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Make America Not So Nauseating

Ban all the things.


'It's frankly disgusting the way the press is able to write whatever they want to write," said President Trump on Wednesday, "and people should look into it."

Amen, brother! It's downright abominable that people in the media can just spout off the first thing that comes into their heads with no concern for veracity or the potential for harm. What do they think this is, a personal Twitter account?

The president also is repulsed by those jerks in the National Football League who have different opinions than he does about certain issues, and who show it by not standing up for the national anthem the way they have been required to do since way back in 2009.

Trump deserves to have epic songs sung about him for demanding investigations into reporters and for suggesting that people he considers less patriotic than him should be fired. They say it's a free country and all that, but come on. You have to draw the line somewhere.

The president shouldn't stop there, though. Many other things are not just frankly disgusting, but honestly nauseating, and Trump should use his bully pulpit to draw more attention to them, too. And not just women's suffrage or this business about the "right" to a fair trial, either.

For example:

While we're on the topic of football, it's genuinely revolting when televised games that last beyond the usual 37.5 hours are allowed to run over, pre-empting programs that are not just endless committee meetings interrupted by brief spurts of big men pushing each other and are, therefore, actually entertaining to watch. Somebody ought to ask why that's allowed.

In all sincerity, it's totally putrescent when you let someone merge into traffic ahead of you and they don't give you the thank-you wave. Why don't these so-called "journalists" write a story about that, is what I'd like to know.

It's truly appalling that hot dogs come in packages of 10, but hot dog buns come in packages of eight. Somebody needs to go to jail for that, and it ain't gonna be me.

Candidly, the Honda CRV is so ugly it makes you want to retch, but the darn thing is everywhere. Who's going to fix that? You?

Truthfully, when I see someone wearing brown shoes with a blue suit I throw up so hard and so long the muscles around my stomach start to cramp, and I can't breathe, and I stomp my foot on the floor for no discernible reason, it just kind of happens. Why isn't the Senate Intel Committee looking into this? Bob Corker and, um, something about IQ tests or something—that's why.

Yea verily, people have started using "to include" in place of "including" (as in, "Applicants should have working knowledge of computer operating systems, to include Windows and Linux")—as if we were living in some kind of hippie commune where you could just swap infinitives and participles willy-nilly any time you wished. Do you know how gross that is? Imagine eating a large plate of cow's eyes and fish guts and washing them down with the smelly juice that collects at the bottom of a Dumpster after a light rain. That's how gross it is. Why doesn't the Fake News Network investigate THAT?

To state it plainly, it's ghastly beyond words the way some people put so many bumper-stickers on their cars, especially the ones with many words in small print that you can't read anyway unless you're, like, two inches behind them. Congress needs to set a limit of three bumper-stickers per vehicle, or the terrorists have already won.

Honestly, what is up with can openers these days? Half the time they hardly even work, leaving these big uncut spaces at odd intervals so you can't get the stuff out of the can, so you stick a spoon under the top to pry it open some, but that just bends the can into odd shapes, which is the greatest crime against humanity ever, believe me. Whoever let that happen should be stood up against a wall and shot. I thought this was America, doggone it.

This column originally appeared in the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

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  1. Ok Barton, do you feel better now?

    1. Yes. Yes he does.

      Beating up on the real Trump gets old really fast. So he invoked a straw man pinata to beat. Much more fun.

      1. can we include A. Barton Hinkle in the banning list?

      2. We wouldn’t want to beat up on the incompetent wannabe tinpot fuckface who holds the most powerful government office in the world, this is a libertarian site!

        1. That kinda whiffs on the point, being: Trump is so uniformly terrible that it is almost impossible to run out of actual things he has done (let alone said) that deserve scorn. In such a world, why build a straw-man version to beat up on?

      3. I wouldn’t characterize it so much as a straw man than as a satirical portrait of Trump as President Andy Rooney with a thuggish streak. Which is kind of fair, actually.

    2. Barton, and all the other long-time followers, admirers, and analysts of politics simply do not understand Trump. He doesn’t play by the rules they know and, in some cases, created. We cannot know if Trump does all this on purpose to distract them, but that certainly is the result.

