Grammys Have Time for Hillary Clinton, But Not Lorde, To Perform?

Virtue signaling is tricky business, especially for an entertainment world trying to be holier-than-thou.


As the Drudge Report wants you to know in ALL CAPS, last night's Grammy awards telecast was a "crash and burn" affair, and possibly the "lowest rated" ever. Deadline Hollywood's Dominic Patten writes,

With a 12.7/21 in metered market ratings, the Recording Academy's big hootenanny was also way down from the early numbers for the LA-based February 13, 2017 59th annual show. By way down, I mean a just over 20% decline from last year to what looks to be an all-time low for the ceremony.

Right-wingers already have a ready explanation for this: the politicization of allegedly once-pure "entertainment" events.

That's the reason why movies flop, why the NFL's audience is shrinking, you name it. It's that jes' plain folks are sick and tired of having their safe spaces invaded by politics. Forget larger trends or, in the case of Grammys, savvy counter-programming by other networks. AMC's mega-hit franchise The Walking Dead had a mid-season debut last night and even network standards such as Shark Tank and Family Guy aired new episodes.

All of which makes sense given that nobody really cares about the Grammys, do they? Certainly not compared to the Oscars or even the Emmys, and even those old warhorse spectacles of self-congratulation don't pull eyeballs like they used to. That's especially true with anything devoted to popular music, whose audience was among the very first to be liberated by the cultural proliferation that has vastly increased the ways in which we produce and consume creative expression.

Let's assume that the Grammys, like the Olympics, the Oscars, the NFL, and other 20th-century televised institutions, no longer command attention and interest the way they used to. It's less because of politicization and more simply because audiences have more and more freedom to go elsewhere. (In the case of the Olympics, the loss of audience is precisely because of de-politicization: the end of the Cold War robbed every archery and ski jump contest of specifically political interest.) The more important question for me is whether consumers of art, culture, sports, and entertainment are more or less able to access the fare we want. To borrow the pretzel logic of multiple Grammy-winning band Steely Dan, any major dude with half a heart will tell you, my friend, any minor world that breaks apart falls together again. Music has never been more accessible and varied than it is today. While the "rock star" archetype may well be dead as a meaningful cultural touchstone, there's more stuff to listen to in any possible genre you can imagine. If the Grammys and boring old fare like it must die for entertainment to live, well, that's the sort of grave I'm happy to dance on.

But conservatives—who get a hard-on the moment that Kid Rock or some allegedly right-wing rocker or actor just-might-maybe run for office or says something they like politically—shouldn't mistake shifts in how pop culture is made and consumed for the idea that the silent majority wants its music, movies, sports, and TV free of politics. Something much bigger is going on and pop music, like all pop culture, has always been political in big and small ways. That's one of the reasons it's popular. It allows us to engage the very sorts of questions and concerns that define us in particular times and places. For sure, we don't want or need to be lectured about what politician to vote for, but isn't part of what makes Dolly Parton, Bob Dylan, and Jay-Z who they are precisely the fact that they're talking about sexism, Christianity, and blackness the way they do?

Which isn't to say that the Grammys didn't go out of its way to bother the majority of Americans who didn't vote for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election. For a show that didn't make time for popular (and political!) artist Lorde to perform despite her being up for the prestigious "album of the year" award, the Grammys still found time to run an explicitly anti–Donald Trump sketch featuring Hillary Clinton reading from Michael Wolff's Fire and Fury. Because when you've got a roomful of musical talent, what you really want to see is a failed politician who spent a good amount of her time in power railing against pop culture.

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  1. What is a Grammy?

    1. But seriously, I’m not about to waste my time getting lectured by lunatics. Only in Hollywood could they maintain a corrupt and morally deficient culture and cover up for sexual abusers for decades, then pat themselves on their backs and lecture the rest of us. They can go fuck themselves.

      1. You realize that they are covering up more than they are throwing people under the bus for.

        Corey Haim filed a police report that Charlie Sheen molested him as a kid. Hollywood is trying to shift child rapes taking place into sexual assault.

      2. I’m not about to waste my time getting lectured by lunatics.


        1. Up

      3. Only in Hollywood

        And in Washington DC

        And in the NFL

        And in college sports

        And in the church

        And in the news media

        And in the technology industry

        But yeah otherwise Hollywood is a uniquely corrupt aspect of our otherwise pure culture.

        Also, it’s been a few years since college, but one thing I do remember about lectures is that they are remarkably difficult to hear if you don’t attend them.

        1. Lol whoops I forgot about the military and law enforcement. You know, the guys who we’re all supposed to stand and salute when they play the national anthem before football games (at least from what I hear, since they don’t actually televise that part).

        2. it’s almost as if I said I didn’t watch it since I don’t want to waste my time being lectured by the idiots. Same goes with athletes and their 6th grade logic, etc

          1. So then your complaint is that people said things you don’t like on a show that you didn’t watch?

            1. pointing out their stupidity and hypocrisy, so yeah low hanging fruit when it comes to hollywood.

        3. You’re forgetting RPGs, sci-fi and fantasy novels, and video games.

      4. This.

        Hillary needs to be drenched with green slime on national TV.

        1. I’d prefer she get life in prison with no parole… but only because Scaphism isn’t an option.

          On the Grammys. Could it be that there are both more options AND strong aversion to listening to libtard lectures? 20% is a big drop in one year – and no change to technology or society really accounts for it.

      5. Donald Trump, moral paragon.

        1. YES, he is! He is the greatest prez ever for defending human life in the womb!

          “When life begins is a scientific, not a philosophic or theological, question: Life begins when the chromosomes of the sperm fuse with those of the ovum, forming a distinctive DNA complex that controls the new organism’s growth. This growth process continues unless a natural accident interrupts it or it is ended by the sort of deliberate violence Planned Parenthood sells.”

          -George Will, Conservative Pundit & Avowed Atheist

          1. So George Will believes the half of conceptions that end in miscarriage is exactly as horrific as half of all babies drowning in the bathtub?

