Brickbat: Helping the Children


School bus
Die4kids/Wikimedia Commons

A Polk County, Florida, school bus attendant has been charged with child abuse after striking and violently shaking a special needs student. The sheriff's office says video shows Brenda Nelson hitting the girl, who was strapped down by a harness, and grabbing her by the hair and shaking her head back and forth and from side to side. She then pulled something behind the girl, who reached for it, and Nelson slapped her hand twice.

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  1. Please save us liberal arts majors! Thank God we have your Superior intellects to lead us out of this dystopian nightmare

    1. The era of scientifically-ignorant liberal arts dominance brought us world wars, depression, genocides.

      And then the nerds brought us Trump. Burn it down!

  2. Seems like we need common sense bus driver control. Let’s focus on irrelevant cosmetic features.

    1. I done know the cosmetic features are irrelevant. Have you seen what drivers look like?

  3. The sheriff’s office said in the video that not once did Nelson shout stop resisting at the child so the deputies had no choice but to arrest her.

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      Gee, if only there were a longstanding martial tradition of deploying weapon systems as a counter to themselves.

      1. You are right, of course, though I’d prefer half of D.C. being attacked by these things and the other half made up of poor shots with double-barrel shotguns trying to fight them off. Hilarity would ensue, making sharknado sequels obsolete.

    2. “Russell said that although A.I.’s ‘potential to benefit humanity is enormous, even in defense,’ allowing the widespread use of machines that ‘choose to kill humans will be devastating to our security and freedom.'”

      As opposed to his preferred outcome, in which we only “allow” the “right” technology to spread. I for one have full faith in the newly formed Department of Technological Correctness to be able to tell the good advancements from the bad advancements, continuing the proud tradition begun by the FDA, DEA and Alien & Sedition Act.

    3. “He noted that ‘a $25 million order’ can now buy a swarm of such tiny ‘slaughterbots’ that could kill half a city.”

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      1. Joe Flacco?

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      5. Good efforts all around, but the correct answer is “a nuclear warhead”.

        (Of course, a $25 million nuke might not be enough to actually kill half of a big enough city; but, then, $25 million of these little kamikaze parakeets probably wouldn’t be enough outside of this scaremonger’s imagination either.)

        1. I was thinking of bats strapped with incendiary bombs like we planned to unleash on Japan during World War II.

          The program got canceled because we were going to nuke Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          1. I can’t wait to see the look on the Berkeley prof’s face when his robo-pigeons try to upload their target from Apple Maps and end up destroying his own laboratory.

  5. Should I be reading more into this article? Why are the categories for this “brickbats” (Okay, I understand this one), “marijuana” and “insurance”?

    1. MJ and insurance are in the next article.

      Either that or the author had a little too much of the former and not enough of the latter?

    2. Incompetent and abusive government employees is a fav topic.

  6. OT: On my screen is an ad for Reason Magazine with the advertising blurb:

    “One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense”

    If only it had included “…. and that voice is Shikha Dalmia”
    I could have busted a proper gut.
    I haven’t busted a gut in far too long.
    C’mon Reason, go peak Derp or go home.

  7. I can’t get too upset about stories like this 1, of which we’ve seen a few here. How many of us would have the patience to handle this situation non-violently? Esp. if we were hired according to some vague criterion like “school bus attendant” & then found out one day we had special needs students on the bus.

  8. Well, using second amendment logic, the problem cannot be the person so it must be the bus. All we need to do is invoke common sense controls and ban school buses. As a side benefit, it will reduce global warming and allow more bike lanes.

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