Women's Marches, Senate Shutdown Vote, Patriots Return to Super Bowl: A.M. Links


  • Charlie Ans / Splash News/Newscom

    Women's marches were held across the United States.

  • The Senate will vote today on a potential deal to re-open those portions of the government shut down after funding expired.
  • Gunmen stormed the Intercontinental Hotel in Kabul, killing 18 people.
  • A pair of improvised explosive devices went off at a mall in Florida, but no injuries were reported.
  • Julia Louis-Dreyfus won two more Screen Actors Guild Awards, and now has won more of the awards than any other actor.
  • The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

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    1. Hello.

      Eagles are a team of destiny. All those injuries and still run deep. They will win.

      You heard it here first.

      Free Rufus tickles if they win!

      1. Free Rufus tickles?
        Then I’m definitely rooting for the Patriots.

      2. And by ‘free’ he means ‘mandatory.’

  1. The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

    Luckily the league doesn’t want New Cheatland to lose any more than I want Filthadepthsia to win.

    1. 3/10 – needs more Block Insane Yomama

    2. Two teams that are followed by possibly the most unpleasant fans in American sports.

      1. Hey, that’s not tru… well, yeah, probably. Some fellow NE fans are quite cringe inducing. Eagles fans hold the crown, though. They’ll claim it proudly.

        1. Oh wait! Raiders fans! How could I forget. Raiders/Eagles would require the National Guard being summoned.

          1. You know how the human brain can sometimes repress all memories of a particularly traumatic event because having to face the fact of a particular horror would paralyze the psyche completely? The existence of Raiders fans is one such trauma.

            1. Carolla’s plan to scope up everyone with outstanding warrants still makes me laugh – just hang a sign that reads “Free Cockfights for Raiders fans”

        2. Eagles fans are violent, true. Patriot fans make up for it in being insufferably smug and obnoxious.

          1. Seahawks fans have us beat on the smugness quotient, somehow.

          2. via Twitter:

            ‘Eagles fans might make Pats fans look like residents of Downton Abbey’

      2. At least half of these Patriots “fans” you see wearing their gear all over the place are fakers who are going to melt into the woodwork and disappear forever when Belichick and Brady are out of the game. It’s like when the Michael Jordan Bulls were winning the title ever year and you could hardly going a day anyplace without seeing Bulls shit. A LOT of people out there know a good bandwagon when they see one and just love jumping on board.

        1. I never got the impulse to be a “fan” of some team you have no connection to. Like when I go to a soccer match in my city the audience is loaded with Real Madrid and Manchester United jerseys. GTFO posers.

          1. Yeah, they need some Juventis shit too.

        2. More people get excited about a team when they do well. Who would have guessed?

          1. The thing to worry about is the Pittsburghers who decide to become Browns fans. I’m pretty sure even Clevelanders are just being ironic when they cheer for the Browns.

  2. Ed’s been taking Links advice from Britches, i see.

  3. A pair of improvised explosive devices went off at a mall in Florida, but no injuries were reported.

    Luckily there were only pythons in that mall.

    1. That’s nothing. We had some young chick die at an partially abandoned mall and was not found for two weeks.
      Georgia State student found dead after two weeks in mall

      1. Must have been a bookstore.

  4. Women’s marches were held across the United States.

    And I’m dangerously low on sammiches.

    1. I did not go because I heard that they had no sammiches.

      1. Yea, I doubt any of them would make me one. The March for Life girls on the other hand…

  5. Women’s marches were held across the United States.

    Where shoes were judged in droves.

    1. Statistics will show those were the safest days to be in your car.

  6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won two more Screen Actors Guild Awards, and now has won more of the awards than any other actor.

    Get. Out!

    1. Our young millennial snowflakes may not get the reference.

      1. Well, good luck with all that.

        1. Was that wrong? Should I have not done that?

      2. Hi-Five!

    2. Has anyone seen Veep?

      1. Yeah, his name’s Mike Pence.

        1. Just until the impeachment which is going to happen any day now.

      2. I generally enjoy it. I don’t know how much they realized they were skewering Hillary, though.

        1. “I’ll give you a hint: it looks like Will’s wife’s clit.”
          “No. Tell him Will.”
          “Green beans.”
          “That’s why I spent two months jamming them into that school lunch bill like what, Will?”
          “Like me jamming anonymous trucker cock in my mouth at a public restroom well known for that purpose.”