            1. Congratulations on your made up, irrelevant non-sequitur. A trifecta of stupidity. You’re mother must be proud.

              1. That’s precisely the implication of his “scientific” fact.

            2. Is there proof of this? Where are the corpses?

      6. No. Nick says that’s not true. Nick says no one actually minds getting lectured by lunatics, that it’s all a figment of right-wing imaginations.

        So obviously, you’re lying. You can’t possibly know what you like–Nick and his masters will choose FOR you.

        1. Close. But according to Nick, if you don’t like being lectured to by these clowns then you’re a right-wing nutter.

          1. So you can know what you like. But if you don’t like it, then you’ve just admitted to being a deplorable pro-Trump homophobe xenophobe racist sexist far-right fascist.

            1. you say that like it’s a bad thing…

            2. And your point is?

    2. I know, I mean I’ve made my music selection based on whether or not someone has won a Grammy all of ZERO times over the past forty years. Must not be that important.

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  2. “crash and burn” affair, and the “lowest rated” ever. #SAD!

    It’s almost as if it is bad for business to constantly alienate half of your potential audience.

    1. Eh. Just blame it on Napster. The kids are still paying to go to concerts, no one is going hungry out there.

      1. You said it! Concerts are about all that will get them outdoors and away from their MySpace these days. I try to get mine to at least Ask Jeeves about some places to meet friends; but they’re all, naw, I got them all here in my chat room!

        1. I seriously made an account to reply to you. Diego are you stuck in 1999? Noone uses Myspace anymore or floods chatrooms. GTFO of here old timer!! The internet is your friend bud, use it and get current.

          1. Sounds like you should have paid more attention when creating your account. There was an option to activate a sarcasm-detector. If you’d selected that option, you might have had more success understanding what Diego was saying.

            1. I assumed “hi its me” was also being sarcastic.

              1. So you’re thinking this maybe a case of….Double Sarcasm? Wow….that is always dangerous!

    2. As Michael Jordan said when asked why he didn’t make political statements: “Republicans buy sneakers too”.

      I assume as given that entertainment stars by and large share a liberal worldview that I reject. No big deal. Business as usual. But when they give Hillary time to read from an openly anti-Trump book as part of the program they are telling me that they are set on promoting their agenda under the guise of an award show. And there I draw the line. And since I pretty much expect that this is what will happen these days, I pretty much avoid all these self-congratulatory circle jerks.

      I’ve avoided the Oscars ever since the Academy gave the cinematography award to “Out of Africa” over “Ran”, but I digress. Sorta.

  3. That some political leaning groups would imply that some Americans have tuned out Hillary seems to hurt those that wanted Hillary for Prez.

  4. Forget larger trends or, in the case of Grammys, savvy counter-programming by other networks.

    I don’t see any more proof in this assertion than in the other one. And what is the hyperpartisanization of every entertainment outlet in recent years anyway, if not a “larger trend”?

    1. Dude, Nick to is too darned cool to keep up with details.

    2. pop music, like all pop culture, has always been political in big and small ways

      I’ve been around long enough to see how pop culture is not only more politicized than ever, but also how the nature of it has veered much more in the direction of being mean-spirited and condescending. And due partly to the fragmentation of American culture that you so often point out, the inevitable result is pissing off huge numbers of people.

      1. I remember when some douchebag had some Indian accept his Academy Award for…reasons.

        I remember it because such political bullshit DID NOT HAPPEN AT EVERY FUCKING EVENT. Now, it is every damned event nowadays. It is news when an event ISN’T hyper-politicized when, even 10 years ago, I don’t remember politics being the focus of every single televised event.

      2. Couldn’t agree more. And when they did get political it was for their pet causes.

        Now, they’re engaging in banal didactics and coming off looking like a bunch of ignorant jack offs.

        O’Brien, Kimmel, Myers, Colbert etc. Seriously, very lame.

        1. We’ve gone from “those crazy clowns in Congress” which got a knowing nod from everyone in the 70s to “Trump is a Nazi who will start WWIII” today.

          1. And trade wars.

    3. #fakenews
      The walking Dead doesn’t come back for another month. But close enough, right?

      1. I though maybe I missed it and was just hoping my DVR got it.

        1. Haha I know I checked my DVR last night and didn’t see a new one, so I was a bit freaked out when I read that.

          But that fact matches his other facts in this terrible article.

    4. I thought when our art was political it used to be cool to be anti-government and independent minded? Hippies, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, RATM, NWA, etc. Dudes used to have swagger, their own territory. Now government is bad, but when democrats run it they are happy?

      Color me disappointed.

  5. I get that CBS and music thinks its hella cool to spend endless time slagging on Trump…but do they realize that the audience they’ve lost will not return when Trump isn’t in office? It’s not the slagging on Trump that is the issue (it helps him way more than it hurts him)…it’s that they cannot avoid politicizing every fucking thing.

    CBS, no doubt, is paying good money to broadcast the Grammys and other such bilge. And, no doubt, they have to offer advertisers certain assurances of ratings to charge the high rates. They aren’t going to be hitting those rates.

  6. For a show that didn’t make time for popular (and political!) artist Lorde to perform despite her being up for the prestigious “album of the year” award, the Grammys still found time to run an explicitly anti-Donald Trump sketch featuring Hillary Clinton reading from Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury. Because when you’ve got a roomful of musical talent, what you really want to see is a failed politician who spent a good amount of her time in power railing against pop culture.

    That’s so unfair to Hillary Clinton. She’s a “failed politician” only in the sense that the other side had to cheat its way to victory through Russian collusion. Not to mention a biased media that invented phony scandals (her e-mails) and engaged in sexist speculation about her physical health (her 9/11 fainting) while normalizing Drumpf. And despite the game being rigged against her, Clinton still won the popular vote by millions! In fact, she won more votes than any white male presidential candidate in history.

    1. Satire?

      If not, you really fall for the flaccid idea that clumsy adds on Twitter and Facebook are “collusion”? Funny.

