Brickbat: You Can't Say That on Television


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The CBC canceled a broadcast of the documentary "Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?" just hours before it was scheduled to air after complaints from activists. The BBC documentary questions whether transitioning is the best path for every child with gender dysphoria. Activists said that was harmful.

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  1. Everything’s in a state of transition. What do we call trans-fat now, zhe-fat? Will Catholics get a religious exemption for the transubstantiation? Will radical Catholics bow down to trans people as their new saviors? Will the Pope make some inane comparisons with Marxism as he rejects them?

    1. The current Pope would do whatever gets the most praise from the media. He’s a bigger attention whore than Ted Cruz.

    2. Exemption from what, drunk driving laws? I don’t think so. They did used to get an exemption from Prohibition, right?

      1. Exempt from legal ramifications of mis-using “trans” of course.

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  2. mumble, mutter, science deniers, something, mumble.
    OF COURSE pre-pubescent kids know a whole lot more about biology and psychology than trained, experienced, professionals. Who would even think to question a kid about anything?

  3. I have a sample size of one in my personal database. A nearby kid dressed as a girl for a couple of years from about 5-6 years of age. Then he went back to boy one day.and hasn’t looked back in the last two years or so.

    So for him, maybe transitioning early wasn’t the best thing.

    I suspect the activists are operating with the same sample size. Everyone must share their experience or it somehow invalidates them.

    1. A friend’s teenage daughter is theoretically trans. Mom is full bore on board with the program – maybe a little TOO on board. It’s clear to the rest of us that the daughter is just trolling for attention. I would hate for anything irreversible to happen to her before she turns 18.

      1. I have bad news. Wanting to be a boy or girl is not the same as being one.

        You can rearrange your bits any way you like, you still aren’t on the other team.

        Meanwhile I don’t understand why we have such narrow definitions of gender that a female can’t be masculine without deluding herself into thinking she is male.

        1. Pesky y-chromosomes! It’s all about the feelz!

    2. I suspect the activists are operating with the same sample size. Everyone must share their experience or it somehow invalidates them.

      I suspect many of the activists are working with a sample size of zero. Especially the loudest ones.

  4. I am utterly SHOCKED to learn that NOT offending the “tranny brigade” of PC people is WAY more important than the actual happiness of trannies and potential trannies!!!

    Speaking of such things, there are biochemical, often off-label, solutions to your urges towards becoming a tranny, which MIGHT actually lead to better results! To MORE happiness, for many potential trannies! To becoming happy with your body, as it already is! Imagine that!

    See ….. delete me here …. gender-dysphoria.html for “Off Label” uses of drugs for suppressing “gender dysphoria”? 6 drugs listed in web link above, to include (pretty obviously) testosterone?

    1. Also use below as search-string?
      “Transgender woman, who claims pills for male hair-loss sparked gender change, opens up about ‘life and death struggle'”

      Concerns male-hair-loss “?drug Propecia, called finasteride, to halt the onset of hereditary baldness”, which feminized his / her body, and brought around the desire for a sex change, according to him-now-her.

      So then Propecia AKA (generic) finasteride sounds like a darned-good choice for an off-label drug use, if you are female, contemplating sex-change to male, and worrying that your marriage might not survive such a sex change? Which is a strong possibility! Try this first, to see if maybe you’d like to stay female, before you make drastic changes?

      Also see “The successful treatment of a gender dysphoric patient with Pimozide” at ?. (delete me here) ? 14365362_The_successful_treatment_of_a_gender_ ?. (delete me here) ? dysphoric_patient_with_Pimozide

    2. Remove the s in https and will auto shorten

      1. Cool, thanks, I have to try it here then… at…..h_Pimozide

    3. Speaking of such things, there are biochemical, often off-label, solutions to your urges towards becoming a tranny

  5. Just out of curiosity, what is the ratio of m2f trans versus f2m trans? A lot of this sounds like jumping on the more-victimized-than-thou bandwagon.

    1. My barber always says it’s easier to cut off than to add on.

      1. Your barber is right.

        1. So was Robespierre.

      2. From what little I know, isn’t it more of a butterflying and filleting, rather than a lopping off? Gotta build the mommy-parts somehow. Otherwise I’d like to imagine there being some sort of clearinghouse where the lopped-off members get matched with the men-trapped-in-womens’-bodies people. I’m sure that would be perfectly legal and even encouraged by the gubmint, but I still wouldn’t be allowed to sell my extra kidney.

        1. Just realized my phrasing wasn’t the best. I certainly don’t want to picture a warehouse full of amputated schlongs. Rather it’s the notion that such an exchange would exist which I find funny.

  6. On one hand the leftists are saying we have to bring in foreigners because the birthrate is below replacement levels, while on the other they demand that we spay and neuter our own children when they express a desire akin to wanting to be a knight when they grow up.

    Anyone who thinks the end goal is something other than our replacement is not paying attention.

    1. We need to encourage abortion to limit welfare spend.

      And we need to encourage immigration of people who give birth at age 15.

  7. When my cousin was six, he wanted to grow up to be a police dog. Whoever knows best, it definitely isn’t the kid.

    1. I dunno, sounds clever…he’d have more rights and privileges than many humans.

      1. He’s now a Doctor of Theology, so you’d like him, Eddie. Except he’s one of them heretical Presbyterian ministers, so maybe not.

        1. I wanted more than anything to be a garbage man. I thought the hydraulic compactor was so cool to watch.

        2. So instead of sniffing cars for drugs he sniffs old ladies for donation money.

        3. He could be a Dominican – Domini Canes, get it, dogs of God?

          1. Alternate joke: If he became a Presbyterian, it was probably bound to happen.

      2. Hell yeah. Being able to poop outside in front of everyone is one hell of a selling point to begin with.

        1. Don’t need to be a dog to be able to poop outside in front of everyone. It’s just the consequences are a bit different. Not sure I could master that slightly worried look mine always has while she’s squatting.

    2. “When my cousin was six, he wanted to grow up to be a police dog. Whoever knows best, it definitely isn’t the kid.”

      What a paternalistic thing to say! If they want a species-change operation, they should be entitled to it!

      The path has already been blazed for them… To see the results of “species change surgery” on people who are nominally human, but feel like cats, google “Dennis Avner” “Stalking Cat” ? Search on images especially?

      Dammit, I feel like I am a tiger! (Channeling Charlie Sheen here, I am). Can I get species-change operation, and make all you bastards pay for it, via mandated insurance coverage?!?!?!

  8. Watch video here on dailymotion:

    Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best

  9. “You Can’t Say That on TV”, I used to love that show as a kid. Oh wait what, that was “You Can’t Do That On TV”? My mistake, carry on then.

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