Kmele Foster Gets Shouted Down by Black Lives Matter Activists After Pointing out That MLK Used Free Speech Protections—Wait, What?

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You go to hell, Kmele Foster! ||| The Daily Targum
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So the "Unsafe Space" campus speaking tour sponsored by Spiked (and hosted at least once so far in an emergency backup way by Reason) continues to generate interesting collisions between libertarian commentators and the angry campus progressives who seek to shout them down. One recent incident, while not coming close to a Berkeley-style riot, or a "Cocks Not Glocks" dildo-waving protest of gun-right speaker Katie Pavlich, or even the latest Charles Murray kerfuffle, nonetheless caught my attention because it involved old pal Kmele Foster, and my favorite piece of writing by Martin Luther King.

Foster (see video below) had just sat through a series of emotional audience harangues defending identity politics and speech-sensitivity as necessary pushbacks against a racist power structure, when he attempted to make a case familiar to Reason readers—that free-speech protections are crucial precisely for minority populations' struggles against the majority:

For so many years in this country, and I'm pointing to the 1960s in particular, speech protections were used by minority groups who were fighting for civil rights, and it was essential for them to be able to secure those rights, in order to advocate. The reason why Martin Luther King, for example, wrote his Letter from a Birmingham Jail from a Birmingham jail was because he was imprisoned for effectively violating speech codes—handing out flyers in the wrong spot, all of these various things. I think this is something that we don't necessarily understand.

It was at that precise moment—the whole speech-codes-hurt-comparatively-powerless-black-people moment—when activists started shouting "Black lives matter! Black lives matter! Black lives matter!" as if, uh, there was any suggestion to the contrary? Thus began several minutes of barky audience non-sequiturs such as "WHO controls the facts? WHO controls the facts? It's the system!" Eventually Foster was able to complete his point. You can read more about it over at Campus Reform (with a corrective follow-up tweet from Kmele) and watch the exchange below:

The incident also came up during our most recent Fifth Column podcast, beginning at around the 7:40 mark:

I had the weird experience of being part of an event that is being protested, where there are police officers, there 's a gauntlet of security guards who are checking bags, who are doing all of these things….Within 15 minutes kids are standing on their chairs screaming "Black lives matter!" They are standing up, disrupting the entire event. They ask for questions from the audience—rather than raise your hand and be called, since no one's hand rushed up right away, and you would have been either first or second, you just wait until we select someone, hand them a mic, and you run up in front of the room and say, "I'm just gonna stop this right here!" […]

At some point we were able to reel it in, and I suspect that my pigment was helpful in allowing me to calm the storm a little bit….I was a little flustered, because there's something really unsettling about being in a place like that.

You can listen to the whole episode, which covers a lot of free-speech ground, here:

Listen to Kmele Foster interview DeRay McKesson here, and recount a street run-in he had with BLM activists here.

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  1. If I could stomach watching vertical video, I’m sure I would see Foster rip his shirt off and grapple hecklers into submission.

    1. Vertical Video is the most offensive part of this whole thing.

      1. Foster: A sound voice of reason willing to have a civil discussion.
        For that, in America, is tantamount to owning slaves. Insanity abounds amongst the stupid.
        I like how the one jerk cannot hold back his disdain for capitalism which had nothing to do with the topic at hand. However, it comically reinforces that all of this lunacy is, at the root, a drive by Marxists who are too monumentally stupid to realize that their freedom is due to capitalism and liberty. Awesome

        1. What better way to destroy a country than to turn all of its children into blathering idiots unable to form rational thoughts and who worship diviseness.

          1. reasonable thoughts, they are rational (they believe they have an effect), just not very reasonable

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  2. While we’re on that episode of 5C, it’s worth mentioning that Moynihan’s annotated reading of the Weinstein apology letter was one of the best things I’ve heard all year.

    1. His voice reminds of me raccoons in throes of passionate lust.

        1. Melba is Toast!

          (May I propose a toast to Melba?)

          1. Melba is a small town in Idaho

      1. So you like his voice?

    2. Which episode is that, specifically? there are multiple ones linked above.

      1. It takes place at the end of 76.

          1. And I think they were the only ones I’ve heard ridicule Weinstein’s pivot to “so I’m going to dedicate myself to destroying the NRA” in order to stand on the bodies of Las Vegas in an effort to get himself clear of sexual assault allegations.

