sex
    Columnist Pamela Stephenson Connolly reassured the man it wasn’t an issue, prompting mockery on social media
    The post sparked a conversation about the “orgasm gap” and why many women don’t get off during sex

    My girlfriend masturbates after sex because the lucky duck is in bed next to me.

    1. If Your Girlfriend Secretly Masturbates After Sex, How Would You Know?

      1. It is not a secret then is it?

    2. It could be that the dude is bad at fuckin’ – or it could be that ladies aren’t one and done when it comes to orgasms, and she is fired up to keep going.

      Seriously, guys, if your lady companion is rubbing one out after you finish, offer to help.

      1. That’s the solution. Sex is a cooperative task. Listen to your ladies, and work together.

        1. Sex is a cooperative task.

          Check out this Sexual Socialist.

          A true libertarian gets his and gets out.

          1. Two true libertarians see who can fuck each other harder. Get with it.

            1. This. My wife and i broke a couch once.

              1. Was that during her bulking phase?

        2. What about the Yul Brynner approach as manifested in The Ten Commandments?

          Nefretiri: I could never love you.

          Ramses: Does that matter? You will be my wife. You will come to me whenever I call you. I will enjoy that very much. Whether you enjoy it or not is your own affair.

          That there is some bad ass alpha.

      2. Seriously, guys, if your lady companion is rubbing one out after you finish, offer to help.

        This sounds like getting a ‘D’ on a test and then begging for extra credit. Either earn the A up front or accept the grade and do better next time.


    Virginia Democrats emotionally shaken after big meanie gives pro gun speech.

    1. This is why I can’t take them seriously.

    1. You know, you bang one married mayor and everyone acts like it is a big deal.

    2. What i don’t get is the guy’s wife is not bad looking for a woman her age. The mayor in contrast is a dog. He must have been banging her strictly for the extra cash. What a man whore.

      1. What *I* don’t get i why we read all this stuff in a *British* newspaper.

        1. It is almost like the American media ignores otherwise good stories because they don’t fit the narrative or something.

          1. Bloody ‘ell!

        2. Hell, I get 80% my cops gone wild (in the US) stories in the Register or the Daily Mail.
          [What John said]

      2. He should have leveraged this fact to play the #metoo card.


  13. McDonald’s Turns Arches Upside Down To Make Statement

    Know what those upside-down arches look like?

    A celebration of Women’s ……. Day.

    1. “Honey, dress the kids up including the retarded one! We’re going to WacDonald’s!”

      1. The restaurant chain also says they will have special packaging, crew shirts, and hats

        “Special hats”, eh?

    2. A little droopy, there. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    1. An alarm clock vs. Amazon Echo Spot

      Amazon recently introduced the Echo Spot, a smart alarm clock with a touch-screen and the Alexa virtual assistant. A less desirable feature is a built-in camera for placing video calls.

      A camera on your nightstand that is constantly pointed at your bed? It’s like asking for your privacy to be violated. You might as well shop for your groceries in your underwear or post all your smartphone photos publicly on the web.

      The War on Underwear Shoppers continues.

      1. Wal*Mart hardest hit.

    2. I don’t understand the appeal of shit like Alexia. Is it that fucking hard to change the channel or type an internet search into your phone? Is avoiding those toils really worth letting Jeff Bezos track your every movement?

      1. John, I think the mindset is “I have no privacy anyway, and I’m not doing anything wrong, so what the heck”.

        1. I don’t think it’s that they figure they don’t have any privacy anyway.

          I don’t think they give a shit about their privacy.

          I was deep into punk rock as a kid.

          There was no internet. You couldn’t listen to it on the radio. You couldn’t but it at the record store.

          You had to go to the shows and chicks would circulate mix tapes.

          It was out of the mainstream–and way cooler than anything in the mainstream at the time.

          It’s not that the markets are wrong, exactly. It’s just the market doesn’t always have our qualitative preferences. Nobody gives a shit about the pop music of the time anymore. People are still listening to the same punk rock.

          The punk rock bands that sold out and went metal? Nobody gives a shit about their metal stuff anymore. They want to hear the stuff from before they sold out.

          What am I getting at here?

