Brickbat: Good to the Last Drop


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A California judge could declare coffee a cancer risk. State law requires businesses to notify consumers of the presence of chemicals on a list of substances determined to cause cancer. A nonprofit group has sued because coffee has small amounts of acrylamide.

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  1. This is actually the best thing that could happen. No one is giving up their coffee, which means that these warning labels will become meaningless to everyone in the state.

    1. “will become”?

      You mean has become meaningless.

      1. I knew they would become meaningless when the proposition was on the ballot. I knew they had become meaningless when they showed up on gas pumps. They are everywhere. No one even sees them any more. People pay more attentions to “Push” and “Pull” than those stupid Prop 65 stickers. They are a classic proggies device: ubiquitous and useless.

        1. I used the work the front desk at a SF hotel. Big sign right there, “This hotel contains substances known to the state…” People from like Iowa were like WTF.

    2. The labels are already meaningless. EVERY business has a cancer warning sign on its door. An empty office building will have the warning because there might be Pine-Sol in the janitor closet. I shit you not. The warnings are so ubiquitous that people literally do not see them anymore.

      Coffee might well be the last remaining substance that doesn’t trigger this notice. And perhaps organic locally sourced marijuana.

    3. However, starting in a few mos., the signs will have to list specifically which chemicals known to the state of CA to cause CA are present.

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  2. The Council for Education and Research on Toxics doesn’t have its own website, but it shares the same phone number (1-877-TOX-TORT) as Raphael Metzger, the attorney spearheading the coffee litigation.

  3. My mother always told the story of the illuminated sign ad for Maxwell House coffee she once saw in which the “d” was burned out, making it read “Goo to the last drop”.

  4. I don’t drink coffee myself (I consider those addicted to it weak) but it could be literal $30/cup poison and people would still drink it.

    1. I’m not addicted to coffee, I’m addicted to caffeine.

    2. I drink many cups of coffee per day, no sugar, no milk. I consider anyone who doesn’t drink it to be a pussy.

      1. Or like me, someone who thinks coffee is one of the most vile tasting things ever. If you like bitter shit that’s your problem.

        1. If your brand of coffee is bitter, that is your fault, Maybe you should try changing brands, Just a suggestion, mind you,,,


            1. Anything with whiskey in it.

          2. Coffee makers also have to be cleaned. Something a great number of people and restaurant ts seem to overlook.

    3. it could be literal $30/cup poison

      I like it but not that much. It’s not as addictive as nicotine, that’s for sure.

    4. I’m not addicted to coffee, I can quit any time! [/hic]

  5. There are carcinogens in everything. Leave coffee alone.

    1. There are carcinogens in everything, and California has a law that if you can find a product with a carcinogen in it – no matter the level – that isn’t labeled as such, you can sue the manufacturer and collect a share of the settlement money. Same with the ADA-compliance rules, and there’s a whole cottage industry of lawyers suing anybody and everybody with a nickel in their pocket for non-compliance to the tiniest smidgen of a degree. You have to be crazy to open a business in California, unless it’s a law firm.

      1. nickel carcinogens in their pocket

        You have to be crazy to open a business in California

        CA is truly a shithole.

    2. Seattle hardest hit!

    3. It should just be a blanket sign when entering the state of California.

      “Warning: The state of California is afraid of its own shadow, believes everyone is an incompetent moron wjoch can only be protected by tge statr and long term exposure to the state has been shown to have detrimental effects on the mental health and cognitive processes of its residents. Enter at your own risk. “

  6. Life is the only carcinogen — if you’re not alive, you won’t get cancer. All else is a crap shoot.
    We’re all going to die eventually.

    1. Say it ain’t so! I just found the love of my live, she said ‘it’s you and I babe, forever!” And then she kissed me, and it was a kiss, well, think of that Prince song “Kiss,” it was like that.

      Are you telling me our love will die?

      1. No. But you will die. And she will die.
        Sooner if you live in California.

  7. But Comrade Judge, what about life, isn’t it a risk to live?

    Should People’s Republic of California declare life a ‘risk?’ The chance of dying is 100%!

    1. I believe that California is already populated by Zombies…

  8. “Everything gives you cancer. There’s no cure, there’s no answer.” today’s earworm.

  9. I thought for sure based on the title I was going to read about a bukkake party. Very disappointed.

  10. Reading about California madness causes cancer. And ulcers.

    The State of California has determined that the State of California may cause cancer.

  12. A California judge could declare coffee a cancer risk.

    I thought science declared things cancer risks. When did the justice system become science?

    1. Since global warming was invented.

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