Oklahoma State Activists Want a Bias Response Team with the Power to Punish Racially Insensitive Speech

Why not abolish the microaggression police instead?


Jacob Redway

Student activists at Oklahoma State University want the school's bias response team to have the power to punish students for racially insensitive statements.

"We submit that that the university make an amendment to the student code of conduct's social justice legislation section to add language that will make 'racially insensitive and/or racist rhetoric and behavior made public knowledge' a punishable action," wrote the students, who call themselves "The Four Percent."

The statement went on to say the bias response team should have the ability to impose sanctions on students who violate the "social justice" aspects of the code. The activists also called for diversity training, the renaming of certain buildings, and the hiring of more staff members of color.

University President Burns Hargis has not responded specifically to the request for the bias response team to police racist speech, though he did tell Campus Reform that he is committed to "reviewing the ideas presented by the students." But any review of the bias response team should result in a decision to give it less power, not more.

Bias response teams, which exist on more than 100 campuses, commonly consist of students, faculty, and sometimes campus safety officers. They provide a means for students to report each for committing "microaggressions"—often trivially insensitive words and actions that weren't intended to provoke offense. Several studies and surveys suggest that a significant number of marginalized students aren't actually offended by such statements.

Some campuses have rightly determined that bias response teams threaten academic freedom and free expression; the University of North Colorado shut down its team two years ago after determining that it had become too easy for the perpetually offended to wage war on the First Amendment. Oklahoma State should carefully consider whether it really wants to move in the opposite direction.

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  1. The student code of conduct’s social justice legislation section? Go, Team Bias Response!

    1. No need to think for yourselves. We have geniuses like Obama, and Pelosi and Graham to think for us.

  2. Will they be armed with flamethrowers to burn the offending words or people with FIRE!!!!

    1. Unfortunately not in California where it’s most likely to be used.

  3. How is this different then the compelled speech in Canada?

    Leftism – Ideas so great, they have to be enforced at the barrel of a gun

    1. compelled speech in Canada

      … is constitutional: 1. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

      Which means that said rights & freedoms can be limited to the extent whatever the then-current Supreme Court of Canada (majority) thinks as demonstrably justified.

      1. so saying a man is a man and a woman is a woman is now illegal.

        Just you wait. Eventually it will be illega to be against the minimum wage. The lefties will call that hate speech against the poor, and maybe throw in dog-whistle racism too. Their favorite buzzwords.

  4. Oklahoma State Activists Want a Bias Response Team with the Power to Punish Racially Insensitive Speech

    First Amendment. That is all.

    P.s. Fuck these tyrants and tyrant enablers.

  5. “social justice” aspects of the code

    ‘Social Justice’. . . is cancer. //Milo

    1. That’s offensive to cancer victims. Where’s the “report bias” button on this thing?!

      1. Reason used to have the option to report this kind of stuff directly to Preet Bharara’s office, but after he resigned they took it down.

      2. Where’s the “report bias” button on this thing?!

        Don’t fuck with it, you’ll turn it all italics!

  6. They do just love the idea of denouncing people to some kind of authority, don’t they?

    I’d like to say the school will tell them to go pound sand, but that the student code already has a “social justice legislation” section says the administration has likely already morally compromised itself too much to mount an effective objection to a thought police regime.

    1. There’s nothing like denouncing someone to the Stasi to make one feel virtuous, comrade!

  7. Demanding that more people of color be hired and that monuments and tributes to Caucasians be eliminated is racially insensitive, in and of itself.

    Liberty demands that no quarter be confiscated from a white person in order to placate the hurt feelings of negroes. Rather, liberty demands that each and every individual negro sink or swim on his own merit notwithstanding the probability that the individual negro hails from a single parent household.

    My negro fatigue grows by the hour.

    1. My high school band was called “negro fatigue”

    2. Tricky word, merit. How much merit does the current president of the US actually bring to the table? Or weren’t the circumstances of his birth totally determinative? Is the same not true, more or less, for everyone? So when you say “merit” don’t you mean, in part, “fuck you, I got mine”?

      1. weren’t the circumstances of his birth totally determinative?

        It is meritorious to choose wisely into which family one is born.

