Bannon Subpoenaed By Mueller, CFPB Backs Away From Payday Lending Rule, and Trump Admin. Appeals DACA Decision to Supreme Court: P.M. Links


  • Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom

    Former Brietbart News chief and advisor to President Trump Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed as part of Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will "reconsider" its controversial payday lending rules.
  • Trump will appeal a 9th Circuit ruling blocking his DACA repeal to the Supreme Court.
  • A broken rail reportedly caused a Metro train to derail in downtown D.C.
  • California couple arrested for shackling, torturing their 13 kids.

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  1. California couple arrested for shackling, torturing their 13 kids.

    At least they never left them in the car unattended.

    1. They were so pale, everyone just assumed it was a clown car.

    2. ‘David Turpin’s parents, James and Betty Turpin of West Virginia, told ABC News that they were “surprised and shocked” at the allegations because their son and daughter-in-law were “a good Christian family.” They said they had not seen the family since visiting California four or five years ago.’


      1. It’s California. If you don’t shackle your kids to the bed, they’ll be all deviled up in no time.

        1. So, “better the devil you know . . . “

      2. I mean, I think I’m a good Christian man, and look where that gets ya. Take this warning to heart.

      3. Maybe the Good Christians? discovered the kids were Jewish? The NSDAP platform warned about those…

    3. Hello.

      “The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will “reconsider” its rule regulating the payday lending industry, the agency said Tuesday, raising the prospect that the Trump administration will scale back or reverse the regulations put into place by former director and Obama appointee Richard Cordray.”

      Awesome. Make Obama a figment of the imagination. A dream forgotten in the morning.

      1. If we start extending credit to the poors then they might start to think it’s okay for them to participate in society.

        1. +1 housing bubble

        2. Without common sense regulations, someone might take advantage of them by loaning them money they need at a rate that seems high to people who have savings. They are clearly better off finding some other way to come up with the money.

          1. Yes, the money’s expensive, but there’s no collateral required; and you can keep the costs down by paying it back as fast as you can! Would an Indian lie to you? Come on, do you need me to cry here?

    4. Shackling kids to the bed? That’s repulsive! How are they supposed to work your uranium mines shackled to a bed?

      1. Hey! At least they had a Nativity Scene? in front of the house, and they clearly weren’t big on abortion! Why does everyone pick on Republicans?

    5. Hey you try keeping 13 kids from playing outside unattended. California child services gets pretty irate about that I hear.

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  2. Trump will appeal a 9th Circuit ruling blocking his DACA repeal to the Supreme Court.

    Only one Mexican judge there.

      1. Ask yourself this. Who is the most bangable Supreme?

        1. I bet RBG can suck a basketball through a garden hose.

          1. That was before the mummification, though.

            1. jury mummification?

        2. Gorsuch, because I know he won’t tell anyone else.

          1. LOL!

            Seriously though, Gorsuch is fucking hot; none on the current court, and perhaps none historically, come anywhere close. For actual banging, I suppose Sotomayor by sheer default. Historically I’d say O’Connor by a mile, though I’m not super thrilled about it.

            These are not really difficult questions here.

        3. Uh, is this a joke? Clarence Thomas, obvs!

    1. A very wise one, though.

      1. There there; you’ll get ’em next time!

  3. Former Brietbart News chief and advisor to President Trump Steve Bannon has been subpoenaed as part of Robert Muller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the U.S. election.

    At least he’s finding work.

    1. I still imagine him pushing his shopping cart around, eating cans of dog food and soiling himself wherever he goes.

      1. separated from Ron White at birth

        1. They thought they were just throwing out a pile of old shirts…

  4. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will “reconsider” its controversial payday lending rules.

    The linked article did a pretty good job explaining what the rule is.

  5. California couple arrested for shackling, torturing their 13 kids.

    I am outraged at the intrusive state interfering with a parent’s sacred right to raise their kids the way they think best! /sarc

    1. Yes, how funny that just yesterday some of the brilliant minds here were arguing that parents own children.

      1. I’m calling bullshit on the notion that anyone spent their holiday shitposting on Hit’n’Run.

        1. Most of us have to work on MLK Day!

          1. Nonsense! That is NOT what Dr. King dreamed.

            1. Dr. King had several dreams. In one, he was stacking crates of chickens on a conveyor belt made from human skin. Oh, how history wpuld have turned out differently if he had chosen to talk about that dream instead.

              1. He had a dream one night
                That the tree had lost its middle
                So he built a trunk of chicken wire
                To try to hold it up
                But the wire the wire turned to lizard skin
                And when he climbed inside
                There wasn’t even time to say
                Goodbye to Wendell Gee
                So whistle as the wind blows
                Whistle as the wind blows, with me

        2. I was here all Christmas. WHERE WERE YOU!?

    2. You know, in those pictures of them they didn’t look as emaciated as advertised. But on the other hand, always beware of the engineer with the Prince Valiant haircut.

      1. beware of the engineer with the Prince Valiant haircut

        All of us engineers are pretty messed up.

        1. How many engineers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

          answer: 1
          It only takes one engineer to screw up anything.

