Dems File Impeachment Articles Against Trump, High School Bans Five Offensive Words, Possibly Hospitable Planet Found Near Earth: P.M. Links


  • ESO

    A group of House Democrats have filed impeachment articles against President Trump.

  • Ohio postponed the execution of Alva Campbell after they couldn't find a usable vein; Campbell had previously requested to be killed by firing squad because of his vein issues but was denied by a judge.
  • A high school in Pennsylvania will ban the use of five words it deemed the most offensive and popular among students.
  • The African Union says the military ouster of Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe amounted to a coup.
  • Hungary is upset over U.S. plans to fund local media ahead of next year's elections there.
  • Terry Crews named his alleged assailant, a Hollywood executive against whom he filed a police report, and said he would "not be shamed."
  • Three UCLA players apologized for shoplifting in China after being released.
  • National security expert and "FOIA legend" Jeffrey Richelson died aged 67.
  • A new planet that could be hospitable to alien life has been discovered oribiting Ross 128, just 11 light years away.

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