        2. I like JLD so maybe I’ll give it a try. I had assumed pretentious derp.

          1. Let’s just say it’s not The West Wing.

    3. Julia Louis-Dreyfus now holds the S.A.G. record. Sad!

      1. Well, despite the implied [/snark] tag, I agree completely.
        Have we ever seen the woman actually, you know, act? She appears to have one role, herself in various moods or modes.

        1. But when everybody is pretending to be someone else, being yourself is really a standout performance. Plus, she still looks good.

      2. All her characters are Elaine Benes with a crew. Its the crew and surroundings that change.

        Seinfeld, New Adventures of Old Christine, Veep.

  7. A pair of improvised explosive devices went off at a mall in Florida, but no injuries were reported.

    Shortly before the explosion, someone was heard to say “Hold mah beer and watch THIS,” so all the bystanders took shelter.

    1. This Monroe, Georgia gentleman asked the same thing.
      Tannerite explosion

  8. Alternative alt text — “The world’s most punchable face”

  9. The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

    I don’t even care about football and it irks me that the Pats are going to another super bowl. I’m just tired of Tom Brady’s stupid face.

    1. Same. On the plus side they might freeze to death.

    2. I don’t care about football, but I’ll be happy that the Pats won just because it seems to annoy so many people.

      1. schadenfreude is as solid a motivation in sports as any.

  10. The Senate will vote today on a potential deal to re-open those portions of the government shut down after funding expired.

    The nonessential portions?

  11. The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl.

    Onward to sunny Minneapolis.

    1. As my wife asked – didn’t they decide to stop with the cold-weather venues after thousands got stranded by a storm after the one in New York/New Jersey? That aside, nothing says “awesome vacation” like Minneapolis in February.

      1. Because the taxpayers paid a shit ton for a new stadium and this is the NFL’s way of bribing them to do it. Hey we will bring you the superbowl! They did the same when the 49ers got a new stadium, etc

        1. Props to the Krafts – Gillette was privately financed (though I think they got the state to put in a small feeder road). Interesting Wikipedia tidbit:

          Boston is thus the only city in professional sports in which all facilities are privately owned and operated. The Patriots own Gillette Stadium, the Red Sox own Fenway Park, and TD Garden is owned by Delaware North (the owner of the Bruins) (the Celtics rent the TD Garden from Delaware North).

          1. Really, in Taxachusettes? Kudos.

            1. Yeah, we have glimmers of hope, here and there.

              Even the Taxachusetts crack isn’t that relevant, currently – we’re something like 18th for state tax burden (between Mississippi & Iowa, if you believe ).

              The state tax rate was actually lowered in 2000 – in a master bit of trolling, part of the rollback included a provision to have a checkbox to optionally pay the prior rate. You can imagine my surprise that a vanishingly small percentage of taxpayers choose that rate (my actual surprise is that anyone at all does).

              1. Supid squirrels – SF’d the link

              2. Kudos to those who do pay the prior rate. I believe they are wasting their money doing so, but they are probably being intellectually true to themselves.

        2. Playing a Superbowl in the Meadowlands was pretty much the same thing. Though that is probably the only cold weather, open air venue that is ever going to have one.

          1. That’s the game I was referring to – huge storm rolled in about 6 hours after the game and stranded thousands.

  12. The Senate will vote today on a potential deal to re-open those portions of the government shut down after funding expired.

    Fedgov shut down? I haven’t noticed.

    1. You have not noticed the Zombies!!!!

      1. Those are not zombies, they are are just Bernie Sanders supporters.

        1. I’d need to sit on my porch with a rifle either way.

          1. There is no real practical difference, of course.

          2. Biden said a 410 shotgun with some bird shot is all you need

    2. Man, do you even Statue of Liberty?

      1. We can’t all be as patriotic and philosophically inclined as Hihn.

    3. Both sides realize that they can’t let the people see how their lives really don’t change with a shutdown… they might lose all of their power.

      1. This is why the previous shutdown necessitated barricades around the monuments on the National Mall. Both sides are in full agreement that the proles who backed the other side must be made to suffer for their electoral choices.

      1. Armageddon II

      2. “Why must it always be pandemonium!!!”

        -Nelson van Alden

  13. Damn. I really wanted to say “Ha ha. You got Bortled!”

    O well. Maybe next year.

    1. I chortled

  14. As much as it kills me to have to root for Mister Bundchen and the Cheatriots, we just can’t give Dipshit Dave Weigel something to be happy about.