      2. You know, Tony, under the very thin facade you try to put up is a truly paternalistic white man, who thinks that only whites are fit to rule, and that the negroes and other races just can’t be held to the standards of the white man.

        Just go ahead and join the Alt-Right my dude. They are your home.

      3. Or weren’t the circumstances of his birth totally determinative

        Then I guess Hillary wasn’t born to be President.

      4. No, Tony, I mean “fuck you, don’t violate the NAP.” Yeah, for some audiences I might write, in the alternative, “fuck you, don’t go ghetto.”

        1. To a certain degree, Tony isn’t wrong in his assessment of what you said.

          “What’s mine is mine, earn your own stuff” is the essence of private property rights. It’s not really a stretch to read that as “Fuck you, I got mine.” The issue here is values regarding that statement. Tony thinks it is evil, and you think it is good.

          Of course, no one actually lives by Tony’s expressed values, not even Tony. What’s his is his, and he’s not about to give any of it up unless he’s feeling particularly generous, same as the rest of us.

          1. Your point is not without merit.

            However, “fuck you, I got mine” prevails more under communist, progressive, and socialist regimes than under free enterprise. In another words, charity, kindness, and a genuine concern for others are hallmarks of private property, not democratic-socialist hellholes.

            1. Exactly. Tony sees “Fuck you, I got mine” as derogatory. For those of us who believe in private property though, it is not derogatory at all.

      5. There is no such thing as white privilege since that is what all of this shit is about. We all come from someone who was poor at some point and made it by being good and smart or made it on their own by not being total fags. .
        The crying pussies are the ones who are too stupid to make it life.

        1. There is no such thing as white privilege since that is what all of this shit is about. We all come from someone who was poor at some point and made it by being good and smart or made it on their own by not being total fags. .
          The crying pussies are the ones who are too stupid to make it life.

          Out of curiosity Timbo, what if intellect is primarily heritable? What if certain groups of people are just born less intelligent on the whole as other groups, and so are always at a severe disadvantage in competition? Would that affect your position at all?

          1. Hard work generally beats intelligence

      6. How much merit does the current president of the US actually bring to the table?

        You know as well as we do that he’s only president because your side of the Ruling Party nominated the worst candidate in their history. What’s your point?


        1. Exactly what merit is required to be the President of the United States?

          There was a popularity contest. Trump won it by eeking out a majority of electoral votes because of a few states that Hillary was too cool for and so ignored. Woe is Hillary.

          1. Wrong place. That was meant as a reply to Tony above.

      7. Which is the response of the envious and unambitious to the simple truth that the universe does not owe you a living.

  8. How about a socially sensitive ‘Fuck You;?

    1. With kindest regards from the 96%.

  9. I refuse to believe that OSU students were sober enough to write a memo.

  10. more staff members of color

    Just fire a couple colored professors and hire two colored janitors for each in their place. Problem solved. If they want more colored professors, award the janitors honorary degrees and offer them professorships. At some point, somebody’s going to say “You can’t do that!” at which point, you can kick them in the nuts and then resign.

    1. “staff members of color”

      If that isn’t a porn movie, why not?

  11. “Bias Response Teams” have historically been known as “Brown Shirts” or “Antifa’s”.

  12. Isn’t it punishment enough to have to go to college in Oklahoma?

    1. Not if you’re from Wyoming.

  13. It would be so nice for some University president, some time, to just say “No, this is a university, and if you don’t want to learn from others, then you can leave at any time.” I bet parents would jump at the chance to send their kids there.

    1. Second that.
      Or a University Code of Conduct that links to a copy of the US Constitution.

  14. I hope The Slants play Oklahoma State soon.

  15. When a state starts curtailing free speech that is a violation of the US constitution. Yes stop state agencies from free speech is one thing but individuals in a non official position NO! Not only No but H3ll NO.

  16. Can we have a Constitutional-Rights-Violation Response Team? That can punish students who violate others’ rights?

  17. Is that Morrill Hall? Unusual choice. Usually stories about OSU use a stock photo of the library.

    Maybe it’s one of the buildings they want to rename, which seems a little pointless. Aren’t all the buildings going to be named after Boone Pickens eventually?

  18. Snitches get stitches yo .. these kids deserve a sock party

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