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Tom Brady Kissed His Son on the Mouth, And That's None of Your Business

"Why ask anyone in New York what they think of Tom Brady? Who doesn't hate Tom Brady here?"


Screenshot via CBS

In a documentary video about Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Brady is shown kissing his 11-year-old son on the lips. Because we are so desperate to blame, shame, and humiliate parents—America's real national pastime—suddenly this is an issue.

Except it's not. It's a parent kissing his kid. Some cultures rub noses. Others only shake hands. In certain countries, strangers kiss strangers on both cheeks and you just gotta go with that. And in some homes, people have an easy relationship with their kids and kiss them even when they're boys, even when they're 11, even when it's requested as a "thank you," as was Tom's.

And that's that.

Letting no potential controversy go to waste, New York's CBS TV station did a whole piece on this topic, asking people on the street to weigh in. Some were offended by the kiss. "I'm a little uncomfortable with that," one man told CBS.

But, as my Giants-loving son pointed out, "Why ask anyone in New York what they think of Tom Brady? Who doesn't hate Tom Brady here?"

What's really perverse isn't a kiss between father and son—it's people not minding their own business. Why go out on the street, cameras rolling, and ask people to stick their noses where they don't belong?

CBS dutifully found two parenting experts—as if the kiss required field study, like a crime scene—to offer contrasting opinions: one said chill out, and the other read the kiss as affection extracted at the hands of a master manipulator, which will set the child on a life of trading sexual favors for gifts and privileges. Goodbye, Tom, hello Vince Lombardi rest stop bathroom at 3 a.m.

This attitude is driving parents crazy with fear. They are afraid they are doing something wrong at every turn. They believe that one false move—a high five when their kid really didn't do such a great job, a distracted moment on the playground when they could have been applauding their kid's 137th cartwheel—is doomed to ruin their kid (and possibly their relationship with that kid) forever.

A kiss is just a kiss. Get over it.

(But you can still hate Tom Brady.)

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  1. Bill Clinton kissed some kids on the lips years ago. Some private airplane trip with Jeffrey Epstein.

    1. He was only being fatherly and affectionate. Being thirteen and strung out on coke, it shouldn’t preclude you from unrelated human contact… unlike this Brady freak.

  2. Wait. Really? This is a problem?
    Growing up, whenever us kids went to some family member’s house, when we got in the door we gave everyone a kiss, usually on the lips. And a hug for good measure. Aunts, uncles, whoever. Maybe it was just our extended family, but I’m pretty sure most other people in New Orleans did that. Could have also been the French and Italian mix in our family too.

    1. Could have also been the French and Italian mix in our family too

      Check out Pepe Le Boyardee over here.

    2. My family stuck with kisses on the cheek, but some families kiss on the lips. The first time I saw it as a kid I thought it was a bit weird. I’d only seen romantically involved/married people kiss on the lips before. But I don’t see how it’s in any way a problem (or anyone’s business). Unless maybe he tries to slip the tongue in there.

      1. My family stuck with kisses on the cheek

        Same here. And only the women and children took part.

      2. Well, it is a contributing factor to the spread of the herpes simplex virus. This kind of contact is one of the way that kids acquire it.

        1. That’s why I believe kids should be rolled into bubble wrap when they are not being used to entertain grandma or impress the neighbors.

          1. Well, you’re not human (humans don’t have a baculum), so I’m not surprised you have trouble with the idea of “middle ground”.

        2. OK, don’t kiss your kids on the lips if you have herpes.

          1. Right, because voluntary quarantine has *ever* stopped the spread of am infectious disease it virus.

            And that’s before we talk about the common misconceptions (including that many folks don’t know that cold sores, fever blisters and herpes are all the same thing, and that you don’t need to have an outbreak to be infectious) out that not all infected folks *know* they’re infected.

            I mean hell, we can’t control the spread of diseases/viruses that commonly kill people. You really think that’ll work for diseases that only kill in freak circumstances (like Orthodox Jewish circumcisions)?

            1. If the kids haven’t contracted herpes from their parents by age 11 through sharing drinks etc, then a kiss isn’t going to do it.

    3. I grew up thinking kisses were good things. I preferred cheeks to lips, because w cheek kissing you got double the kisses: your lips to their cheek, then your cheek to their lips.

  3. Do you know who else is universally hated in New York?

    1. Sam Walton?

    2. Daniel Clamp?

    3. People that yield when merging lanes?

  4. No no no. This is weird. Definitely wrong. Hopefully this is a wakeup call if others are doing it. Not cool.

  5. the other read the kiss as affection extracted at the hands of a master manipulator, which will set the child on a life of trading sexual favors for gifts and privileges.

    You don’t make a name for yourself by saying chill out.

    1. Milo did.

  6. I find it weird, but I’m not going to make a fuss about it.

    1. Would the same kiss between father and daughter be weird?

      1. If dad was lying down half-naked like in the photo – yes.

    2. Yeah. I find lots of stuff that other people do to be weird. Almost none of it is any of my business or anything I am going to worry about.

