Campus Activists Formed Their Own Alternative Student Government, Now Want to Impeach Their Fake President

University of Kansas's Multicultural Student Government "has ultimately turned into a dictatorship model of government."


Ethan James Scherrer

An episode that highlights everything wrong with petty student-politicians is now unfolding at the University of Kansas, where activists want to impeach the president of their own alternative student government.

That's right: KU has two parallel student governments—an official one, and a rival Multicultural Student Government (MSG). Though both receive funding from the university, MSG isn't formally recognized as an autonomous government, because that would be ridiculous. Instead, it's a student group with extra rights and a yearly budget of $45,000 that comes from a $1 fee charged to everyone enrolled at KU.

MSG President Chiquita Jackson maintains that members can't remove her because the group isn't actually a government and thus has no impeachment mechanism.

Jackson's own vice president, Anthonio Humphrey, is spearheading the effort to oust her. He gave Jackson until Thursday night to resign from office, or else the group will approve changes to its bylaws in order to allow for an impeachment process.

Under Jackson, "MSG has ultimately turned into a dictatorship," Humphrey and his supporters wrote in a letter to Jackson.

Jackson retorts that if anyone is acting like a dictator, its Humphrey.

"Where is the democracy in that?" a defiant Jackson told The University Daily Kansan. "If you want to talk about dictatorship, you're implementing that in that bylaw."

MSG was born out of an earlier controversy. In 2015, student activists alleged that the president, vice president, and chief of staff of the KU Student Senate—the official student government—had refused to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. The three leaders vehemently denied the charge, and put out a statement affirming that "black lives matter at the University of Kansas." Nevertheless, activists called on them to resign from office because they were "standing in the way of institutionalizing a safer, anti-racist environment."

KU activists were inspired by protests at the University of Missouri, which successfully forced a leadership change on that campus. But they ultimately failed to oust the trio. So instead, the activists decided to form an alternative student government that would represent the interests of marginalized students.

The Student Senate permitted the activists to form MSG, but KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little vetoed a proposal to fund it by charging students a $2 fee, on the grounds that setting up a second government was sort of a bonkers idea. Activists said the decision not to fund their group was pure racism—"This is racism, we don't need to call it anything else," said one—even though Gray-Little is herself a woman of a color.

"I believe that the independent student government proposed…is not an optimal way to achieve the goals we have for diversity and inclusion at the university and, indeed, may lead to greater divisiveness," Gray-Little argued.

Greater divisiveness, indeed. Over the last year and a half, MSG was able to obtain university funding—$1 from students, rather than $2—and semi-recognition. But now its president is facing possible impeachment proceedings, and maybe a debate over whether the impeachment itself would be illegitimate.

Humphrey's letter claims that Jackson is "treating MSG as a student organization with privileges as opposed to a central government," and objects to her organizing activities like movie night, presumably because that's something a student group does, not an all-powerful central authority. But the student newspaper has described MSG differently: as a "sibling organization" of the Student Senate, not its own thing.

As Humphrey has his Chancellor Palpatine/"I am the Senate!" moment, it will be interesting to see whether his coup succeeds. In the meantime, remember that this is merely an extreme example of a familiar process. Student governments, after all, are often hijacked by activists and forced to debate pointless political issues well beyond their purview. That's how they prepare fledgling politicians for the real thing.

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  1. What’s the point of even one student government? Do they actually do anything? I have no recollection of anything the student government did when I was at college.

    1. a few bucks a year to get all the statist assholes in one room harassing each other over their lack of actual power?

      seems like a deal to me.

    2. All I know is the biggest empty-headed nincompoops ran for student government. I remember one year where there was a scandal and they were trying to ginny support by appealing to students who just walked by ignoring them.

      I was too busy chasing girls.

      Idiots. They literally contributed jack shit to university life.

    3. In junior high I ran for class treasurer. I got two votes and lost to the really hot chick. To be fair though, at the junior high level it was just an elaborate civics lesson.

    4. Student government is just a bunch of college kids that didn’t get enough time to play “make believe” when they were younger …probably due to helicopter parents demanding straight A’s, piano lessons, ballet, etc.

    5. At the University of Texas they restored student government back in the 1980s, however the first elections resulted in Hank the Hallucination from “Zippy the Pinhead” winning, so they tossed out the result and not student government.

      1. Firstly, Zippy? People read Zippy? I know it was the eighties…but Zippy?

        Secondly, a fictional character might make a better president than a politician. Might.

        1. BLACK MIRROR DID IT ;

          1. Shit that was supposed to be a winky smile. Fuck.

      2. I was there then and I voted for Hank. He beat Paul Begala for President.

        The comic strip that Hank was from was Eyebeam, not Zippy the Pinhead.

