Government Shutdown Coming to an End Already, Supreme Court Calls Out a Party Foul, Pennsylvania Congressional Map Struck Down: P.M. Links


  • Sen. Cotton

    The Senate has broken the lawmaking logjam in funding the government with another short-term spending bill. While the Democrats wanted to tie government funding to protections for immigrants, that doesn't seem to be happening. Eric Boehm analyzes here.

  • The Supreme Court ruled that D.C. police had probable cause to arrest folks at a late-night party in a vacant house, even if the party members didn't actually know they were trespassing, and determined the officers had immunity to lawsuits. Elizabeth Nolan Brown wrote about the case previously here.
  • According to a letter from a senator, the FBI did not preserve months of texts between two officials, one of whom was removed from the probe of President Donald Trump, who were romantically involved and apparently were not big fans of the incoming president.
  • The National Security Agency has accidentally deleted evidence it promised it would preserve for an ongoing lawsuit connected to domestic surveillance. They say they're very sorry about it, though!
  • A relative says the California couple accused of chaining up and neglecting their 13 kids were wannabe swingers. That doesn't sound like it has anything to do with abusing children, but OMG it's salacious!!!
  • Pennsylvania's Supreme Court has struck down the state's congressional map as unconstitutional gerrymandering and ordered the lawmakers to make up a new one.

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