Wildfires Burn California, Trump/Corker Feud Escalates, and Iran Deal Reportedly in Trouble: P.M. Links


  • Fire in Napa, California
    Peter DaSilva/Polaris/Newscom

    15 killed in northern California wild fires.

  • Trump says he won't fill 'a lot' of vacant executive positions as part of an effort to shrink government.
  • The Trump/Corker feud escalates. Read Reason's coverage of this most pathetic political fight here.
  • Trump expected to not recertify the Iran deal.
  • Richard Branson plans on being in space in six months.


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  1. 15 killed in northern California wild fires.

    This one’s not about Trump.

      1. The fastest way to put out those fires? Find a picture in which the flames spell out an insult to Trump.

        1. “Oh, yeah? Pence, bring me several gallon jugs of water, I’m gonna make that fire wish it hadn’t been born.”

          1. I think the Venture Brothers may have found a new adversary.

        2. The flames look pretty orange to me…

    1. Hello.

      I’m starting to think being the President is not that hard or stressful if Trump can find time to do all this.

      Plus, Obama did it for eight years so…

      1. ^ This, a million times this!

      2. Have yet to hear a single media outlet say anything like that for decades. It would be refreshing.

        Imagine if the media advocated that most of government is not really needed and could be shut down.

        1. There were plenty of non-essential federal employees furloughed in the last government shutdown.
          The mistake was reinstating them. (With back pay, of course.)

    2. This one’s not about Trump.

      Mother nature is getting her revenge after America elected Trump.

      1. By burning down the state that most hates him.

        1. Get kicked out of any place lately, John?


          1. Did you guys kick John out of Canada? What did he do?

          2. We *voluntarily left* the Plus-Size strip club.

            1. Et tu, Lily? Between you, John, and Brian, H&R is turning out to have a sizable chubby chaser contingent.

              1. Yeah, but the club’s Roseanne Barr look-alike was the last straw.

                I *think* she was a look-alike.

                1. She probably doesn’t need any help from straw to break a camel’s back.

          3. Absolutely Rufus. National Review and Glibertarians are the only two places I have ever been kicked out of. What puzzles me is not that they kicked me out, but that they invited me in the first place. It is not like I am an unknown commodity. Why did they send me emails asking me to come over to then get all butt hurt and kick me out? That part puzzles me.

            1. I went to Glibs website. Once. It looked like a shared myspace page and read like a circle jerk, so I think that ultimately one visit was enough.

              1. I definitely interrupted the circle jerk.

                1. Not the first time you’ve said that, i reckon.

                  1. No one ever invites me to the circle jerks Citizen X. I am always just interrupting them never joining.

                  2. John has been know to snatch a cookie from the sweaty hands of defeat.

                    1. Crusty, that scene is going into my Fist And Crusty Go To Yellowstone movie.

              2. Same. Just made me kind of sad.

            2. They joined you so they could cancel their subscription.

              1. That is funny Paul. And true as well.

              2. I answered you in the thread about Gillespie’s interview with Malibu Stacey:

                “She claims to be Gen-X? Not unless she was born by 1980 and she don’t look 37 to me. And the 45 year-old women she dismissed are EXACTLY in the Gen-X range.

                Blurred lines indeed.”

                1. Ah, thanks Rufus. Yes, she said, and I quote, “I put on a backpack, I look relatively young, not like a Gen X mother of two– which is what I actually am.”

                  Some people put it as late as 1984– she could look 33, but I agree with her, she does look very young. She doesn’t look very much older than my 15 yr old daughter.

                  1. She was born in 1973.

                    Gen X it is.

                    But not in spirit.

                    Gen X is kick ass.

      2. On California?

        1. Gaia keeps hitting places for voting Hillary it seems.

    3. I thought California Wild Fire was just Trump’s nickname in college

    4. This one’s not about Trump.

      Are you kidding? People in Northern California curse Scott Pruitt’s name every time the temperature gets above 75. Don’t even get started on wildfires.

