Brickbat: Old Enough to Know Better


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The Palm Beach County, Florida, school system is set to pay $3.6 million to the the families of four third-graders molested by a school employee. But system officials at first sought to fight a lawsuit brought by the families, arguing in court documents that the girls were "old enough to appreciate the consequences of their actions" and "conducted themselves in a careless and negligent manner."

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  1. “But system officials at first sought to fight a lawsuit brought by the families”

    Amateurs. Everyone knows that when this happens you’re supposed to transfer the guy to another church, I mean, school system and rinse and repeat as needed.

  2. Beach County School District keeps getting older but third-graders stay the same age.

    1. Alright, alright, alright.

  3. nothing beats a slutty 3rd grader…

    1. They were dressing too provocatively, and wearing too much makeup!!!

    2. 8 year olds, dude.

      1. with those thigh high rompers!!!

  4. And yet, the bad guy pays nothing.
    Taxpayers a generation older than the accusation cough up millions.
    The “administrators” pass the torch for decades without accountability.
    And Sooner or later the defense “they should have known better” will be backed by the proven science of teaching sex education in pre-kindergarten. (Of course, all they will teach is that if you feel like you are a boy, you are a boy, biology not withstanding)

    1. There’s a good chance for a more-fun-than-usual school board election.

  5. They’re not even original in their defence.

    What’s disturbing is 3rd graders don’t understand jack shit when it comes to sex especially when prey to adults.

    That a school would even go there shows the extent of their incompetence and even immorality.

  6. I dunno about this. The offending principal gets no punishment. The school district policy obviously didn’t contribute to this. They are the ones who caught him and turned him over for prosecution.

    Why should the taxpayers be on the hook? This isn’t a question of trying to change policy.

    1. Why should the taxpayers be on the hook?

      Take it up with the teacher’s union. If you dare.

  7. Despite all the warning signs, people still live in Florida?

    1. That’s because Florida is the awesomest place to live. We share the state with iguanas, alligators, pythons, bears, and panthers. And Florida Man, who is the most unpredictable and dangerous of all.

      And dingos. You haven’t heard about the dingos yet, but you will.

      1. are those baby eating dingoes? asking for a friend

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