Democrats Sweep Key 2017 Election Races, Reckless FBI Hacking Puts Us in Danger, German Court Rules for Intersex Rights: A.M. Links


  • Clockwise: Northam, Bhalla, Lyles, Roem, Murphy, Durkan

    In one of two governor's races across the country, Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam defeated Trump-styled Republican Ed Gillespie. Northam is "a pediatric neurologist and Army veteran, in the Democratic-mainstream mold of Governor Terry McAuliffe" who has "resisted liberal pressure to embrace a national single-payer health care plan," Bloomberg reports.

  • In the country's other 2017 governor race, New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy triumphed over Republican Kim Guadagno, taking the state back from eight years of GOP leadership under Chris Christie.
  • Democrats had a good showing in Tuesday's mayoral elections, too, with New York's Bill de Blasio, Boston's Marty Walsh, and Detroit's Mike Duggan keeping their seats and several big cities voting in new Democratic mayors. In Charlotte, Vi Lyles becomes the city's first black female mayor, while Jenny Durkan becomes the first female mayor of Seattle since 1928.
  • Virginia Republican Robert G. Marshall, author of Virginia's transgender bathroom bill, will be replaced in the state legislature by Democrat Danica Roem, a 33-year-old transgender woman. During the campaign, the 73-year-old sitting legislator—a 13-year veteran in the statehouse—refused to refer to Roem with female pronouns.
  • Hoboken City Councilman Ravinder Bhalla, a Democrat and Indian-American, becomes the first Sikh mayor of a U.S. city.
  • The election of Larry Krasner as Philadelphia's newest District Attorney signals good momentum for criminal-justice reform there.
  • "Investigators are increasingly deploying malware without first knowing which country their suspect is located in," writes Joseph Cox at The Daily Beast. And the FBI's use of such tactics could be inviting other countries to "unilaterally hack devices located in the U.S.," said Privacy International's Scarlet Kim.
  • Germany's highest court said citizens shouldn't have to choose either male or female on official records. The court's ruling recommends the creation of a third identity option or doing away with the category entirely.
  • The University of Notre Dame has backtracked on a decision to end birth-control coverage on employee and student health plans.

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  1. Democrats Sweep 2017 Elections

    Trump should officially switch parties just to claim the win.

    1. Was it a shellacking?

      1. Seems like a lot of it was incumbents keeping their jobs, but the Dems can take their wins where they can get them.

        1. Dems win in NJ and Detroit? Never thought I’d see the day.

          1. Yeah, I’m not sure that anyone thought that was going to go any differently than it did. Honestly, it’s hard to see how someone could be much worse than Christie in NJ as well. Hopefully this is the last we’ll hear of Chris, but I’m not holding my breath.

          2. You know who else kicked Chris Christie out of his job?

      2. The link talks about a few races in the 65/35 percentage split. Seems fairly dominant.

    2. Hello.

      “Democrats had a good showing in Tuesday’s mayoral elections, too, with New York’s Bill de Blasio, Boston’s Marty Walsh, and Detroit’s Mike Duggan keeping their seats”

      /raises hand. Puts it down. Walks away shaking head.

      1. The answer is “Yes, there was no way in hell any of those cities were going to vote out Democrat incumbents with or without the Trumpening.”

        1. How many major cities have anything but democrats controlling their mayorships or city councils? I’m from Pittsburgh and we haven’t had a republican mayor in roughly 100 years, literally. And i don’t know that we’ve ever had anything but dems run city council.

          All one has to do is look at county by county breakdowns of the past election. Hillary won counties with large cities and California, trump won everything else.

        2. In Detroit there was no choice. Mayoral elections are ‘non-partisan’ and the race here was between incumbent Duggan, a Democrat, and the first elected white mayor in almost fifty years, and Coleman Young’s son (also a Democrat), who has virtually no political experience and ran on racist dog-whistles. He lost very badly (70%-30%) in a city that is almost 80% black. Duggan has turned out to be pretty good for Detroit–he has actually helped make things a lot better, despite what you might read in the national press.

          1. Interesting and yeah, I haven’t actually read anything about that guy in the national press. But it is funny how “non-partisan” always turns out to mean a choice among Democrats. I thought that’s what primaries were for but whatevz.

          2. “Non partisan” translates as “looters only”. The 2016 vote count for Boulder County 7.7% of the vote did not go to DemoGOP kleptocracy candidates. Yet the Longmont newspaper left off the very spoiler votes democracy counts on to repeal bad laws.

      2. /raises hand. Puts it down. Walks away shaking head.

        Does ‘good showing’ generally connote some manner of approval in others’ minds? I could see how a strong showing means they showed up in larger numbers a good showing means they achieved a victory I approve of.

        Otherwise, I’m failing to see any other interpretation than Dems have a layers-deep, iron-clad grip on East Coast gubernatorial and mayoral politics that would put Russian oligarchs to shame. And that ENB approves.

    3. This country is has a virtually mandatory two party system, yet it hates single party rule. The first part means that the we cycle between Democrats and Republicans. The second part means we cycle it faster when one party holds power. In short, we like to switch it up to keep a balance. People don’t like it when Republicans control the presidency, the house, the senate, AND the governorships. It’s not balanced. So they vote to switch it up.

      The only thing unusual is that this happened only one year out of the Republicans gaining control. Usually it take a couple of years. Expect the 2018 congressional races to seat a lot of Democrats.

      1. You just believe the media too much.

        Democrats didn’t make any real ground except as governor of New Jersey and honestly, Christie was a RINO, so Its not like New Jersey was Republican.

        In 2018, Republicans will continue to make headway into Democrat controlled areas as Republicans have for election cycle after election cycle.

    4. It looks more like other than Christie–who was himself a spoiler–Democrats kept the seats Democrats had.

      And Christie poisoned the well in Jersey with his beach stunt.

      So I’m not really seeing any democrat gains per se–and there were no ‘key’ races whatsoever in this election.

      You guys are really grasping at Democrat straws here.

      1. There was an election down in Virginia as well, you know.

  2. The University of Notre Dame has backtracked on a decision to end birth-control coverage on employee and student health plans.

    What’s next? Women priests?

    1. Woman priests? Let’s get into the habit!

      1. That pun made nearly made me suicidal.

      2. Come come now! We’ll have nun of that!

    2. Commie pope approves.

  3. Hoboken City Councilman Ravinder Bhalla, a Democrat and Indian-American, becomes the first Sikh mayor of a U.S. city.

    That sounds foreign to me.

    1. You ain’t hip to the lingo the kids are using these days – “sikh” means “rad”.

    2. What a Sikh victory. How many Republicans are going to become Sikh because of this?

      1. You make me sikh.

      2. Better Sikh than Saracen! –Han Solo

  4. Germany’s highest court said citizens shouldn’t have to choose either male or female on official records.

    You know who else didn’t have all the genitalia you need to be a man?

    1. Mormon Tabernacle Choir?

    2. Hillary?

    3. Colonel Bogey?

      1. Rae Dawn Chong?

    4. Can they choose their own height, weight, eye and hair colors, and photo?

      1. I identify as 6’2″ and 170 lbs. And bulging like Ahhnold.

        1. Is that in or out of heels?

          1. Like I can find heels in a Men’s 13, anywhere in this hick town.

    5. Bea Arthur?

  5. Northam is “a pediatric neurologist and Army veteran, in the Democratic-mainstream mold of Governor Terry McAuliffe” who has “resisted liberal pressure to embrace a national single-payer health care plan,” Bloomberg reports.