      I, for one, am enjoying this side show!

      1. Trump is a real estate developer. Real estate development is just sales. It really is Glenngary Glennross. Trump is if nothing else, a closer. He understands the mass media and how to use it in ways previous politicians have not. Given his past, I really don’t see how you can say he is not doing this by design. A guy who has no self-control or understanding of how to manipulate the media and people, in general, doesn’t accomplish the things Trump has. And by that, I don’t mean Trump is a great developer who makes his investors money. I have no idea if he is that. What I mean is that he is a great salesman who knows how to manage people’s perceptions and how to manipulate them into giving him what he wants whether or not he makes money.

        Trump understands how to manipulate the media and news cycle and maneuver his opponents into doing things he wants them to do. The media can’t see that because they have so much of their sense of self-worth invested in the idea that there is something special about politics that only they and politicians know. Trump isn’t one of them and keeps playing their game better than they do. That, more than any tweet or pussy grab, is why they hate him.

        1. Agree 100%. By saying we cannot know I just mean that: unless we know his mind and intent there is no way to know for sure if this is all by design. But… BUT, the likelihood that he does this on purpose is extremely high.

          I love how he exploits their willingness to be outraged and distracted.

        2. It really is Glenngary Glennross.

          I’ve never had their Scotch Whisky, but I’m certainly willing to try it!

          1. I believe it is an Islay Scotch and is only available for sale to closers. And it doesn’t go with coffee.

        3. He’s playing them like a fiddle.

          The intellectual classes are over thinking (and over playing) Trump.

          He’s going straight for the jugular.

        4. He closed that casino pretty damn well.

          1. “He closed that casino pretty damn well.”

            Yes he did. And he still made more, in the hour that he closed that casino and went bankrupt, than you will make in ten lifetimes.


        5. Trump is if nothing else, a closer.

          I have never seen any signs of this.

          As someone who negotiates large-scale construction change orders for a living, Trump strikes me as just the opposite of what you would call “a closer.” He’s that guy who hardly ever resolves anything because he sees no difference between a negotiation and a pissing match.

          1. Yet, somehow his name is on about a thousand different developments all over the country. Your perceptions are wrong.

            1. He’s a self-promoter. He has made his name useful in certain contexts. I have never seen any evidence of any skills beyond this.

              1. He is a self-promoter. That is my point.

      2. TRUTH. If we get nothing else out of Trump, watching all these career politicians and journalists assholes twitch on the regular is pretty hilarious!

        1. Watching a former real estate hustler and reality TV star do “the hardest job in the world” better than the “best and brightest” of our sorry political class is pretty fun too. I said before the election and I stand by it today. The thing that scared the media and political class about Trump was not that he would fail as President. They would love that. It would give them a chance to gloat and feel smug and since they don’t care about the country, the damage of such a failure wouldn’t bother them. What scared them was that he would succeed and reveal what utter, shallow, incompetent morons they all are.

          1. I don’t watch FOX News lately, but damn, it must be in another fucking universe right now. You actually think Trump is doing a good job? Let me guess, the historically low polling is fake news. The wall is halfway built. He’s not actually being handled by desperate people trying not to get the world nuked at the hands of an 80 year-old toddler.

            The problem with you is that you don’t have any idea what’s going on in the real world because you watch too much fucking FOX News.

            1. I don’t watch Fox News either. And Trump is doing exactly what I voted for him to do. He is rolling back the regulatory state, he is clamping down on immigration, and he is doing what he can as President to get the economy moving after 8 years of Obama sticking his foot on its throat.

              I didn’t elect Trump to make me feel good. I live in reality Tony not the fantasy world you live in. You are a delusional idiot Tony. You love being pig ignorant. And there is no point in trying to change your mind. So move along.

              1. I’m pig ignorant and Trump is a great president. I didn’t sign up to be around this much crazy.

                1. I’m pig ignorant and Trump is a great president.

                  You’re half right!

                2. You did not rebut what he said Tony. The destruction of government regs and pushing businesses to prosper here in the US is good no matter your political affiliation. Obama was definitely not good for businesses. If you hate Trump that is OK but don’t be blind and please don’t talk polls, the last election proved they are worthless.

