Some Republicans Open to Legislation Protecting Robert Mueller, Marco Rubio Fires Chief of Staff Over Alleged Misconduct, Anti-Putin Protests in Russia: A.M. Links



    Some Republicans in Congress say they're interested in legislation that would prevent President Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

  • "No, Ivanka Trump didn't stop José Andrés from getting into a party."
  • Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) fired his chief of staff for alleged "improper conduct" with a subordinate.
  • Demonstrators across Russia called for a boycott of the presidential election in March.
  • A proposed law in Poland would prohibit blaming the country or its people for any part of the Holocaust, setting a three year prison term for referring to concentration camps as "Polish death camps."
  • Sauli Niinistö was re-elected president of Finland in the first round of voting.
  • A French climber was rescued off "Killer Mountain" in Pakistan.
  • Grammys host James Corden and several performers wore white roses to the ceremony in support of Time's Up.

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  1. A proposed law in Poland would prohibit blaming the country or its people for any part of the Holocaust

    Good luck winning an internet argument with a Pole, now.

    1. Hello.

      “A proposed law in Poland would prohibit blaming the country or its people for any part of the Holocaust”

      Win a trip to Warsaw if you can find a Pollack joke in that.

      1. They can’t even screw in a light bulb so how could they be responsible for the Holocaust?

        1. And we’re off!

          1. Ghetto out of here.

            1. Warsaw what you did there. Others did Nazi what you did there.

              1. Remember when the Russians had a secret protocol in the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact with Hitler and the Russians invaded Eastern Poland while Hitler invaded Western Poland?

                Neither do the Russians.

                1. Nor do leftists of any sort, really. Even among those with absolutely no sympathy for Soviet Communism itself, the assumption that of course, naturally, a leftist would surely be the furthest thing from the “far right,” above any such suspicion, certainly more so than someone on the mainstream “right,” suffuses all they do and think. Molotov-Ribbentrop is just one of the many reasons that is nonsense, but it certainly hasn’t phased their thinking.

                  Imagine, if you will, a Southern middle-aged politician who, in his youth, had had some involvement with the Citizens’ Councils or some other racist organization, but who since then had become a right-wing Republican with absolutely no tinge of racial politics. What would the progs say? Lots of “Hmmm. Hmmm.” Lots of raised eyebrows.

                  Now, imagine that a politician is a full-on SJW, social-democrat prog, but he had the same brief misspent youth as a racist before he “saw the light.” Well of course he’s totally put that ugliness behind him, eyeroll the progs. What more could he possibly have to prove? Look at his politics now! Come on!

          2. Q: Why do Polish names end in “ski”?

            A: Because they can’t spell “toboggan”.

        2. I heard there was a plane crash in a Polish graveyard. There were no survivors, but they were able to recover all 10,000 bodies.

          1. Whoa, that was a big plane!

        3. Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?


          A: ONE GOD DAMMIT!

          1. Q. How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

            A. That’s not funny.

          2. Q: How many feminists does it take to screw in a light bulb?

            A: Women don’t screw in light bulbs.
            A: None. They will call you a sexist if you don’t do it for them.
            A: What’s a light bulb?
            A: The girlfriend will replace the light bulb.
            A: Light bulbs are a patriarchal way for men to make women second guess their “natural beauty”.

      2. The new Navy can’t protect Poland from being blamed for the Holocaust because its ships all have glass hulls. To see the old Polish Navy of course!

      3. I can see the Poles being upset about being partly blamed for the Holocaust.

        They can’t see the Katyn forest thru the trees.

      4. ??d? try to keep the punning to a minimum.

    2. You know who else couldn’t win an argument with a pole?

      1. Your Dad?

      2. Barber?

      3. Robert Falcon Scott?

        1. That is inspired 🙂

  2. Some Republicans in Congress say they’re interested in legislation that would prevent President Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

    Never doubt the ability of Congress to make any situation worse.

