Brickbat: No Mercy in Malibu


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Under pressure from city officials, Malibu United Methodist Church has ended twice-weekly dinners for the homeless. Officials say the dinners were just attracting more homeless and making the problem worse. Some homeless people say residents were complaining because many of the homeless coming in were black and the city is 90 percent white.

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  1. Under pressure from Bethsaida officials to stop attracting crowds to the beaches, Jesus Christ ended feeding the multitudes.

    1. City officials in Capernaum noted that not only did the crowds leave large amounts of garbage such as fish skeletons and stale bread behind, but the events also created a public health hazard by attracting numerous lepers.

      ” And that’s not even considering the safety risk from all those crazy people possessed by demons who showed up”, said one city councilman, under condition of anonymity.

      When contacted by Action News in Jerusalem, a spokesperson for Governor Pilate said this was a purely local affair and all questions should be directed to the Herod Administraion at his Galilee office. “The Governor washes his hands of this whole affair and will answer no more questions about it”, his spokesperson added

  2. city officials…why we can’t have nice things!

  3. Gated communities and covenants.

  4. I already had a low opinion of Malibu, with its fascist sheriff and prominent residents like Jackie Treehorn.

    1. Then stay out of Malibu, deadbeat.

    2. I’m sorry, I wasn’t listening.

  5. Rich Democrats don’t want those Nig*ers around unless its to vote for Democrats.

  6. Simple solution – tell the Malibunians they’re not homeless black people, they’re illegal immigrant brown people.

  7. ‘Where are the white women at?’

    1. And the Blazing Saddles references continue…

  8. Um, so what about the government programs the progs are always screeching for? Are they arguing that a government program to feed the homeless won’t attract more homeless, but a private one will?

    1. No, just that a gov’t program will be sited by democratic means, so you can vote out officials who have it sited in your neighborhood, & vote in those who put it in someone else’s. A private agency might be anywhere, & we can’t have that.

      Seriously, this story plays out repeatedly all over the place. Everybody wants bums to be helped (passive voice), nobody wants it in their vicinity. They burned out a ULC ministry in Miami B. that was serving the poor.

  9. I would have expected California to REQUIRE feeding the homeless.
    Oh, wait. It is a church, not the bureaucrats. So ignore the first amendment and persecute the do-gooders.
    The Methodist church has enough money to hire enough lawyers to bankrupt Malibu with court motions, yet they cave.

    What would Rosa Parks do?
    Where is Jesse Jackson?
    Where is Al Sharpton?
    Where are all the liberals? (right. not a tax dollar being spent. not their problem)
    Who is John Galt?

  10. While I have no doubt that wealthy white liberals are the most race-conscious people on earth, the experience of other cities with the homeless has shown that If You Build It, They Will Come.

    And unlike in the movie, there won’t be some mystical invisible force holding them in one place, either.

    1. “Things” like the diseased and home less serve the purpose of providing reasons for holding a benefit and advocating for political contributions. And of course they serve as fodder for campaigns.

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