              2. Just leave out the part about increasing the risk of war on multiple fronts. I don’t want to go to war with Iran because Bibi Netanyahu is buddies with Trump. It would be a shame to see South Korea nuked or invaded because orange-hair doesn’t have the common sense to watch his mouth around other crazy guys with nuclear weapons.

                I know some of the Trumpettes are fully convinced he knows what he’s doing with respect to engendering wars. I’m using Occam’s Razor to judge that he has no idea.

                1. Just leave out the fact that we haven’t’ gone to war under Trump. Just go ahead and pretend we have and use words like Trumpettes so that everyone knows how cool you are.

                  I don’t have time for your fantasies. Take it elsewhere.

          2. He could certainly be doing more if congress actually had any balls, but he is at least TRYING on several major fronts. The regulatory stuff is really his biggest practical win so far. If things go well for throwing out RINO types in 2018 some stuff might actually really start to happen though.

      3. Among the many conventions he ignores are basic norms of decency.

        Something that is objectionable in a meth-addled streetcorner panhandler does not suddenly become acceptable in the president of the US.

        1. Yeah, nothing says decency like calling half of the country deplorables. It was Trump who said that, right?

          1. That’s not what she said and if you don’t know that then you’re stupid. Half of Trump’s supporters are deplorable, and that’s the fucking truth. And that’s being generous.

            He ran a campaign, and is continuing to run his presidency, by appealing to racism and various other bigotries in order to distract from his incompetence and failures, because it motivates deplorable people to vote. And you support all this for a fucking cut on coal regulations.

            1. That is exactly what she said. And you rant and rave on here every single day about how much you hate anyone who doesn’t share your politics. For anyone on the left to complain about Trump being mean is close to peak irony. If you don’t like Trump, tough shit. You should have thought about that back when you were calling George W. Bush and Mitt Romney klansman and Nazis.

              1. You should have thought about that back when you were calling George W. Bush and Mitt Romney klansman and Nazis.

                While I disagree that Trump is especially great at anything political, the above can’t be said enough. It turns out that if you screech that bullshit for close to 16 fucking years that people start to tune you out. A more clear cut case of ‘crying wolf’ I can’t readily think of.

                That said, I suspect that the Republicans will have a similar ‘oh fuck’ situation since they’ve been pulling the same tactics. I deeply suspect that this will result in a similar situation later down the road, where we end up with a guy like Bernie Sanders for President.

                Or, in a nutshell, I fully expect the pendulum to swing back in the other direction just as far with the same or less coherence than what we have now. As a nation we are actively focusing on rule by a King these days, and I don’t think anyone is seriously trying to steer us away from that. If anything, both parties are doubling down on it.

                1. As a nation we are actively focusing on rule by a King these days, and I don’t think anyone is seriously trying to steer us away from that.

                  ….except for Trump–who has used the EO more to unmake the imperial presidency than anything else.

              2. Citation needed, and indeed all Republicans are terrible. I didn’t realize just how terrible they were going to get. We seem to be on a downward slope. What’s next, President Twitchy Ball of Goo?

                1. What’s next, President Twitchy Ball of Goo?

                  Now that you mention it, Gabby Giffords doesn’t seem to have much going on these days.

                2. I know, right? After years of that other party giving us one amazing candidate after another that are just so blindingly awesome that one can’t imagine how the Republican dipshits keep winning.

      4. If you want to give Trump a “He’s my Authoritarian” get of of jail free pass, go right ahead. The rest of will continue to criticize this stooge.

        1. And apparently, continue to completely lack reading comprehension as well. Sarah Palin used to be a way for stupid people to try and sound smart. Trump seems to have the gift of making stupid people who think they are smart reveal just how stupid they actually are. It is amazing really.

  2. endless committee meetings interrupted by brief spurts of big men pushing each other

    Love it.

    1. That is an old one but a good one. Football is whatever you think of its aesthetics, the most unique and strange game ever created. It is by far the most organized and militaristic of any game ever created. The nuances and planning that go into even a good high school football game, let alone a professional one, is astounding and exceed even the highest levels of any other sport. That is a reason to love it or hate it depending on your tastes, but it is definitely remarkable.