    To be fair to Northam, he’s not a bought-and-sold Clinton creature like McAuliffe is, which is about the best thing it’s possible to say about his politics.

    1. That’s actually quite a compliment.

    2. Northam was a republican who voted for dubya twice-he converted in 2007 or so to run for state senate, then was rumored to consider switching back to the GOP. Can you say opportunist?

      In any case, if the dems really do win control of the Virginia assembly, I have no doubt that he will quickly shed any moderate veneer and be the progs trained barking seal, especially if he has national aspirations (and what pol doesn’t)?

      1. I imagine they will. That will be a shame for a lot of reasons. It would be nice if the Democrats would stop being the too crazy and evil to vote for under any circumstances party. Beyond that, it will turn Virginia back red within one election cycle. Both the Democrats and the voters seem to never learn. The Democrats never seem to learn that lying and running as a moderate doesn’t get you anywhere if you turn around and turn into a barking mad Prog upon assuming office and the voters seem to never learn that there is no such thing as a moderate Democrat these days.

      2. Neither of the major parties really stands for anything, and switching is as easy as mailing in a postcard. I don’t see how it discredits a moderate politician that they are smart enough to switch to whichever party has been getting itself elected.

  6. Hoboken City Councilman Ravinder Bhalla, a Democrat and Indian-American, becomes the first Sikh mayor of a U.S. city.

    Another Sikh burn on the Trump administration.

    1. Will he Sikh re-election?

      1. Incorrect pronunciation. Racist much?

        1. No, but I do make bad jokes apparently.

        2. Wait… what? Have I been saying it racist all along? Or did they pull a Gutter on us?

          1. The proper pronunciation rhymes with Snooki.

          2. You’ve been proudly announcing your racism with each pronunciation.

            1. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever said it out loud before. I am just racist in my head, it seems.

    2. Quite a disturban development.

      1. What? Just because he’s brown? Racist.

      2. He’s just kirpan it real.

        1. There’s gonna be an influx of kesh into Hoboken.

      3. You’re just trying to curry favor with this crowd.

        1. He has no beef with you.

          1. Sikh eat beef. Racism again.

  7. who has “resisted liberal pressure to embrace a national single-payer health care plan,”

    The weird things we care about in our state-level politicians.

    1. Medicaid is state level.

  8. The election of Larry Krasner as Philadelphia’s newest District Attorney signals good momentum for criminal-justice reform there.

    If he doesn’t end up being an a-hole then he’s not a real Philacrapian. Election overturned.

    1. Well, it is true that a-holes handle poo.

  9. Virginia Republican Robert G. Marshall, author of Virginia’s transgender bathroom bill, will be replaced in the state legislature by Democrat Danica Roem, a 33-year-old transgender woman.

    Virginia is transitioning.

    1. She seems like a classy lady

      When asked about Bob Marshall, Danica Roem said “I don’t attack my constituents. Bob is my constituent now.”

      I give that burn 4 fire emojis out of a possible 5.

      1. “And as part of my constituency, he shall bow before me.”

        1. Are you quoting yourself? Spoiler alert: no one has said that but you; even reading between the lines.

          1. It was a prediction.

            1. A prediction quote from whom? Just curious.

      2. “She seems like a classy lady”

        For a man.

      3. That’s more than I can say for Obama, Hillary, or most of Team Blue, who routinely attack political opponents as evil.

    2. Yes, Virginia, there is a shitter clause.

      1. I assume you didn’t just make that up.

        1. You wound me, sirrah.

    3. Good riddance to Marshall. Not that his replacement is any better, but fiscal responsibility needs to be divorced from nutty moral social conservatism.

  10. And the FBI’s use of such tactics could be inviting other countries to “unilaterally hack devices located in the U.S.,” said Privacy International’s Scarlet Kim.

    Which, in turn, is why we need to nationalize cyber security.

    1. Scarlet Kim — is it a name? Is it a handle? Either way, it’s awesome!

      1. I smell another improbably ass-kicking movie heroine.

    2. It sounds like we need international cyber security. Some guy named Dr. Evil was the lowest bidder for the contract bidding 1 Million dollars.

  11. During the campaign, the 73-year-old sitting legislator?a 13-year veteran in the statehouse?refused to refer to Roem with female pronouns.

    Is Xi a female pronoun?

    1. Glad that old bastard got voted out.

  12. Robert G. Marshall, author of Virginia’s transgender bathroom bill, will be replaced in the state legislature by Democrat Danica Roem

    One of you conservatives please explain your obsession with bathroom regulations.

    1. One of you lefties please explain your obsession with all the regulations.

    2. So as a dude, if I need to go really badly and there is no line for the girls room, can I be charged with sexual harassment if I’m not in drag?

      1. As a dude, just find a tree.

        1. That only works outdoors! I actually have been at restaurants around here where there has been a line for the men’s but not the women’s bathroom and have done what I needed to do not to pee my pants-this was long before any transgender bathroom laws. I have also seen women on many occasions use the men’s room because there is no line.

          1. So go outside the restaurant and find a tree outside. Or an alley.

            1. Yeah, that “works” right up until you’re put on a lifetime sex-offender list.

            2. So the woman, dressed like a man can just go outside and find a tree too?

            3. This was in DC, so I didn’t want to get mugged or worse.

          2. Are there not potted plants at these “restaurants”?

              1. You can tell at which restaurants in Tuscon BUCS eats by the dead cacti gracing the corners.

                1. Nah, cactus does well with it. Usually they flower.

                  I am the patient zero of Dutch Elm Disease though.

          3. The URL will probably get cut. but it’s on ozzyman.com with a woman using urinal at a football game so you can go find it yourselves.

            1. Women have been using urinals at least since Foreigner’s Head Games album.

      2. Generally speaking, no. While voyeurism is a crime in most states, merely being a man in the women’s room is not enough to be convicted. You would have to be in the women’s room and be making obvious attempts to “peek” or record other patrons.

        To put it simply? Legally speaking, the funny symbols on restroom doors indicate the proprietor’s preference, but are not legally binding in and of themselves. Now, if you are a man in the women’s restroom, and the owner (or similarly appointed authority, such as a manager) tells you to get out, then you’re in danger of trespassing, but that is not an automatic condition.

        “Bathroom bills” change this, obviously.

        But generally speaking, merely being in a restroom intended for the opposite sex or gender is not a crime in and of itself.

        1. This is an issue that was truly worsened by government stepping in.

    3. Except this started by progressives wanting to regulate sex segregated spaces. What conservatives did was a reaction.

    4. We don’t care.

      It is Progs demanding to allow men to use the women’s restroom.

    5. I don’t want my teenage daughter to be forced to shower with the football team asshole.

  13. Just saw Dan Rather on CNN plumping his new book “What Unites Us” – spoiler alert, it’s our hatred and loathing of Trump – and it reminds me that back during the Iraq War Rather scolded Tom Brokaw for referring to US troops as “our” troops because reporters have to be strictly neutral and impartial and it makes me wonder who this “us” is Rather’s referring to.

