ICE Planning Sanctuary City Raids, Bannon Before House Panel for 10 Hours, Majority of National Park Advisors Resign: A.M. Links


Paul Hennessy/Polaris/Newscom

I wasn't sleeping with men (unless there were no women in my zip code and there was a large amount of tequila), but—at the risk of betraying the sapphic sisterhood—lesbians can and do have bad sex, too…. although I suspect we're more likely to have a pair or two of cat eyes watching us bone from the litter box. Perhaps there is an unfortunate power deferential between men and and women that makes these icky encounters more traumatic when it's a man and a woman, but we're acting like this is something men exclusively do to women. But, in my experience, women act just like Ansari did with Grace pretty damn often as well.

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  1. Three-quarters of the National Park Service advisory board retired Monday night…


    1. Hello


      1. Without a panel, they’re up for grabs. Try not to steal our parks, Canada.

      2. Not as long as Canada exists. It’s our 53rd and independent national park, eh?

      3. They’ll all be Trump golf courses next week.

        1. MAGA!

          Make America Golf Again….on Canadian land.

          1. You bozos realize how much of the land is frozen tundra, right?

            1. Going to make it a Game of Thrones theme park. Already have white walkers and the moose can be dressed up as dragons.

            2. Ice golfing!

              You Canadians are so not into free market solutions to problems. Geesh.


              1. That’s why orange golf balls are a thing. So you can see them in the snow.

      4. Trump’s gonna make Canada a national park.

        1. It’s a national joke with Trudeau is what it is.

          1. Bonjour.

      5. The proper response is to rush to your nearest park with a flag and declare yourself its new warlord.

    2. Not tired of WINNING.

    3. One of the most wonderful sounds in the world is the sound of the swamp being drained!

      1. If these boards meet your definition of the swamp then Zinke is building a larger swamp. He’s been creating new advisory boards.

        1. Oh hey look It’s another Tony sock.

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  2. …which outperformed currently popular programs on multiple measures.

    The gold standard of sobering up and having buyer’s remorse three weeks later?

    1. The gold standard of sobering up is inherently deflationary. Krugman says we gotta to be drinking more!

  3. New Jersey passes “drinking and droning” law.

    Sure, why not.

    1. What about people that drone on and on and on when they’re sober. We still have to listen to them?

    2. Uh oh, I live in NJ and tend to drone on and on when drunk.

  4. Idaho may make soliciting prostitution a felony offense.


    1. How else is government supposed to show us serfs that this sex trafficking menace is out…of…control?

    2. Legislators hate competition.

    3. Republicans in Idaho may make solicitation a felony. FTFYFI

      1. Are there any democrats in Idaho?

        1. There are RINOs Democrats everywhere.

          1. Notably, under lc1789’s bed, in his closet, behind what he’s pretty sure is the one-way mirror in his bathroom, and staring at him in the library right now.

            1. Wow, you are a paranoid’s paranoid.

              1. Making fun of your oft-exhibited paranoia means i’m paranoid. Got it.

                1. You trying to project your paranoid paranoia on actual conduct, means I’m paranoid. Got it.

    4. Is prostitution itself a felony in Idaho? If not, they’d make advertising for it a more serious crime than the act itself?! Actually I guess that makes sense, since it’s the sight of it that bothers people the most, not when it’s private.

  5. Steve Bannon spent 10 hours yesterday before a private panel of the House Intelligence Committee.

    The resulting flop sweat was sufficient to put out every fire in California, and top off the reservoirs to boot.

    1. Steve Bannon is why they can’t manage to drain the swamp.

      1. He wears all those shirts to hide the fact that he’s got a bad case of pit ‘gators.

  6. Steve Bannon spent 10 hours yesterday before a private panel of the House Intelligence Committee.

    Adjusting his shirt collars.

  7. Immigration agents are reportedly planning major raids in Northern California “sanctuary cities” this week.

    The old flypaper approach. Works every time. Thanks, city leaders!