  2. Trump says he won’t fill ‘a lot’ of vacant executive positions as part of an effort to shrink government.

    And the libertarian moment begins in earnest.

    1. This is one of the reasons the establishment hates him. Those idiot sons and daughters won’t employ themselves.

      1. I’m wondering if it’s because of a legitimate urge to shrink government, or an admission that he’s not likely to get very many nominations through.

        1. No. I think it is more that the White House Staff is dorked up and seems unable to properly vet and submit people.

          1. It’s difficult to tell the difference between incompetence and obstructionism these days.

            1. Same effect- less government.

        2. Or find anyone willing to take the positions.

          1. Or bring himself to care too much about it. Which, from a libertarian standpoint, isn’t bad.

        3. That’s a distinction without a difference.

    2. “Yeah, that’s the ticket.”

  3. The Trump/Corker feud escalates.

    Corktail Party Corker is what I call him.

    1. Where do you think the family name comes from?

      1. Their rich cork soaking tradition.

        1. That… that’s a euphemism, right?

          1. What kind of fargin’ icehole has to axe this question?

  4. Trump expected to not recertify the Iran deal.

    No more pallets of cash?

  5. The Trump/Corker feud escalates.

    More like Cuck-er, amiright?

    1. Dude, leave something for SIV.

      1. The last time i did that, the whole place ended up smelling like a birdcage in a whorehouse. No thanks.

        1. I think you meant to say “whorehouse in a birdcage.”

          1. With SIV, there’s no difference.

  6. Trump says he won’t fill ‘a lot’ of vacant executive positions as part of an effort to shrink government.

    “Doing more with less”, is it then?

    1. He’s the Houston Nutt of Presidenting.


  7. Richard Branson plans on being in space in six months.

    The same way Balloon Boy did it.

    1. I am in space right now.

      1. Balloon Knot Boy was my nickname in College …

      2. Burning out your fuze up there alone?

        1. Up where?

      3. I’m flying through space at 66,700 miles per hour, in a planet-sized spacecraft spinning at around 1,000 miles per hour. And so is everyone else on Earth.

  8. http://www.techdirt.com/articl…..owns.shtml

    Finally a feel-good story.

    1. According to school policies, students may be searched if there’s reasonable suspicion the student is in possession of an illegal item. The same rules apply to law enforcement

      So, according to school policies, LEOs may be searched if there’s reasonable suspicion the LEO is in possession of an illegal item. Cool!

      1. Do you even Columbia, bro?

    1. How are deaf people going to communicate now?

      1. Interpretive dance, same as it always was. ^_-

  9. The Trump/Corker feud escalates.

    “I know *you* are, but what am I?!”

  10. Richard Branson plans on being in space in six months.

    Virgin Airlines.

    “Hey Dick, sit here and buckle up”.

  11. The Smartest Americans Are Heading West

    Three cities in Colorado ? a state whose fortunes have been tied to the boom and bust of oil, gas and other commodities ? are among the top 10 leading destinations for the nation’s best and brightest as old cow and mining towns morph into technology hubs, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. Another Colorado city is plotting a 21st century revival.

    And the even smarter Americans are staying in the east where they will rule a kingdom of dolts.

    1. Swinging a bit late at the pitch there Vince, Wei, and Agnel.


    2. If they’re calculating ‘best and brightest’ by the presence of college degrees…

      1. I am glad someone picked up on that.

        1. What in hades in “Net Biz Formation”?

          1. Creating a more efficient spam bot to sell dick pills.

      2. Doesn’t matter how you calculate it, they’ll legislate everyone into inefficacy here soon enough.

    1. You know who else loved minimalist links?

      1. Anne Robinson?

      2. Abe Froman- Sausage King of Chicago?

  12. Trump says he won’t fill ‘a lot’ of vacant executive positions as part of an effort to shrink government.

    This is why we have hurricanes and wars and social injustice!