    1. Well, it’s not us, it’s them.

    2. I wonder if he mentions “Memogate” and how it showed how monumentally biased, toward the left, the media is?

    3. Even in f—–g NYC the not-Communist candidate got 25% of the vote. “Unite” my ass.

      1. Yeah, but 25% is what, Staten Island and Bay Ridge?

  14. And the FBI’s use of such tactics could be inviting other countries to “unilaterally hack devices located in the U.S.,” said Privacy International’s Scarlet Kim.

    Vampire hackers that can’t enter your system until invited. Or just polite gentleman hackers.

    1. Fortunately, there are all these plus signs in the code.

      1. That’s a plus!

        1. You aren’t adding anything to the conversation.

  15. Donald J. Trump ?@realDonaldTrump
    Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for. Don’t forget, Republicans won 4 out of 4 House seats, and with the economy doing record numbers, we will continue to win, even bigger than before!


    1. I have long suspected that Trump is a Trojan Horse for the dems-he seems to be doing a helluva job for them.

    2. It is true. Gillespie ran as a Bush style Republican and it got him nothing. Would he have won if he had gone full Trump? We will never know. But we do know not going full Trump got him beat.

      Virginia is a blue state now thanks to the growth of NOVA. I think Republicans running in blue states are better off trying something different, be that fully embracing Trump or whatever, than they are trying to be your typical dickhead moderate “I just want to lose honorably or become the tax collector for the welfare state” Republican. What do they have to lose?

      1. I blame the rain and cold here yesterday-it kept all but the most rabid anti-Trumpsters home, and Gillespie was a pretty lousy candidate. Of course, if Hillary were president, he very likely could have won. The thing is though that NoVa has grown bc of Virginia’s business friendly policies for gov’t contractors, which have attracted lots of former blue state residents to jobs here and there is no more room for them to live in Maryland.

        1. And McAliffe is a crook but he was not a horrible governor as Democrats go. So, outside of the usual culture war stuff, people didn’t have much to complain about in the state. So, they voted with the incumbent party. Despite all of the celebration on the part of the Dems, both Norville and the guy he is replacing would be completely unacceptable to most of the national party. This is hardly an endorsement of Lizzie Warren Bernie Sanders type Progressiveism.

          Long term, the sanctuary city thing is going to be interesting. Virginia wants to be a sanctuary state and not deport any criminals it happens to catch, I wish them luck with that. It will be interesting to see how it turns out. But, if it doesn’t turn out well and the quality of life drops and crime rates rise in places where important upstanding white people live like Louden and Fairfac counties, the next state elections will look a lot different.

          1. When you say “Virginia wants” you understand that is what those counties around D.C. and Norfolk want?

            1. Yes. And those will be the counties who are most affected by not deporting criminals. So, they are going to get what they want good and hard.

            2. He said that in his original comment, you silly goose.

              1. meow!

            3. Yeah, it’s almost like the general principle is “one man, one vote” or something.

              1. Or its democrats business as usual in Virginia and the media making it out to be national referendum on Trump, when its not.

                Trump is more popular than when he was elected.

          2. This is hardly an endorsement of Lizzie Warren Bernie Sanders type Progressiveism.

            Where I live, there unfortunately are lots of lefty proggies and being a DEM is key to their identity no matter who they might be voting for. The dems had almost complete control of Va politics until the 1990s when the assembly flipped, but these were Dixiecrat types mostly and very different from who won yesterday. NoVa always has been a democrat stronghold, but it has gone from voting 60% dem 10 years ago to 80% and its the proggies who account for this growth. The governor must still pay lip service to being a moderate to not totally scare away rural voters, but if they have a dem assembly, all bets are off.

            1. I don’t doubt you about the bets being off. I really don’t think many of the suburbanites who went Democratic last night really think they are signing up for that. I think they think they are signing up for four more years of whatever MacAulliffe did and the right to feel smug about being on the right side of things. If the VA government goes full-on Prog, I bet you see the legislature flip back to the Republicans in the next election. The suburbanites in Virginia, while liberals are not the same as the suburbanites in Massachusetts or Berkley.

  16. …while Jenny Durkan becomes the first female mayor of Seattle since 1928.

    I feel like having a dame as mayor in the 20’s would be a greater achievement than having one today.

    1. Broadly speaking, I agree.

    2. WHOA…man. They have had the jackboots of white men keeping them down all these years- not – that only a few good women candidates have run for office.

    3. The race was two women, so even if it was historical it was inevitable.

      Actually, the top 3 in primary were women if I recall correctly. Durkan, Moon, and someone else.

      1. Maybe ENB can explain how Dems holding serve in a Dem city in a contest between 2 far left Dems looking to succeed another far left Pediphile Dem is a “win in a key race” and repudiation of Trump.

    4. Remember Tonie Nathan? With one electoral vote she moved our 1972 platform into the Roe v. Wade decision ending coathanger abortions? The Libertarian Party of Canada just chose a President named Coreen Corcoran.
      The first German to ask if that’s a boy or girl president gets to stay after class and clean the erasers.

  17. Jenny Durkan becomes the first female mayor of Seattle since 1928.

    Let’s see if she can get the supersonics back.

    1. They can play in the Amazon offices after they move to Austin.

    2. Since Gregoire sent them packing (the only good thing she did in office), only a woman can bring them back.

  18. The election of Larry Krasner as Philadelphia’s newest District Attorney signals good momentum for criminal-justice reform there.

    Maybe we can finally get a clean game with the Flyers.

  19. With the exception of a Democrat for Governor of New Jersey, didn’t all the outcomes result in the same party control?

    Virginia was controlled by a Democrat and still is. Those suckling from the federal teat in Virginia are the swamp denizens that are finding their swamp draining. Of course, they will fight that.

    1. I just looked out my window and the Swamp is rising. Defense contractors are not worried about Trump, and that is the bulk of VA contractors. In MD the bulk of fed work force is the HHS and that isn’t being touched (think Soc Sec). Construction is booming and all seems well and dandy here in the Swamp.

      1. Not worried, huh?

        I guess they just don’t like Trump because he uses Twitter.

        1. Yes that is why because he says crazy shit. But the swamp as I understand it is not going away and is growing. No defense cuts, no entitlement reform. No spending cuts. Just a new paint job on it.

          What really scares them is not having an enemy (any enemy, drugs, nation states, epidemics etc..). After the fall of the Soviets around the early 90s their was a real scare around the area because without a an enemy to justify defense spending and the govt shut down; the defense contractors were scared for their jobs (I know because my father is one and all his friends are and that is all they talked about). Right now they are bullish with wars all around the globe.

          1. Trump has at least stopped the massive growth of made up foreign “enemies”.

            He can’t do much to make cuts because Congress controls the purse. He can threaten veto and budget that does not involve cuts.

            1. If you have to give excuses for why he isn’t actually “draining the swamp”, then perhaps you shouldn’t also be claiming that he is

  20. I must say: excellent effort this morning, ENB.

    1. On time too. I doubt she slept last night, what with the huge election results pouring in/all election night cocktail parties.

      1. She’s still hella buzzed on the rush of incoming results, and also cocaine!

        1. A troo libertarian would eat bath salts, which is one of the many reasons why ENB and the rest of the Reason staff are cosmo trash.

          1. Crusty enjoys his bath salts with almond milk and sliced strawberries.

            1. Those aren’t strawberries.

        2. I was going to guess coffee, Marlboro reds, and the sheer thrill of covering such a historic election powered her through the night.