  8. But, in my experience, women act just like Ansari did with Grace pretty damn often as well.

    We already know that men can’t read minds, but now you’re telling me women can’t read minds either? I’m starting to doubt that telepathy is the solution to sexual unhappiness, you guys.

    Also, Sexual Unhappiness has never been my nickname, ever.

    1. Maybe we can finally get some good jokes out of Ansari.

      Guy is not funny except for his line about professional shortees.

    2. Sexual Sorrowness?

    3. Sexual Revulsion?

    4. Also, Sexual Unhappiness has never been my nickname, ever.

      Do not tempt the gods, my friend.

  9. Three-quarters of the National Park Service advisory board retired Monday night in protest of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke refusing to meet with them.
    Whomever does not admit that Trump is shrinking government is just being silly now.

    Three-quarters of the advisory panel gone in one day!

    1. Great – one advisory panel down, six thousand seven hundred ninety-four advisory panels to go.

      1. At least the government does not have to give severance pay after these bureaucrats are quitting to ‘protest’ Trump.

        1. As an advisory panel, they probably weren’t paid.

          1. You are underestimating government ‘servants’.

            1. I hope you’re wrong because Zinke is creating new advisory boards to promote Republican priorities like tripling the park entrance fees.

              1. You mean tripling fees for vehicles to enter national parks not just general entrance fees?

                The fees probably wouldn’t go up for buses or people entering without an automobile. I think the idea is to lower the amount of cars that clog the limited roads in Zion, Yosemite, and smaller national parks. I can see both arguments but taxes do pay for parks. I would be in favor of lowering taxes and have visitors pay for the upkeep of the parks.

                It would still be cheaper than Disneyland.

                1. The parks pay for themselves in June, July, and August. Maybe just close them the other nine months of the year?

                  1. Technically, national parks would cost a far lower amount to operate if it weren’t for government bureaucracy.

                    Road and building maintenance along with minimal staffing would be the major costs. The government could contract out all other service every two years or so.

          2. No, Federal advisory panelists get paid well.

            1. If that’s the case, good riddance. 9 down, a few million to go.

      2. The administration should simply rule all those advisory panels void, since Trump never listens to anyone’s advice anyway.

  10. It also bans flying drones while under the influence of “a narcotic, hallucinogenic, or habit-producing drug.”

    So, no tobacco use or vaping while flying drones, right? RIGHT?!

    1. The Venn diagram of dudes who vape and dudes who fly drones for civilian purposes is probably just a circle.

    2. Or coffee or tea drinking.

      1. Or chocolate, or anything with sugar in it.

      2. IPAs are still cool, though. Anyone with enough will power to down that vile liquid evil can probably manage to fly a drone while inebriated.

        1. IPAs are always cool, you Philistine.

          1. IPAs are the 2016 Sanders campaign of beverages: a joke that someone is playing on hipsters.

            1. Your mom is a joke someone is playing on hipsters!

    3. You can’t pump your own drugs, either. What a shithole.

      1. I’d be okay with a ban on immigration from New Jersey.

        1. We already have to pay increasing tolls anytime we leave the state, isn’t that enough?

  11. Bitcoin drops below $10,000 with $30 billion of value wiped off in a day as cryptocurrency sell-off deepens.
    Fools should have sold off around the high.

    1. 20/20 is not just an election year.

  12. Perhaps there is an unfortunate power deferential between men and and women that makes these icky encounters more traumatic when it’s a man and a woman…

    Ansari does come off as a physical force to be reckoned with.

    1. Seems like the power differential there was the woman’s unwillingness or inability to simply say “no” or articulate what she did or did not want to happen.

      1. But Zeb, she was giving off clear signs she wasn’t into it, like accepting oral sex and then reciprocating.

        I wouldn’t be so irked by this story if it had been presented as an anonymous encounter to use as a starting point to discuss why people (both men and women!) can miscommunicate so badly in these situations.