  15. The Women’s Marches are an inspiration to us all.

    I fondly remember taking my children to the Scream at the Sky event last year, as I taught them the value of participation in public discourse.

    Viva La Reesistance Against El DrumptyDumpty!

    1. Indeed. The Women’s March is not only an essential component of #TheResistance against Drumpf, it can also teach those of us who are already against Drumpf some new things. For example, I read they are abandoning the pink PussyHats in solidarity with women who have penises rather than pussies (namely, pre-bottom-surgery transwomen), and with women who have pussies that aren’t necessarily pink.

      THIS is what intersectionality looks like. And frankly we libertarians could learn a thing or two from their commitment to tolerance and inclusion.

      1. This must be opposite day.

        1. It’s two parody accounts. That’s the point.

      2. I’m still curious on seeing a definition of what a woman is. I’ve asked before, but only get fuzzy answers.

        1. A person who is always cold and yet always seemingly unprepared for the cold.

          1. There is no correct temperature for a woman. It starts off too cold at which point any number of clothes and blankets will be added until it becomes too hot at which point extra clothes and blankets will be shed until it becomes too cold…

        2. A person who, using only her own body and some fluids that dudes will give away for free, can create an entirely new human being, but who cannot under any circumstances open a jar.

        3. Something that bleeds for a week and doesn’t die.

        4. A person that requires more shoes than days in the year to wear them.

      3. In that spirit, I’ve finished my quest for the perfect hat that embodies the inclusive spirit of our movement.

        My search is over: https://thefunkyhat.co.uk/52/pear-hat.jpg

  16. All the great quarterbacks and football teams of the past are breathing a sigh of relief that Tom Brady has become the new dickfaced asshole leading his team of cheaters to yet another Super Bowl.

  17. ‘It’s about time’: Ruth Bader Ginsburg praises #MeToo, recounts harassment in Sundance talk.
    There is no way that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is going to make it through Trump first term let alone his second term. I can’t wait for the screaming when Trump gets a good justice like Gorsuch to replace that old bat.
    RBG gonna croak soon

    1. I can see them wheeling her into court – that woman is going to claw on to life as long as an R is in the White House.

      1. For such a “smart” socialist, she really messed up not retiring when Obama was prez and Democrats controlled the Senate.

        1. They thought that was permanent.

    2. Assuming Drumpf somehow remains in office after Mueller has finished his investigation, there is absolutely no way he wins in 2020. Not with his historic levels of disapproval, and so many exciting Democratic contenders.

      1. Remember when Trump had historic levels of disapproval going into election 2016?

        You lefties live in such a bubble, you have zero idea what is going to happen during election 2018 let alone Trump’s reelection 2020.

        Almost everyone in the USA will be positively affected by the tax reforms. People get happy when they have more money in their pockets and that happiness can easily translate to more Republican wins in Congress in 2018 and Trump’s reelection 2020.

        Democrats have become the party of socialists, SJWs, and nutjobs. The end is neigh for Democrats.

        1. Dude, your meter needs calibrating…

        2. I know exactly what happens this November: a #BlueWave in which Democrats re-take the House of Representatives.

          I also know that whoever wins the Presidency in 2020, it won’t be Drumpf.

          By the way, Democrats are the party of young people and Republicans are the party of old people. I’m not sure how that means “the end is neigh [?]” for Democrats.

          1. Old people vote…

            Anyway, I’m pretty sure you are parody, but it’s so hard to tell these days.

            1. It’s not hard to tell at all, dude.

      2. so many exciting Democratic contenders

        LOL good one, if pouring it on a bit thick.

        1. I would never joke about my excitement for Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand. Either one of them (or both on the same ticket!) would beat Drumpf with at least 300, and probably more like 350 electoral votes.

          1. See, this is why you are such a terrible parody. But persistence counts for something, I guess.

            1. Even though he sucks, our vaunted commenters continue to fall for it, so there’s that.

              1. Some of our vaunted commenters have to fall in to comment on the comments, so there’s that.

        2. Oprah is the only real contender the Dems have.

          Tulsi Gabbard, one of the few sensible Democrats, has many of the features of a good 21st Century Democrat Party candidate: female, veteran, easy to look at, and articulate. However, she’s missing a few key requirements: her foreign policy thinking is out of the imperialistic mainstream and she doesn’t have deep pockets funding.