    1. The legislative branch telling the Executive it cannot fire one of it’s subordinates is totes Constitutionally Kosher.


      1. But it only works if said in a Krusty the Clown voice.

    2. If I’m not mistaken, they shouldn’t be able to do that. Mueller is a DOJ appointee, which means he can be fired by the President whenever the fuck he feels like it. It is an unchecked executive power and Congress can do nothing to stop it; this was settled during the Andrew Johnson administration. Congress has very, very broad investigatory powers–much broader than any other body. If they want to hire Mueller as staff for their own investigation they should be able to do so, if I’m not mistaken.

      1. Are you prescribing that Congress actually do something within its constitutional purview? ‘Cause that ain’t gonna fly.

  3. Demonstrators across Russia called for a boycott of the presidential election in March.

    Putin is responsible for the destruction of democratic institutions in two countries now.

    1. It speaks poorly of Russia’s internet infrastructure that he has to do it the old-fashioned way by arresting the opposition and intimidating journalists, instead of posting clumsy memes on Facebook.

  4. Demonstrators across Russia called for a boycott of the presidential election in March.

    In Putinist Russia, election boycott YOU!

  5. Sauli Niinist? was re-elected president of Finland in the first round of voting.

    The Moynihan signal has been projected onto the sky.

    1. The Moynihan signal is shaped like an upturned bottle of Lagavulin 25-year-old.

  6. A proposed law in Poland would prohibit blaming the country or its people for any part of the Holocaust, setting a three year prison term for referring to concentration camps as “Polish death camps.”

    Nationalism is stupid, y’all.

    1. I really wanted to blast you for spelling it y’all instead of ya’ll but then I realized I’m wrong and yours looks better t’boot.

      1. Yes. The contraction consists of an elided “you” stuck on to the front of the complete word “all.”

        1. t’will

    2. Considering the depth of thought by anti-fa types, I can understand the concern about people confusing “death camps located in Poland by Nazi Germany” with “death camps run by Poland” even if I think making it a crime is terrible.

    3. All jokes aside, the Poles are not stupid enough to pass this. If Law and Justice can back off closing their abortion loopholes, which really are an important national cultural (not to mention life-or-death, of course) issue, they can certainly back off this. They didn’t back off the judicial “reforms,” even in the face of their international black eye, but that’s because it’s important to their power.

      This would be utterly idiotic and humiliating to Poland as a nation, and it will certainly get draw a lot of heat from all the European countries looking for a nice virtue-signaling break from their latest round of thinly disguised Jew-hating.

  7. Jimmy Kimmel
    Verified account

    Jan 25
    I am pleased to announce that the very gifted @StormyDaniels will be on #Kimmel Tuesday 1/30 after the #StateOfTheUnion. I have MANY QUESTIONS! #MAGA

    If Democrats had balls they would invite Stormy to the SOTU address in person.

    1. It seems like only 20 years ago that JournoList scumbags like you were telling us we should all “Move On” from Bill Clinton’s perverted pecadilloes.

      1. Domestic Dissident is replying to PB. Let’s just say that Fist’s absence has created a vacuum.

        1. Lately, Simple Mikey’s been really active in replying to shreek (who he still, stupidly and for no reason, believes to be Dave Weigel). It’s like watching two retards just flail at each other, only without any possible compelling moral reason to intervene.

          1. “Handicap fight!” /Cartman voice

          2. Yes, when it came to Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions TEAM RED! was all “morally outraged” even to the point of impeachment.


            1. Sure, that’s a relevant response, you fucking lunatic.

              1. Its the double standard from you TEAM RED! types.

                If this were a Democrat like Clinton or Wiener you would be all over it with comments.

                Since it is your team you ignore it.

                1. Go Team Libertarian!

                2. Now you’re defending your dumbass non-sequitur by lying about me personally. Do you ever wonder why nobody on this site takes you seriously?