      1. “Football combines the two worst things about America: it is violence punctuated by committee meetings.”

        — George Will

        1. It is funny that Will fancies himself such an intellectual and yet can’t appreciate what is by far the most cerebral and intellectual of games. Other games, like Will’s beloved baseball, are much more instinctual and less intellectual than football. There is a real beauty to watching an instinctual genius play a game like baseball or basketball. But, it is not as cerebral as that most planned of all games football.

          1. Ok, John, settle down. It’s just a game.

            1. Tell that to George Will the next time his is waxing poetic about baseball. I actually like baseball a lot. But Will’s smugness and hyperbole about the sport can make even a lifelong fan like me start to hate it.

              1. I know, sports fans are tiresome af.

                1. They can be. Sports are great. I played them in school. I really need to find a way to play them as an adult. I follow them incessantly. They are a great escape from reality. Sports are a great example of that Churchill quote about why academic fights are the most brutal of all fights because “they mean so little”. That is sports in a nutshell. They are fun and a great diversion. I think playing sports as a child teaches really valuable lessons. But, they are not real life and their ultimate importance is pretty limited. Sports fans have a bad habit of forgetting that.

                  1. Sports fans also tend to bring stupid tribalist thinking into politics, instead of using silly games to exercise those tendencies.

                    1. Horatio,

                      I don’t think that is true. Some of the worst political tribalists I know hate sports. And most of the big sports fans I know are not very political and no more or less unreasonable than anyone else when they are.

          2. “what is by far the most cerebral and intellectual of games. ”


            Fuck off with that nonsense.

            1. It is not nonsense. It is true. Football is incredibly scripted and planned. It requires a tremendous amount of thought and planning. Even a basic offense or defensive scheme will fill a notebook. No other sport comes even close to that. Other sports are instinctual. They rely upon the athletic genius or lack thereof of the players. Football has those elements but has an entire cerebral planning system that goes over all of that. Sports tend to be more art than science. Football is more science and planning.

              There is a famous axiom about great football coaches that says the great ones can beat your team with their team and then take your team, give you their team and still beat you. And it is to some degree true. Great football coaches can through superior planning win with inferior talent in ways that just can’t be done in other sports.

              1. “It is not nonsense”

                Don’t be fucking stupid. You said games, and it’s not more cerebral tjan any number of games, chess among them.

                It was nonsense and you sound like an idiot defending it.

                1. I meant physical games. And yes, Chess is more cerebral. But that wasn’t my point. I thought the “physical” part went without saying.

                  1. No worries, you can’t always get everything right.

            2. People think because football is the most violent of games and has some truly retarded people playing it that it’s not cerebral – but it is, and John is right that it’s the MOST cerebral of all modern contact sports.

              You know that violent chess game they play in Star Wars? That’s basically football.

              The strategy, tactics, roster-building, and unbelievably detailed practice and development of quality players is simply not matched by any other sports.

              Want a fluid game that values movement over scoring? Watch soccer. Want that but with more brawling and contact? Watch hockey. Want less brawling but more scoring and athleticism on display? Watch basketball? Want to take a nice afternoon nap? Watch baseball.

              1. , and John is right that it’s the MOST cerebral of all “modern contact sports.”

                That’s not what he said.

                1. Guilty. I only skim John and Tony’s posts.

                  1. Excellent idea.

                2. That is what I meant. We are talking about physical sports here. We were not talking about board games.

                  1. I like how John makes his mistake someone else’s misuderstanding

                    “You should have know when I said games and didn’t say physical games that I meant sports!!!”

                    Sure John. Sure.

                    1. I didn’t say you should have done anything. I said I thought that went without saying. Apparently, it didn’t. Sue me.

                    2. “I didn’t say you should have done anything. I said I thought that went without saying”


                    3. Seemed clear enough to me that John was talking about athletic sports, not games in general.

              2. Horatio,

                When I moved to Washington, I started watching a little hockey. Where I grew up, they didn’t play hockey and before the 1990s, it really wasn’t on TV much if you didn’t live in a hockey town. I really hockey, especially in person. One of the things that struck me about hockey is that there really are only a couple of ways to play it. The games are very exciting, the athleticism of the players is amazing, but the strategies from game to game remain the same. I don’t know, but I suspect that if you watched an NHL game played in 1965 and then one today, the players today would be bigger and faster, but the game would be largely unchanged.

