ICE Planning Sanctuary City Raids, Bannon Before House Panel for 10 Hours, Majority of National Park Advisors Resign: A.M. Links


Paul Hennessy/Polaris/Newscom

I wasn't sleeping with men (unless there were no women in my zip code and there was a large amount of tequila), but—at the risk of betraying the sapphic sisterhood—lesbians can and do have bad sex, too…. although I suspect we're more likely to have a pair or two of cat eyes watching us bone from the litter box. Perhaps there is an unfortunate power deferential between men and and women that makes these icky encounters more traumatic when it's a man and a woman, but we're acting like this is something men exclusively do to women. But, in my experience, women act just like Ansari did with Grace pretty damn often as well.

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