        Arranging the story as a hit piece on Ansari and including such lurid detail was shockingly unnecessary. I’m not sure why the conversation we’re having isn’t about the total abandonment of journalistic standards to latch onto the trendy cause du jour. It’s the *reporter* whose career ought to be ruined over this.

        1. Yeah. it’s some pretty shoddy and unethical journalism. Treating someone who had an uncomfortable date like a rape victim and probably fucking up some guy’s career.

          Maybe this will be the “jump the shark tank” moment for “metoo”. Even a lot of lefty feminists are starting to question this. Making major creeps like Weinstein face the music is good. But this is getting ridiculous.

          1. If Ansari’s ‘jokes’ didn’t ruin his career, I suspect this won’t either.

  13. But, in my experience, women act just like Ansari did with Grace pretty damn often as well.

    But the bottom line is, the victim is never a man. Is that the ultimate take away here? Anyway, I’m not sure that “everyone does it” makes for a good defense. Also, have we all settled on universal condemnation of Ansari’s seduction tactics?

    1. Unless you are hanging out with Kevin Spacey.

      1. I can’t imagine having sex with John Doe. *shudder*

        1. I can’t imagine having sex with you either!

          1. Oh, I’m sure if you put your mind to it…

      2. Let’s play fuck, marry, kill:
        Kevin Spacey, Aziz Ansari, Louis C.K.

    2. But the bottom line is, the victim is never a man. Is that the ultimate take away here?

      Even when it’s flat-out rape, men are less likely to report it then women are.

      So no. There’s no reason to think that “the victim is never a man”. Just that men are kind of awful to other men when it comes to sexual topics, so men don’t talk about the awful sexual things that happen to them nearly as much as women do.

  14. New Jersey passes “drinking and droning” law.

    “Every night with my wife, ohhhhhh!” – Dice Clay, maybe

    1. This describes my marriage, only I drink and my wife drones!


      1. Yes, this is better.

  15. Steve Bannon spent 10 hours yesterday before a private panel of the House Intelligence Committee.

    That’s a lot of time to not be grandstanding in front of a camera for that committee.

    1. Cory Booker can’t be in two places at once.

  16. Feds planning massive Northern California immigration sweep to strike against sanctuary laws

    “The Battle of San Francisco, which pitted State-sponsored ‘New Americans’ and their Progressive supporters against armed ICE agents and other Federal troops, ironically started on Valentine’s Day, 2018.”

  17. Is Blockchain the Answer to Sexual Consent?

    “Just saying ‘yes’ really isn’t enough,” Daniels says. “You want to set a really clear set of boundaries.” For instance, he says the app would help clarify a situation where, say, one party consents to sex, but not to having nude photos of themselves taken.

    To address these “gray areas,” users of LegalFling can state their preferences in a number of categories?including photography, condom use, and STD testing, then send Fling requests to their sexual partners via a messaging app. Accepting such a request is, in theory, agreeing to the preferences stated by the partner. That acceptance is then digitally recorded on the blockchain.

    Reminder: white people are the worst.

    1. Accepting such a request is, in theory, agreeing to the preferences stated by the partner.

      “In theory”, because the app doesn’t capture the non-verbal cues.

    2. “Baby, when you said you wanted to start using a blockchain in our lovemaking, this isn’t what i thought you meant.”

    3. They need to bring back small claims court TV shows for millennials and their disagreements over sexual consent. The judge will of course need to be a hipster and not overly judgmental, since that would be problematic. “Judge Juniper”?

      1. The judge has both a handlebar mustache AND a handlebar mustache tattoo on the side of his right index finger.

        1. Ugh, sick.

          1. He rides to the courtroom/studio on a pennyfarthing, Rhywun. A PENNYFARTHING.

            Also, he hasn’t had a meal that wasn’t from a food truck since 2011.