    1. You really would have to be one creepy bastard to be in his position and have to resort to some of the things he did to get laid. The guy produced movies. Every actress in Hollywood knew that banging him was a ticket to a movie career. And yet, he had to resort to inviting women into his room and forcing himself on them. That means that he was so creepy that actresses were not volunteering to sleep with him based on who he was. That is epically creepy.

      1. The dude was like Jabba the Hut… and I believe a director who tried to make a movie deal with him once described him exactly that way.

        1. More from the article

          The producer denies bringing Argento to the room that night.) At first, Weinstein was solicitous, praising her work. Then he left the room. When he returned, he was wearing a bathrobe and holding a bottle of lotion. “He asks me to give a massage. I was, like, ‘Look, man, I am no fucking fool,’ ” Argento said. “But, looking back, I am a fucking fool. And I am still trying to come to grips with what happened.”
          Argento said that, after she reluctantly agreed to give Weinstein a massage, he pulled her skirt up, forced her legs apart, and performed oral sex on her as she repeatedly told him to stop. Weinstein “terrified me, and he was so big,” she said. “It wouldn’t stop. It was a nightmare.”

          Jesus Christ what a sleezeball.

          1. And her career did kind of dry up around that time.

            1. Probably not the only thing that dried yo.

    2. Get this

      Lucia Stoller, now Lucia Evans, was approached by Weinstein at Cipriani Upstairs, a club in New York, in 2004, the summer before her senior year at Middlebury College. Evans wanted to be an actress, and although she had heard rumors about Weinstein she let him have her number. Weinstein began calling her late at night, or having an assistant call her, asking to meet. She declined, but said that she would do readings during the day for a casting executive

      The guy casts movies and he can’t get aspiring actresses to even meet him much less get on the casting couch. Weinstein seems to be a real-life case of a guy who couldn’t get laid in a woman’s prison with a handful of pardons.

      1. That…is actually pretty impressive. You would think aspiring actors and actresses would be lining up to suck whatever he proffered for a chance at a multimillion dollar role.

        1. It is something. Weinstein is apparently so disgusting that actresses would rather wait tables than be in his movies if doing so requires fucking him. Part of it is that he seems to be a bit retarded and unable to approach the subject with any sort of tact. The guy makes Steve Smith seem like a smooth talker by comparison.

        2. I am sure some did, but many more did not. Plus, he was forcing women to watch him beat off, or coercing them into giving his fat, disgusting body massages while he was in a bathrobe – things like that. It didn’t even seem like there was a quid pro quo offer, he was just an uber-creep.

          1. Plus, he was forcing women to watch him beat off

            Which commenter was he?

            1. Actually I think he may be the real STEVE SMITH.

          2. The woman he raped in the quote above never got a part. He was just using his position to get them alone and rape them. This wasn’t a casting couch. The guy should be going to jail. These cases are not just creepy, they are no shit criminal sexual assault and in some cases rape.

    3. I can’t even come close to quantifying the level of delight I’ve experienced watching this fat toad’s career implode. He’s basically confirmed that physiognomy is legitimate, because just to look at him was to see a disgusting, loudmouthed, lecherous pig.

      It’s been whispered for decades that this guy was sexually abusing and harassing women. He paid some of them peanuts in lawsuit settlements and required employees to sign NDAs to ensure they stayed quiet. The NYT spiked a story on his behavior in 2004 after Matt “Intrinsically Paternalistic” Damon and Russell Crowe allegedly got involved in demanding that the Paper of Record lay off. Actors and actresses sold their souls to him and put up with his bullying in exchange for Golden Globes and Oscars that made their careers, while board and staff members at Miramax and TWC looked the other way the whole time. His shameless politicking during awards season resulted in some really stupid/overrated movies gaining recognition that they never deserved.

      The whole story is so stereotypically Faustian I wouldn’t be surprised at this point if Weinstein really was a demon made flesh, or if he made a bargain of his own and the devil finally came to collect.