          1. She’s a lady, Conchfritters, don’t you fucking forget it. She smokes Virgina Slim 120s.

  21. Turns out that the “hate crime” at the Air Force Academy that the 3 star general gave a rant about was a hoax committed by the supposed victim


    1. Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria gathered cadets and staff members for a speech that has gone viral in videos posted across the internet. He said that those who can’t respect others “need to get out.”

      So the hoaxer got kicked out?

    2. Aim High!

  22. Tax reform likely delayed until 2019.



    Trump zero for 2017 on legislative wins.

    1. Its hard to roll back government when RINOs don’t want government rolled back.

      In the meantime, Trump will have the most successful first year as a President going back decades.

      Gorsuch, EO repeal 2 for 1, deregulation, USA growth of over 3%, nominated conservative judges to fill courts, stand up to North Korea, limit military actions, drain the swamp, get lefties all upset, repeal nearly all Obama EOs, setup for repeal of ObamaCare and tax reform, deporting millions of illegals and illegal immigration cut by over 50%, etc etc etc.

      1. You’re as delusional as the Orange Buffoon is.

        1. Aw, poor Butt doesn’t like facts.

    2. Trump showing voters what Republican congresspeople REALLY want.

      It is quite informative.

      Can’t blame Trump because he assumed Republicans meant what they campaigned on for years.

      1. Trump showing voters what Republican congresspeople REALLY want.
        Mostly the status quo, with a few adjustments around the periphery?

        And while I wouldn’t “blame Trump” for believing Republicans, I’m curious why you would assume that he did believe them.

    1. “Kelela”? Isn’t that one of those nasty raised scars?

        1. In that case, i’m lost.

          1. You need to pray to St. Anthony.

    2. No doubt about that.

    3. It’s like MTV never existed!

      1. Internet killed the video star…

        1. The Real World killed MTV.

          1. Fun fact: Puck killed Pedro.

          2. Then what became of popular music made sure it stayed dead.

    4. “objectively flawless debut album.”

      I hate that objectively is the new literally. Where it just means “I think so”. I really hate it a lot.

      1. “Objective” is literally the same thing as “subjective” now.

  23. “Virginia Republican Robert G. Marshall, author of Virginia’s transgender bathroom bill, will be replaced in the state legislature by Democrat Danica Roem, a 33-year-old transgender woman. During the campaign, the 73-year-old sitting legislator?a 13-year veteran in the statehouse?refused to refer to Roem with female pronouns.”

    Cosmotarian moment! Finally, we can shrink government by having it mandate pronoun usage and impose business pee-pee policy!

    1. I can’t tell who you are criticizing in this post. Everyone involved? I’m not familiar with the democrat’s campaign, was it about mandating pronouns?

      1. Hey man, my comments are like art. They don’t make a lot of sense. I don’t get what I’m saying. And it’s up to you to interpret it

        1. You are cranky because you earlier this morning to once again failed to deepthroat your own hog.

          1. Hey man, you know that’s not true.

            1. You’re cranky because your wife was angry that you “accidentally” slathered your nude body with coconut oil and rolled around on a tarp full of glitter again?

              1. That’s a dumb remark. Who uses coconut oil when they cover themselves in glitter? Do you even bedazzle, bro?

                1. Not only do I bedazzle, I also pejazzle and assjazzle (seriously, my starfish is the most fab), and I do it all with coconut oil.

                  1. You know coconut oil is bad for heart health?

                  2. +1 glittoris

          2. It’s not his fault that his throat is just too deep for him.

        2. Understood. I just got confused because the person who wanted to impose business pee-pee policy just got voted out.

          1. Well, no. That would have been the Charlotte ordinance. The state ordinance forbade business pee pee policy. But, it did impose government building pee pee policy. So, both sides pissed themselves

            1. so much pee pee.

            2. Given the choice between a city doing something bad, and a state doing something equally bad, I’d prefer the city. The smaller jurisdiction is easier to avoid if it bothers you.

              1. So then we shouldn’t have problems with city bans against Uber?

                1. Have problems with whatever you want to have problems with, I was speaking for myself.

                  But the general principle is that all-else being equal, I’d rather a “bad law” be confined to as small a jurisdiction as possible.

                  1. Seems like a principle that is selectively employed

  24. Germany marching forward!

    “””””The 15-year-old girl tried to stop her classmates from making anti-Semitic jokes and displaying Nazi symbols. The Dresden student was awarded for her courage in reporting her classmates to the police.””””


    1. Awarded a gold star to proudly display on her arm.

      1. Germans just now dug up another National Socialism relic (550-lb bomb) in Potsdam–78 years after invading Poland. They dig out several of these every year and have evidently learned nothing.

  25. I fear all these dem victories will embolden our neighbors to invade our houses and break our ribs. And the pussy hats will stand outside and laugh.

  26. OJ’s crimes ranked:

    Ruining The Naked Gun movies
    Killing his wife and a waiter
    Further depressing Buffalo Bills fans

    1. The funny part is that in California he could end up with more jail time for misgendering Jenner than he ever served for killing his wife and that other guy.

      1. You seem to be obsessed with transgenders.

        1. Don’t be a dick to that guy.

        2. I think a lack of a sense of humor about a subject is a bigger indication of being obsessed with it than mentioning it a couple of times. Just saying.

          1. Wow, a rare bout of self-awareness, John?

            1. I thought what he said was funny. Why don’t you?

        3. Oh come on. You don’t think it’s funny that that’s true?

      1. Yeah, what’s that all about? He was good in those.

      2. Finally, something we agree on! The Juice made those movies better in my view.

  27. Citizens having access to modern technology is cray cray

    After answering that the problems that allowed Kelley to obtain a firearm legally represent a “single point failure,” and is a tragic error in the system, Winslow went further to comment on gun laws.

    “I’d also like to, and I may get in trouble with other members of the committee, just say how insane it is that in the United States of America a civilian can go out and buy a semi-automatic assault rifle like an AR-15, which apparently was the weapon that was used,” Winslow said.

    I don’t know what a “semi-automatic assault rifle” is and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t either. Also, I would like to point to his flawed premise. The entire purpose of the second amendment is to prevent the government from preventing the average citizen (irregular soldier) from acquiring arms similar to that of the professional soldier (regular soldier). The disparity between the two is already too large and is growing.

    1. I don’t know what a “semi-automatic assault rifle” is and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t either.

      A scary-looking rifle that goes like “pew pew” every time the trigger is pulled. I mean, it’s like scary black and stuff, has a scary pistol grip, and other scary stuff that makes it like scary and stuff. You know?

      1. ///blackriflesmatter

      2. Don’t forget bayonet lugs. Something needs to be done about the spree of drive by bayoneting.

        1. I love the image of somebody driving through some neighborhood. Javelining an AR out a window and impalling some rival gang member.

        2. It’s the mass bayonetting that’s the real problem.

    2. I don’t know what a “semi-automatic assault rifle” is and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t either.

      By my count; 24 rounds in 17s with four separate guns, none semi-automatic, all fully seasoned and saulted.

  28. …New Jersey Democrat Phil Murphy triumphed over Republican Kim Guadagno, taking the state back from eight years of GOP leadership under Chris Christie.