          Fauxchahantas? No way she beats Trump, though she could get the nomination.

          Joe Biden? You gotta be kidding. An old white guy?

          1. Operation Oprah will dethrone DrumpfHitler.

            1. Oprah ” old white people need to die” Winfrey?

    3. ‘It’s about time’: Ruth Bader Ginsburg praises #MeToo, recounts harassment in Sundance talk.

      What kind of monster would harass RBG? Eeeesh…

      1. Crusty. Crusty would.

        1. I would never harass anymore.

  18. “Women’s marches were held across the United States.”

    Identity politics is so 2015.

    And they held the big one at Sam Boyd stadium, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, AKA the middle of nowhere?

    What, was the barren stretch of desert where they usually hold Burning Man already booked?

    Do they even have an issue apart from generally opposing Trump because #MeToo?

    They don’t want more laws against sexual harassment, they don’t want laws for mandatory maternity leave, they just want us to ignore immigration, tax reform, deregulation, and every other issue and oppose Trump because #MeToo?

    Identity politics is so 2015, and not only is it not the solution to any problem, it ignores solutions generally. It’s the ultimate anti-solution. Maybe that’s a good thing. Their solutions are probably worse than whatever problem they want to solve. Certainly, I don’t see anybody from team blue who wouldn’t be worse than Trump on every issue save the issue of braggadocio.

    1. Do they even have an issue apart from generally opposing Trump because #MeToo?

      I think it was originally that (resist!) but once it got hijacked by the far left it became the usual grab-bag of commie nonsense. The whole “woman” aspect seems more and more a cover. But it attracts a lot of idiots, so there is that.

    2. It’s a hell of a patriarchy, isn’t it? Women wear “pussy hats” with pride. Men use “dick head” as an insult.

    3. The woman who organized the local protest noted that it wasn’t an anti-Trump event. To its credit, the newspaper published a photo of the event, with two women holding “Impeach” signs.

      1. No, they just held it to commemorate Trump’s inauguration–but it wasn’t an anti-Trump event?

        Do you believe what people say because of whom they are?

        How many pro-Trump people turned up to protest against . . . um . . .whatever it is they’re protesting that isn’t Trump?

    4. And they held the big one at Sam Boyd stadium, on the outskirts of Las Vegas, AKA the middle of nowhere?

      Yeah, too bad there aren’t any war zones or shitholes that could be fixed by hundreds of thousands of women voluntarily marching into them and spending a day doing occupation they like.

      Seriously, hundreds of thousands of white women would seriously be able to take over a place like N. Korea or Myanmar and then they could stamp out the patriarchy in their own little piece of the world and all work as CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.

      1. Women don’t want to fix stuff, they just like to complain about it.

  19. Julia Louis-Dreyfus won two more Screen Actors Guild Awards, and now has won more of the awards than any other actor.

    I call that a “Fire Sale”.

    Women’s marches were held across the United States.

    Fortunately, no women drivers. Death was averted.

    The New England Patriots will play the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl in Minnesota.

    I’m so glad nothing happens in this country. Everything stays the same! Eagles, Falcons… They’re both birds, aren’t they???

  20. In other Florida news, here’s one i doubt even Lenore would touch.

    1. Only because of the shoplifting. Leaving your kid in the car and doing meth are acceptable behaviors.

      1. Her biggest crime was attempting to multitask.

  21. Here’s a libertarian story you may have missed:

    Richard Cordray, the Obama administration’s director of the Orwellian named CFPB, asked for a $217 million budget to run operations for the fourth quarter of 2017.

    Last week, Trump’s new director of the agency put in his request for funding for the first quarter of 2018.

    He requested $0.00.

    The director of the CFPB is supposed to be unaccountable–and they assumed that no one would have the courage or conviction to resist the urge to power once they became president or director of the CFPB.

    If someone associated with the Trump administration threw the Ring of Power into the fires of Mount Doom, would Reason notice?

    1. Now i’m picturing Steve Bannon biting off Ajit Pai’s finger and then falling into some lava.

    2. I look forward to Warren’s flipping out over this “attack” on Her Precious.

    3. Mick Mulvaney is very rapidly becoming one of my greatest heroes.

      If we could get a couple of hundred more guys like him we could drain the swamp of all of its non-essential creatures permanently.

      1. Now that all the non-essential federal workers are at home (or taking vacations) let’s change the locks on their buildings.

        1. Unfortunately all the federal locksmiths maintenance guys are on furlough too.

    4. “He requested $0.00.”

