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A High School Student Faces Expulsion for Noticing the Square Root Symbol Looks Like a Gun

No adults seem embarrassed by this reaction. They should be.


Square root
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A Louisiana high school student was banned from school and had his home searched by deputies entirely because he made a joke out loud in a math class that the square root symbol looks like a gun.

That's it, folks. A kid at Oberlin High School in Oberlin, Louisiana, observed that if you kind of squinted, the square root symbol looks like a weapon. Then the social media rumor mill went to work and eventually this whole silly thing morphed into allegations that he was going to shoot up the school. Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert has acknowledged in an interview with KATC that the student "did not commit a crime. He did not commit anything remotely criminal, nothing to remotely suggest any intent to do actual harm."

That should have been where the entire embarrassing incident ended, with a sheepish observation that the current climate of fear caused an overreaction that was understandable but still nevertheless an overreaction. And of course, the teen deserves an apology for being subjected to such an overwhelming response that assumes the worst of him with absolutely no evidence at all.

But that's not what is happening. Instead, KATC reports that the kid faces an expulsion hearing. Furthermore, not a single authority figure in their reporting, nor KATC's reporter, wants to even acknowledge that this was an overreaction. In fact, the school district is putting into place policies that are going to guarantee future overreactions.

Imagine not realizing (or not caring) how this system is going to result in manipulation and abuse:

Any student accused of talking about guns or school shootings will be investigated by three entities: the school board, the sheriff's department, and the district attorney's office.

If an incident like this occurs again, [Superintendent Michael] Doucet explained the protocol.

"The first thing we're going to do is remove that student from the premises with proper authority. Then, we're going to have a home visit done by detectives of the sheriff's department, and if no charges are filed, we're going to conduct a threat assessment on the student," Doucet said.

Gee, I hope those kids in Allen Parish don't have any enemies.

At the end of the piece, Doucet admits what's really happening here. It's administrative ass-covering. If something bad happened because they didn't treat this incident seriously, he says, then parents would get angry with him.

It's reminiscent of how the Transportation Security Administration will freak out at any jokes about bombs or guns, yet has a terrible record for assessing risk at airports. Any suggestion that schools should adopt airport-like security absurd and self-defeating.

Security theater isn't just bad because it treats everybody like criminals or threats. It's also bad because when you spread resources thin attempting to investigate inconsequential things, sometimes you miss the big things. The young man accused of the school shooting in Florida did more than just make a quip. He had a lengthy, documented history of troubling behavior.

Chasing down every single kid muttering the word "gun" is a terrible response designed for school administrators to declare that they're "doing something," even if what they're doing is screwing over their own students, censoring speech, and not actually making schools safer in any way.

Watch KATC's report below:

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  1. This truly highlights, to me at least, how weird it is that they have Parishes in Louisiana.

    1. I grew up in one; a holder over from the French period. State law is also based on the Napoleonic Code.

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      2. > Any suggestion that schools should adopt airport-like security absurd and self-defeating.


        Teacher identified shooter as masked “police” officer wearing bulletproof vest and “full metal gear”

        whistleblower predicted Vegas massacre:

        it’s called the “high incident project”. they want to make the american public think that places with extremely high security aren’t safe. ..if their plan is successful the state of nevada will pass a law making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines. soon after a federal law will be passed to put these machines in universities, high schools, federal buildings, you name it. OSI systems and Chertoff are the main producers of these machines. sometime around 2020 chertoff and osi will merge into a single company. after they merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profit.


    2. Another weird thing about Louisana is that anyone bragging to be a “math addict” is immediately investigated by the sherrif’s office.

      1. And “math” has two syllables.

        1. What if the kids are talking about “bubble gum” and the teacher thinks that he or she heard talk about “bubble guns”? What then?!?!?

          1. Or what if a kid involved in a vocational education program for construction mentions a caulk gun or a nail gun?

            1. Or uses the past participle of “begin”?

              1. Begat? Well, maybe in ebonics.

          2. Worse yet, they might even have a bubble gun at home!

            School shooters are raised by our society of “gun nuts” who make everything gun shaped! Why not make it educational, like a bubble remote control? It would train kids to turn on CNN so they can learn about the world through an unbiased lens!