            1. yes. i can’t believe he fucking even *tried* that. Its such a bald, craven, “Hey! Look over there! Shiny-thing!”-PR-move that i think most of the media were too embarrassed to point it out, knowing that it was something they routinely do themselves.

  3. I don’t get this tour with so many Reason Staff are against free speech (ENB, Rico, Shika). It’s like Fox sponsoring an abortion speech or MSNBC one about government waste

    1. Some of these people, they believe that free speech is literally the same as genocide against people of color. Just like a MAGA hat.

    2. Are they actually against free speech?

      1. Many seem to be good on some issues and terrible on others.

        I feel as if the various contributors to the publication would benefit from getting together and helping each other lower their individual squish factors on individual liberties. For example, one contributor and one former contributor in this very podcast episode stated they were fine (with seemingly little in the way of research) with a certain firearm modification ban. Sullum could perhaps explain why that’s not a good idea. And along those lines, someone could explain to a certain other writer why championing the notion of punching Nazis might not be consistent with NAP. And so on, along those lines.


          1. That attitude is what lead to the Rexit.

            1. I did not mean to imply any of the reason staff was ideologically pure, or even semi-ideologically pure, and I pretty much agree with your entire post. However, I am consistently troubled by dismissive characterizations – like yokel Cosmo, etc – many seem to use in place of constructive criticism.

              1. I said all that knowing I am flippant and dismissive af.

                1. You’ve really lowered the bar of this website. You and PB.

                  1. You’ve really lowered the bar of this website. You and PB.

                    Weinstein’s innocent!!!!

                    1. It blows my mind. I already thought he was one of the lowest on the site, but that just blew me away. There is really nothing there at all.

                    2. You know, I was actually willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but he was just complaining about the hypocrisy of it all, but then he actually started to go down that road, that Harvey Weinstein didn’t do anything wrong.

                    3. You know, when PB started to essentially become a Harvey Weinstein truther, I knew the guy was completely insane.

                    4. I know what you mean. If he had been commenting how people would have defended the rape charges if he wasn’t liberal I could see it. He really was just saying rape isn’t bad.

              2. I am consistently troubled by dismissive characterizations

                Specifically the sense of “you are either an absolutist, or you are squarely against us.”

                1. Quit virtue signaling to your pals, snowflake.

                2. It’s funny how so many of us live out tribalistic behavior, while complaining about tribalism.

                  1. I don’t engage in tribalism. No tribe is pure enough to be worthy of my membership.

    3. Would it help if I explained that Reason has nothing to do with this tour, and that is just one of the many instances where you don’t know what you’re talking about?

      1. So the “Unsafe Space” campus speaking tour sponsored by Spiked (and hosted at least once so far in an emergency backup way by Reason)

        Can you just not read? Is that sentence too difficult for you?

    4. How are they against free speech? I’m really asking. It’s possible I’ve missed something.

  4. Principals, not principles. Judging people not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character is all well and good right up until there’s an advantage to be gained by judging people by the color of their skin. You sure as hell aren’t going to like judging their character.

  5. This is what happens when you pretend you aren’t black, Kmele.

    Also, this is what happens when you try to engage those who have no intention of listening.

  6. Fascist mobs can be discomforting. Who knew? And the fact that apparently, Kmele would have had it much worse had he been white doesn’t seem to bother him. He basically is saying “if I had been a cracker, I would have really been in trouble”.

    1. Yeah, he definitely didn’t find that “unsettling” or anything.

    2. Kmele is way more nuanced than that. I’m sure if you asked him that question directly, he would have said “Of course it bothers me!” He rants about identitarians all the time. He was simply holding back here, as he tries so often yet occasionally fails (when he goes full rant, its fucking glorious).

      1. Yeah, that is one of the easiest ways to get him sidetracked. Just try to squish him into a racial identity box, or make an argument that relies on race as actually being a thing and watch him spin off into rant-ville…. it is his white whale.

    3. It explicitly bothers him, which is why he brought it up that way. It is a subset of his basic critique of America’s racial politics.

      1. Exactly. Being “unsettled in a place like that” where that’s the case is pretty damn clear, LOL. He’s bemoaning it, not embracing it. He knows that’s why and he don’t like it. It ain’t his fucking fault.