      1. Yes, satire. It’s more or less a strawman come to life.

      2. Satire. Read a few of his comments in other threads and it will become obvious.

        This isn’t OBL’s best effort, but the fact you weren’t sure at first shows how close he is to reality.

    2. The “popular vote” is nothing if not fiction.

      There is no such thing as the popular vote. A nationwide vote does not exist. You’d do well to stop pretending it does.

      1. A nationwide vote does not exist.

        I’m pretty sure that is a parody account. But anyway, this is accurate. There are 51 separate elections to elect the president. Therefor there is no nationwide popular vote. And referencing this supposed popular vote getting really tiresome and tedious. At best for their position, Hilldawg won a game that was not being played.

        1. Yes, it is a joke account. How many times do people need to fall for this? His username used to link to

        2. There is, in fact, a thing called the “popular vote” in presidential elections, just like there’s a thing called “total offense” in football. Neither one, however, has shit to do with determining who won.

    3. Did Obama cheat when he destroyed Herself in the primaries in 2008?

      No? Then she’s a failed politician on multiple counts.

    4. The simple fact is that when “history” looks at the Hildebeest they will have to acknowledge that she never accomplished anything in politics on her own, and when in office was entirely ineffective both as a Senator and as Secretary of State.

  7. Nick spends 5 paragraphs telling us it’s not politics, before the big reveal that yeah, it’s probably politics.

    I wonder if there’s a way to gauge how many people were watching before Clinton got on screen, and how many were left after.

    1. I heard the thing started with some gotcha, faux-nationalist art-piece.

      I’m guessing they didn’t have to wait for Clinton to measure the drop in viewers.

    2. This article was really phoned in, also misstated the “counter programming” as there was no walking dead premier last night.

    3. And Nick constantly bitching about “right-wingers”, probably to virtue signal to his progressive Hollywood pals. Got to keep those cocktail party invitations coming, right?

  8. That’s the reason why movies flop, why the NFL’s audience is shrinking, you name it. It’s that jes’ plain folks are sick and tired of having their safe spaces invaded by politics. Forget larger trends or, in the case of Grammys, savvy counter-programming by other networks. AMC’s mega-hit franchise The Walking Dead had a mid-season debut last night and even network standards such as Shark Tank and Family Guy aired new episodes.

    Yeah, Nick, NOBODY has tried counter-programming before.

    This time it worked, huh?

    That’s your argument? Seriously?

    Good God, for a guy who wants to portray “cool” so pathetically desperately, you’re an imbecile.

    1. I firmly believe there are enough dial-tones in this country to keep Family Guy and TWD on the air. But to imply this is a banner year for counter-programming is a bit silly.

    2. Nick, who is starting on the downward slope towards 60 later this year, kinda reminds me of those middle-aged men in the 1960s who grew out their hair, ditched their three-piece suits and their wives, and dressed up in Nehru jackets or saffron robes in order to get a piece of the Summer of Love.

      Nick is obsessed with out-millennial-ing the Millennials, which is why he writes columns like this.

      1. That explains a lot. I thought he was about 20 and just very naive.

    3. Nick also seems to think that since the VCR is dead and almost buried no-one can record say – Walking Dead, Family Guy, the Waltons or whatever and watch the Grammys.

      1. My current DISH receiver automatically records prime time for CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX. It can additionally record twelve other programs at the same time. I never have to miss anything I would realistically want to see.

        1. I recorded 5 programs simultaneously the other night just to prove to my wife that it can be done. As it happens we haven’t bothered to watch any of them.

  9. Forget larger trends or, in the case of Grammys, savvy counter-programming by other networks.

    I do think that the increasing level of politicization is a contributor to people tuning in less to things like this and the NFL. Not a sole cause, probably not even the main cause, but one among many.

    1. I certainly don’t tune in because I don’t want to hear them yak and blah on.

      In fact, I’m even very cautious about live shows now. The last thing I need is to be lectured by a know-nothing after I forked over hundreds of dollars.

      Make me laugh, sing me a song, make me a sammich and do what I paid to see.

      1. So, if the Grammy’s had guaranteed no politics, you would have watched it?

        1. No. I just hate award shows/ceremonies period.

          1. That’s really the answer I would hope for.

            I think politics probably didn’t help, but my guess is it is many factors. 2017 was sort of a fluke year, a big jump up from the previous year. 2016 was a seven year low. So a not insignificant question is what happened in 2017 to make people suddenly care. It’s probably as much that as anything for why the big drop happened this year.

        2. Yes. I stopped watched all those awards shows, and all the NFL talk shows, because I was tired of being lectured about how my politics were wrong, and I was a racist and a sexist (none of which is true or relevant).

    2. I can understand the argument that it may not be the sole or even main cause (though I think it is the main cause). But to say its not a cause at all? Utterly wrong.

  10. Well, for me, being lectured by smug assholes from either the left or the right makes me want to turn off whatever shit is on. I mean, can’t they just leave me the fuck alone to enjoy some entertainment?

    1. I agree that holding you at gunpoint and forcing you to watch the Grammys was a bit beyond the pale.

      1. I guess the people with the guns couldn’t find my house since I was busy not watching it.

        My “leave me alone” was rhetorical, but you knew that.

      2. So if someone takes a shot in the drinking fountain, and someone else objects, your (and Nick’s I guess) go to response is ‘well jeez you don’t *have* to drink from it, snowflake.’

        1. *shit, not shot

  11. AMC’s mega-hit franchise The Walking Dead had a mid-season debut last night

    Nick’s just making up fake news like the rest of the MSM now.

    The Walking Dead returns with all new episodes on Sunday, Feb 25th, only on AMC.

    1. So, I now must wonder how insanely higher Family Guy’s ratings must be to cause such a huge hit to the Grammys.

  12. All of which makes sense given that nobody really cares about the Grammys, do they?

    And why is that, you ask?

    Why, it’s because:

    It’s that jes’ plain folks are sick and tired of having their safe spaces invaded by politics.