      I have to admit. I’m a little hard right now.

    5. I can’t read the article because I don’t subscribe. Is that $0.00 budget request for real?

      1. Yes. – it’s a grand symbolic gesture. The CFPB has a surplus – enough to cover their expenses for the quarter – so Mulvaney did not request any additional funds.

        1. Nice. Never thought I’d hear about a bureaucrat saying ‘nah, we have enough money.’ Guy deserves a Nobel prize.

      2. Yes.

        And learn to use the archive.

        Look for a snapshot

        Try it.


        1. Gah! I don’t know why I didn’t try that.

  22. What exactly was the purpose of the Womens March? The pictures I saw had banners with “fuck” and “cunt” on them, and a lot of knitted vagina hats. The news was reporting it as a pro-democracy event.

    Where they trying to drive people into the Trump camp? Convince people that their side was more clownish? I get it that it was mostly a signaling event, but it seems to me that what they were signaling might not be what they wanted.

    And for gawds sake, did they really think that a second march would drive Trump form office?

    1. The purpose of identity politics is identity politics.

      It isn’t meant to form, advocate, or implement a solution.

      They don’t do the Lilith Fair anymore, so now they’re doing this instead.

      Somebody’s making a fortune selling those vagina hats. Hopefully, they’re all being made in sweatshops.

      1. “Somebody’s making a fortune selling those vagina hats. Hopefully, they’re all being made in sweatshops.”

        I can’t even imagine the smell…

        1. The smell of thousands of cat lady’s cats shitting will drown out the vagina smell.

    2. I’ll tell you something I noticed at some point last year. We have entered the time of Awareness. Every time you hear someone (mainly celebrities) speak, they’re always going on about how they want to bring Awareness to some cause or other. They don’t necessarily want to DO anything, but they want everyone to be aware. This #resist nonsense is just the same thing. Nobody is expecting anything to be DONE, they just want to be seen making people Aware.

      1. I was glad to see that the Eagles player, Malcom Jenkins, who raises his fist during the National Anthem, had actually taken time off to go to Harrisburg and discuss criminal justice reform with legislators and officials. Athletes and celebrities can, let’s face it, open doors that, say, the Libertarian Party chairman of XYZ state, can’t.

        1. Criminal justice reform will have no effect on the feral children of the inner city.

      2. Hillary won the popular vote. I think the Movement Against Trump has all the Awareness they need.

        Methinks if they actually want fellow assorted lefties to cast a Democrat vote next time around, they ought to be trying to get fellow assorted lefties to leave their homes and migrate towards a voting booth. But the pussy hats and cunt banners are just making them stay home out of embarrassment.

        Remember, Democrats outnumber Republicans, and urban elites outnumber rural hicksters. Hillary lost the election because she couldn’t get her base out to the polls. The idea that if only Hillary had worn a pussy hat then she would have won the election is a supremely stupid idea.

        1. Seeing as there are millions of adults that don’t vote ever, I would question your statement that there are more Democrats than Republicans.

    3. Where they trying to drive people into the Trump camp?

      They aren’t trying to. But I think that is the end result.

      1. I dispute the existence of people voting for Trump because of this march who weren’t already voting for Trump.

        1. Yeah, but they’ll vote so much harder next time.

          1. It’s starting to wear me down. So next time I’ll only vote 5 or 6 times for Hillary rather than the dozen times I did in 2016.

        2. Dunno. When one is in the voting booth pondering to pull the level for Pussy Hat versus Clown Shoes, the Clown Shoes can seem a bit maintream.

    4. “What exactly was the purpose of the Womens March?”

      Excuse to buy new shoes, get hair done, take selfies, pretend to be “woke”. Think of the most shallow reasons that one might show up at an event. There’s your answer.

      1. Also, for men, a way to signal you totally support women in every possible way, in the hopes that’ll get you laid.

    5. The purpose was to give people some reason to feel smug and morally superior.

      And it seems really insulting to all of the women who don’t go in for the left-wing BS that is in the organizers’ platform. They say it’s for all women, but if you look at the stated goals, it’s just not true.

      1. The irony of course, is that they imply that all women think the same. No greater embodiment of sexism/racism exists today than to lump together an entire group ideologically as if they aren’t individuals.

        1. Especially women. Ever hear female best friends voice everything wrong with their friend.

          Sometimes I think women are in more competition with women than men are in competition with other men.