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    7. It’s to give them the illusion that anyone relevant cares what they say.

    8. Propose new rules and more fees to be imposed on the students. Fuck ’em.

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  2. They get to waste a big chunk of of your tuition money, which is excellent (though unheeded) education on what your paycheck will look like for the rest of your life.

    1. “MSG President Chiquita Jackson”

      Sounds made up.

    2. “MSG President Chiquita Jackson”

      Why am I suddenly hungry for bananas and Chinese food?

  3. Fascinating look into the world of retard politics.

    1. retard politics.

      Isn’t that just being redundant?

  4. When I was in college I spearheaded an effort to eliminate the student activities fee. I made the case that I was poor and couldn’t afford to pay for people to be able to play volleyball in the athletic center, watch movies and host comedy nights, and create a student government so that they could pretend they were grown ups. There are people who go to college who have to actually pay bills. Not everybody has a line to their parents’ checking account. If you want to use the gym, pay for the gym membership. If you want to pretend you’re in a government, have a fucking bake sale.

    Obviously, this effort went over like a fart in an elevator.

    Years later, in graduate school, I was personally chastized by the director of student activities when he sent out an email saying that they collected a surplus and they were polling students to see what activities to add. I responded saying that the email questionnaire was fundamentally flawed because it presumed that the only option was to spend the surplus.

    1. You sound like a shit disturber. Why do you question authority and your betters?

      1. Defecation disturbers are dandy.

        1. The highest of compliments.

    2. Actually, I still have the director’s email to me (dating back to 2009):

      Mark, there is no ‘other side’. The two student governments recommended keeping the fee MANDATORY so that is what is being distributed to all students. All the information as to if the fee were to go voluntary are a part of the attachment that I sent – I guess you could ascertain from the information sheet about a voluntary fee. If you have specific questions about the differences in campus life if the fee is voluntary or mandatory, please feel free to contact me.

      If you wondered what a student government does, there you go. Their purpose is to convince people to vote to keep fees mandatory so that it will continue to fund themselves. And what do these fees pay for? Well, the director graciously provided an attachment, which includes funding for: comedy hours, coffeehouses, weekly movie events, discounted ticket offers, family day programs, student organizations, intramural sports, and the yearbook DVD.

      Anyone here watch their undergraduate yearbook DVD?

      1. Your collectivist director should learn him some editing.

        1. And don’t forget justification, if not outright funding, of the Director of Student Activities position, which likely was in the neighborhood of 6 figures. And specious positions like that is a big reason for the super inflationary rise in college tuition.

      2. I really don’t understand what you’re so salty about. Run for a position and get your opinion voted on or transfer.

        You got outvoted by other students who disagreed with you. Welcome to adulthood, where whining about something you agreed to abide by doesn’t get you very far.

        1. Sounds like something Hillary would say. Well done sir. Err… ma’am.

        2. Wow! That is rough commenting coming from a woman who wears underwear with dick holes in them.

          1. I didn’t realize that Depends had such holes.

      3. What, no strippers?


    3. I responded saying that the email questionnaire was fundamentally flawed because it presumed that the only option was to spend the surplus.

      Everybody knows you lead this negotiation with a throwaway response that puts the third option in a progressively more favorable light.

      Start off with a kitten mowing contest or a canned bird hunt. Then suggest something that might be popular but also be legally complex like a 420 ‘legalize it’ frisbee golf event. Then follow up with ‘or you could save the money and charge less for the same activities’.

      Also, yearbook DVD? Get off my fucking lawn!

      1. Ah, the Overton window.

      2. I know! He must have meant yearbook VHS tape.

  5. Another sign that society is dissolving.

  6. Mock multiculturalism and its Maoist masters and minions.

    1. You got a new “word of the day” calendar, didn’t you?

      1. I love alliteration. so don’t be a nattering nabob.

        1. Whenever I attempt to use alliteration, I get a short shitty shtory.

          1. Just make sure you avoid cliches like the plague.

            1. The plague was a cliche? Rats!

  7. I’m so confused. I learned recently that people of color can’t be racist for believing they’re superior to white people. Only white people can be racist. Now I’m learning that people of color CAN be racist, but only if they’re racist against their own race. Is that right? Someone please explain the left to me. I just can’t grasp it for some reason.

    1. You erroneously assume that it is just the left that subscribes to the proposition of which you write. There are lots of non-lefty negroes who think the same.

      1. You may be black, but are you black enough?

        1. “Blackish”

          Can you imagine the negro uproar if there was a network prime-time sitcom titled, “Whitish”?