    1. Or hearing people who peddle sex and “degrading women” as their damned product lecture us on sexuality and degrading women.

  13. The fact that these kinds of events have become leftist circle jerks definitely factors in to whether I watch them or not.

    Plus, the Grammys are mainly about mainstream pop drivel. But Metallica! Edgy! Except, back when Metallica was actually edgy, they were nowhere near the Grammys.

    1. Jethro Tull was cooler.


      1. IIRC, Jethro Tull was the first group to feature the word “snot” in a Top-40 song (during the Nixon Administration, no less) so yes, they were more edgy than Metallica, who showed up just as parents stopped caring.

      2. I know a modern day “Aqualung” would get a lot of attention….

        1. Depends on how the subject of the song is spun by the artist.

          If he’s a homeless victim of the economic wasteland created by the Trump Tax Cuts then it will be the opening song at next year’s Grammys.

          If he’s a dirty old man leering little girls at the park, then that might be problematic. Unless Hillary reads the lyrics, at which point it will be hailed as groundbreaking.

          1. Hillary, watching the little panties run? No thanks.

        2. I remember taking to a guy about this way back in the 1980s, who had a band who said they played more “subversive” versions of rock hits, like Aqualung

          And I was like “How can it be more subversive than a creepy homeless dude and a nympo?” And then the other half of the album is criticizing organized religion, which is a bit old had, but it does it well and fairly intelligently.

    2. Metallica was never edgy, they stole their whole sound and act from various New Wave of British Heavy Metal Bands, in particular, Diamond Head

  14. I’d also ask how tone-deaf they must be to have Hillary on, after it comes out she protected a serial abuser on her staff. This came out, you know, THIS WEEK.

    I mean, it’s not like she hasn’t tone exactly what…well, most of the women in entertainment do anyway. So I guess it fits after all.

    1. Clinton could drown a box full of kittens and the left would find a way to spin it.

      1. Like Obama eating dogs, it just showcased how diverse and multicultural he is.

      2. Conserving water by not drowning them individually ?

    2. Eggs, omelette, etc.

  15. Nick, you should get a side hustle creating fresh powder for ski resorts, because you have a gift for triggering a blizzard of snowflakes.

    1. You’re completely missing the point. This is about preferences and whether people watch something or not. If I find being lectured by smug assholes off putting and tiresome, then I’m not going to watch.

      Actual snowflaky behavior means running to authorities or otherwise crying out for actual protection from ideas. This is just me saying fuck you and not watching.

      1. Leave it to the lefties to not grasp that simple concept. me saying fuck you, I’m not going to buy what you’re selling, isn’t snow-flakery, it’s freedom, you assholes.

        Me saying I don’t like what you say, and I’m going to use the state to force that (police in UK arresting people for ‘hate’ tweets), or make it so we have to spend $600,000 so a 5’6″ Jewish guy can speak at Berkeley… that’s not just snow-flakery, that’s fascism.

        1. A cursory googling fails to yield even one result that includes coercive action/protection as a necessary part of the definition for snowflake. Everything I see define it as someone who believes themselves special and is overly sensitive to the opinions or actions of others. For example when people say things they don’t like on TV.

          I’m confident that you’ll be able to wade into the alt-right fever swamps to prove me wrong, but a quick search is all I had time for.

          1. Pointing out that these people are raging hypocrites does hardly a snowflake make, but then you’d be lost if you weren’t a worthless pedant, Hugh.

          2. A snowflake is someone who is overly sensitive to irrelevant issues.

    2. It’s so hip of you to defend the dignity of the Grammys. A real public service.

  16. It’s true that popular music has always had a political side. But IMHO the quality of the political commentary in popular music has deteriorated. There are political songs from the past that people still listen to, because their message is well-delivered and relate-able to everybody. Are there any political songs of today that will be sung and listened to 50 years from now?

    1. Maybe not, but I don’t think it’s because music is bad nowadays. It’s because of Nick’s point about music diversifying and fragmenting into smaller audiences. I think he’s right there.

      Back in the day more people shared the smaller numbers of creative channels.

    2. Political commentary in popular music then vs now…

      ’60’s & ’70’s… “What’s Going on”… “Imagine”… “Revolution”…
      2017-18: “Fuck Donald Trump”

      1. SF’d it.

        1. So poignant. Anyone who doesn’t listen through to the end is such a snowflake.

      2. 2 of those 3 songs are pretty crap political songs.

        1. Hey, they’re not good, but comparing them to the 2017 example sure makes them sound a lot better.

      3. 2 of those 3 “60s and 70s” songs barely qualified as garbage. “What’s Going On” at least had some sensibility.

        But why stop there? What about the 40s and 50s? Big Band, birth of the cool, Sinatra, Patsy Cline … when entertainers entertained. Speaking of which, since AMC and the other channels seem to have a collective library of about 15 movies, why doesn’t someone reach back and break out “That’s Entertainment”? I know, I know … that was so yesterday.

    3. Political or crap?

      “Girls! We run this mother (yeah)
      Girls! We run this mother (yeah)
      Girls! We run this mother (yeah)
      Girls! We run this mother (yeah)

      Who run the world? Girls (girls)
      Who run the world? Girls (girls)
      Who run the world? Girls (girls)
      Who run the world? Girls (girls)
      Who run this mother? Girls
      Who run this mother? Girls
      Who run this mother! Girls
      Who run this mother! Girls
      Who run the world? Girls (girls)
      Who run the world? Girls (girls)
      Who run the world? Girls (girls)
      Who run the world? Girls (girls)

      Some of them men think they freak this like we do
      But no they don’t
      Make your cheque come at they neck
      Disrespect us no they won’t”

      1. Both?

    4. I kissed a girl and I liked it?

  17. The Grammy Awards and the Country Music Awards were pretty much the only awards shows that I still watched. After reading some pre-show articles on increasing political Grammy content, I didn’t bother tuning in last night.

