A.M. Links: Spain Threatens to Take Control of Catalonia, Taliban Attack Kills 43 Afghan Troops, Iran Says It Will Expand Ballistic Missile Program


  • Gage Skidmore / Flickr.com

    "President Trump's condolence call to the widow of a slain soldier exploded into a vicious row that swamped the White House on Wednesday, with the soldier's grieving mother accusing the president of disrespecting her family and a defiant Mr. Trump complaining that his words had been cynically twisted for political purposes."

  • Spain is threatening to take direct control of Catalonia.
  • Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern will be the next prime minister of New Zealand.
  • According to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards, ""Iran's ballistic missile program will expand and it will continue with more speed in reaction to Trump's hostile approach towards this revolutionary organization."
  • At least 43 Afghan troops were killed after the Taliban attacked a base in the province of Kandahar.

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