Sex Trafficking

Mom's Run-In with Alleged Sex Traffickers Goes Viral. But Nothing Happened.

It could happen to you, whatever "it" is.


Melody Holland
Screenshot via Melody Holland / Facebook

These close encounters with possible sex-traffickers are like alien abductions. They are shared wildly—gleefully—by people seemingly thrilled to know this horrible scourge is out there so they can be scared and angry.

This latest story, from Reno, involves a mom and dad who noticed every detail about a night that sounds outrageously ordinary. They passed by some people they didn't know. They went into the parking garage and there was a car—with people in it. They felt scared for their kids and compelled to write a Facebook post warning people everywhere about this terrible thing that, as usual, didn't happen. Or, as the mom put it later:

Don't worry about what it was or wasn't or what did or didn't happen, because it could, and it does, happen. Just because it didn't happen to us that night doesn't mean it couldn't happen.

Um… correct. And just because I have yet to be tapped as Secretary of Energy, doesn't mean it couldn't happen. Here's the story that somehow merited hundreds of words in the Reno Gazette—and even a map!

What started as a fun family night at a Reno Aces game quickly turned into a night Reno mom Melody Holland would later describe as "the horror of horrors" in a Facebook Live video that has been shared more than 5,000 times and reached over 270,000 people.

On Sept. 3, around 8 p.m., Holland and her family believed they may have encountered four men possibly involved in a child sex trafficking ring as they were walking to the Cal-Neva parking garage on the corner of First and Center streets in downtown Reno.

Weirdly, I, too, walked outside last night and literally every single person I encountered may have possibly been involved in a child sex trafficking ring. Each and every person I saw might possibly have also been a Satanist. Or the owner of a segway they're trying to get rid of. Or been related to the royal family. It is possible.

Within hours, the video started to be shared widely. People would share the video, telling other parents to watch out and to be aware. Friends were tagging friends, reminding each other to stay vigilant.

Yes! Stay vigilant because there are people out there, and there's no way to say they aren't sex traffickers, so it's best to just assume that maybe they are.

In her Facebook Live video, Holland told the story that started with one man she described as looking disheveled and wearing a bodyguard-type earpiece who was closely following her family to the parking garage.

I'm sure that "bodyguard type earpiece" couldn't possibly be an earbud. It is so much more likely that the man was taking marching orders from Sex Trafficking HQ.

Holland's husband, Aaron, was carrying their 3-year-old son and Holland was holding her 5-year-old daughter's hand and their 21-month-old son in a carrier when she started to feel like "something's not right." They had just crossed Lake Street and were walking toward First Street when the man said something too soft for the Hollands to hear, making the Hollands pause.

That's when Holland said the man looked her daughter "up and down like a grown man would do in a club."

Holland was trying to find a way out of the situation when she saw another man starting to approach her family from the opposite direction. She said she had heard of similar stories: One person would distract the victim and another person would "trail" them, waiting for the right moment to act. She was afraid her young daughter was being targeted.

The Hollands made it safely to their car in the parking garage. There they noticed a black minivan parked on the first floor near the stairwell with one sliding door open. The car was running, there was a person in the driver's seat and another younger man standing by the stairwell.

It's a wonder they lived to tell the tale. A car. A mumbler. More than one person in the parking garage at once. It is all just overwhelming.

So let's just remember to be vigilant. Ignore that professor who studies child crime for a living and says he has heard of no children under 10 kidnapped by strangers for sex trafficking purposes. Ignore that notice from that California police department on Monday saying that snatching kids for sex trafficking purposes is so rare they hadn't seen it.

Concentrate on the important things: People are probably trying to snatch your kids from you in public all the time. And by the way, they have their choice of kids but only want yours because they're the cutest.

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  1. “Don’t worry about what it was or wasn’t or what did or didn’t happen”

    “That’s a real good philosophical way of life!”

    1. Ain’t got no place to lay your lid
      Somebody came and took your kid
      Don’t worry, be happy.

  2. Hey, if Jesse Jackson can feel uncomfortable when seeing strangers on the street, then why roast this Mom?
    “They” are everywhere.

    1. Yeah, but Rev J was relieved when he turned around and discovered they were white

  3. Somebody get this woman a tranquilizer.

  4. He wasn’t mumbling, it was Russian! Pootie Poot Pedo Squads loose in Reno!

  5. This is so strange I’ve never seen a mother over react before

  6. People will believe anything.

    1. I believe that.

    2. They will? Tell me more!

    3. “People will believe anything.”

      Or, as in this case, nothing. And believe it HARD.