    Then I heard about Hillary’s performance this morning. It makes no sense. She has nothing to do with music. They might as well have Tom Brady show up and do a football commentary.

    I guess I’m down to one awards show that I’ll watch. I wonder how long before it’s zero.

    1. She may have nothing to do with music but she does happen to be a Grammy winner.

      1. I heard he actually did that…

      2. Now all she needs is a Nobel peace prize, and her mantle piece will be complete.

      3. Which devalues Grammys the same way Obama’s Nobel price made those meaningless.

        1. Conservatives do eat a lot of fucking sour grapes don’t they?

          1. Conservatives do eat a lot of fucking sour grapes don’t they?

            Especially when they’re not in charge of Congress.

            1. Oh, wait, that’s liberals bitching about the Senate being “undemocratic” because they’re not running every single institution in this country.

          2. Says the guy whose spent the last year and a half furiously sucking on lemons.

          3. Didn’t realize its sour grapes to point out a “Nobel Peace Prize Winner” killed a bunch of people in war.

            1. Or that he had done absolutely nothing (nada, zip, zilch, zero) in any capacity as anything resembling a world leader to promote peace anywhere on the planet (starting with the war zone usually known as “inner city Chicago”).

  18. Media, including the Grammy Awards, Golden Globes, Oscars, you name it, is committed more than anything to bringing down Trump and all he stands for by any means possible. Which is why there have been so many retractions and sanctions against journalists for sloppy reporting. Nonetheless, retractions, terminations, low ratings; this is all just collateral damage for the greater good.

  19. In the case of the Olympics, the loss of audience is precisely because of de-politicization:

    I stopped watching the Olympics because I hated watching 55 minutes of commercials and human interest stories for every 5 minutes of actual sports.

    1. Don’t know if those are “actual sports.” Too many medals for too many skills in a particular sport. Should the Olympics start to award medals in basketball for best dribbling, best dunking, best three pointer, best free throw, best hangtime. best end to end passing, best costume while elbowing the other team’s star?

      1. …I might watch the Olympics if they had ’em wear costumes.

        1. naked, compete naked…in the fucking snow…then I’d watch.

          1. So Winter Olympics then?

      2. This is actually a fantastic idea for basketball. Have a dunk contest event and 3pf contest. Maybe some other stuff. Would be rad.

    2. Yes all I want to watch are the events. I don’t need all the story-craft. If anything I’ll catch the events directly online and never watch a minute of NBC crap

      1. if there’s no score, there’s no sport…style points are for pussies

    3. And don’t forget the cutaways to another event from the hockey game you have 2 hours invested in.

      1. “We’re just cutting away from this fast paced and highly rated Sweden-US hockey game to bring you coverage of the women’s Cross Country Skiing…”

    4. NBC sucks incredibly hard at Olympics coverage. Figure skating, Americans, human interest.
      the best Olympics coverage I’ve seen was on Eurosports in 2000. No human interest, but every Judo match quarter finals and up.

      1. You have to give NBC credit for tenacity, though. Decades of screwing it up and yet they keep coming back for more. There has to be something to admire in there, and if I ever think of it I’ll be the first to acknowledge it.

    5. I don’t watch the olympics because I can just read about who bribed the judges the most the next day

      Actually it’s because I don’t care about louging.

  20. What does Lou Reed think?

  21. “But conservatives?who get a hard-on the moment that Kid Rock or some allegedly right-wing rocker or actor just-might-maybe run for office or says something they like politically?…”

    Did Reason always paint conservatives with such a broad brush? I never see them say something such as “But Muslims–who get a hard-on the moment they see some gay night club shot up or a truck plow through a bunch of infidels–…”

    People are individuals, Nick, not just part of groups. Keep that in mind when writing in a “libertarian” magazine, please.

    1. Cosmos… who get a hard on the moment they can bash their own supporters, or someone not sufficiently anti-trump……

    2. Muslims ARE conservatives:

      holding to traditional attitudes and values and cautious about change or innovation, typically in relation to politics or religion.
      synonyms: traditionalist, traditional, conventional, orthodox, old-fashioned, dyed-in-the-wool, hidebound, unadventurous, set in one’s ways; More
      a person who is averse to change and holds to traditional values and attitudes, typically in relation to politics.
      synonyms: right-winger, reactionary, rightist, diehard;

      1. Liberals support free speech.

        The Left hates free speech.

        1. Bullshit. It is conservatives who love censorship. Ask Lenny Bruce or George Carlin. Or Larry Flynt – the great Free Speech Freedom Fighter.

          1. Carlin…the same guy who near the end of his life started to realize that the left was just as boring as the right and that even if he agreed with them a lot he could predict their stale arguments?

            1. Yes.

              The same guy who trashed the idea that we were destroying the Earth via AGW.

              Progressives can be intolerant and stupid too.

              I butt heads with Progs all the time (because I hate Islam and Bernie Sanders more than anything).

              1. Progressives can be intolerant and stupid too.

                This has been a rare moment of self-reflection from Palin’s Buttplug.

          2. Bullshit.

            “Hate speech isn’t free speech” isn’t anything being said by the Right. Speech codes aren’t done by the Right either on campus, largely due to the lack of the right having any power on campus, admittedly.

            1. I thrive on hate speech. I love hate speech. Have you ever read my goddamn posts?

              Why the fuck are you telling me I support hate speech laws?

              1. Are you “The Left”? Because I specifically accused them of it.

          3. Bullshit. It is conservatives who love censorship

            Who knew Facebook and Twitter were run by John Birchers?

          4. Isn’t it the Left who wants to overturn Citizen’s United, because they didn’t like the ruling that allowed a corporation organized for the sole purpose of criticizing a particular Presidential candidate to legally criticize that candidate during an election season?

            We can’t have people donating to an organization so that candidates can be criticized, right? Particularly in a political season, when they are most vulnerable to being voted out of office!