            1. He frequently reminds you he has every Neutral Milk Hotel album on vinyl.

              1. Including Jeff Mangum’s solo Live at Jitter Joe’s.

                1. Which he has never actually listened to.

                  1. He hasn’t actually even listened to On Avery Island.

                    1. And yet he’s been known to complain that In the Aeroplane Over the Sea got “too popular.”

            2. Unicycle or GTFO

              1. I tried to learn how to ride a unicycle once. After I almost went flying down the stairs, which I never even intended to approach, I gave it up. Seriously, a unicycle is more unstable than a tetraquark.

      2. “Judge Juniper”?

        How about Judge Robby? The Hair on afternoon television. Housewives would swoon.

        1. Would watch, to be sure

    4. Imagine how stupid you would have to be to think this is a good idea.

    5. Applying a tevhnological,sterile, hyperrational solution to situation that people are not rational about (and often do not want to be rational about) probably is not going to go over very well.

      1. But also, why block chain? You don’t need it to do what they’re saying. You can just have a normal server.

        1. Because blockchain is so hot right now.

    6. Taking nude photos of someone isn’t sufficiently out of the norm that it requires explicit consent for some people?

      The hell?

    7. This is why fertility rates are plummeting among affluent white coastal liberals.

  18. “Immigration agents are reportedly planning major raids in Northern California “sanctuary cities” this week.”

    Not sure how “major” they’re going to be after announcing them in advance.

    1. The raids will be major; the results, not so much.
      In an unrelated story, demand for bus tickets to LA has skyrocketed.

      1. Go to West to Sanctuary Cities young man!

        1. Go East, life is peaceful there, Go East, where the skies are gray…

          1. Gray skies do mean that there is easily obtainable fresh water in the area.

  19. Immigration agents are reportedly planning major raids in Northern California “sanctuary cities” this week.

    Federal agents enforcing federal law. Cue outrage in 3…2…1…

    1. The porcine patrol merely aggressing, trespassing, kicking down doors, and doing the things that little piggies like to do.

      1. ICE does want to just ask people if they are in American legally but that is racial profiling like Arpaio got in trouble for.

    2. You woulda been a blast in the 20s.

      1. I’ll drink to that!

      2. Don’t you mean “a gas”? Or is that more the 40s?

    3. And why shouldn’t people who consider the immigration laws too restrictive and harsh be outraged?

      1. Because those people can get their representatives to change the laws.

        Until then, the laws are on the books and constitution under Art. I, sections 8 & 9. Presidents enforce the laws enacted by Congress.

        1. And if they can’t? Unjust laws can be constitutional. State drug laws are perfectly constitutional, but I’m outraged whenever they are enforced.
          I’m not interested in arguing about the justice and wisdom of particular immigration laws right now. But if one does consider them unjust, then one ought to be outraged when they are enforced. Unless you think that enforcing laws is a good in and of itself. Which may well be the case.

          1. There is not a single US state that has in its Constitution to authorize state government to control what you consume or ingest.

            People need to stop assuming just because government has been doing something for so long it is legal.

            All drug laws enacted by state and the federal government are unconstitutional. Government decided to enact drug laws under racist premises to circumvent that dilemma of needing a constitutional amendment. Americans were not ready for another failed amendment that prohibited vice. It worked like a charm.

            Luckily, the recent partial legalization of marijuana has put a dent in this type of unconstitutional government action but not exposed it so Americans can shut it down completely.

          2. As to the outrage of bad laws, sure voice your outrage all you want. Nothing will get done as usual.

            Only when everyone is subject to all these bad laws will people vote the tyrants out of office who make these laws or refuse to repeal said bad laws.

  20. Three-quarters of the National Park Service advisory board retired Monday night

    A good start.

    1. “Easiest $100K I ever made. Sad!”

