Fire and Fury to Get TV Adaptation, Skyscraper-Sized Asteroid Headed Toward Earth, Woman-Less Last Jedi: P.M. Links



    Michael Wolff's book on the first year of the Trump administration, Fire and Fury, will be adapted for television.

  • President Trump accused Russia of helping North Korea get around sanctions.
  • Republicans in the House of Representatives are still looking for a short-term government funding bill that enough of them can support.
  • Three quarters of the National Park Service's advisory board resigned, claiming Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke was unwilling to meet with them.
  • Trump's Fake News Awards may happen later today.
  • A dispute between a sheep farmer and the defense ministry in Romania over grazing near a NATO base has reached that country's highest court.
  • A skyscraper-sized asteroid headed toward Earth will come close enough to be considered "potentially hazardous," according to NASA.
  • Men's rights activists make a womanless cut of The Last Jedi.

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