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Former Scottish National Party Dundee City councilor Craig Melville faces a charge off aggravated religious prejudice because of private text messages he sent to his mistress, Nadia El Nakia. In the days after the 2015 Paris terror attack, Melville sent her several messages criticizing Islam. She seems to have blown the messages off, but her husband, Fariad Umar, found out his wife was cheating on him and sent the messages to police and SNP officials.

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  1. France claimed it supported free expression after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, but clearly that was not quite true.

    1. Is it true that both the US and Soviet constitutions guarantee freedom of speech? Yes, but the US Constitution also guarantees freedom after speech.

    2. France claimed it supported free expression

      Didn’t they ban the burqa way before the massacre?

      1. As an aside, on the Beeb (world service) this AM a particularly obnoxious and aggressive interview was talking to the leader of Alternative for Germany (AfD)(almost always identified as a right wing to far-right political party in Germany) complaining that their call for a burqa ban was racist/islamophobic/anti-immigrant (choose your buzzword).

        I don’t recall France’s call a few years ago for a ban on headscarves and burqas being greeted with the same level of condemnation.

    3. Not exactly sure what the state of free expression in France has to do with a criminal complaint made in Scotland.

      Perhaps because Mary, Queen of Scots was raised in France and married the King of France and didn’t speak Scots, Gaelic or English until after she became the Queen of Scotland? Otherwise, I don’t see any connection.

  2. “aggravated religious prejudice”

    Is that a thought crime, or does it require some sort of threat of violence?

    1. Hate speech is violence, dontcha know. He didn’t merely threaten, he actually said (well, texted) mean things. To the stocks with him!

    2. Wrongthink. A mind is a terrible thing.

  3. “Another text said: “And in your favour we live in an uneducated left lift loopy left wing society who is more interested in claiming benefits and being ignorant to the threat of your horrible disease which is a make believe **** in the sky.”

    Apparently there are lot of people here who are not fit to be in Scottish government.

    Also, “racist” no longer has specific meaning, as none of the quotes seems to disparage anyone’s race. Disparges a religion, yes. Race, no.

    1. Since race is a social construct, it can be whatever you want, except gingers.

      1. But Scotland is a ginger homeland!

        1. So they are definitely not protected there. They are in the majority and we know what SJWs think about majorities, unless the majorities are POC.

          1. Brown splotches are a color.

        2. Gingers… sick!

    2. Doesn’t sound like what an SNP official would ever say, but good. I hope the SNP crumbles in the loopy left wing society they’ve created.

    3. There are a lot of people _everywhere_ who aren’t fit to be in government. If you want to be in government, you’re unfit to be in government.

  4. …but her husband, Fariad Umar, found out his wife was cheating on him and sent the messages to police and SNP officials.

    What a cuck.

    1. FINALLY… correct usage of the word.

  5. Europe has fallen. It’s just us now.

    1. Exactly. I wish I can say my country Canada would stand by but it’s teetering and leaning more on the Eurotrash side.

  6. I’ve never heard of the Daily Record, but it looks like it’s as reliably reliable as the Daily Mail or the New York Post so now I’m suspicious that Scotland doesn’t exist.

    1. Only once every 100 years.

      1. Sean Connery left and broke the magic.

  7. I can produce a disc of alleged texts that are not on the phone where I claim to have downloaded them.
    What would you like them to say? Something about Nancy Pelosi having an affair with Putin? Texts between Trump and a space alien?

  8. I’ve had a Brit friend try and explain to me how Brits have freedom of speech but we don’t simply because we had to write it down. In his line of thought writing it down was proof of some orwellian ploy to ensure he don’t have any such right. He also believes that our freedom of speech doesn’t allow us to speak against the president and that we do not have freedom of the press.

    I was pretty flabbergasted as he’s generally well educated and reasonable. The one thing the Brits I know seem to have in common is a lack of understanding of how the English treatment of the colonist drove much of the us constitution.

    1. The UK is prime evidence that not having an explicit Bill of Rights makes it easy for the government yo ignore rights. The US Bill of Rights is evidence that even with rights explicitly spelled out, the government will justify finding exceptions or outright ignoring the restrictions on tbeir authority.

      The only guarantee of rights is the vigilance and care if the People.

      1. And the judicious use of tar, feathers, and fence rails.

      2. “The only guarantee of rights is the vigilance and care if the People.”

        More so every day.

  9. YHWH and it’s mouthpieces slag off on other pagan gods all throughout The Holy Bible. The time for Judgement and Purification has come.

  10. So adultery is perfectly legal but criticizing a violent cult in private is not.

  11. You know, after reading stories like this I fully expect at some point for Britain to proclaim that they are not, and never have been a Christian country.

    1. Or a constitutional democracy [nominally a constitutional monarchy].

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