    2. I guess it beats discussing actual things that matter.

  21. A new study of sexual-assault prevention tactics targeting college women finds promising results in a new assertiveness style training

    Why not just teach men not to rape and stop with the victim blaming. I mean, you can’t expect strong women to take any responsibility for their own safety, you misogynistic, sexist, cis, shitlord. //sarc

    1. In their defense, the class rather literally sounds like something that HS and even Jr. High girls (or everyone) should already know.

      Breaking News: Scientists discover that by being a borderline-paranoid, hyper-competitive, socially-maladjusted bitch you can decrease your chances of having unwanted sex by about 5%. In a related finding, being alone in a room with a sexually assertive male significantly increases a woman’s probability of being involved in unwanted sex. TBD: “Does being a borderline-paranoid, hyper-competitive, socially-maladjusted dick have the same effect on men’s likelihood of participating in unwanted sex?”

  22. “Idaho may make soliciting prostitution a felony offense.”

    Would “I’ll take you to dinner, then we can go back to my place and look at my mounted elk heads” qualify as soliciting?

    1. Only after the dinner part. Then it becomes sexual assault.
      Invest in robot sex partner robots.

      1. Great. Now I know you’re Crusty. The graph grows.

  23. Schools chief Elia discusses monitoring private schools, reviewing teacher evaluations

    State Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia will soon announce how school districts will be expected to monitor the academic offerings of private schools, including religious schools. She is also weeks from beginning what could be a two-year process to review and possibly rewrite New York’s controversial system for evaluating teachers and principals.


    1. State law requires that private school students receive “instruction that is substantially equivalent” to what’s provided in public schools

      Not “instruction that is as good or better”, mind you.

      1. Libertarians always parsing out government doublespeak bullshit.

  24. Idaho may make soliciting prostitution a felony offense.

    Bc U-da-ho.

          1. That reminds me of my father, so I tried to block it from my memory.

            1. Luke, is that you?

                1. …Christ

    1. Srsly. If he and Lance Reddick’s concierge are not gonna be recurring cameos at the very least, why am I bothering, and why say it’s part of the Wickiverse?

  25. North Korean Athletes Will March With South Koreans At Pyeongchang Olympics
    Somehow Trump will get blamed for this.

  26. Democrats flip Wisconsin Senate seat in upset that could spell trouble for GOP

    “People sent a message tonight we don’t want to be negative anymore,” she said. “Change it up. I ran a positive campaign…My message has always been be kind, be considerate and we need to help people when they’re down.”

    Free hugs at my place!

    1. “A Democrat won a state Senate seat in Wisconsin on Tuesday night in an astonishing upset that could signal the turning tide against President Trump in the upcoming midterm elections.”

      My cat coughed up a hairball that could signal the turning tide against President Trump in the upcoming midterm elections.


    1. brightly colored laundry detergent pods look like delicious fruity candy so maybe we should, you know, eat them.

      Obviously the solution is a Federal Law requiring the manufacturers to make the pods look like Mr. Yuk.

      1. Actually, that might be the solution – sort of. Just add a bit of ipecac to the detergent. Problem solved.

  27. Why willpower is overrated

    But this idea, that people have self-control because they’re good at willpower, is looking more and more like a myth. It turns out that self-control, and all the benefits from it, may not be related to inhibiting impulses at all. And once we cast aside the idea of willpower, we can better understand what actually works to accomplish goals, and hit those New Year’s resolutions.

    1. The worst hit by this news? The writers of Green Lantern.

      1. And Mentats.

    2. “good at willpower”

      Well, I have no interest in reading the rest.

    3. The paper stumbled on a paradox: The people who were the best at self-control ? the ones who most readily agreed to survey statements like “I am good at resisting temptations” ? reported fewer temptations throughout the study period.

      Why is this a paradox? Their “self-control” was obviously working.

      1. Self-control isn’t “not being tempted”. Self-control is “resisting temptation”.

        1. We are quickly getting into why psychology tests like this are very difficult to impossible.

          Because the color and arrow test seem questionably related to the idea at hand to me. But really all we’re doing is trying to measure a pretty dang abstract concept

          1. Agreed completely. Any habit which is followed closely and sustained over enough time, becomes habitual.

            If you focus and are practice consistent self control, over time it becomes easier to follow, to the point that you may not feel any temptation to act inconsistently because your habitual nature presents its own pressures which are greater than the temptation.