    New Jersey Democrat Chris Christie really left a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. No Jerksey 2nd Amendment rights restoration in the foreseeable future.

    1. SCOTUS lawsuits are the only thing that may change that.

      1. Supreme Court decisions never seem to have a practical application in real life.

  29. Trump backlash seems as real as the Tea Party backlash to Obama. In Chester County, PA there were four county row offices (Controller, Treasurer, Coroner, Clerk of Courts) that have stayed in Republican hands for more than 150 years: that’s through Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, Obama, etc. Yesterday, the Democrats won all four, easily, despite a Republican registration edge. The times they are a changing.

    1. A Democratic coroner? Now I’ve seen everything.

      1. It picks the pockets first.

    2. That is a more interesting story than VA. But before jumping to any conclusions, what were the local issues in the election? County offices tend to be the most local of all elections. Did the Republicans screw up? Were they caught stealing or something? I honestly don’t know and am asking.

      1. Did not screw up with a scandal. As an independent, I got six mailings from GOP to one from Dems. GOP all bragged about the great credit rating of the county, the low taxes, etc. Dem lit was pictures of the family, etc. Results appear to turn on the turn out – 42% of registered Dems voted vs. 32% of GOP. Why the sudden increase in Dem turnout? Usually about 35% of each party registrants turn out in non presidential years. The GOP committeeman structure has been coasting for years (last three County GOP chairs have been more interested in becoming State GOP chairs). I think Republicans simply stayed home in protest while Dems quietly got their “woke” voters to the polls. Either this is a wake up call or GOP has finally been toppled for good in the Phila. suburbs.

        1. GOP has finally been toppled for good in the Phila. suburbs

          That would be my guess. Same has happened in NYC.

  30. Wow. Two links in a row going back to yesterday’s PM links and no mention of Roy Halladay’s death.

    If there was one athlete that deserved such mention it’s him.

    At least Lou Reed keeps pumping out hits.

  31. Wall of Grief: Putin opens first Soviet victims memorial

    Stalin’s victims

    Millions died under Joseph Stalin, who ruled the Soviet Union from 1929 to 1953
    Victims died in deportations, famine, forced collectivisation, executions and in prison camps
    At least 750,000 people were executed during Great Terror of 1937-38
    Millions were sent to Gulag labour camps


    At the opening ceremony, Mr Putin said: “An unequivocal and clear assessment of the repression will help to prevent it being repeated.”

    “This terrible past must not be erased from our national memory and cannot be justified by anything.”

    1. “… Ha, ha, ha – just kidding!”

    2. Maybe they’ll get around to the victims of other Russian dictators like Lenin, Georgy Malenkov, Nikita Khrushchev, Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov, Konstantin Chernenko….

      and Putin.

    3. It’s about time.

  32. I really thought that LVF video was gonna sink Northam’s campaign. I suppose attacking the voters can pay off. Anyway, as Ralphy wants another “assault-weapon” ban and the legislature may be turning blue, I many have to pull the trigger (pun intended) and go ahead and do my AR build* a bit sooner than later.

    *meaning getting an upper and lower and attaching them to one another. Idk how to actually do a “build” per say.

    1. Brown children breathed a sigh of relief this morning.

    2. Yeah, I’m sure that some useless gun-control horseshit will be headed our way soon.

  33. taking the state back from eight years of GOP leadership under Chris Christie

    But was it really GOP leadership under Christie?

  34. Cruz: It’s a mistake for House bill to raise taxes

    Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Tuesday criticized the House GOP tax plan for likely raising taxes on individuals in high-tax states such as New York and California and called for language to repeal the individual mandate to produce more revenue.

    Cruz called raising taxes on people in wealthy, staunchly Democratic states such as New York and California “a mistake.”

    Cruz has teamed up with fellow conservative Sens. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) and Rand Paul (R-Ky.) in calling for tax reform to include language repealing ObamaCare’s tax penalty on people who don’t buy health insurance.

    The provision would raise an estimated $300 billion to $400 billion over the next decade, which Cruz and other Senate conservatives say could be used to lower individual tax rates even further.

    1. So… he wants the rest of the country to continue subsidizing New York’s and California’s drunken spending? Just so I’m clear on his “conservative” cred.

      1. First, most states have some kind of an income tax. So, getting rid of that deductions screws a lot more people than just those in California or New York. Second, there is something wrong with the idea of taxing people on money they by law never see. You have to pay your state income taxes. That is not the same as spending it on something by choice. You effectively never make that money. I don’t see how it is fair or rational for the federal government to tax money that you are legally not entitled to keep as income. I know they can do it by the broad definition of “income” in the tax code, but I do not think it is right.

        Lastly, I don’t believe that ending the deduction will have any effect on the taxes and spending of the blue states. Blue state politics are dominated by the rich who have the money to pay taxes or avoid them and the poor who don’t pay any taxes. All ending the deduction would do is further screw the few remaining middle-class people in these states who likely don’t support the tax policies anyway and just get outvoted by those who don’t pay taxes.

        I think Cruz is right about this. And I don’t think he is a bad conservative for taking that position.

        1. Fair points. However, the impact is greatly reduced with that proposed standard deduction. You have to make well over 100K to get screwed by it.

          1. True but I don’t think screwing someone making more than 100K is any better than screwing someone making less. I am really puzzled how so many people on the right have decided that progressive taxation is the natural and necessary state of things.

            The truth is that one of the biggest problems with the federal tax system is that it is too progressive and too many people get by without paying any taxes or having any skin in the game. I don’t think the fact that you are middle class and have children should excuse you from paying federal income taxes. I want a flat broad based tax code that is simple, taxes everyone to some degree and doesn’t punish people for the crime of being successful or reward them for engaging in whatever behavior our betters have decided is preferable.

            1. I’m not sure how middle-class is defined but those taxes started taking a big bite around the time I think I joined it.

              Not owning a house and not having children might have something to do with that, I don’t know.

              I agree with your point that too many people aren’t paying it.

              1. I spent 7 years as a double income couple with no kids who did not own a house. I totally understand where you are coming from. I don’t think it is right that people like you and I who for whatever reason haven’t bought a house or had kids should get robbed while people who have often walk away not paying anything. What the hell is so sacred about a kid and a house?

                1. Homeowners buy stuff to take care of the the house?

                  I agree though. These are special interest tax schemes.

                  Tax everyone at the same percentage, so all Americans have skin in the game.

                2. What the hell is so sacred about a kid and a house?

                  Good grief, John! It’s The American Dream, or at least The Fabric of Society!

                  1. Sure it is. And good for those who do it. I still don’t see why that should excuse you from paying taxes or not doing it warrants being punished.

        2. If state taxes are legitimate expenses for corporations, before calculating their federal tax, then they need to be legitimate deductions for individuals. As you say, such expenses are not voluntary for the individual, unlike, say taking out a mortgage on a big home or a vacation home.

          1. That is a great point about corporate deductions. I had not thought about that. Ending the deduction for individuals but allowing corporations to continue to call state taxes expenses is horribly unfair.

          2. I thought the mortgage interest deduction only counted for the “principal residence”, and not a vacation home?

            1. You can deduct one vacation home. The year Congress ended the deduction for student loan interest, they created the deduction for vacation home interest. They really are amazing assholes.

        3. The states should have a deduction for federal taxes too and then the federal tax would have a deduction based on that and so on. It would be the ideal income tax system.