  7. “”People are stupid. They will believe a lie because they want to believe it’s true, or because they are afraid it might be true.” ”

    Wizard’s first rule

    1. I thought the Wizard’s first rule was, “Power glove: It’s so bad”

      1. Not to be confused with Lizard’s First Rule: Never take off your human skin disguise where anyone could see you.

    2. That is the only good thing Terry Goodkind has ever written.

  8. There enough crackhead parents and degenerates out there who are willing to have people use their children. No sex trafficer is going to risk stealing a nice little white kid out of a shopping in public with mom right there.

    Now, sitting a taxi in the wrong part of town and having the cab driver ask to buy your two little girls is a different story. Happened to me when hubby was in law school and we had only one car and lived int he 5th Ward in Houston.

    1. Maybe he just forgot to add “a candy bar” at the end of his request? Word order can be difficult for refugees.

    2. Are you sure he hadn’t maybe just watched “The Blues Brothers”?

      1. 100% sure. But the point is, it wasn’t in the middle of suburban Target and he didn’t try to steal them. It was a very bad neighborhood, private place and an offer that a desperate person might have seriously considered.

        1. Or maybe he was trying to compliment you on your kids.

  9. Each and every person I saw might possibly have also been a Satanist. Or the owner of a segway they’re trying to get rid of. Or been related to the royal family. It is possible.

    Finally, Lenore admits the dangers that parents actually do face is potentially quite real. There could be Habsburg Jaws everywhere.

    This Facebook woman’s kids are going to grow up so well adjusted.

    1. The door to the minivan was… OPEN.

      1. I actually heard the ominous fanfare at the end of your comment.


  10. If the people the mom had seen were cops, Reason would be totally on board with the hysteria.

    1. How do you know they were not cops?
      running vans, ear wigs, dark clothes, disheveled appearance, sounds like Reno’s finest to me. A drug stakeout if I ever heard one described. Maybe she looks like a dealer, and the cops thought the ‘family’ was just cover?
      Lucky they didn’t have a dog!

      1. It is possible!

      2. Because not one was shot and none of the kids needed facial reconstruction.

  11. Someone should tell this mother that her kids aren’t that good looking.

  12. She’s a fully qualified helicopter parent. Would you expect anything less than factually-unsupported paranoia?

  13. did she ever consider maybe they were just run of the mill muggers who passed her over because with 3 kids they knew she had no money and crying kids don’t aid a quick and easy score?

  14. all the comments on the video praise God and confirm that life is scary if you are scared.

    1. Thanks. I wasn’t gonna take one for the team on this one.

      1. He’s mistaken. The comments are surprisingly sane.

        1. I clicked on the video and all the comments were very supportive and many were praising God. The news story has only a few comments but are a little more skeptical

    2. No they don’t.

      1. That’s just a contradiction. I came here for argument.

        1. No you didn’t.

        2. I actually understand what happened, and realize it was my mistake. I thought when he said “all” he actually meant all, and not a very small subset from a single website.

          Mea Culpa.

    3. She got what she wanted. It’s similar to Munchausen syndrome, but nobody has to get hurt.

      1. Very true. The paranoia is all about getting attention.

  15. Suburbanites outside of their natural setting, in an urban area, they’re funny to watch. No eye contact walk as far as they can around the downtown folk, walking as quickly as they can, with their buttocks clenched tight enough to crush rocks… danger everywhere!

  16. I’d go Dutch with her, if you know what I mean.

    1. Dutch chocolate?

    2. She would pay for her half of dinner so that when you drove her home she would give you an awkward kiss in the car and then run into the house and lock the door?

      1. You could have just called it sex. We all know what sex is.

        1. But what IS sex, really?

        1. I think his point was, at what point in this scenario does Crusty climax?

          1. God damn are you fucking tiresome. You’ve spent the whole morning doing your sad schtick, firing off one sad, derivative one liner after another. You’re that guy in the office that everyone hates, because he thinks he’s funny and he isn’t.

            1. Aren’t you the guy who’s more annoying than Tony?

              1. Ouch. You know how to hit a guy where it hurts.

  17. They have three children. That’s like at least one spare.

  18. My wife and her friends are firmly ensconced in this culture. I’m sure they are sharing this video as we speak.

    They all spot 50 of the 3 threats they encounter, which kinda keeps them on edge. But the problem is, they actually have spotted a few real ones. We had a guy who appeared to be living out of his car pop out of his parked car where he had been watching the kids play on the splash pad at a local park as my 3 year old passed by. I was just ahead of her carrying all of our beach gear, so I didn’t see her stop sit down and fix her crocs. He quickly went up to her with a little, cheap blow-up toy in hand and offered to help her with her shoe. My wife was following behind with the other two kids and scooped the 3 year old up… but homeless dude with a supply of cheap kids toys at the ready was enough to permanently set the wife’s alarm status to 11.