            IE -practice consistently over a long enough period of depriving yourself of something you use fail and with enough focus and time, you’ll reach a point where reverting back to prior behavior patterns is more abnormal to you than continuing forward as you have been.

            Example: whirl out 5 days a week for 6 years and try to take a week off 🙂

  28. “Immigration agents are reportedly planning major raids in Northern California “sanctuary cities” this week.”

    If the state won’t enforce the law or even notify ICE when illegal immigrants are released from prison, then what do you expect ICE to do–defer to the state of California on immigration law?

    Maybe in retaliation, the city of San Francisco should invade Syria. Do they think national defense is the federal government’s job, too? Well it ain’t no more! If the federal government didn’t want Oakland to invade Malaysia, then ICE should have left their illegal immigrants alone.

    After all, those cities declared themselves sanctuaries and everything. How can ICE just ignore that?

    I know what might stop ICE from doing their job and enforcing perfectly constitutional laws–an emergency drum circle. We’ll get a bunch of hippie chicks to shake their dirty butts around to the beat of the drum like a bunch of prehistoric cavemen, and if that doesn’t change people’s minds and stop ICE from deporting illegal aliens, then nothing will!

    1. We’ll get a bunch of hippie chicks to shake their dirty butts around to the beat of the drum like a bunch of prehistoric cavemen

      It’s definitely worth a shot.

      1. There is something wrong with me. The idea of Hippy Chiks with Dirty Butts is revolting, yet I would still watch the heck out of that.

        1. The only thing wrong with you is that you find the idea of Hippy Chicks with Dirty Butts revolting.

        2. I’ve went to many Dead shows pre-1995, and believe me, there is nothing wrong with dirty hippy chicks shaking their dirty butts in the drum circle.

          1. Except for HIV, hepatitis, and scabies.

            1. LSD must be a vaccine against that shit, because I managed to avoid all three.

              1. There is no Dead after August of 1995.

    2. the city of San Francisco should invade Syria

      Why not. Places like SF and NY think they can sign global “climate” treaties too.

  29. Sen. Jeff Flake isn’t just comparing Trump to Stalin. He’s comparing Republicans to Stalin’s enablers.…..story.html

    1. Further evidence that Jeff Flake is a nutjob and should never be in the government again.

    2. “Dow cracks 26,000 as earnings take center stage”…..stage.html
      Flake seems confused. We know you are.

      1. Starting with Trump’s inauguration, the Dow has risen from 19,827.3 to 25,075.1 — an increase of 26 percent. That’s impressive.

        But it’s not as impressive as its performance during the equivalent period under Obama. Under Obama, the Dow increased from 7,949.1 to 10,572 ? a rise of 33 percent.


        Obama 33% vs Trump 26%.

        WTF has Trump done?

        1. “But it’s not as impressive as its performance during the equivalent period under Obama. Under Obama, the Dow increased from 7,949.1 to 10,572 ? a rise of 33 percent.”

          Pick them cherries, you scumbag.
          Obo started at historic lows. Trump started at your the best that hero’s efforts could do, and you were here telling us the wonderfulness of his glow!!!!!
          Peddle that happy horseshit to someone as stupid as yourself; don’t bother embarrassing yourself or insulting us with such lies.

          1. Obama started at “historic lows” all right – the worst economy since the Great Depression.

            Thanks to eight years of the Bush/GOP.

            1. “Thanks to eight years of the Bush/GOP.”

              Do you hope repeating a lie you’ve been busted on many times will somehow make people believe it?
              How fucking stupid are you?

          2. started at the best that your hero’s efforts
            Edit button and you get a contribution, Reason. No edit button, zero dollars.