  2. Yet another example of “common sense” gun control.

  3. I’m not in Louisiana, but I feel safer already.

  4. Allen Parish? Wasn’t that Robin Williams’ name in Jumanji?

  5. “Any student accused of talking about guns or school shootings will be investigated by three entities”

    When I was in HS, we would have had a field day with this. We would have accused ourselves and and our friends and our teachers and flooded the “three entities” with hundreds of accusations.

    1. High school swatting.

    2. Anyone showing of their biceps will also be arrested immediately.

    3. Back then it would’ve been mindless fun. Now it would be a couple of dead dogs/siblings for someone, and never being able to get on a commercial airliner again.

      1. Then you can become a politician and fly private on someone else’s dime (sarc)

    4. So H&R is a lot like your HS, judging from the continuing woodchipper references.

  6. How did “the authorities” not know that this kid wasn’t interpreting the square root sign as some kind of symbol that would set him off? Perhaps the school should just cancel all math classes until they can be scrubbed of such imagery. /sarc

    1. The toxic masculinity of math was always going to lead to tragedy, sooner or later.

      1. I knew there was a reason I hated math.

        Down with classes that actually teach things!

        1. If you think about it, the plus sign — which looks like a cross — is obviously meant to promote Christianity!

          And the percent sign is a hidden reference to the top 1 percent who control everything in our “late capitalist” society.

          And the division sign, while it looks innocuous enough, is a reminder from racists and bigots that we must keep everyone divided according to race, gender, and gender identity!

          So you see, math is just a tool of oppression. All math instruction should be banned at once and replaced with women’s studies classes!

          1. the plus sign — which looks like a cross — is obviously meant to promote Christianity!

            Or, to follow their reasoning about guns, to promote crucifixion.

            I tend to doubt that many would object to promoting christianity in a tiny town in LA.

            1. Small town Los Angeles are the most retrograde places in the US. This is known.

              1. I know all the postal abbreviations, and I know how to use them. Who has time to type out “Louisiana”?

          2. All numbers are equal.

          3. Inigo,

            If you squint at the multiply sign (X), it looks like a swastika.

            Keep looking for your father’s killer, man.

      2. “Moving Towards a Feminist Epistemology of Mathematics” – Leone Burton

        It’s science don’t you know.

  7. Bureaucrats are only interested in protecting themselves and have no incentive to serve their students’ needs fairly? Color me shocked. Abolish public education.

    1. THEY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! Even if nothing happened.

    2. “”Bureaucrats are only interested in protecting themselves and have no incentive to serve their students’ needs fairly? “”

      There’s a Sheriff’s department in Florida awaiting their application.

  8. Glad the threat of lame humor has been extinguished.

    1. Let’s face it, this is the ultimate goal of progressives: the elimination of all humor.

  9. Obviously what needs to be done is a redesign of the square root symbol.

      1. That looks too much like an orgy.

      2. No, no. Using superscripts and exponentiation is bad. It’s basically saying that the small number up top has power over the lower number.

        All numbers are created equal.

        1. Also, “1/2” is oppressive to the one-armed or one-legged.

          1. And don’t even THINK of using 3/5!!!

            1. 3/5 is just another way of saying nigger.

        2. Not the imaginary ones – – – –

          1. i don’t know what you’re talking about.

            Can’t define i without some sort of square root sign… !

    1. It already has been for typography. Just the check mark part without the line over the numbers you are square-rooting.

      1. True, and there’s always SQRT(X).

        We clearly have alternatives to the dangerous square root symbol.

        1. Can’t use programming; sexist offensiveness to girls too dumb to do STEM stuff.

          1. This is true. Girls have not expressed much interest in STEM even with ample scholarship opportunities, preferential admission, and decades of encouragement. Girls can’t possibly have different interests than guys, so the disappointing figures must be because of an entrenched patriarchy in STEM fields.

            Semi-relevant interesting essay: women are massively underrepresented in economics and other STEM fields even though more go to college in general.

            The girls I knew in uni have been massively successful at finding high-paying jobs, although some suffer disrespect and mild sexual harassment from older blue-collar coworkers.

      2. Does anyone deny that integral signs look like meathooks? Or that an infinity sign looks exactly like two-cubed passed out drunk or on pills?