          Same thing with Alexa. Just because everybody in the market thinks it’s cool doesn’t mean the market is smart or that they’ll think so forever. Ten years from now, Alexa may be like soft rock.

          I’m not talkin’ ’bout movin’ in
          and I don’t want to change your life
          But there’s a warm wind blowin’ the stars around
          And I’d really like to see you tonight.

          1. England Dan and John Ford Cooley sure beat the Ramones or Sex Pistols or The Clash.

            Besides, what England Dan and John Ford did is way more translatable to the 88s than that which any fucking punk rocker ever did.

            Playing tunes like I’d Really Love to See You Tonight or Its Sad to Belong or We’ll Never Have to Say Goodbye Again on a grand piano has gotten me laid.

            1. That’s one of the great thing about markets–that can cater to everyone’s tastes.

              Point is, the market is always right about what it wants–at the time.

              If you don’t share the mainstream’s tastes, you can still be served.

              But Lipps Inc. doing Funkytown is not better than The Circle Jerks or Jethro Tull–not in my opinion. Not by a long shot.

              I don’t want no privacy invading hardware neither.

              1. Big fan of the Circle Jerks?

                1. I even like Off!


                  Still love Circle Jerks. I used to lose my mind at those shows.

        2. I have a google echo mini that I use for about four things, but I love those four things.

      2. I don’t understand people sharing their personal details on Facebook.

        I definitely don’t understand why people would pay to let Amazon put a device in their homes that listens to everything they say in the hope that they’ll say “Alexa”.

        Mainstream America is smarter than government, but it’s also dumber than a bag of rocks.

      3. I don’t use it myself, but my father is a die-hard. And in his case I can say that he just enjoys setting up home automation.

        1. It is not that I am anti tech. I just don’t understand how things like Alexia serve any function. To me they are an answer to a question I never asked.

          1. And I agree, I have no urge for one. I received one for Christmas and don’t use it. I’m just giving you the answer for the one person I know who likes it. And he really enjoys setting up ridiculous home automation.

          2. I’m not exactly anti-tech either.

            I’m against being quiet about while people flush their privacy down the toilet.

            I think what really bothers me about it is that these are the people we’ll have to depend on the stick up for our right to privacy.

            If they don’t give a shit about their own privacy, why should any of us expect them to stand up for ours?

            There are enough people around that care about the Second Amendment.

            Who’s gonna save the Fourth?

          3. If you have not seen it the Amazon series “humans” is a fictional version of where these devices can go.

            It is not a new idea. Asimov and his rules of robotics are an underlying premise in the show.

          4. to me they are an answer to a question … never asked.

            You just described pretty much everything the execs at my company do to look busy.

          5. John, with that attitude you’re never going to persuade Alexa to open the pod bay door for you.

      4. The examples they give on TV are just horrible.

        “Alexa, buy me a new TV.”

        Um, don’t you want to do some research and comparison shopping?

        It’s marginally better when they use it to manage a grocery list. Pre-populate a grocery list that either sorts by the physical location of the store, or sets up an order you can review for delivery and boom. That’s pretty cool.

        1. “Alexa, fuck me up the ass”.

          That’s the first thing they should say.

          it’s a privacy invasion of your colon just waiting to happen.

          1. Just to point this out, if you’re using any search engines or a computer in general you’re already being tracked. Not using Alexa isn’t making you any more untraceable than you were prior.

            Sure, these devices are pointless and dumb but so are a ton of devices that people buy every day for virtually no reason.

            What is bizarre is that these devices are entirely audio, which is sort of a step backwards. It’s like they’re trying to market a holographic assistant only, y’know, without the holographic assistant.

            These things are developed by tech nerds that saw things like Star Trek the Next Generation and thought to themselves ‘I want to make a computer tell me facts!’ and, then, went on to do just that. Pointlessly, but people seem to be buying them in some amount so it’s hard to fault them.

            I suspect the whole thing is just a grand attempt to refine their voice recognition algorithms, which is probably ultimately pointless since it doesn’t seem to be working.

            1. “Just to point this out, if you’re using any search engines or a computer in general you’re already being tracked.”

              Actually, I’ve switched to Linux, and I’m using a de-googlized version of Chromium. I have it set to ask me about cookies.