    6. It was to show that progressives can organize a march without running anyone over with a car.

      1. They’ve killed millions with forceps.

      2. Yeah, progressives just used to lynch those blacks standing around in white robes and pointy hats. Some organizational skills.

      3. Maybe next time they can show they can attend a baseball game without shooting anyone.

  23. Trump administration attempting to deport Polish doctor who has been in the country for 40 years and a lawful permanent resident for 29 years on the basis of a misdemeanor conviction that occured when he was 17:

    ICE detains a Polish doctor and green-card holder who has lived in the U.S. for nearly 40 years

    But remember, Republicans are totally not anti-immigrant.

    1. Are these instances of injustice supposed to make us think that there shouldn’t be any immigration law or that it shouldn’t be enforced by the federal government?

      This is reminiscent of people suggesting that a shooting downtown means we should get rid of the Second Amendment, or maybe a better analogy: If someone were falsely convicted of armed robbery, does that mean there shouldn’t be laws against armed robbery or that such laws shouldn’t be enforced?

      Maybe you imagine that if Hillary Clinton were in the White House, there wouldn’t be any injustices?

      Please explain what we’re supposed to think because of this injustice.

      1. No, the people arguing for tough immigration laws are the ones like the people saying we should get rid of the Second Ammendment.

        1. Are you one of these people who imagines that setting the rules of naturalization isn’t an enumerated power of congress?

          1. Are you one of these people who conflates naturalization and immigration, or are you just in favor of bending clauses of the “living” Constitution to fit your own agenda?

            1. Naturalization actually covers the entire process of immigrating here, becoming a legal resident, and becoming a citizen, but that’s neither here nor there in this issue . . .

              The question of whether dreamers should be given citizenship is a question of naturalization by anyone’s standard, and the question at hand was whether we should ignore the Constitution because of a bad example.

              Can’t have the Second Amendment because some bank robber used a gun is like saying that we should ignore the separation of powers and the enumerated power of congress to set the rules of naturalization–because of some example of injustice. Deal with it.

              And, to the rest of you, watch for some of these same people who are arguing that we should ignore the separation of powers and the enumerated powers of congress the next time a president initiates an unconstitutional war. Those of us who defended the integrity of the Constitution–even when we disagreed with congress’ immigration policy–will not thank them for their awful, shortsighted, disingenuous arguments whatsoever.

              When people blame the president for enforcing congress’ constitutional laws, I wonder if it ever occurs to them that future presidents might take their arguments heart. Do they support authoritarian presidents so long as the president in question ignores congress and the Constitution–to save their favorite kitten?

              Do their principles only get triggered when the president is coming after their kitty?

      2. Please explain what we’re supposed to think because of this injustice.

        Republicans are stupid. That’s pretty much it for Stormy’s angle.

        1. I thought Stormy illustrated how Democrats were stupid.

    2. Wait, I thought we were only deporting brown people? Did the ICE folks not get the memo?

    3. His family should be comforted that the CFPB didn’t request any additional funding this quarter.

  24. “Julia Louis-Dreyfus won two more Screen Actors Guild Awards, and now has won more of the awards than any other actor.”

    Oprah should pick her for a running mate.

    1. I’ve heard that JLD is a decedent of the Dreyfus family of “Dreyfus Affair” fame.

      She’s practically one of the Rothschilds.

      That would send the conspiracy theorist guys into orbit.

      1. Her father was a billionaire, so that automatically makes her one of the best actors of all time. #libertarianlogic

        1. Do you ever get tired of the smell? I mean having your head in your ass 24 hours a day, you must smell more farts than a midget waiting in line at chipotle.

      2. I admire the work ethic of someone who goes out and makes a career when they could just live off bonds. Lord knows I wouldn’t do it.

        1. I loved her on Seinfeld. I always thought she was underrated as a comedic actress but evidently she is getting her due.

          1. All her subsequent characters are Elaine Benes just with different crews and environments.

  25. By the way, does Reason have anything to say about the still classified FISA memo that appears to be the basis behind the phony “Russia investigation” and the Nixonian (probably illegal) Obama administration spying on Trump campaign?

    Release that memo, Congress. The American people deserve to finally know the full and real truth of the abuses of power perpetrated by Obama, Clapper, Brennan, and that whole sordid gang.

    1. I heard Seth Rich was about to leak the memo.

    2. Maybe it will be released closer to the mid-terms.

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