  10. Kind of surprised that this is coming from a tiny town in Louisiana. I’d think that just about everyone there has a gun.
    Nice how an educational institution is banning the mention or discussion of a common, widely used and legal object.

    If kids weren’t such a bunch of pussies these days, every student would be making non-stop observations about what looks sort of like a gun. Let’s see them expel half of the school.

    1. When protesting against a stupid rule results in expulsion, even rebellious teenagers know to keep their mouths shut. Any talk of guns in schools post-Columbine is a no-no.

      Kinda like how sex in college after Title IX is potentially life-ruining.

      That’s why I was chaste in college.


      1. Well, at least you had an excuse.

      2. Since our school system is abysmal, these students wouldn’t be missing anything if they were to be expelled. Wait, no, that would be horrible. As we all know, self-education and homeschooling don’t exist, and knowledge only exists in schools.

  11. This does not bode well for field hockey teams.

  12. Welcome to my conspiracy theory!

    The progressives are up to something so monstrous that they know any rational person who is able to resist with arms will take up arms and defend the country from this threat. Therefore they are going to attack, and chip away, second amendment rights until the second amendment is repealed or fully gutted. Then they will start in on the first amendment so we cannot even talk about what they are up to. Looks like they are overlapping these efforts.

    The scary thing about 1984 was never the cameras, it was newspeak.

    1. When you control the language, when you control the words that people use, then you control the thoughts they can make.

      That’s why there is such a conscience effort to eradicate the the word “justice” and add a qualifier such as “social” or “economic.” It turns the word into its exact opposite. Social justice is institutionalized injustice. Economic justice is institutionalized injustice. The left wants to eliminate the concept of justice, because everything they stand for is unjust.

      1. Any justice that isn’t blind is ablist.

        1. Can’t say blind; offensive to the visually challenged. And bats.

      2. “Social justice” is like “liberal” – a perfectly good term which lots of people misuse.

        1. I looked up the origin of the term “social justice” a couple of years ago. It originated in Latin America in the nineteenth century. It referred to the concept that in a democratic country, since the people choose the government, the people are morally responsible for the actions of the government, unlike in a monarchy or despotic government, under which the people have no say in government actions and therefore are not responsible for them. In a democracy, the people are responsible for choosing a government that will work to make society more “just” or morally upright.

    2. The progressives are up to something so monstrous

      Yeah, it’s called “wanting to install communism”.

      1. Nope. They have already proven no one will stand up to that. It has to be much worse.

  13. Here is a little dose of fake news for you, courtesy of CNN (the author) and dailymail, (the peddler):…..g-gun.html

    1. Is it fake news, or just uninteresting news?

      1. Depends on which weird trick is involved.

        1. The Iggy Azalea in a thong link is worth a look though.

    2. Do you know that didn’t happen? OR whether it could be legal?

      I’m not sure what the rules are for private transactions in every state. I would have thought you had to be 18.

      But what a despicable article. Put two things that are completely unrelated next to each other and imply that they are related.

      Muderous, crazy dude bought his gun as an adult and not through a private sale at a gun show.

      1. YES, I *do* know that the alleged “sale” IS NOT LEGAL. And it’s not an issue of state law–this is nation-wide, all 50 states. States can have laws that are *more* restrictive, but the fact that state laws might be less restrictive doesn’t mean that they set the standard.

        These facts can be easily ascertained on the website of the BATF, the NRA and a bunch of other sites. If you are looking on Wikipedia or pro-gun control groups then you might not actually find the numerous restrictions that actually apply.

        Fake news indeed.

  14. Finding cases of overreaction — in all directions — a country this size is a fun parlor game. It obviously isn’t only applied to this specific type of reaction. It is as tedious as the idea that the 2A means any regulation is wrong.

    But, to state the obvious, overreactions should be avoided. This is another restatement of the obvious and I’m sure the writer of this article should have followed it multiple times in his or her lives, perhaps at some point in a matter affecting other people. Other times, people overreact because the stakes are high enough that we overcompensate. At times, we look stupid. Other times, what seems stupid turns out to be right. Does Reason cite these cases too?

    If “several” students (going by the article) said it looked like a gun, why did this specific person have the house searched? Did the parents okay it first? What in particular made THAT “comment” special? The article is vague and leads me to be annoyed — I want more information.