    4. LOL! Yeah, Kmele doesn’t care about white people. Now how the fuck do you figure that? He LITERALLY FUCKING SAID he found it unsettling. All he did was point out the obvious and yet you’re bitching about it. It DID help him; that doesn’t mean he likes it. What, you want an apology or something? Where you got this whole “fuck whitey” thing from is beyond me. Jesus fucking Christ…

      1. They didn’t like the look of him. Hard to put a finger on,
        just something about him ……

  7. What?
    Next thing you know someone will try to claim that Reverend Martin Luther King was an evangelical Christian minister!

    1. At some point, they are going to realize he was that and they will want that statue on the Mall torn down and all those streets renamed. You watch. It sounds insane, but these people really are that crazy.

      1. Bullshit. Blacks love Jeebus. Being an atheist or non-xtian in much of the black community is just as bad as being a Republican, if not worse. Look at their leaders; most of them are xtians, if not ministers. White ‘left’ and black ‘left’ aren’t at all the same thing. That will NEVER happen.

        1. This is true. There are also a good number of white, leftist Christians out there.

          1. They also tend to fly rainbow flags outside their churches and call themselves Episcopalians…

            I KID I KID!

    2. There will come a day that he will be thrown away as well. I’m certain he has some views that are considered regressive now, given enough time he will pay for that and be tossed away from progressive history as well.

      1. Well, apparently he never officiated a gay wedding. Or even made a cake for a gay couple.


        1. He’s known to be a homophobe.

        2. He’s known to be a homophobe.

      2. Apparently he liked his guns, too, at least at one point in his life.

        “[a]fter King’s house was bombed in 1956, the clergyman applied in Alabama for a concealed carry permit. Local police, loathe to grant such permits to African-Americans, deemed him “unsuitable” and denied his application.

        “William Worthy, a journalist who covered the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, reported that once, during a visit to King’s parsonage, he went to sit down on an armchair in the living room and, to his surprise, almost sat on a loaded gun. Glenn Smiley, an adviser to King, described King’s home as ‘an arsenal.'”

        1. Crazy right wing gun nut!

  8. I now rechristen him Kaboom Foster because he dropped a huge truth bomb on that room at the end. It’s unfortunate the video was cut off before what I assume was a mic drop.

    1. Doing that in Michigan is how you get shot.

    2. Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

  9. I take solace in the fact that the primary victims of lefty idiocy are lefty idiots.

    1. The first victims anyway. They always think that being a loyal member of the party is going to save them.

      1. Robby’s hair will be forcibly cut off as part of the interrogationprocess. We will miss him dearly.

        1. We will miss him dearly

          we will miss the hair at least.

      2. Which isn’t to horrible, until their purifying rituals involve firearms or gas chambers.

    2. Well, yeah, after everyone else is dead.

      1. I am thinking more about democrat economic policy etc. not Stalinism.

  10. “WHO controls the facts? WHO controls the facts? It’s the system!”

    “We are not a cult! We are not a cult! Everyone else is brainwashed, not us!”

  11. Who’s that fine chick on your right, Kmele?

  12. Kmele: There’s something unsettling about being in a place like that.

    I think that’s the desired effect.

  13. Can someone please tell me WTF is with that damn finger snapping?

    1. “No, no! No applause. Every time you clap your hands you kill thousands of spores that’ll some day form a nutritious fungus. Just show your approval with a mold-friendly thumbs up.”

    2. The SJWs have apparently decided that they’re reincarnated 19050s beatniks.


    3. They are trying to be careful not to disrupt important speech
      by someone they agree with. Clapping is too loud.

  14. This hurts my ears.

    I love how “all lives matter” means “fuck black people!”

    1. Yes, because free speech is genocide, or some other such bullshit.

      Fuck off, slaver.

      1. Whoops, I thought you were advocating that. My bad.

  15. So I guess spiked magazine and libertarians are “the system” now?

    1. Of course. Haven’t you heard that there are LITERAL ANARCHO-CAPITALISTS in the federal government now?!?

      1. We always knew the day would come when the An-Caps would have absolute power.

        1. And sure enough, I feel corrupted absolutely!

          It kind of tickles.

    2. It’s pretty far out, man.

    3. I’ll put the SYSTEM on trial!

    4. That’s literally what their Marxist professors teach. That you can’t trust facts that undermine with your position, because you have no way to know whether it’s true or it’s just a justification for the white supremacist status quo. Any entity that disagrees with them = The System.