                3. Did Stormy work for Trump?

        2. It’s almost like Buttplug and Double Dummy were literally made for each other. Literally.

            1. By the asshole who runs both socks.

          1. Fist is always up in there. It is known.

      2. If Democrats take the House and impeach The Dotard over Stormy I will personally vote FOR his reelection in 2020.

        1. Yeh well, why should your compatriots believe you given you’ve already squelched on one bet.

          1. Quit lying, you dipshit. It just takes up space.

            1. Riiiight. I’m *lying*. Suuuure.

            2. Pay your Butt bet.

              1. But your pay Butt.

        2. If Democrats take the House

          At the rate leftist are going with their hysterics and their terrorism I’d be surprised if Team Blue maintains what it has.

    2. You would think our entertainment industry is running some giant inquisition these dudes be getting so preachy. When do the morality police start roaming about and enforcing compliance to he orthodoxy?

      1. I can’t believe Kimmel hasn’t been #metoo’ed yet. Can you imagine how many strippers he’s had to pay off over the years?

        1. He had no problems with the shutdown over an attempt to fund a program he claims to have supported. He lost his balls years ago.

      2. White roses symbolize the moral superiority of Hollywood over lesser peoples.

    3. I’m not really understanding the point of all this.

      Daniels says nothing happened.

      Trump says nothing happened

      We’re done right?


      But even if something happened, it was between two consenting adults. No harassment. No pussy grabbing.

      So what’s the problem? Melania? Adultery?

      When did Trump become a ‘family values’ candidate? He accepted the nomination with at least one, if not two ex wives present.

      That ‘Christian Taliban’ you all love to fret about is all in your tiny, leftist minds. Because those fuckers weren’t ‘holding their noses’ and voting for Trump–they were waiting in line for hours, in the rain, just to get a look at him. They voted with glee.

  8. Some Republicans in Congress say they’re interested in legislation that would prevent President Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

    “At this point, we just want to see what’ll happen.”

    1. This is the official motto of those who know how to appreciate the Trump years, right? I think it should be.

      1. I’d be in favor of replacing In God We Trust on the currency with this.

        1. I’d also be in favor of replacing “In God We Trust” with “Sad!”.

  9. Some Republicans in Congress say they’re interested in legislation that would prevent President Trump from firing special counsel Robert Mueller.

    Can that even be done with legislation? It seems more like a constitutional issue of whether or not the president has the constitutional authority to do so. (which, I believe he does…) So it would require an amendment, no?

    1. Congress can always hire him as their investigator.

      Trump can also ignore him nicely and tell Congress to go fuck itself.

  10. Chef Jos? Andr?s tweeted about being banned from an after-party Jan. 27, blaming Ivanka Trump.

    Why does it always have to be about Trump? Couldn’t be because of your pedestrian foie gras, or that fact that your nachos have too much lemon zest on them.

    1. Wait, lemon zest on nachos? Not today, man. Fuck you.

          1. Someone unclear on the concept of nachos.

            1. That’s nacho cheese!

            2. You can actually make really good nachos that way. Replace the beans with green peas, the cilantro with chopped fresh basil, the jalapenos with lemon zest, and the queso with a light cream sauce. Also, instead of chips, serve it over your favorite ravioli/tortellini.

  11. Demonstrators across Russia called for a boycott of the presidential election in March.

    Speaking of people that actually have something to lose when they protest…

    1. No American privilege in Mother Russia just ask Pussy Riot.

    2. I always scratch my head at the calls to boycott an election if you don’t like the current leadership. That doesn’t seem likely to enact any change, and seems very likely to guarantee the status quo

      1. I think it makes sense in some cases. If an election is so corrupt that one candidate is definitely going to win no matter what, participating in the vote only lends legitimacy to the process. I don’t know if Russia’s elections are that bad or what.

        1. I think there’s a case for staying home in situations where we all know it’s rigged. But protesting to get everyone else to boycott seems weird to me, even in those situations.

