Brickbat: Kiss This


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Police in Tanzania have arrested a woman, who wasn't identified by media, after video of her kissing another woman at a party was shared on the Internet. Homosexuality is a crime in Tanzania carrying up to a life sentence, and the government has cracked down on homosexuals since President John Magufuli came to power in 2015.

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  1. Man, this Orange is the New Black spinoff is really grim.

  2. “Both of them should be arrested. Why did the woman accept an engagement ring from another woman?” Cosmas Alele, a resident of the northwestern town of Kagera said on Twitter, writing in Kiswahili.

    Seems as though a story like this wouldn’t need twitter reaction padding.

  3. Fucking hell. Assholes.

  4. Just like america where the president recently stacked the supreme court with conservatives in order to roll back gays’ right to force uncooperative bakers to bake them cakes.

    1. #metoo

    2. Can’t tell if serious.

      1. Sounds sufficiently woke to me.

  5. Around 1.4 million Tanzanians among a population of more than 50 million are living with HIV

    Is Tanzania a suburb of Baltimore?

  6. Homosexuality is a crime in Tanzania carrying up to a life sentence,

    But that can’t be as horrible as that hell hole people call “America” where eeevil bakers hurt the wittle fweelings of homosexual couples by refusing to bake wedding cakes for their shindings.

    1. Well, America is where countries like this like to blame the gay on so yeah we’re bad.

    2. Cool. By that logic, bakers shouldn’t complain about their endangered religious freedoms, because Christians get beheaded in other countries.

      Just because something is bad elsewhere doesn’t mean people should stop trying to make their own country better. And that applies regardless of your views on laws of general applicability.

      1. “At least we’re not [insert 3rd world hellhole]!” is a common argument in these parts. Call it capitalistic optimism.

  7. As we press ever onward to reclaim suppressed rights, let’s stop for a moment to consider the rights we taken for granted and be thankful to our predecessors for their courage.
    Ok, ok, enough of the serious stuff, let’s get back to politicking.

  8. That’s why people from other countries need to be able to freely emigrate to America. We could always use more chicks who lez out at parties.

    1. We could always use more hot chicks who lez out at parties.


      1. First of all, you’re commenting on Hit’n’Run, so i don’t believe for a second that you have standards. Secondly, the easy fix is to upgrade your beergoogles prescription until you’re into it.

  9. I’ll bite… Why is this an article (well, just a brickbat link) on Reason?

    Is it fucked-up? Sure.

    Is this any different from yesterday in Tanzania? Or tomorrow? Is this any different from every day in 70+ countries around the world?

    Is the point simply to inform us of something unfair in a third world shithole so we can be outraged about it? Are we running out of examples of people being arrested in the US for bullshit reasons?

    Is Judge Napolitano looking for a ghost writer?

  10. The anti-gay hysteria in Uganda was instigated by American missionaries. Wondering if the situation is similar in Tanzania (but too lazy to look it up right now).

    1. Don’t look it up, make it up. This is the web after all.

  11. anti-gay hysteria in Uganda…band name?

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