Trump Blames Movies and Video Games, More Warnings About Florida Shooter, ICE Could Be Yanked from California: P.M. Links


  • Donald Trump

    President Donald Trump complained that violent movies and video games instigate real life violence, a claim not supported by scientific evidence. He also takes a dim view of having active shooter training simulations in schools and called on Twitter for enhanced background checks and raising the age to buy some guns to 21.

  • Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office records show that the family that had taken in alleged Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz after his mother died warned them that Cruz had pointed a gun at others in the past.
  • Trump says he's thinking of pulling federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers out of California as punishment to the state for not being cooperative. I'm sure many California leaders are screaming "Not the briar patch!" right now.
  • Public schools in West Virginia are closed as teachers picket for better pay and benefits.
  • Evangelist Billy Graham, who died on Wednesday, will lie in the Capitol Rotunda next week for members of the public to pay their respects.
  • Scotland Yard is treating an envelope filled with a white powder sent to Meghan Markle, Prince Harry's fiancée, as "racist hate crime." The substance proved to be harmless.
  • A Democratic California state senator has resigned over sexual misconduct allegations.

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