          I know that a lot of people were claiming the Russian elections were rigged last time Putin was up for election. If I recall correctly, he had his top contender jailed. So there’s definitely a case for not participating.

    3. Incidentally, the sign in the picture above says “Putin, not my President”.

      Which, unlike the signs about Trump carried by American protesters, is actually true in the sense he was not fairly elected.

    1. And… there’s the beginning of the end for Uber. I give it less than 12 months before some driver is arrested for “failing to report sex trafficking”.

      1. I can live without overly “woke” companies.

    2. “tattoos that appear more like ownership branding than art”

      Isn’t that a large fraction of tattoos?

      1. You’d think the “Mom” tatts would have an expiration date attached or something.

    1. Notice on his new game show they keep him well separated from the kids.

    2. I think the whole sexual harassment thing is in jeopardy when a 16 years old boy is thrown under the bus for trying to get with an older woman at his job.

    3. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Pfieffer.

    4. She alleged she couldn’t do her job and was fired because Savage, who was 16 at the time, asked to hold her hand, told her he wanted to have an affair and made repeated sexual comments.


      And I never thought the Beatles’s “I Want to Hold Your Hand” could be so problematic.

      1. At what point do we ask if women can actually handle being in the real world?

        Men ask women out. Shocking revelation.

        Fuck, fundamentalist Muslims have more faith in female autonomy than modern feminists do.

        1. Fuck, fundamentalist Muslims have more faith in female autonomy than modern feminists do.

          Wow, that’s got to be burn of the week right there.

    5. I think that soon we will be back to dating with chaparones and arranged marriages since no one will be allowed to talk to anyone. societal reverse darwinism

    6. Jesus, I shudder to think what young Marilyn Manson must have been saying to his crew attendants.

  12. A proposed law in Poland would prohibit blaming the country or its people for any part of the Holocaust, setting a three year prison term for referring to concentration camps as “Polish death camps.”

    What a bunch of Nazis.

  13. I find it very interesting that you Reason flunkies have decided to be the editorial board for the Washington Post.

    1. Seriously. I’m waiting for them to f–k with us just by making every single link from WaPo instead of just half of them.

      1. What is wrong with the Washington Post?

        It is one of a handful of great newspapers in the country. NYT, WSJ are the only better ones.

        1. It’s paywalled, retard.

          1. Use porn mode.

      2. WaPo and NYT – Leftist rags that nobody really reads anymore.

        1. WaPo and NYT – Leftist rags that nobody really reads anymore.

          Translation “Only Fox News and Bratfart can be trusted”.

          1. Butt refuses to pay its bets and thinks Fox and Breibart are reliable news sources too.

      3. 2 out of 8 is half? Must be the new math.

        1. Yours aren’t bad, Edward, but tell Root and Lizzy B to find some new sources. WaPo is all paywalled and shit.

        2. Yeah, you got me – today you threw a curveball with so many links.

  14. The whole Trump investigation is a joke. All because lunatics on the left can’t believe their horse lost. Is there any evidence of an actual crime, not including ‘lying to the FBI’?

    The birthers on the right may be crazy but the entire left believes and pushes this crap…

    1. There has already been a guilty plea, you moron.

      1. You know better. You’ve personally been on discussions about the nature of special prosecutors and investigating people instead of investigating crimes.

        To date there still isn’t even an allegation of a crime related to “Russia meddling in the US election” on the part of the Trump campaign.

        The fact that they have garnered scalps on unrelated matters just underscores the problems with special prosecutors. They are “two felonies a day” personified.

        1. You know better.

          He really, doesn’t.

          They are “two felonies a day” personified.

          “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” Which is a concerning concept in an ostensibly free country.

        2. Let’s cut to the chase. “Collusion” means nothing by itself.

          But Trump has a long history of money laundering for the Russian mob. If there was a quid pro quo involving the election and his relaxation of Russian sanctions then he needs to be impeached and convicted.