                1. From what my hockey fan friends tell me the rule changes have changed how the game is played but yeah – I imagine there’s only so many ways to play thunderdome on ice.

                  1. My thumbnail understanding is that the Devils basically broke the sport with the way the played defense in the 1990s and they changed the rules to make the game more fuild and offensive again. But, my understanding it that the rule changes were to make the sport more like it was.

                    One of the more amazing stories about Hockey is how Anatoli Tarasov invented Russian hockey. Russians never played hockey. Then in 1946, Stalin decided that Russians must play hockey. So, he gets Tarasov, who was a gym coach and had never seen a hockey game in his life, and tells him that he is the new national coach and is to make Russia a world hockey power or else. Tikhonov then proceded to do some basic geometry and figured out that diagonals are shorter than square lines and you can pass a puck faster than a man can skate, more or less to totally reinvent the sport. He also added basic drills like skating around cones that he knew from basketball that no one in hockey had ever thought of doing. But the sport was really that basic even in the 50s that Tarasov was able to be that much of an inovator.

                    1. My thumbnail understanding is that the Devils basically broke the sport with the way the played defense in the 1990s and they changed the rules to make the game more fuild and offensive again.

                      Being a late comer I can understand how you got this idea in your head considering that it’s been CW for ages, but it’s flatly inaccurate. Lemaire’s Devils ran the exact same system that Scotty Bowman’s late-70’s Canadiens (and early 90’s Penguins) ran to similar effect, pacing a high-scoring league in terms of offense, despite not having any marquee forwards, and defense (as expected considering roster construction and on-ice strategy).

                      What actually occurred is that a lack of defensive and goaltending talent, no focus by coaches on team defense, coupled with talent dilution due to expansion triggered an offensive explosion in the 80’s which didn’t begin to resolve itself until European players began arriving in droves and talent levels in the NCAA improved to cover the gap in the early 90’s. The Devils were ahead of the curve, but the league was already trending in that direction.

                      The 80’s were like batting practice. If you want an example, take a look through Gretzky’s highlight reel and count how many easy goals he got; great though he was he’d be lucky to get 500 if he played today. Unfortunately that period is when most hockey opinion makers (read: the media) came of age or came to the sport so they hold it up as some platonic ideal instead of the aberration it was.

                    2. TL;DR – even if you think the league broke, it’s the Iron Curtain, Patrick Roy, and Francois Allaire what did it, not the Devils.

          3. Baseball is thoroughly planned as well. Remember Moneyball? It’s just a different kind of planning. In football each player’s job is to execute their part of the play as close to design as possible (with only strictly limited and planned deviations allowed.) In baseball, each player has more freedom to deviate, but there is a great amount of trust involved that management has put the right people in the right places at the right times.

            Basically, football is more tactical (execution is more important), while baseball is more strategic (resource allocation is more important.)

            1. I see your point, but I see baseball as a one-on-one match up masquerading as a team sport. The other sports absolutely require the full team effort for success, although it seems like in basketball one excellent player makes a bigger difference than in other sports.

              1. although it seems like in basketball one excellent player makes a bigger difference than in other sports.

                Probably because there are so few people on the court at one time, and a relatively shallow back bench. Baseball has 10 people, counting the batter, on field at one time, and football has 22 for both teams, with a huge back bench so that receivers can be routinely subbed out, as well as alternates for special teams plus backups and such.

                Basketball has 10 on the court, and there aren’t that many people on the bench waiting to be subbed out.

          4. All sports are remnants of the Roman practice of distracting the commons with games while the empire burns, if you ask me. The same could be said of many things, though, so football isn’t especially unique in that regard.

            I’ve never understood the obsession, even while I’m from Texas and have seen a large amount of it. Getting a few dozen large, almost unemployable, humans together and having them essentially body check each other for a ball for an hour or two hardly seems like it would have the draw that it does but clearly I’m not the target audience.