      1. You would think someone who sold their soul would have asked for better skin and to be better looking. And shameless politicking is an understatement. This asshole got Shakespeare in Love, one of the most insufferable movies ever made a fucking best picture Oscar. He must have sold something.

      2. I love his excuse about how he has a “problem” and is “getting help”. Exactly what “condition” does one have that causes you to sexually assault women? What problem is Weinstein working on besides being a complete immoral perverted scumbag?

      3. This part from Farrow’s article is what irks me:

        This has been an open secret to many in Hollywood and beyond, but previous attempts by many publications, including The New Yorker, to investigate and publish the story over the years fell short of the demands of journalistic evidence.

        Bullshit. It’s understandable that a lot of people would be reluctant to go on record due to Weinstein’s power, especially the ones that he raped/harassed, but if women are being warned off from working with him, like Angelina Jolie did, or know that his behavior is in fact an open secret, wouldn’t a real journalist be hammering on this like crazy until you got the confirmation you needed? It only took Woodward and Bernstein, what, two years to bring down Nixon starting with the Watergate break-in? Farrow’s trying to tell us that there weren’t people just dying to see Weinstein get his comeuppance in over 20 years of him running roughshod through Hollywood?

        No, what happened here is that Weinstein’s influence isn’t nearly as strong as it was before, and people decided that he wasn’t worth the aggravation of enabling anymore. It doesn’t have anything to do with journalistic integrity.

        1. Exactly. You don’t have to name the accusers. You can hide their identities and print the story as long as you know who they are and find their accusations credible. As for Weinstein, fuck him. What was he going to do, sue for libel? I kind of doubt that considering truth is a defense for libel and suing for it would open up his entire disgusting life to examination during discovery.

          What happened here was Weinstein is no longer good at his job and they wanted to get rid of him. Now that he is no longer good at what he does and is on his way out, the truth can be told. So his outing just confirms the fact that you can be a no shit rapist and no one in Hollywood will care as long as you produce hits and make money.

        2. wouldn’t a real journalist be hammering on this like crazy until you got the confirmation you needed?

          There is a difference between it being an open secret that he was a total creep, and what he was actually doing. I got the sense that some journalists had a story, but not all the stories, and from the story they had it was hard to nail down the details and get it published. Weinstein intimidated, bought, or paid off everyone he could. The “who’s to blame” list is something like: Weinstein (of course), everyone (both men and women) in the industry who knew it was happening to some degree and did nothing about it, and the journalists who allowed themselves to be bought off or intimidated or were just too spineless to pursue and print the stories.

          1. Also, Rose McGowan ain’t playin’: Rose McGowan says Ben Affleck knew all about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior: ‘You lie’

            Will this finally be the end of Affleck’s reign of terror? My God.

            1. Can you imagine both Affleck and Damon being taken down in one fell swoop? The heart swells with hope.

      4. Is Weinstein the guy who produced a movie castigating Justice Thomas for talking about a publc hair on a Coke can with some law intern??

  13. Harvey Weinstein, Fox News, and the Power of Self-Interest

    But there’s another word that answers how ? one that applies not to the victims but to the constellation of co-workers, journalists, and peers who swim in the same corporate waters. That word is ambition. Harvey Weinstein, Roger Ailes, and Bill O’Reilly weren’t powerful in the way that dictators are powerful. They had no ability to imprison or execute any person. They didn’t have the ability to deprive a person of their liberty or of the ability to earn a livelihood. What they could do was rob a person of her dreams.

    Sometimes that David French really ticklers my fancy.

    1. Is giving the part to a woman who will sleep with you really depriving the ones who won’t of their dreams? I mean someone has to get the part, don’t they?

      And if your “dreams” involve banging the creepy boss, maybe you should find new dreams? Speaking of creepy, I find David French to be very creepy.

  14. The one disgusting request sex doll brothel owner always turns down

    “Some customers prefer the service because they have a rape fantasy.

    “Obviously we don’t want to promote this kind of activity.”

    Fun fact: I always get my Real Dolls consent first. Always.