    1. Let me emphasize the last fact.

      I looked at the articles (which seem to mostly be working off a single source) on this matter. It is not that a student simply “observed that if you kind of squinted, the square root symbol looks like a weapon.”

      Various students made comments akin to that. It was a specific comment (which the articles don’t clarify) that was taken as potentially dangerous. Now, this too is likely to be ridiculed, but at least let us reasonably understand what specifically occurred here.

    2. It is as tedious as the idea that the 2A means any regulation is wrong.

      The truth can be tedious. I certainly don’t see any exceptions listed in the 2nd amendment.

  15. Saying the word “gun” can get a kid expelled? Just when I think we’ve reached peak derp.

    1. You can never reach peak derp.

  16. First you Canadians lose at women’s hockey, next your prime minister embarrasses the whole country by culturally appropriating Indian dance steps.

    Oh, Canada……..India.html

    1. culturally appropriating Indian dance steps

      It’s OK if you’re dreamy and woke duh

    2. When in Rome, dance like an idiot like the Romans.

    3. It’s only cultural appropriation if conservatives do it

  17. The square root of safety is acquiescence.

    1. And acquiescence squared is slavery.

    2. Long division is slavery.

  18. Math is a violent tool of the patriarchy. It must be destroyed.

  19. It seems that saying “gun” in a classroom is akin to saying “bomb”
    on an airplane.

  20. I never really noticed before, but the plus and multiplication signs kind of look like a swastika.

    1. The letter “L” is very suspicious too.

      1. No, that one is OK; we need it to spell liberal.

    2. I have a memory from childhood when I was in fourth grade. My teacher caught me doodling and it was a stick figure battlefield with the US (where I had stars and stripes on the flags) versus the nazis (complete with swastikas). She wasn’t horrified, but was definitely bothered and asked me if I knew what that symbol meant. I gave her my nine year old perception of the nazis – the horrible people who killed millions of Jews in the holocaust, and who we fought in WWII to stop Hitler. I think the answer satisfied her in some sense and she asked me not to draw swastikas or warfare in general.

      I am trying to think of how teachers would respond today. I want to believe that many would act like my teacher did – that they would ask if I knew what the symbols meant and with some tolerance. At least I had made an effort to have some basic understanding of what I was depicting. It wasn’t hateful. It was history. It was violent, but war really happens.

      I’m doubtful that drawings of guns and swastikas would get you a “don’t draw that again” these days. I’d like to be wrong.

      1. The guns, and flags with stars and stripes on them would be a problem.

      2. You’d be expelled and your family would be internationally shamed on social media.

  21. Mandatory home searches because a kid said the word “gun” seems to be grossly in violation of the Fourth Amendment. I’d also argue this overreaction is a violation of the First Amendment as well.

    1. The supreme court has made it pretty clear that they don’t think students don’t have much in the way of 1st amendment rights.

      The home searches seem highly challengeable. Although “home visits” might be one of those things where you don’t have to let them in, but you’d better let them in.

      1. I know the Supreme Court has limited First Amendment rights of students, but not entirely, and I can’t believe a complete prohibition of the word “gun” complete with home searches would pass the test. How, for example, could one even discuss or debate gun control with such a prohibition in place? I have to think the SCOTUS would view that as a violation of the First even in schools. Also, I would argue that violations of the Fourth Amendment based purely on protected speech is also a violation of the First Amendment.

        1. If “Bong hits for Jesus” is too disruptive, then I think they can find their way to saying that talking about guns is too. Maybe not. I’m in a less optimistic than usual mood today.

      2. If you say no to a CPS “home visit” they come back with a warrant and seize your children.

        1. Well, OK.
          Do they take over feeding, clothing, and paying for college? Do I lose the tax deduction for them as dependent?
          These details are important.

          1. Do they take over feeding, clothing

            Yes, at least temporarily.

            and paying for college?


            Do I lose the tax deduction for them as dependent?

            Depends on how long they’re in custody.

    2. Do you honestly think at this point they give a shit about it?

  22. Am I paranoid to think this is passive-aggressive behavior by authorities? Oh, you want us to be alert to possible threats? You’ll wish you’d never asked us for a damn thing, after you get done seeing what we do w this mandate! Like by-the-book work slowdowns, but nastier.