    3. Unfortunately, we have come to a point in our culture about child rearing that any practice the majority finds weird comes under suspicion that it should be forbidden

  7. The memo is out.

    1. Now that’s its happening, the lefties are really circling their wagons.

    2. * DOJ official Bruce Ohr met with Steele beginning in the summer of 2016 and relayed to DOJ information about Steele’s bias. Steele told Ohr that he, Steele, was desperate that Donald Trump not get elected president and was passionate about him not becoming president.
      Washington Examiner Nunes Memo

      No wonder the Democrats didn’t want this information released. The DOJ and FBI politicized under Obama’s watch. Big surprise.

  8. Ladies and gentlemen, the photo that Citizen Crusty will be draining the dragon to when he goes off the clock in just a few hours.

    1. So wait, you’re saying he’ll look at that picture when he pees? What does that even mean?

      1. Hugh, Citizen X and I are the same person, and we urinate while thinking about father/son kissing.


        1. I never realized just how perverted you are. I’m glad we have a holy fool like Mike M. to open our eyes.

          1. Mikey is our Robert Langdon.

            1. Crusty, take comfort in the fact that Mikey thinks you have a giant dragon dong.

              1. And he thinks about it a lot.

      2. It means Mikey knows even less about euphemisms than he does about biology.

        1. Or libertarianism. Or interpersonal relationships. Or nicknames.

  9. The pic is doing a good job of making it look weird to me.

    1. Tom Brady is Jonah Ryan? Makes sense.

  10. “A kiss is just a kiss.”

    And a sigh is just a sigh. It’s important to remember that the fundamental rules apply.

  11. It’s weird but no reason for a national freak out.

    I swear it feels like we’re living in some sort of Twilight Zone world.

  12. This is just one of the dangers of the oversharing that we see so much of in the era of social media. Sure, showing personal moments can humanize you for people who don’t know you. But it also means that every wise-ass with a smart phone will see him/herself as fit to critique your personal life. Maybe for Tom Brady it’s worth it; heck, if he’s been even half intelligent with his money he wouldn’t have to work another day for his entire life. I wouldn’t be able to put up with it myself.

    1. I rarely post personal stuff on social media. That’s why the neighbors come to Hit and Run to read my comments and get upset about them.

      1. What’s this “social media” stuff I keep hearing about?

  13. What’s really perverse isn’t a kiss between father and son?it’s people not minding their own business.

    Was Brady an unwilling participant in the documentary? If not, then no. He deliberately put himself and good family out there and invited reactions.

    Heck, the editors probably specifically included that scene because it would get people talking.

    So argue that folks should “chill” or whatever, but don’t complain that they watched a documentary and had a reaction.

    1. That line of Skenazy’s bothered/puzzled me too.

  14. It’s not like he was deflating air out of the kid’s lungs.

  15. I think up until I was 16 years old my parents would occasionally kiss the outside of my maturation chamber, but I’m not sure. The chamber wall was usually set to opaque.

  16. Yeah, paranoid neighbors made my parents so crazy with fear, that by the time I got to high school, my mom was abusing painkillers and my dad found a girlfriend. Too much paranoias makes kids worse off.

  17. Why go out on the street, cameras rolling, and ask people to stick their noses where they don’t belong?

    I laughed, and stopped reading, right here.

    1. Did they invite people to peer through a hole they drilled into the side of his house or was it a video that was filmed with Tom Brady’s consent? Because she makes it sound like the former

  18. Either he really loves his son, or he really loves his son.

  19. Letting no potential controversy go to waste, New York’s CBS TV station did a whole piece on this topic

    Must have been a slow news day in New Tork.

  20. So… that’s how it is in their family. (Save Ferris)

  21. I didn’t know anything about this until I read about it on Reason, but if people are going ballistic about it…sure, they should probably get a life and calm down. At the same time, the kiss was filmed for public viewing. If there is anything more annoying than peoples’ obsession with celebrity lives it’s the idea that celebrity’s public lives are “OMG none of your business!” I’m reminded of Lena Dunham getting offended by people scrutinizing the revealing images she posted of herself on social media. Give me a break

  22. Something something football blah blah rape culture something.

  23. Why would NY hate Tom Brady? He gave them two super bowl rings.

    I suppose he also gave Bill 5 and that must irk Jets fans.

  24. 1) If you put the kiss out on public media specifically for other people to view and comment on, you’ve made it other people’s business. You don’t get to limit the commentary to positive commentary.

    2) At any rate, we as a society have accepted that it is everybody’s business when someone harms their children, so anyone claiming that the kiss is harmful should be exempt from accusations of “not minding their own business”.

    1. Fuck off you authoritarian busybody.

  25. We Patriots’ fans still love you, Lenore, despite the fact that you’re raising a son filled with haaaaaaaaaaaaate….

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