          1. If it pilloried the bitter clinging, guns and religion, flyover bumpkin Fox watching crowd? No.

          2. The star of Blackish, the formerly corpulent Anthony Anderson, has been the host of the NAACP’s annual image awards for several years.

            What would he and other negroes say about an organization named the National Association for the Advancement of Caucasian People?

            What non-RAYCIST basis is there to support the proposition that its okay to have a NAACP for colored types but not for whitey?

            1. Because one group was systematically oppressed until very recently, and the other group wasn’t.

              1. I think that’s a reasonable argument. But the question becomes when does the existence of something like the NAACP become unnecessary or inappropriate? The goal should be to make such groups unnecessary, but many of today’s supposed anti-racists don’t seem to want that, but rather want to make racial division and distinctions stronger and more permanent.

                1. Zeb, excepting your first sentence, thumbs-up.

                  Junk’s response is what one would expect from a progressive.

                  1. Do any of you recall the chatter about living in a “post racial society” after BHO was elected? That could not happen as no one who has perceived themselves to be the beneficiary of racial protection wants to give that away, so what we got instead was the identification of “white privilege.” As defined by person such as Ta Nehisi Coates, “whiteness” is in itself a condition, that cannot ever be remedied. We are therefore racists for life, per the re-determination of that sin; therefore affirmative action, minority preferences, reparations, and prima facies accusations [you are presumed guilty so prove yourself innocent if you can] will never go away.

                    1. White privilege does not mean that you are automatically racist because you’re white. It means that you have a high likelihood of being a recipient of benefits that came from systematic racism. Whether it’s the wealth (in its various forms) that was bequeathed to you throughout generations, the laws that were passed (and persist) with the intent of suppressing minorities, etc.

                      It would be completely analogous to being “privileged” enough to have a grandfather successfully rob a bank. Sure, you didn’t do the criminal act, and you’re probably even ashamed of your grandfather for doing it, but you still probably reaped benefits, no matter how indirectly.

                  2. My response was a factual statement, “progressive” or not.

                    It’s not uncommon to see advocacy groups for groups of people who have been oppressed by something or someone in some way, or who are simply underrepresented. It’s of poor taste to create advocacy groups for the opposite group. There’s an asymmetry there whether you like it or not.

                    For example, there are advocacy groups for handicapped people. There are not advocacy groups for non-handicapped people, and it would be in poor taste to create one. There are advocacy groups for people who have suffered trauma. There are not advocacy groups where the only membership would be people who have not suffered trauma.

                    Zeb raises a good question about how long do we consider these advocacy groups to be necessary after the grievance ends? I don’t know the answer to that. But I do know that oppression of blacks was a very recent phenomenon (some would argue that it still occurs, but I’m not getting into that…), so it may be a little premature to suggest that these advocacy groups no longer serve a purpose.

              2. How long before it’s no longer “very recently”? Is there an expiration date?

                1. When all those who were enslaved are dead, presumably. I look forward to that glorious day, which seems to be inexplicably receding.

    2. Only whites can be racist, but bigotry is color blind.

      1. What do you call black people who think black people are superior?

        1. NFL and NBA fans?

      2. Its racist to say that only whites can be racist.

        1. That’s the old definition, which had something to do with hatred.
          In the trendy new definition, racism is disagreeing with the Marxist narrative of oppression.

  8. “MSG has ultimately turned into a dictatorship”

    Leftists groups do this naturally. It’s inevitable

    “Didn’t know we had a king. I thought we were an autonomous collective”
    “You’re fooling yourself. We’re living in a dictatorship! A self-perpetuating autocracy, in which the working classes…:”
    “Oh, there you go, bringing class into it again.”

  9. Humphrey needs to conduct a coup. The bloody kind. Only when Chiquitta’s head is bumping down the steps of the student union will her kind realize that Fascists won’t be tolerated at KU.

    Oh, and “punch a Nazi”.

    1. Or as us traditional for the left Humphrey will find an ice axe embedded in his skull.

  10. I see another dollar a student fee increase in KU’s future.

  11. The MSG has a budget of $45,000 dollars the comes out of a $1 fee charged to everyone enrolled at KU. Let’s see, student enrollment at KU is a bit over 28,000…that math does not work out.

    1. Last I checked, most college students pay tuition at least twice a year but not all of them.

  12. The most acrimonious of organzational debates are within organizations that are low to no stakes. And that the starting point of this redundant irrelevancy is BLM takes the cake.

  13. MSG isn’t formally recognized as an autonomous government, because that would be ridiculous.

    As opposed to the other student “government,” of course.

