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2-Year-Old Denied a Kidney Transplant Because of Dad's Gun Arrest Is Now Very Sick

Must wait three months because of dad's parole



Remember A.J. Burgess, the 2-year-old boy whose kidney transplant was put on hold after the hospital discovered that Burgess's donor—his father, Anthony Dickerson—was on parole?

Well, Burgess was rushed to the emergency room over the weekend. He's sick with an abdominal infection, according to The Washington Post.

It is abundantly clear that Burgess—who was born without working kidneys—needs a transplant immediately. His father is a perfect match, and was set to give A.J. a kidney on October 3rd. Unfortunately, Dickerson was arrested for possessing a firearm during the commission of a crime. He's been released from prison, but hospital officials now say they will wait another three months to decide whether to accept Dickerson's kidney donation.

"We will reevaluate Mr. Dickerson in January 2018 after receipt of his completed documentation," Emory University hospital told the family.

The hospital is entitled to follow its own procedures, but waiting that long does not seem wise—especially if Dickerson's status as a criminal is indeed the only issue. These kinds of headaches are a reminder how difficult life is for people who run afoul of the criminal justice system, and for their kids.

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  1. Are … are criminal kidneys inferior? I don’t understand at all. What relevance could his criminal record possibly have?

    1. I’m guessing that people who are incarcerated have a higher risk of hepatitis and other diseases associated with groups of people under totalitarian rule.

      1. If that was all it was, it would be a handful of lab tests. Done in a matter of days.

        1. Also, death, or a disease.

          I would think that would be an easy choice, right?

  2. If they let his kid die while waiting for his parole nonsense, get me on the jury. I cannot think of a likely reaction for which I would not acquit him.

    1. I would hope the jury would be for the hospital administrators, who should be charged at the very least with manslaughter. And no way I would be voting for acquittal.

  3. What’s the meme? Have a matching kidney like a thug, transplant target dies like a thug.

    Did I get that right?

  4. This is pretty standard procedure. Plasma centers do it too. You can’t donate if you’ve been incarcerated.

    1. You can’t donate if you’ve been incarcerated.

      Goodwill and Salvation Army hardest hit.

    2. If ever there were an implicit admission that our prisons are rape cages…

      1. Yep, this says way more about the American penal system than it does about the guy.

        1. *inmate penal systems, you mean.

  5. “We will reevaluate Mr. Dickerson in January 2018 after receipt of his completed documentation,” Emory University hospital told the family.

    Are there other hospitals?

    1. Exactly. How about Shriners, or some other place that *cares about children*?

    2. “Are there other hospitals?”
      Thank you.
      Whatever the particular hospital is, it is not coercive, and it does have competition.

  6. 2-Year-Old Denied a Kidney Transplant Because of Dad’s Gun Arrest…

    Actually, the 2-year-old was denied a kidney transplant because the state believes it owns your body and your organs and you can dispose of them only with the express permission of the state.

    1. Weird, isn’t it, that the State does not forbid procreation?


    2. Yes, but why is the State doing it? Because the medical industry likes it that way. They’d rather get free donations of organs than have to pay for them.

      1. The number of transplants the “medical industry” could do if there were a market in organs would increase by many multiples.

        And the price of the organ is not even close to being the most expensive element in the procedure.

        1. Decisions made by political authority are always more fair than decisions made by ability to pay. The latter is based upon greed (puke) while the former are based on pure altruism. Once a person becomes a government decision maker, they gain their wings. They become angels. You can trust them. Government is Dog.

    1. Are you Tom Keller?

      1. Never fucking heard of him before that exchange. I’d be kinda embarrassed to twitter for 8 years and only have 41 followers.

    2. He is all happy to see them shouted down. Don’t worry Blalko, I am sure the mob will never come for you.

      And did anyone actually say what Balko alleged?

    3. If Balko virtue signaled any harder, he would burst into flames.

  7. Don’t want to die? Then don’t be having no thug daddy.

  8. I’m not a bit outraged here – I remember this one. Organ transplants are serious business – the little kid is going to need a lot of looking after following the procedure and who’s going to give him the care and attention he needs? Thug Daddy? I don’t blame the hospital for wanting to make sure they’re not wasting precious resources saving some kid’s life who’s just going to go home and die of neglect a month later when he doesn’t get his meds or something.

    1. You are an unconscionable prick; or you were being sarcastic, therefore I don’t know whether to loathe you or like you. In the spirit of giving the benefit of doubt, I am still going with unconscionable prick unless you give up a kidney for the kid.

      1. I don’t know the man’s crime nor his sentence, but we do know that he is a father. That he is willing to part with an internal organ to save his son’s life is more than is expected of “law abiding citizen”. Not just that but he has to fight the courts to try to save his son’s life!

        So if you were being sarcastic, I apologize. If you think that even the most heinous criminal ought not be allowed to redeem some part of his life to save the life of his own son, then, FUCK YOU!

  9. I suspect that when the kid dies, they will count it as gun violence.

    1. And charge the dad with murder and child neglect

  10. Nazi child rapists. I hate Nazi child rapists…..-says.html

  11. This is HIS son right?
    Only two questions necessary;
    1) have you shared a needle with anyone?
    2) have you swapped body fluids with random people?
    Well then good to go then.

    1. And the answers are not lies, right?

    2. Does it frakkin’ matter if the other option is death?

  12. “The hospital is entitled to follow its own procedures, but waiting that long does not seem wise?especially if Dickerson’s status as a criminal is indeed the only issue. These kinds of headaches are a reminder how difficult life is for people who run afoul of the criminal justice system, and for their kids.”

    Perhaps try to find a hospital which doesn’t have those rules?
    Yes, when you are convicted of a crime, there are penalties, and some may be enforced by non-coercive entities.
    Not seeing ‘libertarian’ here.

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