      1. The humanities are a fucked up section of Universities. And at the end of it, you don’t get a useful degree.

        1. Oh come on. Humanities degrees aren’t useless! They make wonderful kindling. Or, if they have the right proper names on them, they facilitate excellent networking.

          1. They’re very useful to businesses; it lets them know which resumes to throw away without any further consideration.

  16. #RESIST (stuff I disagree with)

  17. Hey kids, a bump stock (can) consist of a shoelace and a keyring. Good luck banning that.

    1. Well, the ATF says pistol stabilizing braces are ok, but if you hold one against your shoulder you are manufacturing a short barreled rifle.

  18. Weirdest story you’ll read all day.

    In the world of punk rock, radical politics tends to come with the territory. But British guitarist Sally Jones, formerly of the punk band Krunch, had even by punk standards taken her radicalism to dangerous extreme.
    Jones, who has been more recently identified as Umma Hussain al Britani, Sakinah Hussain or “the White Widow,” has reportedly died following a drone attack. The fatal strike, which is said to have been carried out by the U.S., comes four years after Jones’s shocking transformation from ’90s era British punk-scene staple to notorious ISIS recruiter.

    1. In the world of punk rock, radical politics psychotic narcissism tends to come with the territory


  19. I would love for one of these idiots to tell Kmele he isn’t black or a part of the black community (which they will do at some point, they love to strip minorities of their minority status once they express the wrong views), and for Kmele to agree and make their heads explode

    1. “I’m not black, I’m OJ Kmele”?

      1. “Compared to me, the inside of a coal scuttle at midnight is like f___ing noonday.”

    2. “I’m not black, I’m OJ Kmele”

  20. “During public comment, student Priya Biswas delivered a statement on behalf of Edith Macias, the third-year ethnic studies major who has received death threats after a video of her grabbing fourth-year economics major Matthew Vitale’s “Make America Great Again” hat went viral nearly two weeks ago.

    “Biswas brought light to the doxing (publishing of someone’s private information on public pages of the internet) of Macias, discussed other incidents perpetrated by “alt-right” groups across the UC system and nation as a whole and divulged the mental health toll this incident has taken on Macias. She also urged ASUCR to note the political climate in light of this incident and how it has affected UCR students of Hispanic descent.”

    1. the mental health toll this incident has taken on Macias.

      She was obviously batshit insane before the incident. She believed she was entitled to steal someone’s hat if she didn’t like the slogan on it.


      1. She got away with it and now gets to present herself
        as a victim. Maybe, not so crazy after all.

    2. Maybe she finally learned actions have consequences.

      1. If she actually learned something, it would be the first time.

  21. Were the protesters in the audience actually intelligent enough to realize that Mr. Foster was comparing them to Richard Spencer?

    1. “I prefer not to call it sexual assault, I call it ‘making use of contractual rights under paragraph 7(d).'”

  22. Welch sure was willing to state that furries weren’t a threat quickly. Does Welch have hidden motives?

    1. I’m actually not that outraged by it.

      Lincoln wasn’t a god. He was a man, and a very flawed man at that. I am absolutely in favor of educating people about the entire truth of our nation’s past, good bad and ugly.

      It’s probably also why I can’t get all that worked up about the national anthem protests or the flag burning protests. This country IS a flawed country. There ARE things to protest about it.

      1. Fine, let’s have Judge Napolitano write an explanatory plaque.

        Just kidding, not even Lincoln deserves that.

        1. What do you not like about Napolitano’s style? Is there something about it that annoys you? Maybe you just don’t like his conclusions? Or is it something else…?

          1. Bravo.

          2. What if someone did not like his style? What if that person was a Reason commentor? What if they dissed him for a column he did not write? What if another commentor tried to mimic him but did so in a less than effectual fashion?

      2. Surprise! chemjeff siding with the left again while claiming not to be a leftist.

        1. Chemjeff: “Man is mortal and we have all made mistakes.”

          Liberty =>

            1. I was too upset to bother to correct it. I’m sure my point was clear.

        2. “Siding with”? Come on, man, agreeing narrowly with people about some things does not equal siding with them. You don’t always have to pick a team to express an opinion, you know? Very few people are wrong about everything.

  23. For those who missed it, here’s some Halloween news:

    The outgoing President of Harvard University is named Faust.