              I have a VPN service outside of the 14 eyes countries, one that doesn’t keep server logs. I use an encrypted email service that minimizes metadata and doesn’t store my email on their server or use server side encryption data. I use DuckDuck Go for 95% of my searches . . .

              And I don’t miss a thing.

              The part that concerns me is the willingness of people to put a microphone in their homes.

              1. “I use an encrypted email service that minimizes metadata and doesn’t store my email on their server or use server side encryption data [keys]”.

                The keys are stored locally–not on a server. If the email provider got a subpoena, they would have nothing to turn over. Not even logs.

        2. My mom uses it a lot to set timers (Like for cooking) or play music.

      5. I use it mostly for lights. Instead of having to go to each side of my bed and turn on the lamps, now I can voice command them on. And the smart bulbs are all dimmable, so you get a dimmer for every connected bulb as a bonus.


    3. Try to repair a $1600 front-load washing machine. If your appliance is doing a dumb job, then being dumb is ALWAYS better.

      [And the microwave should have one twist knob for the time, gorram it!]

      1. Thanks to DOE deciding our appliances had to be efficient, I will take an old dumb washing machine over a new one any day.

        Also, the manufacturers figured out there was no money in selling spare parts. So they changed their designs to make it impossible to repair their appliances. They are like bic lighters now and work until they don’t and you have to buy a new one. The old ones could be repaired and maintained cheaply and could last as long as you wanted to keep fixing them.

        1. I am shopping at the $400 end of the dryer spectrum. If I can’t google up a quick fix with a $20 part, then I’m not spending $100 for a service call on a 10 year older dryer. Just get a new one.

          The world changes if you are sucker enough to spend $1,000 on a dryer. It’s just air and heat.

          1. The old ones work better thanks to the new ones having to be efficient. And if you can spend a hundred dollars to get ten more years out of it, that is a good deal. The companies cut that option off because you buying a new one made them more money and cost you more money than fixing the existing ones.

        2. No tariff saved the TV repair industry….

      2. LMAO. I was shopping for a new dryer. “wi-fi smart home enabled.” Why the fck would I want that?

        1. Probably lets you set a timer or something with your phone. Many of these are super shoe-horned in.

      3. I splurged on a couple fancy LGs, and laundry has gone from the bane of my existence to something that’s almost fun. *shrugs*

      4. “Front load” was my nickname at Jenny Craig.

  14. The ramifications of the Gary Cohn resignation going forward are more significant than a 300 point dip in the DJIA.

  15. Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were this guy but you inherited Pamela Anderson’s penis genes?

    1. ^ Wins the thread

  16. Broward County Sheriff wants to set the record straight.

    A BSO captain told deputies to form a perimeter around the deadly scene instead of going in to confront the shooter.

    The shooting had stopped. In the first dispatch transmission by Captain Jan Jordan, she asked if a perimeter had been established. The question was asked following transmissions by law enforcement on scene advising of victims located at the football field and near the entrance of Westglades Middle School. Other transmissions stated the location of the suspect was unknown and at least one other transmission communicated units were making entry.

    So, the shooting had stopped, so you assumed it was ok to set up a perimeter. Had anyone been inside to see if the shooting had stopped because the shooter was roaming the halls? Sounds like you’re essentially admitting that you set up a perimeter before you knew what the status of the shooter was.

  17. The U.S. Holocaust Museum is rescinding a human rights award it gave to Aung San Suu Kyi.

    Eh well, it was glamorous while it lasted.

  18. It’s been days since you posted, Ed. If you need more support from your editorial staff, I am on your side. Jesus, someone needs to hold the anarchist line here in MinarchistWorld.

    I haven’t always been your most vocal supporter, because I assumed your editors would be your most vocal supporter, and no one gives a rat’s ass about what the readers think, only what they click. Which is bullshit. Kray-Kray has better stuff than Rico, and better argued. (Don’t get me wrong, Rico’s talented, it’s just – talented within the perfectionist systemic unaccountable media paradigm).

    I apologize for not being more obviously in your corner, Ed. You messed up accusing Melania of plagiarism, you bad bad man who ought to know what plagiarism actually is, but that is a tiny spot of malfeasance in a wide career of striving. I like your work. I will miss it’s absence in my life.

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