    1. I’m not clicking the link, but there’s a certain level of morbid curiosity on who is raping whom in that scenario.

    2. Seriously, though, since a sex doll can’t legally give consent, isn’t every encounter with it rape?

      Omg, I have been raping the couch cushions for years.

      1. Dude, what did i tell you? There’s not enough Prozac in all the world to make hearing about your sex life bearable.

        1. Hm, perhaps your penchant for debilitating bouts of depression upon exposure to nonnormative expressions of sexuality are a subconscious manifestation of your self-imposed privation vis-a-vis certain needs? What say you?

          [Playfully tosses orange slice at X]

    3. “Sex doll brothel owner creeped out at the kind of customers who are attracted to the establishment.”

      1. “Wow, setting up a brothel sure seems expensive, what with salaries, medical tests, payoffs to authorities…how about a doll brothel?”

        1. Wait until someone makes a kid sex doll. The outrage is going to be epic. The reality that it would be better to have deviants out screwing dolls rather than real kids will be lost.

          1. I don’t know the psychology, but there’s another side: If someone finds it acceptable to act out such fantasies in public, maybe he’s a step closer to doing it in the real world. But I don’t actually know.

            1. That may be the case. But I think the more likely case is someone who is able to act out their fantasies with the doll will be more likely to control their urges when around real kids. I don’t buy the idea that the doll would get anyone to act on their fantasy who would not have done so already.

              When you are to the point you are renting a kid sex doll, you are already so far down that road there is no going back I think.

            2. I think this has been debunked. Has there been a rise in rapes because of rape fantasy porn?

              1. If I find some work on that I’ll remember to post it, but yes. I believe that has been debunked.

              2. Decline, actually, specifically tied to internet penetration.

    4. Wouldn’t the guy rather have these dudes raping his dolls rather than out doing it for real?

      1. Without demeaning myself by actually clicking the link, let me hypothesize that the owner is trying to get buzz for the establishment under the “no publicity is bad publicity” principle.

        1. I mean, the reader looks at the article, says “wow, a doll brothel, my dirty uncle Ned lives in that area, let me let him know about this…”

      2. You’d think, although I’m not sure how much that effect has been studied. I’ve read some people who think that living out those fantasies makes it more likely to happen, and those who think it makes it less likely. Either way, it’s weird that a doll brothel owner would be at all surprised that their clients are deviants.

        1. Hence my speculation that they’re trying to get news coverage for their business.

    1. Hmmm…could we tie this in the the story about fines for traffic violations, and come up with a compromise everyone is happy with?


  15. Feeding an NFL team for a week? Get 700 pounds of chicken for starters

    Chicken is on the Bills’ menu, but in a healthier form than deep-fried wings. The team typically cooks 24 rotisserie chickens each day. That is one of multiple protein options available to players, the most common being grass-fed beef imported from New Zealand. The Bills serve a staggering 400 to 500 pounds of beef on average each week, and went through a half-ton of it during one week of organized team activities in the spring. For players who prefer fish, the cafeteria rotates several choices.

    More than 250 pounds of salmon is served each week, with cod, tilapia, sea bass and halibut also making appearances on the menu.

  16. California health care workers who “willfully and repeatedly” decline to use a senior transgender patient’s “preferred name or pronouns” could face punishments ranging from a fine to jail time under a newly signed law.

    California Gov. Jerry Brown signed the legislation last week.

    The sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, has argued adamantly that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun.

    “It’s just more scare tactics by people who oppose all LGBT civil rights and protections,” he said in a statement last month.

    As we all know, laws are put into place all the time and never actually enforced, and NEVER enforced in excess of their original intent, or ever used as sources of revenue, or to please political constituents like public-sector unions. Nope. We’ve got tons of laws on the books which everyone just ignores.

    I look forward to a ‘to be sure’-laden-take on this soon.

    1. They would never enforce these laws. They just passed them because well shut up and stop being a bigot and asking why.