  14. MSG President Chiquita Jackson maintains that members can’t remove her because the group isn’t actually a government and thus has no impeachment mechanism.

    It’s not actually a government, but I am actually the president.

  15. Maybe what they ought to do is form a third government. Third time’s the charm, right?

    1. You can never have to much of a good thing.

  16. I’ve never understood the whole point of having a student government. In high school it was just a social club that got their own page in the yearbook. My junior college didn’t have one. Or if it did, no one cared enough to announce its existence. But first day at university I get slapped with a $1 fee to support the student government. And I found out it’s actually state law! But there never was a public election, at least never informed of one. What was that $1 for? Do student governments actually have any power? Does their existence mean I signed a social contract?

    Moreover, what the fuck is up with student unions? It’s a place with fusball and 80s era arcade machines. Outside of France do students actually go on strike? Demand better wages? Engage in collective bargaining?

    Academia really is like an alternative universe impinging up on our reality, like some bad Syfy movie.

  17. In 2015, student activists alleged that the president, vice president, and chief of staff of the KU Student Senate ? the official student government ? had refused to stand in solidarity with communist front-group Black Lives Matter.


  18. I don’t see the problem. They’re acting like real politicians, wielding power they don’t have, clinging to power at all costs and generally acting like elitist jerks. They’re preparing for life in government service and by all appearances, they’ll fit right in. KU ought to give them credits towards a degree.

  19. “…even though Gray-Little is herself a woman of a color.”

    A color? I’m guessing… gray?

    1. And little, so that’s two for one.

    2. What’s a little gray (between friends)?

  20. So just like WBAI, or maybe all of Pacifica.

  21. They need a student Robespierre, and every student pays a $1 guillotine fee.

    1. Outstanding.

  22. They need a student Robespierre, and every student pays a $1 guillotine fee.

    1. Even better this time around.

  23. Why do so many university leaders have names that sound like those from the movie “Idiocracy”?

  24. University of Kansas’s Multicultural Student Government “has ultimately turned into a dictatorship model of government.”

    Even on a small scale Progressive government ends up in dictatorship.

  25. Just an FYI… Facebook won’t allow me to post this article.

  26. Who better than Chiquita than to start her own Student Banana Republic?

  27. “objects to her organizing activities like movie night, presumably because that’s something a student group does, not an all-powerful central authority.”

    You mean like a pogrom, or something?

    Also, your group is named “MSG”? Heh.

    1. Might explain the saltiness of their members.

  28. In eighth grade I ran for student council. The way they did it is each homeroom got one seat. I got all the boy’s votes and all the girl’s voted for my female opponent.

    That’s the day I realized democracy doesn’t work. I also haven’t had a meaningful relationship with a woman since then either…but I’m not sure if that’s related.

  29. even though Gray-Little is herself a woman of a color.

    What a stupid phrase. Which color?

  30. So now I know why so many business places brag “no MSG”.

  31. “msg” is such a classic acronym!

  32. This article has given me inspiration to write a novelized version.

    I’ll call it Lord of the Fliers.

  33. MSG President Chiquita Jackson

    That’s a brilliant name! If you call her (being black) by her full name, they can charge you with hate speech!

  34. Well I completely understand why kids want college to be free. I wouldn’t want to pay to subject myself to the absolute nonsense that passes for higher education in America.
    No wonder these kids graduate have 100k in student loans and work at McDonald’s their education is nothing but bastardized mix of Marxist indoctrination and political correctness.
    Every decision, event, or statement they don’t like is Racist even when race isn’t in the equation. Take the travel ban, to them stopping Islamic terrorists from entering the nation is Racist even though Islam is a religion. Or the more recent supposed S-Hole nation comment. The President IF he said it referred to the place not the people, places by the way none of them would visit let alone live in. But right away it was racist.
    These college kids all scream for diversity and multiculturalism as if this is a good thing. Yet everywhere diversity has taken over assimilation, that culture has died and the nation/empire left in ruins. From Egyptian to Roman empires, all destroyed from within but History per-Marx is no longer taught

    1. Take the travel ban, to them stopping Islamic terrorists from entering the nation is Racist even though Islam is a religion.

      Correlations are important and not irrelevant. The stated goals of a government program are rarely the true motivation. For example, there’s a lot of evidence to suggest that the original prohibitions against pot were racially-motivated. Sure, pot isn’t itself a racial issue, but the demographics (perceived or otherwise) are. Trying to understand someone’s motivations for the puzzling things they say or do is important. For example, your post is clearly racially-motivated, even though you didn’t say anything that was explicitly racist.

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