    1. Well there’s some combination of factors that’s compelling enough to justify such an overreaction. Passive-aggression, fear of various repercussions, stupidity… the administration made this choice because it was the best politically, and that’s indicative of a bit of a cultural problem all around.

  23. That should have been where the entire embarrassing incident ended, with a sheepish observation that the current climate of fear caused an overreaction that was understandable but still nevertheless an overreaction

    Scott, when you say the overreaction was “understandable” I hope you mean that we have come to expect this reaction from our nation’s idiot school administrators, not that the overreaction was in any way reasonable.

  24. If the school administration is adamant about keeping this ridiculous policy in place, and one were to describe their behavior as ‘sticking to their guns,’ whose homes are searched for weapons?

  25. I cannot imagine sending my kids to public schools. What a nightmare.

    1. On the upside, you get acquainted with the back-asswards political correctness that’s necessary to be considered a decent member of society. My state college was also a microcosm of bureaucratic inefficiency and incompetence and permanently solidified me as a libertarian.

      You generally don’t see these things in private schools because, well, they need to actually make money.

      It’s a shock to pretty much everyone when they understand how useless Daddy Gov’t really is.

  26. Florida is kinda gun shaped.

    1. So is Maryland.

    2. We need to divide it into 2 states before someone gets triggered.

      1. Been there, done that, it was declared racist. (see Bonnie Blue Flag)

    3. Or a floppy penis, or is that promoting the patriarchy?

  27. Know what else the square root symbol looks like? A *vulva*!

    This stuff is so outrageous one suspects the “authorities” are actually trying to provoke a “Fuck you!” reaction.

    1. I didn’t think of that?maybe these outrages are for the purpose of smoking out dissidents.

  28. “Any student accused of talking about guns or school shootings will be investigated by three entities: the school board, the sheriff’s department, and the district attorney’s office.”

    A technique perfected by Joseph Stalin. Welcome to the United Socialist Soviet of Louisiana. To the gulag with that student.

    1. So does this mean that students must remain completely silent during active shooter drills, and may not mention them afterwards?

  29. Hate to see what happens in Biology class.

    1. Or history, if Lincoln, Garfield, or JFK comes up….

      I left Reagan off the list since I assume if you mention his name in a school zone you’ll just disappear.

      1. What will be lost on the kiddies is that 2/3 of the other names were evil Republicans

  30. A kid at Oberlin High School in Oberlin, Louisiana

    That name just inevitable leads to idiocy, i guess

  31. We need reasonable tableau control.

  32. More sheer utter madness from the gun-control advocates. Please see:

    “Gun Control and Mass Killers”

    Delete the spaces.

  33. More sheer utter madness from the gun-control advocates. Please see:

    “Gun Control and Mass Killers”

    Delete the spaces.

  34. Square roots? Nah! Cube roots be gangsta. Differential equations be like witchcraft.

    1. This is how I feel about math:

      abs(sin(x)) + 5*exp(-x^100)*cos(x) from -3 to 3

  35. It’s another case of public education at its finest and being all that it can be. I guess they’ll have to buy all new text books and calculators, and make everyone write it as ^1/2 instead.

    Oh wait! That make it look like a fuse and a bomb (if you’re smoking weed or doing ‘shrooms, like all these libtards and militant control freaks must surely be doing)!

  36. The meltdown of public education has begun…

    1. Circa the 1980’s.

  37. All the madness in these comments ignores the basic fact that the square root symbol does NOT look like ‘a thing that must not be named’.

    1. Actually, the square root symbol looks exactly like the thing that must not be named; with a bump stock!

    2. I always thought the L was the handgun *audible gasp* of the alphabet

  38. soon enough we’ll have kids who really so NOT want to be in school any more, or in a particular school, muttering something about puns, or having fun, under their breath just close enough to somebody “important”, and get chucked out… laughing all the way. YAY, I made it, I got kicked out… meanwhile all the tax funded hooh hahs will get to play Big Tough Guy and turn their panic cranks several turns all at once.

    What a munged up world we are creating, and tolerating.