      1. If you vote for or sign a law that you intend to pass but never have it enforced, you should be impeached immediately.

        This isn’t even some edge case. If you are that depraved and indifferent about your oath of office, you gotta go.

    2. “Sen. Scott Wiener, has argued adamantly that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun….

      “The law states that if provisions are violated, the violator could be punished by a fine “not to exceed one thousand dollars” or “by imprisonment in the county jail for a period not to exceed one year,” or both.”

      Look here, Wiener, criminal penalties are in the actual words of the statute.

      Just what are you trying to pull, Wiener?

      1. “Could”, Lily. It’s like a GEICO ad.

        1. Obviously, not all violations will be prosecuted, especially if the facility’s management takes the precaution of donating to the right political party.

          1. Yes, I get the GEICO reference.

            Also, you *could* already have won the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.

    3. The sponsor, Democratic state Sen. Scott Wiener, has argued adamantly that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun.

      Really, Wiener? What’s your preferred name?

    4. So this Weiner guy really wants the inmates to run the asylum.

      If medical personnel refer to a crazy guy with a dick as “he,” they risk prison.

      1. Yes. Every day our society seems to go more insane.

        1. And bear in mind that I’m using “crazy” in the lay sense of “highly eccentric and weird and out of touch with reality.” Who knows how the experts have classified it by now.

    5. Well, I look forward to this statue being completely unused given that there are probably zero elderly transgender people. If there are any, I’d chalk it up to dementia or Alzheimer’s as opposed to actually being transgender. I don’t think that generation could even conceive of such a thing. It’s like trying to explain an iPhone to grandma, it doesn’t work that well.

      1. I know an old lady who all but has withdrawal symptoms if she goes too long without her iPhone.

        1. Fair enough, bad analogy perhaps. I can conceive of there being elderly transgender I suppose, I just find it pretty damn unlikely that it would be simple to differentiate it from the various other mental issues that an elderly person in long-term care is probably going to have.

          Making laws about something as subjective as what pronoun someone wants to be called and then making the potential jail stint something along the lines of a year is madness. It’s subjective, vague, and ultimately is compelled speech.

          Cali really loves laws that are blatantly unconstitutional that won’t survive their first challenge, all in the name of ‘first!’.

      2. there are probably zero elderly transgender people

        meh. there’s actually a fairly significant category of male-to-female trans people who never feel any dysphoria until after their middle-age drop in testosterone. basically, transitioning in their 50s or so. they’re a minority, but they exist. whether they last long enough to be fogies, i agree its debateable. But i think you also have far-larger categories of “Crazy Old People” who would gladly use a constantly fluid gender identity just to fuck with people.

        basically, imagine Michael Hinh in drag.

        1. basically, imagine Michael Hinh in drag.

          *Vomits up his own skull*

      3. Bruce Jenner?

    6. Jail and fines? Why can’t they just fire them?

      1. Because the rule applies to workers who don’t work for the state. And the ones who do likely can’t be fired anyway.

  17. I see my plan is coming along nicely. Please, don’t let me interrupt:

  18. In case you’d forgotten

    Chris Christie is Still an Asshole

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) ? New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said Tuesday “it’s not good” that President Donald Trump has yet to declare the opioid crisis a national emergency.

    Trump appointed the fellow Republican to chair his opioid commission, whose signature recommendation was an emergency declaration.

    Christie said Tuesday that the commission’s recommendations are “lessened” without the declaration, but he says it’s too soon to say whether not declaring one has made things worse.

    “I think the problem is too big to say that if he had declared an emergency two months ago that it would make a significant difference in two months,” Christie said. “But I would also say you can’t get those two months back. And so it’s not good that it hasn’t been done yet.”

    tl;dr = “gimme gimme federal money”

    1. “the problem is too big”


      1. Seriously, it’s a big problem if people are self-destructive enough to endanger themselves with drugs, especially if they do so with drugs which have a perfectly valid medical use which is going to be restricted in the name of protecting addicts from themselves.