    3. If the parents are found to have low IQ, we should give them back.

    4. Some of the captives were adults.

      1. Says the state. Obviously only the parents should be trusted to decide when their kids are ready to be emancipated.

    5. Um… there was some such plank in the 1982 LP platform, remember? That was a real vote-getter!

    6. Children and animals are two potentially sticky cases for liberals. Children, assuming you don’t either say they are literally your property to do with as you wish, or take the opposite Rothbardite approach and say they are treated as fully free, self-responsible adults from birth, are special unfree human beings whose custody is shared (in the paternalistic name of their self-interest) by their parents and the state. Liberals are, of course, likely to favor a skew heavily in favor of the parents. But the partial state custody is there (that is what it is, again unless you favor one of the above extreme positions) to some extent; don’t fool yourself. And we’re not used to making this kind of call; we like things “cleaner” when we’re dealing with free persons.

      Animals are a special form of property that, on most ethical theories, have a well-being to be looked after, and sentience, with pleasure and pain, which makes them different from other forms of property. This may, or may not, again depending on your opinion, justify some form of state interference with private property to protect the animals from e.g. wanton violence and torture.

      I know, I know. Fuck off, slaver. Look, this is an expository comment; I’m just laying out the landscape.

  6. Former Brietbart News chief

    I assume the misspelling was due to generalized spite.

    1. i before e except after c. Unless you’re a Kraut.

      1. i before e except after c. Unless you’re a Kraut.

        Weird. OK, well, except weird. After all, English isn’t a precise science, my friend.

        1. freind?

    2. It’s German. Briet, Bart, Briet!

      1. Nobody who speaks German could be evil.

        1. He spoke *Austrian*, and you know it!

          1. Austro-Hungarian, to be precise.

    3. The correct assumption is that Britches is a Fucktatd.

      1. What’s a Fucktatd?

        1. If you don’t know it when you see it, then you are the Fucktatd.

          1. Thanks. Now I know what the ‘F’ is for in your handle, Diego.

            1. Ha! Joke’s on you! The handle is short for “Diegofag.” I’m actually the (ultimately self-hating) Shrike; the other accounts are just my puppets.

  7. A broken rail reportedly caused a Metro train to derail in downtown D.C.

    Take these broken rails. And learn to drive again. And learn to live so free.

    1. +1 Mr. Mister

    2. Live free, except if you have to park.

  8. “the parents were unable to immediately provide a logical reason why their children were restrained in that manner.”

    Well, if we’re going to use “unable to immediately provide a logical reason why” as a basis for arrest, a *lot* of people are in trouble.

    1. This implies they would have accepted a sufficiently logical explanation.

  9. Metro said the rail … would have been visually inspected as recently as last week under its protocol.

    Whatever *that* means.

    1. Whatever *that* means.

      DC Metro Union Employee: *looks at rail* Yep, definitely broke.
      DC Metro Union Employee: *looks at time* Break time!

      *They both drive off*

      1. Metro Board Chairman Jack Evans, who was briefed by Wiedefeld on Monday morning, was shocked by the news.

        “It’s like, God, didn’t we do all of the fixing, the bad areas, SafeTrack?” he said. “All that stuff was intended to prevent stuff like this from happening.”

        Intentions are all that matter.

        1. And the punchline:

          “Overall in looking at this, a bad day when anything goes wrong, but a good day in how we responded to it, and it shows you the progress again that Metro has made,” he said. “It also feeds into what I’ve been saying for the last three years. Metro needs the dedicated funding of resources to continue to fix our system. And so I reach out to all of the jurisdictions, Maryland, D.C. and Virginia to move as expeditiously as you can in getting the resources to our system.”

      2. In fairness, rails break without warning. The weight of the previous train could have caused it. I suppose we could ask Congress to mandate some sort of Positive Rail Control, costing untold billions of dollars, to come up with some technological fix that would warn maintenance of every break the instant it happened.

    2. Izzat the one they call the Rio Norte line? That got nationalized?

  10. I don’t want to hear another word on H&R about what the “best” immigration policy should be. It has been found.

    1. Good to see federalism spreading.

    2. needs moar cowbell

    3. And they say the Swiss lack a sense of humor. That’s gold. (it’s also a year old)

      1. Did she win her appeal? These things are never followed up by the media, damn it!

    4. The resident’s committee argued that if she does not accept Swiss traditions and the Swiss way of life, she should not be able to become an official national.

      It’s like a whole town of little Swiss Donald Trumps.

  11. I have a serious question: will DACA MAGA? Prophesies anyone?

    1. “After there is great trouble among mankind, a greater one is prepared. The great mover of the universe will renew time, rain, blood, thirst, famine, steel weapons and disease. In the heavens, a fire seen. . . . . So many evils by Satan’s prince will be committed that almost the entire world will find itself undone and desolated. Before these events, many rare birds will cry in the air, ‘Now! Now!” and sometime later will vanish”
      ? Nostradamus

  12. 50 fuckin’ words and no Alt Text.

    Thanks for helping us live the dream, Britches.

    You Bastard.

    1. So he gets “Subpoenaed” right but can’t spell “Breitbart”.

      I still say hang the fucker from the highest yardarm.

  13. I keep hearing about this “Russian interference in the election” investigation but all I ever hear about is Trump associates being investigated – is there no suspicion whatsoever that the Russians might have tried getting some inside edge with any other candidates? Is Mueller even asking the question, considering the possibility? I’ve heard Hillary’s husband had occasion to talk to a Russian or two, as had Hillary herself, as well as Hillary being familiar with some people who’ve had dealings with Russian businessmen – no questions whatsoever being raised about that? No? Clean as a whistle and no need to look for anything being swept under the rug? Well alrighty then.

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