            1. And, to follow this up, I think this more or less explains why sports stadiums are so heavily subsidized. The state wants more circuses, and is willing to spend your money to make it happen.

            2. Every civilization has had spectator sports. There is nothing particularly Roman about it. Sports are entertainment. There is no more or less to understand about them then why people watch movies or go to plays.

              1. Yet movies and plays are nowhere near the level of subsidy as public sports, and notably the other two don’t result in anywhere near the same level of preventable actual physical trauma.

                I don’t disagree with you in particular, but I use Rome as the example because they were probably the most honest about it and we don’t really have a lot of writing to help us understand Mayan handball (or whatever).

                I’ll be clear, my distaste for sports shouldn’t and doesn’t mean that you should stop liking it (and I know it won’t, on top of that). I couldn’t give less of a shit except where it involves public finance. You will never, ever see me vote in favor of a bond for a sporting stadium. I suspect the reason why sports are especially popular for politicians is precisely because it is a distraction, and because they can pocket a lot of money on the sly. No more, no less.

        2. three, if you include George Will…

        3. Yes that one was stolen from George Will.

          The hot dog / hot dog bun one is from Jerry Seinfeld.

          Are any of these original?

    2. brief spurts of big men

      I’m so goddam tired of these Weinstein stories.

      1. +1 potted plant.

  3. Imagine eating a large plate of cow’s eyes and fish guts and washing them down with the smelly juice that collects at the bottom of a Dumpster after a light rain.

    I can almost feel the dry heaves.

    1. In fairness, I know a few people who really enjoy the food scene in Edenborough.

      1. Sparky’s in trouble now. The recipe for haggis is supposed to be secret.

    2. I always called it dumpster juice.

  4. Trump’s tweets are just bread and circuses for the media. Trump understands that there is only so much air in the media room. Trump uses his tweets to occupy that air and leave none for the media to talk about things that matter like his regulatory rollbacks, appointments to the federal bench and so forth. If George W. Bush has taken even a 1/3rd of the regulatory actions that Trump has taken, it would have been all the media could talk about and they likely would have bullied a few weaker members of Congress into voting to undo them. The media isn’t doing that to Trump because they are too busy obsessing over his tweets. But remember, he is the dumb one.

    1. I think it’s quite a stretch to attribute his actions to competence instead of impulsiveness. He simply has no filter because he never has had to. This is not some grand design.

      1. This is a guy who made real estate deals for a living and managed to make himself a reality TV star. What is a stretch is thinking that he doesn’t know how to manipulate the media and is just some maniac who can’t help himself. If he were such a person, he would have never accomplished the things he did.

        I really don’t understand why people are so wedded to the idea that he is incompetent. Saying that he is a master media manipulator says nothing about his character or the merits of his policies. You can still think Trump is a bad guy and a bad President and admit that he understands the media and how to manipulate it. If anything, claiming that Trump is incompetent makes his critics look even worse. The fact is Trump got himself elected President. Saying he is incompetent and crazy means his critics are even worse since they were unable to stop him.

    2. I agree that he is smarter than many give him credit for. I don’t think he is an “intellectual” per se, but he is a solid hustler and salesman. I read the Art Of The Deal years back, and he knows how to work people, and delegate. That’s how he does things. I think it’s about 50/50 with him as far as being intentional though.

      Half is him being used to throwing out lines off the cuff that would be fine in the private world, but that freak out the political class. The other half is him INTENTIONALLY throwing out crazy lines to drive them insane on purpose, to play with them. Also stuff like him saying he might work with the Dems on DACA, then totally taking away the prize by throwing out conditions they would never agree to. It’s theater plain and simple.

      Either way it has in fact worked for keeping them off guard. I’ve been amazed by how little some of his important actions have been covered. I guess it is also because they want to portray him as having accomplished nothing at all, while simultaneously convincing everyone he is doing all these endless horrible things. It doesn’t even make sense, but that’s basically how the press is covering it. “He’s not getting any of his agenda through! LOL… But he’s doing so much stuff to ruin everything and he’s literally Hitler!!!” It’s weird.