            (For the record, the Presidential candidate in question was Hillary Clinton, so it’s perfectly obvious that we needed a law to keep people from saying bad things about her…)

      2. Are all Muslims conservative? Or are some Muslim individuals free thinking and liberal/ You are falling into the trap I was talking about. Also, conservative with regards to religion (think of the Amish) and what the words means in the 2018 political context are different, but nuance is harder than broad generalizations people like you make to make the world easier to understand.

        1. Are all Muslims conservative? Or are some Muslim individuals free thinking and liberal/?

          The only one I can think of is the courageous woman who denounced Islam – Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I have nothing but admiration for her.

          There may be others though.

          1. She’s an amazing woman! I totally agree. There are more out there, including Muslim “reformers” who would be considered liberal in their political and worldviews.

    3. Did Reason always paint conservatives with such a broad brush?

      Who gives a fuck? This is a libertarian web site.

      (overrun by conservative commentors)

      1. I find being lectured by smug leftists to being tiresome and irritating. But I sure as hell ain’t a conservative. I don’t think you know what libertarian means.

        1. PB is the most libertarian poster to ever comment here!


          1. I only scored 96 on the LP Purity Test.

            It’s a bitch!

            1. You scored 8%, turd.

        2. Opposing democrats (the party of socialism) = automatic conservative in Turd’s mind.

          1. GOP is socialist too.

            See Medicare Welfare Part D. See TARP. See Social Security. See SSDI.

            Trump vowed to support all the socialist programs.

            1. Yeah, its socialism trying to dismantle a socialist program like social security for 70 years and then giving up until a government dismantler like Trump comes along.

              You’re giving Trump billions in free publicity again Butt.

            2. When they try to out bribe Democrats, they go big.

      2. “All libertarians are just anarchists, so why should we take them serious?” These are the sorts of generalizations that undermine the movement, just like Nick saying conservatives get a hard on for Kid Rock. I must’ve missed conservatives like David French, Jonah Goldberg, Billy Cristol etc… writing about Kid Rock as if he was a serious candidate.

      3. and buttplugs

    4. Is Nick REALLY this desperate to be one of the cool kids?

  22. But conservatives?who get a hard-on the moment that Kid Rock or some allegedly right-wing rocker or actor just-might-maybe run for office or says something they like politically

    Its OK when wingnuts do it!

  23. Homer: Oh why won’t anyone give me an award?

    Lisa: You won a Grammy.

    Homer: I mean an award that’s worth something.

    [Legal Disclaimer: Mr. Simpson’s opinions do not reflect those of the producers, who don’t consider the Grammy an award at all]

  24. Look, Randy Marsh was busy that night, okay? That’s why they had Hillary fill in.

    1. Lordy Lordy lord lord lord looooollrrrd Lordy lord lord Lordy.

  25. Something much bigger is going on and pop music, like all pop culture, has always been political in big and small ways. That’s one of the reasons it’s popular. It allows us to engage the very sorts of questions and concerns that define us in particular times and places.

    Popular music is political because people like to hear their values reflected back to them artistically. People are not and have never been interested in engaging in questions and concerns through music. They want to have their world confirmed for them.

    Even so, none of this has any bearing on whether some art awards ceremony should be overtly political. There’s a difference between art portraying values, and an artist using their awards ceremony to preach to the nation about politics.

    1. “Something much bigger is going on and pop music”

      No. No, there isn’t.

  26. As a fan of Bob Dylan I find this attitude that musicians be apolitical to be absurd.

    1. So you’re the one he’s been trying to get rid of!

    2. A fair point. But Dylan at least could write a good song. None of today’s political musicians are fit to black his boots (of Spanish leather, natch). That applies to both leftists and rightists; none of the flag-waving dreck I’ve heard from right wing singers has even a hint of originality.

      1. I mostly agree.

        But there was one recent political protest song that had some solid music behind it.

    3. Dylan isn’t lecturing or busting our balls.

      1. …oh no Dylan totally busts balls.

        Busting balls is his thing.

        (By “busting balls” you mean “screwing with the audience”, right?)

        1. No meaning he doesn’t go on The View or does the talk show circuit or whatever to tell us how bad we all are.

          1. Well yeah. If Dylan went on the view, he’d insult the crap out of the hosts before moving on to the audience.

    4. The times they are a changing !

    5. Artists should indeed aspire to be apolitical as often as possible. Art is supposed to be made for its own sake, the purpose being aesthetic rather than persuasive.

      If you’re making art primarily to persuade people to your opinions, you’re doing it wrong.

    6. “They say ‘sing while you save’ and I just get bored” — Bob Dylan, “Maggie’s Farm”

      Dylan has expressed his views in various ways to various receptions for 55 years. I came of age with his early work and have never abandoned him. But like him, hate him, or don’t give a damn one way or another, all he ever did was speak for himself. He never felt obliged to cater to the “correct” to advance his career or expand his audience.

      Want to know the single most important thing he did to and for the music industry? In 1965, at the Newport Folk Festival, he did his acoustic set then came back on stage with his electric band. The folkies flipped out, because back then there was a bright line between folk and rock and you did not cross it. Dylan obliterated that line and in doing so opened pop music up to influences and (if you will) “cultural appropriation”) that was impossible before.

  27. Two things I can’t stand: smugness and virtue signaling.

    1. The three things I can’t stand are smugness, virtue signaling, and all those so-called Americans who can’t be bothered to take a simple minute out of every day to reflect upon and thank all those brave men and women who died so that we could take our freedoms for granted.

      1. And Dylan is none of those things.

        Unlike that insufferable twat Bono.

        1. What? Who said he was? Ain’t nobody here shittalking Bob!

          Hurricane Carter was guilty as fuck tho. (Actually I think Bob and everybody else close to the cause came to realize that–or at least that he was a brutal, evil thug in general–eventually.)

        2. Also, I wonder if Bono has people hitting him up for money all the time, knowing that he’ll just forgive the debt.

          1. Ha!

        3. I give Bono credit for having the balls to publically acknowledge that capitalism and free markets are the path to prosperity for all those shithole countries he visits. Even though that must be a wildly unpopular viewpoint among his celebrity pals.