          1. But Trump has a long history of money laundering for the Russian mob.

            LOL. PB, don’t ever change. Also, please ignore the UraniumOne quid pro quo behind the curtain.

            1. Trump’s Russian Laundromat

              How to use Trump Tower and other luxury high-rises to clean dirty money, run an international crime syndicate, and propel a failed real estate developer into the White House.


              Read and weep.

              1. Is that where Hillary laundered her illegal gains?

              2. Unger? The guy whose work was featured in Moore’s hilarious F9/11 “documentary”?

                And you say people buy too much into Breitbart and FNC?

                Try bringing something useful.

          2. Let’s cut to the chase. “Collusion” means nothing by itself.

            ITT, PB admits the entire year long investigation is bullshit.


            1. It takes real effort to be this stupid.

              1. “Collusion” means nothing. Plenty have made that exact point here, repeatedly, for months for lumpen mesomorphs like you to attempt to deny.

                You could not then and you cannot now.

                This investigation is over, literally, nothing.

        3. Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.
          -Napoleon Bonaparte

      2. This brings to mind the “Wide Stance” case. We only learned about that one because he was a politician. But the allegation was that he used hand signals to hit on an undercover cop in a bathroom stall.

        So even if every syllable of the allegation was true, there is no crime to be charged with. Asking someone if they would like to have sex is not a crime. Even if they had agreed to have sex, that would not have been a crime. You had to get all the way down to “and then they had actually done it in public” before you even had an argument that there was a potential crime.

        But nobody really seemed to care about that, even here on reason. Everyone gets caught up in politics or hypocrisy or gay rights….. but the idea that we spend resources persecuting people for non-crimes doesn’t really see to bother anyone.

        In the Trump case, everyone gets their panties in a twist every time they find someone who was in the same room with someone who has been to Russia. But what crime is alleged? Even if Trump sat down with Putin and said “how can you help me win the election”, how many more steps down the road do you have to go before there is even an FEC violation on the table?

        “Colluding with Russia” might be enough make you unelectable, but is it a crime?

        1. But what crime is alleged?

          See my reply above.

          1. You said it is meaningless.

            So, no crime at all.


        2. “Colluding with Russia”

          I’m still waiting for a definition of “colluding” that constitutes criminal behavior on the part of the Trump campaign.

          1. Trump winning election 2016 is the crime to the lefties.

    2. Anyone who pled guilty under Mueller’s scam investigation is a moron.

      If Hillary didn’t get indicted for her illegal dealings with Russia, then any contact with Russia is not illegal.

      1. Or, any case on these charges will go incredibly poorly for the prosecution (and federal prosecutors are notoriously terrible as is)

      2. Anyone who cops a plea when federal prosecutors come a’callin’ is normal, not a moron. They have huge resources, massive penalties with little wiggle room for the judge and all the time in the world. Doubly so for special prosecutors.

        If Mueller got a bug up his ass and decided that Cyto was going to jail, I’d be in deep trouble. And I’ve never (knowingly) committed any crime other than speeding. Heck, I don’t even want the guys down at the City office getting up in my business. Code enforcement is a bear around here. They could probably order my house torn down on code violations, and it has been there since 1959.

        1. These are not regular federal prosecutions.

          First of all, the indictments were made by a Grand Jury impaneled by Mueller so the DOJ does not have to pursue charges and can drop charges since they were barely involved anyways.

          Second, arguing your case before a jury might make more sense since this is very political.

          Third, after Mueller gives up soon or has his funding cut, why would anyone be excited about pursuing charges against political targets that Mueller wanted to make snitches.

  15. white roses

    Everyone still in a black dress sure looked stupid, didn’t they.

  16. Hilldawg and celebrities still lack any semblance of self-awareness

    The woman who would be president embarrassed herself at the Grammys Sunday night. The awards show aired a skit with various artists reading from Michael Wolff’s book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House.