      1. I don’t think Trump is some great thinker. He is a hustler and a salesman like you say. The reality is that it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how great of thinker you are. What matters is what you can get done. If the real estate hustler can get more done that I like, I will take him over the great thinker who can’t get the world to see his genius any day.

        1. The media love the latter type. It allows them to pen long diatribes about how the evil white men/Russians/Jews were really to blame for the great thinker’s failure

          1. Yes. They love failure because it allows them to avoid taking any responsibility or questioning their beliefs. If they never win, then they can always live in the perfect world of what might have been rather than take the responsibility that comes with accomplishing something.

        2. Trump hasn’t gotten anything done.

        3. Yeah, it’s too bad we don’t have somebody who is BOTH. Such men happened now and again, but rarely. Augustus Caesar, Frederick The Great and a few others. Jefferson was a thinker who just happened to be able to work his way into power despite his failings as a “showy” sort. If only Ron Paul had Trumps hustling skillz! LOL

          But yeah, I’d take a non intellectual with the right gut instincts over a book worm who can’t get anything done. It’s sad we have to pick, but that’s life.

      2. The way I see it, the problem (or a problem) with trump isn’t incompetence so much as being unprepared for a lot of the job and valuing winning more than any particular ideological or policy goals. I agree he’s done some decent things with deregulation. But I suspect that’s as much to do with that being something easy that the president has a lot of direct control over as any actual commitment to deregulation.

        1. But I suspect that’s as much to do with that being something easy that the president has a lot of direct control over as any actual commitment to deregulation.

          Which you then have to add to the fact that simply being less aggressive about pursing new regulations than the last two administrations would make just about anyone look like a “deregulator.”

          Carter was practically a libertarian compared to Bush/Obama.

        2. But I suspect that’s as much to do with that being something easy that the president has a lot of direct control over as any actual commitment to deregulation.

          That is because you don’t know much about regulatory law Zeb. If you did, you would realize that repealing regulations takes more than a stroke of a pen and requires real commitment and effort on the part of an administration.

  5. “Congress needs to set a limit of three bumper-stickers per vehicle, or the terrorists have already won.”

    You forgot congress also needs to specify a minimum font size so you blind guys can read it without tailgating.
    And specify the minimum contrast level of text/graphics against the background.

    If you want to take over the world, you need to think through all the details.

    And no sports proselytizing on a free speech thread.

    And a pony for every kid.

    1. “”And a pony for every kid””

      You could have voted for Vermin!!!

  6. A. Barton Hinkleheimerschmidt! His name is my name too!
    When he goes about, people always shout! A. Barton Hinkleheimerschmidt!

    1. “He goes out…people shout…not much else is known about him”

  7. I don’t think Trump (or his tweeting team) has mentioned legislating any of his tweets. He’s merely echoing his constituents, but unlike Left Wing politicians and some RINOs, he doesn’t advocate for big government. Sure, he might be obnoxious in the age of social media (so was Obama if you disagreed with him), but he’s hardly a fascist out to destroy the constitution. He’s more like Reagan in that way.

    1. he doesn’t advocate for big government

      Well, mostly, so far, unless he’s talking about the police or military or immigration enforcement.

      1. Sooo he’s at least for the parts of government that are supposed to exist according to the constitution? That puts him 10 steps ahead of most politicians. LOL

        Truth is he does have some bad big government instincts on some stuff. I think military spending needs to be cut a shit ton. And other things. But in relative terms, compared to other politicians out there nowadays, he’s less shitty than most. That’s about the best endorsement I can give him, but it’s better than the endorsement I could give to Hillary “Show Me The Money!” Clinton or Bernie “Give Me All Your Money” Sanders or John “Let’s Invade Everybody” McCain etc.

  8. A nauseating attempt at being clever which falls well short of it’s goal.

  9. “[I]t’s ghastly beyond words the way some people put so many bumper-stickers on their cars, especially the ones .with many words in small print that you can’t read anyway unless you’re, like, two inches behind them.”

    In our family, we decided that FOUR stickers is the “crazy limit.” Anyone who wants to tell total strangers any more about themselves than that would probably start deep conversations with you in the grocery line and freak you out with their crazy eyes:…..ngrich.jpg

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