    Good grief, folks.. my Dad tells of most of the kids, boys AND girls bringing their OWN guns to school on a near daily basis… they were kept leaning up against the back wall of the classroom, just underneath the windows. They’d often bring them outside at lunch and do some plinking with them. Sometimes the girls were better marksmen than the boys. which made the boys want to learn to shoot better. Later, when Dad was 14, he was the school bus driver… and the other kids would bring their guns along on the bus. Why not? They were no more likely to be stupid with them than they were when they brought them in on their horses. NO ONE ever threatened anyone, no one ever hurt anyone. These kids were junior high and younger, all of them. Oh, and these kids, ten, twelve, fifteen, OWNED their own guns, too. Tell Florida’s governor and Mr. Trump to put THAT in their pipes and smoke it. Have to be 21 to buy a rifle? What world do THESE guys occupy, anyway?

  39. Seems to me the real villains in this pathetic episode are the parents of Oberlin, LA. They’re responsible for hiring a school board that hired Douche and his math-illiterate subordinates.

  40. Louisianan is full of fucking morons like these people.

  41. Don’t they need a search warrant based on probable cause and stuff like that? Or does the school commissioner have extra Constitutional authority?

  42. WOW, just WOW.

  43. entirely because he made a joke … that the square root symbol looks like a gun.

    This statement is false. This is literally fake news.

    The truth is that the student joked about shooting another student, other kids turned it into a rumor that he had actually threatened to shoot kids the following day, someone heard the rumor and tipped off the cops, the cops went to his house and talked to the parents, learned that it was just a joke in math class, and called off the investigation. You can read about it on the cop’s Facebook page or PJ Media.

    I would expect this kind of breathless credulity and confirmation bias from Republicans, but I thought Libertarians were supposed to be more intelligent and… reasonable?

    If something published in the news sounds too absurd to be true, it probably isn’t.

    1. So you think it is perfectly okay for a statement that was in context clearly a joke, that everyone perceived as a joke and not a threat, would result in expulsion??

    2. Yes because you can be shot by a square root sign…Speaking of intelligence.

  44. So the school boards answer is eliminating the 1st amendment for students. While talking about shooting up a school is a reason for further investigation ( although the FBI doesn’t believe so), just talking about a gun or guns is against the boards’ tolerances. A typical overreaction by a school board trying to CYA. No different than the butter knife accidentally left in a students lunch bag that resulted in an expulsion. No common sense ever is used when enforcing these overprotective policies. We have raised 2 generations of individuals that believe no harm should ever befall them. PC at its finest.

  45. I wonder if they’ll still be allowed to use the word “pistil” in botany class….

    1. Not a chance.
      No longer will a chemical trigger a reaction.
      Not a single perfect thing will ever again hit the bullseye.
      We will be throwing a basketball, not shooting for the basket.
      A hard, fast, pass in football can never again be called a rifle shot.
      Poor old superman has lost his ability to fly faster than a speeding bullet.
      A certain Steve McQueen movie can never be shown again, and will probably get pulled from You Tube.
      Newspeak rides triumphant again.

  46. The Democrats and Republicans brought airports the Transport Sozialist Arbeiterpartei and people still vote for them. So why is everyone suddenly whining at gun-fee truancy-law killing fields? Aren’t their motives just as altruistic?

  47. Forbidding a fruit makes it more tempting not less.

    The NRA must be thrilled to have the schools doing their work for them.

  48. Next week Louisiana is banning the < and > because students are reportedly using them as symbols of inequality.

  49. A classic case of really doing something without doing something real.

    Yes, if someone thinks they see a potential, real threat they should say something. And yes, that report should be investigated. And yes to one more thing: after appropriate investigation someone has to be able to exercise common sense and say “this was not a threat”. But that won’t happen, because nobody wants to be the one highlighted as the person who failed to act ahead of time.

    “Gun control” as the ultimate exercise in CYA

  50. Why on earth would anyone be surprised by the insanity and stupidity of Public Education Administrators.

    The Kid has nothing to apologize about, and shouldn’t and should not show to a totalitarian expulsion Inquisition

    Where is the ACLU when they are needed, in cases like this?

    The Kid must have some basis for a civil suit, and damages

  51. This brings to mind a serious question: People seem threatened by their own liberty in these modern times, so should I trust those who are afraid of their own freedoms to dictate mine?

    Another, unspoken, moral of the story: Don’t underestimate crazy people.

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