          1. I can’t argue with that

    2. Not sure why Cruz wants them to pay less in taxes when they explicitly want to pay more taxes. Or at least that’s what they keep saying even while I’m pretty sure they would all be pissed off if they actually had to pay those higher tax rates.

      Not that Cruz is wrong per say, it’s just that the people he’s ‘defending’ won’t appreciate it and they explicitly vote for guys that raise their taxes so…what are you really protecting them from? Themselves?

      1. You assume everyone in a blue state supports the tax rates. And that is just not true.

        1. No, I assume that a majority of people in those states support higher taxes, which they do. The disconnect being that most of them are for higher taxes on someone else, rather than themselves.

          Hooray, Democracy and Democrats. Where the majority can vote themselves the cash of the minority.

          1. The majority of the people do. And that majority is either rich and avoids or can afford to pay taxes or poor and doesn’t pay taxes. So all you are doing is fucking people who likely object tot he taxes and get outvoted. You are not harming the people who support those taxes.

            Also, lots of low tax red states have income taxes and people in those states are going to get screwed as well. just to a lesser degree. So basically, you are screwing a bunch of people who mostly don’t’ support these taxes so you can pretend you are doing something.

        2. “”You assume everyone in a blue state supports the tax rates. And that is just not true.””

          I think it was Bloomberg that said, The only good tax is the one that taxes the other guy.

  35. Keep a close eye on NJ. It is going to become the next CT. Murphy ran on a platform to make NJ more liberal than California. The race to the bottom is on!

    1. Keep a close eye on NJ

      My God.

    2. NJ already is the bottom.

      1. Might as well throw another fantasically wealthy ex-Goldman Sachs executive at it. That worked out great last time.

        1. Where should they install the trebuchet?

          1. I dunno but I have a feeling it will be pointing outward in 4 years, or sooner depending on how corrupt he is. Is there any chance he’s a “gay American…?

    3. Murphy promised:

      $15 Minimum Wage
      Fully-funded pre-school
      Free Community College
      Fully funded state worker’s pension plan
      SJ light-rail (Camden-Glassboro)
      Property Tax Relief

      and he’s going to do it all just by raising taxes on millionaires!

        1. There are some very nice areas in NJ if you’re a millionaire.

          1. I already said “mafia.”

          2. If you’re a millionaire, you can find a “nice area” just about anywhere.

        2. They are considered middle class.

      1. I hope Republicans eventually pass a “Fuck you, we’re not bailing your asses out” bill. Just to make it clear upfront.

      2. SJ light-rail (Camden-Glassboro)

        They’ll be alright on this if they just take cue’s from Commiefornistan. Also, I want a unicorn.

    4. Another Herbert Hoover conservative struggling with the dictionary…

  36. During the campaign, the 73-year-old sitting legislator?a 13-year veteran in the statehouse?refused to refer to Roem with female pronouns.

    Appropriate considering Roem is apparently a man. I, for one, refuse to validate the delusions of the mentally ill.

    1. Funny how the left has jumped all on protecting us from the mentally ill with the San Antonio shooter but transgender people should be protected.

    2. You will never be welcomed by the Empire, with that attitude.

  37. “Virginia Republican Robert G. Marshall, author of Virginia’s transgender bathroom bill, will be replaced in the state legislature by Democrat Danica Roem, a 33-year-old transgender woman. During the campaign, the 73-year-old sitting legislator?a 13-year veteran in the statehouse?refused to refer to Roem with female pronouns.”

    Well, I guess the science is settled, then. Transgender is as popular as can be.

    The Democrats should definitely campaign nationally on this issue.

    I’m sure McDonalds and Coke will be using transgender themes in their advertising now because being transgender is so popular.

    1. Interesting that transgenders, who represent ~.06 of the adult population, are given such control over the Democratic Party.

      I am sure that will go over great in 2020.

      1. If there isn’t already a transgender Barbie, there will be soon.

        They’re that popular.

        1. “Math *used to be* hard!”

        2. Last I checked Barbie and their related dolls don’t have genitals, so does that count?

        3. “”If there isn’t already a transgender Barbie, there will be soon.””

          I’m pretty sure there is a transgendered Ken.

      2. Maybe the GOP will nominate Caitlyn

    2. It’s almost like folks are realizing that other people being trans doesn’t actually affect them.

  38. Off topic but i’m tellin’ ya PA man =FL man


  39. “Germany’s highest court said citizens shouldn’t have to choose either male or female on official records. The court’s ruling recommends the creation of a third identity option or doing away with the category entirely.”

    Why can’t we be more like the Germans? They’re so liberal!

    P.S. Didn’t “far right” Alternative for Germany just win 12.6% of the German vote? It’s so hard to keep up with the narrative, these days. Wasn’t the far right a legitimately threatening, populist menace world wide, last week? Now, this week, the people of the world are solidly behind everything from open borders to open genders?

  40. My theory on the dems’ success in Virginia is that the crappy weather here yesterday kept a lot of the seniors home.

    1. That might be. The Republicans didn’t win in 2013 and Hillary won the state in 2016. I don’t see how a Democrat beating a garden variety why can’t we just get along Republican by three points in a true off year election means much one way or another.

      1. The Republicans didn’t win in 2013

        That’s because there was a civil war in the Va GOP where AG Ken Cuccinelli opted to run for governor instead of the more moderate Lt. governor. Apparently there was some sort of agreement that he wouldn’t do this. The dems then had a field day bc Cuccinelli is strongly pro-life, so they sent out dozens of “war on women” mailers to get the vagina voters out.

        1. Gillespie wasn’t much better of a candidate. Sure, he was not as controversial as Cuccinelli. But, he didn’t really seem to give much of a reason for people to turn out and vote for him. The Democrats really wanted to win and got their people to turn out. The Republicans ran a guy that didn’t seem to give their voters much of a reason to show up.

        2. Cuccinelli didn’t help his cause by appearing to be completely terrified in all of his ads.

          1. He was terrified because the state seal was showing some side boob.

            1. Side boob? Dude, it shows a full-on titty.

        3. Ah, Cuccinelli. That’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. Is he still trying to defend sodomy laws?

          1. Cuccinelli is one of those politicians that makes you wonder where the hell they come up with these people. See we need to keep sodomy laws on the books because they are needed to make sure sex offenders are fully punished. No shit, that was his claim. I mean this country is so known for letting child molesters off easy. What a fucking dope.

            1. The best part is that the Code of Virginia statutorily defines sodomy as sex in any position other than missionary.

              1. And it defines “reckless driving” as driving over 80 MPH. No kidding. Virginia is a barbaric state. As bad as the People’s Republic of Maryland is, Virginia is worse.

                1. Come on, i wouldn’t go that far.

            2. You’re too kind. He only pivoted hard to “sodomy laws about minors” back in 2013. When the Virginia legislature (that he was a part of at the time) first debated changing their sodomy law following Lawrence v. Texas (2003), he was much less shy about wanting to send a message to gay people. As recently as 2009 he was on record saying he wanted to jail gay people.

              His support of the law was never about punishing a man for getting a blow-job from a seventeen year old girl. It has always been about gay people.

      2. Virginia has been “swamped” by too many parasites from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New England etc. looking to suckle off the four trillion dollar big teat.