    The incoming President of Duke University is named Vincent Price.

  24. The progressive marxists are totally unhinged.

    1. See, that is too reductionist of a response.

      I’m not at all defending what they did. I would however like to understand why they did it.

      1. Because their actions make sense according to their idiotic worldview.

        1. So what is it then?

          1. You’d probably have to ask them. I expect the answer will contain a lot of “likes”s and a lot of buzzwords.

      2. Beats working at White Castle.

      3. ” I would however like to understand why they did it.”

        Why do you think dogs lick their balls?

      4. “I’m not at all defending what they did. I would however like to understand why they did it.”

        I’m saying both of those comments are lacking in validity. And honesty.
        You are, by claiming the motive is hard to understand, validating what they did.
        As Gilmore mentions, they did it because they could. Like some slimy looter grabbing goods from a burned-out house.
        Consider yourself busted.

        1. No I’m not. That is absurd.

          Reducing their motives to “well, they’re just thugs” is just as nonsensical as reducing the motives of Trump voters to “well, they’re just racists”.

          1. Reducing their motives to “well, they’re just thugs”

            who said that?

        2. They could also have done a million other things. “because they could” is not an answer. Why did they choose to do one thing rather than another?

          1. They could also have done a million other things. “because they could” is not an answer. Why did they choose to do one thing rather than another?

            it is an answer, albeit one which requires people to have been paying attention to the last ~5 years of protest-trends. and maybe rubbing some braincells together

            Pretending that this instance is somehow unique and different from the gerzillion other times similar stuff has happened, and that it requires some special examination seeking out unique motives, is so silly that it doesn’t deserve anything more than a trite answer.

            is this the first time kids have mobbed up and shouted slogans to drown out any discussion? Obviously not.

            why do they do it in general? Because they can. Because when you have a form of political power at your disposal, you USE it. A power that isn’t exercised frequently and capriciously starts to weaken.

            They silence speakers – even when those speaker might NOT actually be ‘alt-right’, even when the speakers might actually even agree with the woke-set in many cases – because doing so repeatedly serves to normalize and validate their method. It forces anyone to rethink ever daring to criticize or challenge them, else they end up “othered” in a similar fashion.

  25. If that ever happened to me, I’m finishing my speech, or sitting there silently for the rest of the program without an expression. I’m just not a huge fan of the people who use it as an excuse to cut things short. You at least have to send a little fuck you to the mob first, but I’m glad they were at least able to finish.

    Seems like the protesters were bored and needed something to do, so they just shouted stuff.

    1. At the Meetings Snowball often won over the majority by his brilliant speeches, but Napoleon was better at canvassing support for himself in between times. He was especially successful with the sheep. Of late the sheep had taken to bleating “Four legs good, two legs bad” both in and out of season, and they often interrupted the Meeting with this. It was noticed that they were especially liable to break into “Four legs good, two legs bad” at crucial moments in Snowball’s speeches.

      1. You win Best Use of a Quote for the week.

  26. #Kmlele2020

  27. “Cocks Not Glocks”

    Said the gang of men to the girl in Cologne.

  28. Time to starve the beast. End all federally funded student loan programs for incoming students and the universities will sober up quick. Package it as part of a student loan forgiveness for those who’ve already graduated and it will pass guaranteed. I can picture Dems trying to tell their constituents that sorry, they have to keep paying exorbitant loan payments to keep the bike lock guy and Melissa Click types employed.

    We saw with the NFL anthem controversy that even the biggest behemoth can be brought to bear in a very short time if you hit them in the cash flow.

  29. Let the protesters protest. Eventually they will realize that there is no point to disrupting and will let you speak. If it’s just a few then fine you can escort them out. But don’t punish – this will only radicalize them.

    And yes security is expensive – but first of all remember that we spend A BILLION DOLLARS A DAY to bring freedom to the middle east – we can afford this. Secondly, let’s vindicate the memory of MILLIONS of brave Americans who fought and died for our freedoms. And finally – the problem will dissipate over time and eventually people will just ignore the vile racists.

    1. Eventually they will realize that there is no point to disrupting and will let you speak.

      Not going to work. The main point in protesting is to virtue-signal. Shutting down the speech is just bonus points.

      1. Not going to work.

        Ye of little faith.

    2. Eventually all the protesters will die of old age or something else. This will happen long before they realize anything.