    “He had a long-time fear of being poisoned. One reason why he liked to eat at McDonald’s ? nobody was coming and the food was safely pre-made,” Clinton said, reading a copy of Wolff’s book. She was later assured that her performance deserved an award: “the Grammy’s in the bag.”

    Clinton’s appearance followed previous readings from five other celebrities: John Legend, Cher, Snoop Dog, Cardi B, and DJ Khaled. Liberals may think this a powerful rebuke of President Trump, but the president would surely just tweet a three-letter word: “SAD.”


    1. It’s getting embarassing for them. Normal people don’t want every single thing in their lives turned into a political shitshow, and they’re too stupid to even notice.

      1. Not only that, but they’re doing it despite a plethora of commentators (Limbaugh, Glenn Reynolds, Scott Adams, et al) spending the last 12 months telling them exactly what they’re doing wrong.

        1. They can’t help themselves; they live for this s–t. Some doctor should measure the dopamine levels in one of these idiot celebrities while they’re going off another insane rant – it must be off the charts.

          1. They can’t help themselves

            Leftists emote, project, and virtue-signal. It’s what they do.

            I hope we continue to get a series of psa’s from concerned celebs. I find them rather amusing.

          2. Only in Hollywood could they support a corrupt culture and say nothing about sexual harassment etc for decades, then use their awards shows to pat themselves on the back and lecture everyone else who wasn’t part of the problem.


            1. It’s what makes Hollywood so special. Rich assholes lecturing everyone else.

    2. Bitches supporting bitches

    3. Its Amazing that Hillary can still appear in public after it was found that she kept a sexual predator on her payroll, but then she is queen and can do no wrong

    1. I don’t think it was a survey. I think it was “this dude who wrote this article for some website you’ve never heard of thinks”, which is not even to the same level of “what random people think”.

    1. ehh, my guess was “Taylor Swift reveals in interview that she lost virginity to her 11th grade math teacher who was really a sex-bot”….that would have been better

  17. These twins were born 4 minutes apart. But only one is a U.S. citizen

    It really bothers me that the writer didn’t put a period after the second sentence in the headline. This is the world we live in now.

    1. That first period bothers me.

    2. But Nancy Polikoff, a visiting professor at UCLA School of Law, said straight couples who use assisted reproduction abroad run into similar problems.

      It bother me that the whole article is gay, gay, gay when this is in fact not the issue.

    3. What, is this gay couple trying to convince us that Canadian citizenship is somehow second class?
      Do they consider Canada to be one of the shithole countries that one shouldn’t be a citizen of?

    4. Yep. Fascinating headline, mundane story. Perfectly clear how that came about, ladies. You don’t like the fact that two women can’t make a baby, maybe file an appeal in the court of YHWH. Hell, I’ll even file an amicus to help you strike down this extremely unfair law of nature. In the meantime, please keep your gay-card playing asses out of the legal system that my taxes pay for.

      They should give that little matzohballsoupback his visa, and eventually citizenship, so he can stay here, and leave it to President Ivanka to inspire all the little Jews of the future so that that community can finally start making something of themselves in this country. In the meantime, I’ll be busy mourning yet again the fact that gay rights had to arrive in this country engulfed in a cloud of Orwellianism that our country is still choking on.

      1. Oops! Sloppy reading again. It’s a male couple. Cut me some slack; I can’t parse these exotic Jew names like Andrew and so forth.

    5. It’s this kind of nonsense that makes me think we should have made Mike “Curing Queers with Amperes” Pence POTUS.

      1. He initially tried curing them with Tears for Fears, but that was highly counterproductive.

        1. I don’t know about trying music. But Mike “Deus Volt” Pence is a man of many names.

          1. That shit is old news. My understanding is after a spiritual trip to India he’s kept the retrograde medical views but given them a new Hindutva context. Diversity milestone aside, though, Mike “Ohm” Pence would still make an inferior POTUS.

            1. Yes, Mike “Ohm” Pence would make an inferior POTUS. But his pastor has assured me once he’s been back in church for a week they’ll have him back to Mike “Homocaust” Pence.