        1. I should say “abusers” not “addicts” because I want to avoid some philosophical problems.

  19. Weinstein has caused the wingnut meter to go all the way to 10. He is all you hear about in the Librul Media.

    Yet the asshat GOP Conngressman who tried to make his girlfriend abort gets nothing.


    1. Yeah Shreek, defend the guy who rapes actresses and then doesn’t even give them a part. That is the hill to die on. You are so hideous.

      1. I don’t give a fuck about defending HW, you idiot.

        I am talking about the hysterical wingnut out of balance pants-shitting about him. He is a nothing – not elected to shit.

        The Aborto-Freak in Congress is the problem.

        1. He is a nothing – not elected to shit.

          Like Roger Ailes? Of whom you were here daily explaining about how it was all Much Ado About Nothing?

          1. Proof needed.

            I am as far from a SJW as one can be.

            In fact, I would jam a boner in half the female Fox News cast without asking if I could. Especially the one that left recently – Jedediah Bila.

    2. No, he got something. And so far, the response ratio is about correct regarding a guy who’s a hypocritical asshat and a real, honest to goodness serial rapist.

        1. The GOP guy is the hypocritical asshat, Weinstein is the serial rapist.

          1. True.

            But how does that reflect poorly on Democrats?

            Donations don’t mean shit.

            1. I have no idea how it reflects poorly on Democrats. I mean, I’m guessing Weinstein was probably a big Democrat donor, and was probably looked upon as a liberal “luminary”? Don’t know, didn’t follow him personally and don’t really know his relation to politics.

              1. I have no idea how it reflects poorly on Democrats

                He was a huge Dem donor – one of Obama’s kids even interned with him last year.

                He even gave 100k to Planned Parenthood earlier this year

                Also, he hilariously said Hollywood has the best moral compass in 2009, which is amazing.

                It is true red meet for the Red Staters.

                1. He was a huge Dem donor

                  And David Duke, the KKK, and other scumbags are huge GOP/Trump donors.

                  FFS, TRUMP is a Scumbag about four orders above HW on the Scumbag meter,

                2. He was a huge Dem donor – one of Obama’s kids even interned with him last year.

                  Does that make Obama guilty somehow?

                  Come’on, you’re not a wingnut redneck, are you?

            2. They show that Democrats will take money from shitbirds.

              Only shitty take money from other shitty people.

              1. They show that Democrats will take money from shitbirds.

                the GOP is filled with the worst white trash donors in the world

                1. And yet they are still better than rapists.

            3. “But how does that reflect poorly on Democrats?”

              The Demos went ape shit over Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” while accepting this guy’s money (as opposed to calling him out) and after having spent several decades defending Bill Clinton’s douchebaggery. And, by the way, while insisting that college campuses everywhere hold Soviet-style show trials for male students accused of misconduct.

              The Dems are exactly like the R’s in that they really have no interest in principle – they just want power.

              1. And, by the way, while insisting that college campuses everywhere hold Soviet-style show trials for male students accused of misconduct.

                That is a cock-sucking lie of the highest order.

                NAME me ONE federally elected Dem leader who has called for a “show trial” for campus fake rape?

                Go ahead, dipshit.

                Dems suck, but I hate liars more.

                1. “Dems suck, but I hate liars more”

                  Says the guy who lied about 100 dollar bet.

                  100 dollars is what your integrity was worth.

                  1. Oh, and the answer to your retarded garbage person question is Kirsten Gillibrand.

                  2. Says the guy who lied about 100 dollar bet.

                    Fuck you, you jackass liar.

                    The bet was $20 and Reason got paid. I donate to Reason as it is.

                    1. “Reason got paid”

                      No, fuck YOU liar, no it didn’t and everyone knows it.

                      Welch SAID IT.

                      and when offered thr opportunity to prove it, you shat all over yourself screamed like an idiot, and fled.

                      Post the proof liar. Post it.

