Roy Moore

Roy Moore Should Get a Female Muslim Uber to Drive Him to Saudi Arabia

His version of Christianity is the spiritual twin of Sharia


If there is a God, s/he certainly has a great sense of irony. In the same week that Saudi Arabia, an Islamic theocracy, eased up on its ban on allowing women to drive, America handed a victory in the Alabama Republican primary to Roy Moore, a man committed to imposing a Christian theocracy on this country.

Moore likes to rail against Islam and Sharia law. But the fact of the matter is that his Christianity has more in common with Sharia than American liberal democracy. He may rave and rant against Islam as a "fake religion" all he wants I note in my column at The Week this morning, but he would curtail the personal freedoms of Americans in much the same way that regressive forms of Sharia would.

Think of his religion as the Christian version of Taliban rule with slightly more checks and balances and fewer beards. But why is it suddenly gaining currency in America?

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