  28. It’s that jes’ plain folks are sick and tired of having their safe spaces invaded by politics.

    I don’t watch any of those things, but I know a lot of people who do, and speaking for what I’ve heard about the NFL, ESPN etc., those ‘jes’ plain folks’ are in fact a little sick of the networks trying to crowbar gender wokeness into their segment.

    1. Some of us we “jes’ plain folks” were sick of it when it was Sports Illustrated and climate change articles in the 90s and early 00s.

      1. Sports Illustrated contributes to global warming with their annual photo shoot of,all those smoking hot chicks that I should be banging.

    2. I’m one of those “jes’ plain folks sick and tired of having their safe spaces invaded by politics”. I stopped watching the NFL. Didn’t watch a single game this season. I usually by tickets to a game or two. Didn’t this year. I don’t give a shit about the national anthem at the games. But I do not turn on a football game for politics. I turn it on to watch football. If I want political commentary I’ll turn on the news.

      I don’t go to the grocery store to have the employees proselytize to me about politics either. And if they start, I’ll find a new grocer.

      1. or beat the living fuck out of them with a baseball bat?

      2. Obviously this makes you a snowflake.


        1. Yep. The lefties are trying desperately to redefine snowflake to “anyone who doesn’t like my politics being foisted on them.”

          Snowflakes have a complete meltdown over things they disagree with. They organize mass protests and threaten and blackmail people and companies. People like me just shake our heads, turn the television / radio / computer off and say “I’ll gladly come back when you knock off this nonsense.” There’s a massive difference between those responses.

          Sure, there’s some right-wing snowflakes regarding this stuff. They’re very rare. How many mass protests did you see over the NFL/Grammy’s/whatever else? How many garbage cans lit on fire? Were there throngs of people in the streets demanding government action?

          1. Couldn’t agree more.

            Didn’t Soave try this shtick?

            1. Yes. He has definitely engaged in some gaslighting.

      3. I have three words for you: “Aussie Rules Football”

  29. and more simply because audiences have more and more freedom to go elsewhere.

    And go elsewhere they will if those used-to-be things are no longer interesting to the audience.

  30. who get a hard-on the moment that Kid Rock or some allegedly right-wing rocker or actor just-might-maybe run for office or says something they like politically

    *cough*Rob Lowe*cough**cough**hack*Coolio and Cherie Deville*hack**hack**cough*Belle Knox*cough**ahem*…*ahhherm**ah*

    Sorry, I had a poorly chewed piece of ham-fisted editorializing, I mean ham go down the wrong pipe.

    1. Well, you wouldn’t be the first person to get a hard-on for Rob Lowe. Just be sure to bring your learner’s permit or junior-high diploma if you do luck into an invite; he’s not taking any chances these days.

      I seem to remember Mr. Lowe going seriously off script during the late Obama administration. Calling ChocoJesus out for all kinds of his bullshit. Most prominently when he did that interview with that green-lipsticked “YouTube influencer” whose normal claim to fame was being a middle-aged woman who filmed herself doing things like climbing in a cage and clucking like a chicken.

      1. Well, you wouldn’t be the first person to get a hard-on for Rob Lowe.

        Hint: I know.

        1. Ah, I did not remember that. When did Coolio announce his entry into politics, btw? I would call his judgment very seriously into question.

          1. There’s a search box in the upper right hand corner of the sight. You can look for all the celebrities (who the site acknowledges as being generally left or center-left) that the various contributors got hard-ons and lady boners over. I just picked the most recent few that Reason chose to expose their true feelings for.

      2. Ah yes more confirmation. Remove Mr. Lowe from your libelous shitlist at once, sir! (I am sure your youngest and most nubile daughter will suffice as payment for this undeserved injury to his character!)

  31. It’s that jes’ plain folks are sick and tired of having their safe spaces invaded by politics.”

    Nick’s derision for the common man just can’t be contained. He truly hates them. They’re holding us all back from that libertarian utopia by not wanting political partisanship to invade every single tiny part of their lives. How dare they!

    Nick, the feebleness of your intellect is truly pathetic, but this deeply held delusion that you’re so much better than the plebs is beyond loathsome.

    1. They’re holding us all back from that libertarian utopia by not wanting leftist political partisanship to invade every single tiny part of their lives.

      FTFY–we are talking about Nick, after all.

  32. ‘Fire & Fury’ is Hillary Clinton’s favorite stroke book.

    It’s the book that gets her the hottest !!!

    1. Hillary Clinton didn’t win the presidency so liberals have anointed her to be the honorary, retarded prom queen. The fact that she still goes along with it (especially after, what happen?) is as embarrassing as it is depressing. I thought millennials were the poster children for sore losers, but she’s proving sore losing can be fabulous at any age!

      1. It’s as bad as Al Gore spending the last 18 years claiming he actually won in 2000, except for that dastardly Supreme Court “selecting” Bush. In 20 years, Hillary will be sitting in her old-age home mumbling curses about the Electoral College.

  33. Goddamn, what a difficult kerfuffle to give a shit about.

  34. Trumpettes mad as fuck that no one likes the orange ape.

    1. Boring.

      1. You are experiencing too much boredom on these pages today. No one should have to go through that. Here.

        1. Not boring.

    2. Joirep|1.29.18 @ 1:23PM|#
      “Trumpettes mad as fuck that no one likes the orange ape.

      Far greater appeal than lefty ignoramuses, lefty ignoramus.

    3. Joirep, is your blood sugar low? Perhaps you should go out and eat a Trumpburger and enjoy this Trumptastic day.

      Let’s all Make America Great Again!

  35. I liked the DJ Khaled reading. Funny shit. The only other notable one was that Spanish stripper bitch what’s her name. My fucking God. I think her inclusion itself was the most racist thing in awards history–and I think they might have given an award to Birth of a Nation back in the day. There are so many Latino recording artists now; couldn’t they have gotten one who can read the English language? Or at least could actually have the excuse of not having spent their entire life here?