        1. Also of note, Cliff “Who?” Hyra pulled in a pathetic 1.1%, an absolutely dismal result even by the Libertarian Party’s low standards, after Robert Sarvis pulled in 6.5% four years ago.

          I guess the “Libertarian Moment” has officially come and gone.

          1. People like liberty, just not for other people.

          2. I bet many people didn’t even realize it was a voting day.

          3. Hey, he broke 1% at least!

            As I said before, the weather in Virginia yesterday was terrible with cold driving rain for most of the day, so only the most motivated (anti-Trump) voters showed up, and libertarians tend to be the most motivationally challenged of all voters.

            1. Hey, i showed up. Of course, my polling place is right on the way home and they hand out candy, so registering a futile protest against the system was a completely painless affair.

            2. Motivationally challenged is a very polite phrase for us.

  41. Germany’s highest court said citizens shouldn’t have to choose either male or female on official records.

    Being male or female is not a choice.

    1. It is when your delusional. I agree with your past comments that these people have mental problems.

      1. *you’re that is.

    2. For the “Sex” entry, I just write in “Occasionally”.

      1. Lucky bastard!

      2. I write “Yes, please”.

    1. Real life Rats of Nimh

      1. “Flowers for Algernon” is a real tear-jerker.

        1. That is one of those kids’ books that must have been written by someone who hated kids and just enjoyed making them cry. “Flowers for Algernon” is almost Old Yeller or Sounder level cry worthy.

          1. What is “Charlotte’s Web”, chopped liver?

            1. That is another one. We spent so much of our childhood sobbing our brains out. Kids today have no idea how lucky they are to be reading feel good dreck like Harry Potter.

              1. You think millenials didn’t cry when Draco otherred Hermione or Neville?

              2. You never read the final book in the series, did you? Rowling seemed to have a bloodlust for her own characters that got progressively worse with each book.

                1. I feel like she had a strong urge to appear mature and adult as a writer as time has gone on. But she’s not a particularly good writer and so we get stuff like that.

                  I will continue to opine that she is a very overrated author.

    2. Every time i get disgusted with the state of American media outlets, i check out the Sun, and suddenly American media outlets don’t seem so stupid.

  42. OT but on topic:
    Twitter is no more the 140-character micro-blogging site. The company has officially extended the tweet character limit to 280.

  43. Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment

    Anello claims that during a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Mariah asked him to come to her room to move some luggage; when he got there, she was allegedly wearing a see-through negligee that was open.

    Hmm, perhaps there’s some money to be made from seeing cleavage….

    1. I went to a woman’s room and she met me wearing a see-through negligee.

      #first world problems.

      1. What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, John.

        1. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds. Bring on the harassment. Why can’t this stuff ever happen to me?

          1. I’ll have to buy a see through negligee but I can send you pics if you’re really desperate, John.

            1. I will take what I can get.

    2. More like sexual enticement, amirite? Rarrhh …

    3. Was that not her outfit for lip synching on national television last New Year Eve?

  44. So Nancy Pelosi will get her old title back in 14 months. Yaaaaay.

    1. The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young?

    2. Worst politician, eva?

  45. Rand Paul, Libertarian Ass-hole

    So, according to interviews conducted by the New York Times, it seems as though the root of the dispute between the two men is landscaping. Yep. Of all the possible causes for these two to dislike each other, it’s the oldest neighborly issue in the book: “I don’t like the way you take care of your lawn.” Now, you might be wondering how that has anything to do with politics? Well, it turns out that Rand Paul is a bit of an asshole about his yard….

    1. The magazine says the alleged attacker, Rene Boucher, … “was also an asshole”

      It’s assholes all the way down!

    2. So, let’s read between the lines a bit here. Rand Paul is an asshole neighbor. He bought a house in a neighborhood that has certain rules with regard to lawns, and he decided that he doesn’t need to follow those rules because of his belief in “property rights” that don’t actually exist. This is, at its core, the problem with libertarianism. Libertarians don’t want to follow the rules that we as a society have agreed upon, because they feel those rules step on their freedoms. And sometimes they might even be right, but that doesn’t mean that they are above those rules and can do whatever they want.

      You can be a slave if you want, but leave me out of it. And I didn’t agree to anything. And I’m pretty sure it is only HOA rules he has to follow. And I think the HOA wants lawns to be maintained. And as far as I know so far he was doing exactly that. Your premise has been found wanting.

      1. “property rights” that don’t actually exist

        And sometimes they might even be right


        1. That’s a head scratcher, it is.

      2. Randal is a Republican politician in office. His party wants to bring back coathanger abortions. There are MUCH worse members of his party, but the difference is of degree, not kind.

        1. They want to bring back coat hanger abortions instead of the safe and rare ones done by people like Kermit Gosnell we have today.

        2. Coathanger abortions are a benefit of the deregulation of the medical industry. It’s all part of the DIY movement.

    3. Yes, multiple broken ribs are a perfectly proportionate punishment for having a messy yard.

      1. “Your Honor, his yard was often littered with bloody teeth.”

      2. They understand that if government is violence then why can’t everyone else be too? We are the government after all.

        1. I don’t think it’s even that advanced, conceptually. It’s the same phenomenon as the “words are violence” crybabies at colleges and the fash-bashers in the streets: if you have opinions that i find offensive, then you make me feel bad, and if you make me feel bad then you are attacking me, and if you are attacking me then i will fight back.

    4. I wonder where the NYT comes down on property rights?

      That might explain why they are okay with a Libertarian-ish politician getting attacked while mowing his yard.

    5. I am pretty sure the asshole in this situation is the guy who attacked someone causing serious injury over a dispute about lawn care. Whatever Paul did or did not do, the guy who attacked him became the asshole when he decided it warranted assaulting Paul. That is really all there is to it.

      1. It’s never right to assault someone of course, but one can imagine Rand Paul being a giant slob and his rich neighbors being fed up about it.

        And what could be more libertarian than a HOA anyway? He could just live in the ghetto if he wanted to evade voluntary upkeep agreements with his neighbors.

        1. Maybe. I don’t know Paul and don’t know the situation. Whatever the situation, the other guy put himself in the wrong the moment he resorted to violence and forfeited any right to want people to consider whatever Paul did.

        2. Nothing more Libertarian than a group of bossy neighbors who have the ability to vote in changes to a contract that typically changes from year to year without your consent and can lead to the group taking your home away from you.

          But yeah, you have to be a fool to live in a HOA.

          1. Seeing as you have to agree to a HOA before you can buy a house governed by a HOA, yeah, I don’t see anything non-libertarian about ’em.

            If you don’t like the terms, and don’t like the processes for which the terms change, then don’t agree to ’em in the first place. Agreeing to a contract and then breaking it because you don’t like it, and then not accepting the agreed-upon punishment for breaking the contract, is not libertarian.

            1. THAT said, i highly doubt any HOA’s punishment for having an ugly yard involves getting your ribs broken.

              1. Only the Corleone HOA on Long Island.

              2. Sure.

                But I am curious… if the only legitimate function of government is to defend borders and enforce contracts, is the guy’s mistake that he did it himself, rather then calling the cops and having them do it?

                1. If you call the cops for a HOA violation, you’re in for a surprise.

                  1. So you believe that a HOA is unenforceable then? That if someone fails in their voluntary obligations, there’s no legal remedy?