                    2. And it was 100. You can’t even remember how much you lied about paying.

                    3. And it was 100. You can’t even remember how much you lied about paying.

                      You lie with the ease of that cocksucker hero of yours – Trump.

                    4. See? Change the subject from the fact that you’ve been lying about a trivial amount of money for years.

                      Post the proof. You’re like a child with these stupid fucking excuses.

                    5. Post the proof.

                      Eat shit, you conservative white trash asshole.

                    6. Your silence pretty much says it all, liar.

                    7. If you had any proof you would post it and shut us all up.

                    8. And I’m asian. Way to go super racist to deflect from the fact that you’ve been lying about a trivial amount of money for years.

                      If you had any proof you would post it and shut us all up.

                2. Boy, that hit a nerve.

                  Catherine Lhamon with her notorious “Dear Colleague” letter. WTF does it matter if she’s elected or not – she’s a Democrat and she set the show trial process in motion. And she was working at the discretion of Barak Obama, who is an elected Democrat that you may have heard of, when she did so. Obama was in charge when it became publicly obvious that her letter was a shit-show and could have told her to dial it back but he declined to do so.

                  And the list of Democrats – elected and not elected – who have thrown a fit over DeVos’s suggestion that we dial it back a little is too long to put in a post.

                  C’mon dude, try to be objective…….

    1. “Payne had previously been disciplined in 2013 after internal-affairs investigators confirmed that he sexually harassed a female co-worker in a “persistent and severe” way….

      “Tracy [Payne’s supervisor who just got demoted]…was reprimanded in 1997 for moving two handcuffed people from one location to another a few miles away and releasing them without documenting the incident.”

      WTF kind of bullshit is this?

      “Attorney Greg Skordas has said Payne served the department well for nearly three decades and questioned whether his behavior warranted termination.”

      Yeah, because the cops always go easy on people who make one mistake after years of good citizenship.

      1. I’d love to have a job like that. “Our standards are high – commit two serious violations, and have the second violation caught on tape to embarrass us, and you’re out of here, or you get demoted.”

        1. I’d like to see the guy who washes the windows keep his job after harassing a female co-worker in a “persistent and severe way”.

          1. That’s different because the window-washer would have shown he has a problem relating to women…oops, never mind…

    2. Reinstated after arbitration in 3…2…

      1. What’s that like in Utah, do they have police unions and arbitration?

      2. I answered in the other thread and up this one.

        She was born in 1973.

    3. Shouldn’t the supervisor, the higher-ranking figure, get at least as severe a punishment as the lower-ranking figure, the cop who carried out his orders?

  20. We warned you that if Trump was elected there would be political violence

    “One pro-life lawmaker, Texas state Rep. Tony Tinderholt along with his family, was put under state protection in January after he received multiple death threats related to a bill he introduced to ban abortions.

    “In May, a Tennessee woman was charged with a felony after she allegedly chased pro-life U.S. Rep. David Kustoff down a highway, making him and his staff afraid that they would be forced off the road, according to local police.”

    1. I looked up that last one because she chased after him after a town hall meeting on health care, and I remember the fears about Tea Partiers threatening Dems at town halls in the Obama administration.

      “Callye Norsworthy, a friend of Wendi Wright’s, and others who support Wright stayed with her through the hearing Friday morning.

      “Norsworthy said they want Kustoff to know that Wright is not alone.

      “”She’s not alone here, and she’s not alone in her frustrations that he’s not been available to answer any questions of ours,” Norsworthy said.

      “Those questions included concerns on pre-existing conditions and the Affordable Healthcare Act.

      “”She has pre-existing conditions. Her daughter has pre-existing conditions. People in her family have pre-existing conditions,” Norsworthy said. “She just wanted to know what does that mean.””

      1. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN GODDAMMIT!?! Aaaaaaaggghhhh!

  21. The US lost to Trinidad and will not be going to the World Cup, for the first time since 1986. What an utter embarrassment.

    1. Trump will declare war on them by week’s end.

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