  30. Interesting free speech article:


  31. Another interesting free speech article:


    I think the central idea that these articles are trying to get across is that free speech is not the same as “civil speech”. A lot of people, myself included, tend to think of the ideal of free speech as some Oxford-style debate where opposing viewpoints are presented respectfully and civilly without fear of government coercion and also without disruption or rude behavior on the part of the listeners. But the principle of free speech doesn’t require such levels of decorum. Messy and rude protesting is also a type of free speech. So I don’t think it’s accurate to say that the protestors are “anti-free-speech”. Rather I think it’s safe to say that they are opposed to pretentious free speech.

    1. Oh, I don’t think that is safe to say at all.

      They are opposed to any speech that runs counter to their view of race, privilege, sexual and gender identity, economics, etc. Any of that is explicitly deemed to be “violence”. That includes people giving speeches at University and it includes rednecks complaining about confederate statues. They are all violent speakers who must be silenced because of their violence against others (in the form of holding ideas considered to be untenable).

      There are plenty of videos of protesters physically preventing others from speaking (even Bernie Sanders was shut down by #BLM). And lest you forget, the anti-fa folks are of the same strip, perhaps even some of the exact same people, and we’ve seen plenty of videos of their solution to people who hold points of view that they disagree with.

      No, this is not about a disagreement with having to take turns in speaking. This is about shutting down all disagreement, violently if necessary. Whether there is broad support for this notion is debatable, but the existence of this trend certainly isn’t.

      This kerfuffle was quite tame by recent standards. But that doesn’t mean the trend doesn’t exist.

    2. Pretentious free speech? What the F is that? Pray tell.

      1. its chemjeff. he’s like a bot that pumps out incompetent sophistry.

    3. Another interesting free speech article:



      Noah Berlatsky. one of the most shrieking-hysterical SJW’s on twitter. Read some of his other article titles there.

  32. I’m guessing these “scholars” haven’t read Animal Farm. Otherwise they might notice the similarity of their chants to “Four legs good! Two legs bad!”

  33. The Globalist anti US sovereignty crowd has hijacked the left wing politics in America and particularly CA today and has distorted the traditional liberal agenda of FDR’s New Deal beyond recognition through their bought and paid for Globalist MSM propaganda.
    Maybe Ann Coulter should buy a guitar and sing her speech like Peter, Paul and Mary did in the sixties. Remember, “If I had a hammer”? In those days getting stoned at Berkley was a pre-requisite to analyze political diversity not a punishment for presenting it.
    Morton Keller the Spector Professor of History Emeritus at Brandeis University and the author of Obama’s Time: A History, who said, ” You are quite right to emphasize the current intensity of political polarization. But that has happened before: e.g., the slavery-secession division of the 1850s (a discouraging example), and the anti-FDR/anti-New Deal furor of the mid-1930s (a more hopeful example). The ferocity of the anti-Roosevelt rhetoric easily matches that currently directed at Trump.”.
    I clearly remember the anti Viet Nam war speakers of the mid 1960s getting similar short shrift from the media of that era as the pro U.S. sovereignty conservative right is getting today. Perhaps if these obnoxious selfrightches criminals could relate their anti first amendment activity to the once radicle Susan B. Anthony’s or Rosa Parks’ rights we won’t have to bring in the N.G.s to settle their hash. Beware the 5th column. Don’t be a pigeon.

  34. Kmele Foster Gets Shouted Down by Black Lives Matter Activists After Pointing out That MLK Used Free Speech Protections?Wait, What? – Hit & Run : Reason.comis the best post byimo for pc Kmele Foster Gets Shouted Down by Black Lives Matter Activists After Pointing out That MLK Used Free Speech Protections?Wait, What? – Hit & Run : Reason.comis the best post by imo app Kmele Foster Gets Shouted Down by Black Lives Matter Activists After Pointing out That MLK Used Free Speech Protections?Wait, What? – Hit & Run : Reason.comis the best post by imo app Kmele Foster Gets Shouted Down by Black Lives Matter Activists After Pointing out That MLK Used Free Speech Protections?Wait, What? – Hit & Run : Reason.comis the best post by snaptube for pc Kmele Foster Gets Shouted Down by Black Lives Matter Activists After Pointing out That MLK Used Free Speech Protections?Wait, What? – Hit & Run : Reason.comis the best post by snaptube app

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