Garrison Keillor Fired From Minnesota Public Radio, American Airline Glitch Gives Every Pilot Christmas Off, Naked Tag in Nazi Gas Chamber: P.M. Links


  • B.J. McCray/flickr

    President Trump took to Twitter to revive a conspiracy theory about Joe Scarborough killing an intern.

  • Garrison Keillor has been fired from Minnesota Public Radio over accusations of sexual harassment.
  • "Ralph Nader might have saved the Democratic Party."
  • A computer glitch at American Airlines led to every pilot on staff getting Christmas off.
  • Two American men honeymooning in Thailand were arrested after they posted photos to Instagram of themselves showing their butts at a temple.
  • Former Oasis guitarist Noel Gallagher called Jeremy Corbyn a "communist" and called politicians "fucking idiots."
  • Controversy over footage of a naked game of tag filmed at a Nazi gas chamber in Poland that was part of an art installation.

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