            1. I would settle for a non-glitchy website.

      2. Trump’s first-year jobs record was strong. Just not as strong as Obama’s last year…..index.html

        1. “Trump’s first-year jobs record was strong”

          Poor Butt is having to admit stuff about Trump’s great 1st year.

          1. Trump is trying to take credit for the great economy he inherited. Only a Useful Idiot would enable him.

            1. “Trump is trying to take credit for the great economy he inherited”

              So when cherry-picking isbn’t working, you just revert to outright lies.
              Fuck off, you pathetic excuse for humanity.

            2. I know, Bill Clinton inherited George Bush, Sr’s great economy.

              Then Obama inherited Bush’s great economy too.

    3. To Flake, the rise of controversial candidates, the decline of the power of the establishment to stop them and polls showing that swing voters are souring on Trump are all neon-flashing warning signs that the United States is leaving the Republican Party in the era of Trump.

      “Jeff Fake is worried about the future of the Establishment. Sad!”

  30. The SPLC has a new contender for the gold in the “Lefty Fake Concern” event:

    “Report slams Trump on rights”
    “WASHINGTON? Basic rights and political freedoms in the United States are deteriorating at a faster pace under President Trump, exacerbated by attacks on key institutions like the press and the courts, according to a new report released Tuesday by Freedom House.”…..502290.php

    What “freedoms” are ‘deteriorating”, you might ask? Well, here ya’ go:
    “The report criticizes Trump for making false statements, refusing to disclose his taxes and other information, violating basic ethical standards and taking insufficient steps to counter Russian meddling in the 2016 election.”
    To sum up, Trump is a big poppy-head!

    1. Freedom House, based in Washington, describes itself as a nonpartisan watchdog group.

      Another word that has lost all meaning.

  31. Speaking of Useful Idiots – here is Sevo and LoveCons, now where is Mikey and Rufus to add to the Useful Idiot list?

    1. Better to be a useful idiot than a useless fool.

    2. Socialists at the bottom are useful idiots. Socialists at the top use useful idiots. You are a socialist.

      ergo, you are the useful socialist idiot.

    3. “Speaking of Useful Idiots – here is Sevo and LoveCons”

      Get busted on your BS and the best you can do is toss around totally irrelevant accusations?
      Does you dog even like you?

    4. Good luck convincing anyone that double the point increase in one-eighth the time is worse performance, Dipshit.

      You pretending to be a rich investor and a disappointed Georgia fan is even more hilarious than Citizen Crusty pretending to be a wildly successful poon hound.

      1. Mikey, I already told you I will let you suck my dick.

        1. Hillary is that you?

  32. So nothing about how Turkish hackers took over Greta Van Susteren’s Twitter account and started private messaging the president?

    They obviously missed the mark and should have sent Trump their phishing links during the morning executive time.

  33. I haven’t read it yet, but Jamie Kirchick is back to his favorite pastime, dunking on Ron Paul. It’s supposed to be good.

    Trump’s Debt to Ron Paul’s Paranoid Style

    1. After getting thousands of shitty, stupid “DOLLAR CRASH” ads from Ron Paul it is ironic that bitcoin is crashing first.

      1. Typical lefty useful idiot doesn’t understand boom and bust in economics. Its happening with Bitcoin.

        1. I understand hucksters like Ron Paul and Donald Trump, you moron.

          Warren Buffett and other “socialists” will always call you Con Men out.

          1. Butt, you don’t understand anything but keep telling yourself you do. At the very least, you get paid to say that here.

  34. December 14, 1998: Nick Gillespie’s hero Jesse Jackson gives a speech thanking Donald Trump for a lifetime of service to black Americans.

    Things like this are what the Internet so damn awesome.

    1. The left cannot hide from what they have done on the interwebs.

    2. Fuck Jesse Jackson. He is another Con artist.

      Now Mikey loves him.

