Billy Graham Dies, Newsweek Implodes, Sexual Harassment Scandal Hits USDA: A.M. Links


  • Everett Collection/Newscom

    The "Russian troll farm" indictment is wild.

  • The iconic and controversial evangelical preacher Billy Graham has died, at age 99.
  • New excuse to avoid cleaning: it causes cancer?
  • Newsweek is claiming that Al Franken's downfall was orchestrated by Roger Stone and Russian bots. Meanwhile, Newsweek reporters are publishing damning exposes of their own publication.
  • We've reached the era of "best practices" manuals for stage kissing.
  • During an Agriculture Department soiree last week, employee Rosetta Davis "unexpectedly took to the stage and alleged to her colleagues in emotional and specific terms how she was sexually harassed on the job," including a supervisor who allegedly offered her a promotion in exchange for sex. Now she's been placed on leave.
  • "Red flag laws" that would make it easier for authorities to seize someone's gun are gaining popularity.
  • "In Nashville, they said, it is easier to buy an assault rifle than it is to make a living as an exotic dancer."
  • The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) starts today.

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