Introducing the Constitutional Canon video series

A new video overview of American constitutional law for law students--or anyone who wants an accessible explanation of the canonical and anticanonical decisions of the Supreme Court.

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Josh Blackman and I are producing a series of short videos for Wolters Kluwer called "The Constitutional Canon" in which we discuss, the facts, posture, holding and historical context of the principal Supreme Court decisions studied in every constitutional law course. Students can use these videos in advance of class to be more fully prepared. We have completed a pilot series, which will eventually consist of over 60 videos. Law students who use our casebook, "Constitutional Law: Cases in Context" already have access to the pilot videos. In the Fall of 2018, all law students will be able to subscribe to the entire online catalogue to supplement whatever casebook they may be assigned. Here is an explanation of the project:

Here is a free preview of the video on NFIB v. Sebelius (2012):

Josh has posted screen shots from the other pilot videos on Twitter here.

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  1. “In the Fall of 2018, all law students will be able to subscribe to the entire online catalogue[.]” Will there be a cost to subscribe? Will only law school students allowed to do so?

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