    1. All I do is win…win…win… no matter what….

    2. “So what you’re saying is you’re against Dreamers, and want them summarily executed for winning to many awards!?”

  36. WTF would anyone want to watch the Grammys? I imagine most of the low tier proggies are getting sick of the circle jerking and nobody else was going to watch anyways. I don’t think that conservatives lost the culture war, they just picked up their balls and went home.

    You want the Emmys, Grammys & Oscars? Fine… they’re all yours. Go on, preach about racial and sexual equality while heavily stacking the categories. Preach about slut shaming while competing for who can be the most shameful slut. Reward your fellow musicians by your personal view of their wokeness. Who needs talent or hard work anymore?

    Keep screaming into your echo chamber while it swirls down the shitter of history.

  37. They’re also just not entertaining. I don’t know how humor changed so quickly but all of the jokes and skits on the awards shows for the past 10 + years just suck. Jimmy Kimmel had a few good ones at last year’s Oscars which made watching tolerable.

    And awards shows have always been slightly political, but usually it was one or two nuts taking some random stance. Now, EVERYONE, must out politicize not only their performances, but also their speeches. It’s exhausting. It’s like someone needs to tell them, you’re an entertainer, so do that and shut up. And most of them are C – D level entertainers at that.

  38. lorde? SRSLY?

  39. Now only if you can get rid of all the virtue signaling at Reason (see Soave, Rico most notably)

  40. I think Hollywood gets too much crap for being political, and I used to love award shows.

    That said, it’s too much. When you have a community that all basically thinks alike, add off the charts self-absorption, and then you keep filming it, this is what you’re left with.

  41. Bizarre thing for Reason to get wrapped around the axle. No one’s forcing or compelling these organizations from holding any sort of event they like. If you don’t like it, and, 20% fewer people than ever before liked it, then don’t watch.

  42. Thank you for this article. Trying to find a non spin to every news article. It is amazing the hypocrisy of both the parties. During the #MeToo and DACA movement, they are throwing their support behind a women that kept women quiet about her husbands sexual advances. And supporting a party that the last president who was from that party deported more illegals than any other. I am a child of the 80’s and 90’s and remember tipper Gores war against music. Ironic? Thanks too technology and innovation people have more options than what is played on the radio. Radio, TV, and Hollywood beware. No more controlling the content.

  43. Nick,

    First, I might have missed the thread on CoCo taking pictures at Haiti saying how beautiful Haiti know for rich white guys.

    Look Nick, I can’t tell you definitely why people don’t watch the Grammys..well I can because it sucks…but I can tell you about NFL. I live in Texas and football is almost a religion here. I’ve spoke to a lot of people that are turned off by the politics of the league now – be it kneeling, or protests, or London games, or what every you want to call it. They are tired, both sides actually, of being preached out.

    NFL thinks it’s because oversaturation but that’s crap because Thursday night football has been around for a while and ratings didn’t tank. Explain how the NFL – with it’s politics in your face now (As with ESPN) is declining yet ratings in the other 2 (3 if you count hockey) have increased?

    People watch sports to get a break from everything. It used to be a way to bound and it didn’t matter who you were or where you were from. Like the Grammy’s it’s entertainment but these…sorry mostly high school dropouts think they know more than everyone and need to change views now. People just are tired of it.

    1. Always count hockey, especially when it improves your argument.
      – Canada

  44. Everyone is rationalizing the ratings. I think it’s really just due to the songs out this year. No Katy Perry. No Taylor Swift.

    I mean on Friday, Lorde performed a Fleetwood Mac song in front of a couple thousand liberals, including the Clintons. You’d think if they were going to exclude her at the Grammys they would have excluded her there too.

  45. Grammys, Emmys, and all these shows are all about mainstream media anyway. Even in my teen years I really didn’t care much for mainstream media. For that matter I had watched The Prisoner back in my formative pre-teen years, so I’m sure *that* distorted my world view too.

    At this stage much of what I’m listening to isn’t even performed by human (or even organic) singers.

    1. None of the music enthusiasts I know watch the Grammy’s because they’re into some obscure genres. As a result of the improved communication methods, anyone can throw an LP up on SoundCloud without having to entice a
      (pragmatically) conservative publisher. I said something to a friend about the “electronic” music we were listening to, and I was corrected that it was pineapple-whiskey-tree-noise-dilapidated-house or something.

      Not songs/albums you’d see at the Grammy’s.

    2. Anyone who can knowledgeably refer to “The Prisoner” is OK in my book.

  46. Those networks knew the Grammys would suck, and people would be looking for something else to do, so they aired new shit. I think the ready made explanation nailed it, regular Americans hate watching awards shows now, because it feels like church, insofar as you’re told you’re greedy/unworthy/cretinous/uncouth…While watching an organization that bathes in money and privilege.

  47. Embrace the power of “And”. It’s not a good idea, when there are so many options for entertainment, to alienate a good portion of your potential audience.

    Heck, when you bring in politics, you risk alienating *both* your supporters and your detractors, by bringing in politics, because both your supporters and your detractors just want a good song from you.

    (Of course, you *can* bring in politics, if that’s who you want your audience to be: the rule of “know your audience” applies here in spades. But no one is tuning in to the Grammy Awards for politics…)

  48. OMG. I think these fucking idiots might run her again. It will be TOO MUCH FUN! Do they really think they’ll have a better show if they make Hillary part of the night?

  49. Trump – Clinton debates are to die for. Please, GOD, please let the demtards run her for President again. PLEASE!

  50. You make some very good points, especially that all forms of entertainment seem to be losing eyes and ears because there are such a wider variety of venues and forms easily available. I think you’re right that the Grammys lack of viewership is primarily due to that cause.
    I stopped watching the award shows some time ago because they weren’t really entertaining to me. None of the people making acceptance speeches connected with me in any way. That was shown by their political statements, but that was only a small part of that.

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