                    1. Civil laws, yes, criminal, no.

                2. If your legalist minarchism is untroubled by any taint of basic human decency, i could see how that would be the case.

        3. It’s never right to assault someone of course

          Unless they disagree with you on tax policy or something, right? //punch-a-nazi

    6. I love how every general interest magazine like GQ or Cosmo has gone hard-left. I don’t see how they can keep that up and stay in business.

      1. I think it is a product of no one reads magazines anymore. I heard someone explain why late night talk show hosts have gone so far left. The reason they gave was that many fewer people watch those shows these days. So, the hosts figure going left will at least guarantee them a guaranteed audience. Sure, it alienates a lot of people but you can’t get big ratings doing a late night talk show these days anyway. So you are better off going hard left and guaranteeing yourself some audience.

        I think the same thing is happening with magazines. No one buys or reads them anymore. So, the magazines go hard left because it is one sure way to attract at least some readership. And some magazines have gone right, though only a few and you don’t hear about them. Garden and Gun is an example of that. They figured “screw it” we are going for the Southern Gun owning conservative suburbanite crowd figuring Martha Stewart baking a pecan pie and giving advice about which Italian shotgun to buy will at least get someone to read the magazine.

        1. So true about the late night shows. From what I have heard they are unwatchable now. Like SNL has become only ten years later.

          1. What is SNL?

            What are magazines?

            What is TV?

            They get zero money from me.

          2. It’s not that mysterious, late night T.V. hosts are all retards that aren’t funny. Like, they were 3rd rate comedians that couldn’t get work anywhere else so they just decided to put them into late night host slots. Honestly, was anyone going to see Jimmy or ex-man-show hobgoblin before they were late night hosts? Not really.

            They could have had guys like Conan, but they decided to torpedo their brands instead.

            1. Yep. Late nite really went to s–t when they ditched actual hosts for “comedians”.

              1. You can have a comedian as a host, but one should make an attempt to hire funny comedians. Fallon and the rest, with the possible exception of Stewart and Colbert, were never funny.

                Guys like Stewart and Colbert were funny at one point but stopped being so once their politics overtook their sense of humor.

                Look at guys like John Cleese and you’ll see that one’s politics don’t necessarily need to get in the way of one’s humor.

                1. I don’t even know what Cleese’s politics are. Probably a good thing.

                2. I never really found Stewart funny. Colbert I like in a lot of things, even his early Colbert Show stuff was pretty good parody of what’s his name. Loved Strangers with Candy. But his talk show seems pretty weak.

            2. “”, they were 3rd rate comedians that couldn’t get work anywhere else “”

              They have been promoters of liberal ideologue. That have been given the jobs to continue to spread the liberal gospel.

        2. I heard someone explain why late night talk show hosts have gone so far left.
          Craig Ferguson isn’t far left, but maybe that is part of the reason his show ended recently. I don’t know.

          Garden and Gun is an example of that.
          I saw that magazine for the first time in a Whole Foods in New Orleans while I was visiting my brother. It kind of blew my mind.

          1. Craig Ferguson isn’t far left, but maybe that is part of the reason his show ended recently. I don’t know.

            He’s a mad man though. The media knows it. He immigrated to the US and became a citizen! Willingly! Even though we’re the worst country on Earth!

            1. I know! He actually appears to generally like America. How gauche. Also, a comedian who prioritizes humor above political snark? That is so not woke.

          2. My wife subscribes to it. It is actually pretty good. It has some interesting articles in it. If you like guns, dogs or cooking, it is worth picking it.

            1. Or shooting dogs, cleaning them and cooking them?

              /ha ha just a little joke

          3. Garden and Gun is popular in certain circles in southeastern Virginia, and all of those circles are no more than two nouveau riche generations out from being hardcore swamp rednecks.

            1. Like, if you have a subscription to Garden and Gun, then you definitely also have multiple living relatives who know the best way to cook a raccoon.

              1. My wife subscribes. And trust me, she is from Boston. None of her relatives know how to cook a raccoon. Maybe she skews the demographic.

                1. I’m going by what i see in the Tidewater.

              2. Raccoon isn’t that bad. The added benefit are the pelts you can get from them. You can feed and clothe yourself with a small family of raccoons.

          4. Ferguson left before the election season began and a bunch of shows returned to being Serious Commentary. And I don’t watch what’s-his-face who replaced him, but he’s all singing and silliness, isn’t he? So is Fallon, right?

            1. I think Fallon is apolitical, but I have never watched him. So don’t hold me to that. Kimmell and Colbert are definitely far left. And I think the reason is that it is a sure way to get at least some audience in an environment where getting any audience can be a challenge.

              1. Fallon caught hell for keeping it neutral with a Trump interview during the campaign, as I recall. The entertainment polices themselved on what us acceptable politically.

      2. Because your Breitbart-y Trump-y Republicans don’t participate in the popular culture like they used to. They proudly proclaim that they are boycotting Hollywood, boycotting the NFL, boycotting popular music, and just divorcing themselves completely from society. Evidently all they do for fun is go to church and polish their guns. So why should magazines like GQ or Cosmo even bother trying to serve them? Republicans aren’t going to read those rags anyway!

        1. And to think “I don’t even own a TV” used to be the ultimate humble brag of the smug Progressive.

        2. There’s a silent majority, jeff.

        3. Why would they when the media, run almost entirely by leftists, has clearly said they aren’t welcome? You think the Trumpenproles just up and decided to quit culture for no reason?

        4. The media says time and time again that they are “unbiased”. They want people to belief what they print by saying they are accurate.

          The media is not unbiased and certainly not accurate with most reporting.

          The silent majority chooses to get their information from other sources.

    7. “I don’t like the way you take care of your lawn.” Now, you might be wondering how that has anything to do with politics?

      Yeah, politics, that’s what I was wondering about. Not – what kind of psycho thinks a landscaping disagreement warrants a violent beat-down.

      1. There is literally nothing that does not have anything to do with politics any more.

        1. It is a sickness. And it is one of the reasons I can’t stand the alt-right. I have no use for politics obsessed idiots no matter what their politics. What makes this country great and different from the rest of the world is that most of life is not about politics, or didn’t use to be. You don’t beat the Progressives by making life about your politics. That is just becoming one of them.

        2. Syntax error: “there is nothing the political State leaves uncoerced anymore” delivers the concept intact.

    8. Paychotic, out of control Block Yomommatard assholes like this neighbor are the reason why being armed at all times isn’t a bad idea.

      Paul definitely could have engaged in a justified self-defense homicide here, just like George Zimmerman was.

  46. I notice how lots of the “how dare you call us biased” media can’t get over their indignation that the Republican candidate referred to a person born with a dick as “him.”

    In *news articles,* it says that the republican used the “wrong” gender in describing the Democrat.

    Once the “OMG trans metalhead elected this is histsoric!” hysteria dies down, Virginia will have to deal with his pro-“infrastructure,” pro-Medicaid-expansion policies.

  47. Northam is “a pediatric neurologist and Army veteran, in the Democratic-mainstream mold of Governor Terry McAuliffe” who has “resisted liberal pressure to embrace a national single-payer health care plan,” Bloomberg reports.

    That does not necessarily mean that Northam would not embrace a state single-payer health care plan.

  48. The lost what, almost 1,000 seats of various sorts last election. They have a long way to go to get back to where they were.

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