A.M. Links: Trump Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter to Bannon, Magnitude 4.5 Earthquake Strikes San Francisco, Massive Snowstorm Hits Northeast


  • Gage Skidmore / Flickr.com

    Lawyers for President Donald Trump have sent a cease-and-desist letter to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon over Bannon's "disparaging" comments about the president and his family.

  • "In the second excerpt published from Michael Wolff's new book, the journalist paints a portrait of a President Trump who is increasingly repeating stories, cannot recognize old friends, and is viewed by his closest allies as 'incapable of functioning in his job.'"
  • Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says North Korea poses the biggest threat since World War II.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron says his government will battle "fake news."
  • A magnitude 4.5 earthquake struck the San Francisco Bay Area early this morning.
  • A massive snowstorm is expected to hit the northeastern U.S. today.

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