              TBH, American needs a shock. And Mike “Jolting Fear into the Queer” Pence is the right man for the job.

    6. Seems weird. An child adopted by a US citizen gets citizenship automatically, no? Why wouldn’t that be the case here?

      And the blood relation (by which they mean genetic relation) thing seems kind of hard to be sure about. Would someone born to a couple where the father is a US citizen and the mother isn’t lose their citizenship if it was later discovered that the mother had had an affair with another non-citizen who was the real father?

      1. First, there should be no problem with the kid’s status; not even remotely. These people are spoiled attention whores and are making a scene under the guise of fussing about their kid’s eligibility for the Presidency.

        The second part is a good question that I don’t seem to be able to find an answer for right now. You can’t inherit citizenship through Dad (as opposed to Mom, who carries no such restrictions under any circumstance) if he wasn’t married to Mom at the time of your birth and doesn’t acknowledge you before your 18th birthday. But, for instance, if Mom was married to a citizen at the time of your birth, merely establishing that fact and identifying him as your father upon application for citizenship–at any time–would be enough…

        1. …I don’t know if there has ever been, for example, a case of an alleged father actually trying to stop this process on the grounds that he wasn’t the biological. (He wouldn’t really gain anything from that process directly.) But I’m guessing the kid wouldn’t technically lose his citizenship if that were uncovered after he claimed it. From what I know, once recognized (even if, as it turns out, improperly), by the U.S. (and, by international law, any country), you are considered to have truly acquired citizenship; and under U.S. policy you can then only have it revoked if you perpetrated some deliberate fraud in obtaining it (and, of course, you don’t also happen to have it by true right of birth).

      2. Seems weird. An child adopted by a US citizen gets citizenship automatically, no? Why wouldn’t that be the case here?

        No. What you’re thinking of is people who go through all the paperwork with the State Department in order to plan out the adoption and importation of a foreign child. They don’t actually adopt the kid until the State has agreed to everything usually. These children aren’t immediately citizens, but are brought to the US on an immigrant visa.

        That’s a lot different than packing up, going to some other nation, paying someone to have a baby and let you adopt it under said foreign nation’s laws, and then screaming that this is your kid and they deserve to have citizenship by right of birth and it is discrimination to say they don’t have jus sanguinis just because they aren’t a blood relative.

        All that said, the second twin is a shoe-in for the Hague Process

        1. **Hague Process for Birth Siblings after they turn 16.

  18. Zytner and Stephens believe they contracted the parasites while walking barefoot on the beach during the vacation.
    They were prescribed a drug called Ivermectin, Stephens told CTV News. Their doctor had to send a request to Health Canada for the medication as it’s not licensed in Canada.
    Stephens said she and her beau were initially expecting to receive the drugs this week, but things changed.
    “We found out that Health Canada had denied our request to receive the medication saying our case wasn’t severe enough. At that point, that’s when we freaked out a little,” she said.
    Zytner and Stephens weren’t ready to give up without a fight, however.
    According to CTV News, Zytner’s mother drove to Detroit to pick up the medication.
    NY Daily news
    Single Payer anyone?

    1. I work on a disease that has a 5 year life expectancy. Wait list for a specilist is 3 years in Canada.

  19. As I read it, the sign promotes the presidential ticket of Putin & Nimoy.

  20. “A proposed law in Poland would prohibit blaming the country or its people for any part of the Holocaust, setting a three year prison term for referring to concentration camps as “Polish death camps.””

    Thank heavens we don’t want to import immigrants from Third World shithole countries. Much better to select only the best and the brightest from enlightened European countries! Amirite?

    1. Didn’t Trump supposedly give examples of Africa, Haiti, and El Salvador as “shitholes,” and Norway as a “desirable” country for immigrants? What has Poland to do with it one way or another, if that’s what you’re referencing?

    2. Boring.

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