      1. Butt, Jesse Jackson represents all black people so now you’re in trouble with your overlords.

    3. It’s absolutely hilarious that you think that’s somehow a blow to Gillespie, or anyone (other than possibly Sharpton and Trump).

      1. Even when Simple Mikey actually has a sort of interesting contribution to make, he’s an idiotic asshole about it.

      2. Trump was being acknowledged for building housing for black people and other things to help.

        Now the narrative is that Trump hates black people, so don’t vote for Trump.

        Its how the lefties operate and this video exposes the BS.

        1. Yes, that is true. But the way he framed it is deranged and hilarious.

          1. People like Jesse Jackson are sanctimonious assholes, so what do you expect.

            The last time I caught a glimpse of a Hollywood event, they acted like they are saving the World with lefty mooovies.

  35. major raids in Northern California “sanctuary cities” this week.

    how would these be distinguished from normal execution of ICE doing the thing they do (aka their jobs)?

    just curious what ‘major’ means. my bullshit detector suggests to me that any visible acts of enforcement would be treated as some “Major new and unprecedented!.. prosecution of ….uh, the same exact laws and policy that have existed for decades.” Take photo montage of ICE making arrests, merge with scare-narrative.

    it can still be 100% true, but simply exaggerate by omission (of details like how often same thing happened in the past)… and the presentation of context which implies cause-effect where none exists


    “”The sweep would represent the first large-scale effort to target the region since Gov. Jerry Brown in October signed legislation enacting a statewide sanctuary law“”

    last i checked, the ‘sanctuary’ practice preexisted jerry brown waving his hands and calling it so.

    everyone is using immigration as a political beachball, and pretending they’re either so opposing it! or so defending it!… when i think the underlying truth is that little real change transpires on the ground.

    1. “…when i think the underlying truth is that little real change transpires on the ground.”
      Yeah, but TRUMP!!!!!!

    2. A “major” operation is when it makes the news.

      The rest of the time, ICE just sits around twiddling their thumbs, waiting for a journalist to notice them.

      1. Well, it was still news in the past

        Its just that the spin was that ‘gang activity’ and ‘human trafficking’ were being addressed. It is good when feds enforce laws against illegals in those contexts. It is bad when feds enforce same laws in new contexts.

        It reminds me of the hannah arendt quote: “One of the greatest advantages of the totalitarian elites [of 20s and 30s] was to turn any statement of fact into a question of motive

        it was different before! *they were ‘our’ feds*, and they meant well. protecting children, and stuff.

  36. Obsessive nutcase leftard in the JournoList asks tennis player Nick Kyrgios a pointless question about their hero Colon Paperneck, and poor Krygios is all like “I’ve never met the man, why the fuck are you asking me about this shit?”

    1. Thanks for linking that. Stupid journolists always trying to get a quote from someone to further their lefty agenda.

    2. They share the same agent and the same politics – it’s not *too* far out of left-field.

  37. The Aziz Ansari sex story “strongly reminded me of most of my 20s,” writes Katie Herzog at The Stranger.

    I generally approve of her motives to defend Aziz and am extremely appreciative of the fact that she, in fact (and unlike some other sources) equates men and women in some physical and emotional senses. However, I don’t know which is worse; that she’s defending him with nostalgia or that she seems resigned to the fact that her view is anachronistic or an artifact of her youth rather than just sane and normal.

    ,the idea of asking for “consent” is a very new concept in the very long course of human history,

    No one on television asked for consent in the ’90s; they just leaned in.

    The fuck? I don’t watch a lot of TV and even I know that there’s *tons* of full-on sex taking place entirely without uttering a word and most of us learned our “Please”, “Thank you’s”, and “May I’s?” by the time we were five going back several generations if not much further, so “consent” is hardly a new concept. A woman who is just as much, if not more so, empowered as her male partner(s) in any consensual sexual encounter and who is entirely unable to voice her displeasure or effect her will and desires in the act is a much more contemporary phenomenon.

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