    So now every time she gets squirly about this stuff and I try to tell her not to worry, she pulls that one out of her pocket.

    1. Being serious, I would admit to her that raising a neurotic, overprotected mess of a child destined to sell herself later, instead of being sold now, is technically better.

      Then I would nickname the child “Star” or “Chastity” and see if my wife got the message.

    2. Yeah, when a homeless guy offers toys to kids he has no connection to, it’s creepy.

      On the other hand, when I was a child, the local temple had an old lady who was famous for giving cheap plastic toys to kids every time she was at temple. My parents, and all the other parents, encouraged us kids to greet her and get our toys. That was considered normal back in the 1980’s, before we worried about child abductions. So was walking unsupervised half a mile to school, half a mile back home for lunch, half a mile to school again for afternoon classes, and half a mile home for the day when I was in kindergarten. Things changed in the 1990’s. My high school stopped letting students leave for lunch while I was there. I swear, those notes I had about how to make a nuclear bomb were written purely out of intellectual curiosity.

      1. “Yeah, when a homeless guy offers toys to kids he has no connection to, it’s creepy.”

        Santa hardest hit!

        1. Santa has a home, but when he visits the U. S. he has to stay in his car, because his sleigh is at the mechanic’s.

        2. You can never be too careful. Santa did jail time.

        3. And don’t get started on the elf labor law violations. There’s a reason the workshop is at the North Pole, out of Canada’s jurisdiction.

          1. Plus, Canadas’ diversity laws require Santa to hire muslims. THEY hate it, HE hates it, but Trudeaus’ virtue grows greater with each passing Christmas Holiday Season.

  19. That’s when Holland said the man looked her daughter “up and down like a grown man would do in a club.”

    Pretty clear admission that she takes her daughter to clubs for grown men to look at if you ask me.

    1. Well we know they take their kids out gambling with them

  20. Wasn’t there a club called “Sex Trafficking HQ” in Chicago in the 80s?

    1. It’s a pizza place now.

  21. The woman in the video is clearly a sex trafficker.
    You can tell just by looking at her that she might be a sex trafficker. I bet the kids she rented for that evening were just to put off other women while the evil one checked out all the other victims.

  22. OT: What do you call a two man circle jerk?

    1. ?itizen X and Chipper Morning

  23. OT: What do you call a two man circle jerk?

    1. Cynical Asshole and you

      1. *unzips*

        Go on…

        1. I like that I obviously upset you.

    1. I like that they refer to it as “Mr. Squirrel” throughout the whole butchering process. Adds some needed friendliness to the process.

      1. My nickname in college was “Mr. Squirrel”…

        Oh wait, are nickname jokes out of fashion already? I’m always the last one the bandwagon. Sigh.

  24. Who were watching the kids while they were gambling at the casino? Sounds like a wholesome family night.

    1. The kids go to the arcade and play that game with the claw to see what they win. And it’s not gambling gambling because it’s a game of skill.

  25. Goddammit, while Lenore distracted me with this story Tulpa snuck in here and stole my kids.

  26. Anybody who has ever met a mother knows they are crazy and not to be believed. This is why women shouldn’t have the vote.

    1. An interesting bit of research shows that almost all of societies current problems have come about since women were given the vote. Economic collapses, global climate warming change, changing definition of marriage, rise of the democrats, rise of the republicans, race riots, suppression of free speech, pay disparity based on gender, the definition of gender, use of computers, etc. etc.


      1. I noticed an error in your post.

  27. Anybody else notice how almost all kids on TV get raped, with the permission of their parents? Everyone but Muniz got raped on Malcolm in the Middle, and Charlie Sheen raped his underage male co-stars, Nickoloedon and Disney channel are run by and employ pedos. But somehow the media always misses these stories, in favor of things that didn’t happen that can be used to justify arresting hookers.

  28. Holland’s husband, Aaron, was carrying their 3-year-old son and Holland was holding her 5-year-old daughter’s hand and their 21-month-old son in a carrier when she started to feel like “something’s not right.”

    Something’s not right. You’re having too many fucking kids and it’s causing you to go insane.

    1. Haven’t you heard? 21 month old male prostitutes are the hottest thing in the sex marked these days.

    2. Yeah, child trafficking rings always grab the kids when both parents are present in a public spot.

  29. “There was a bag of Halloween candy. There weren’t any razor blades but there COULD have been!” [head asplodes]

  30. The really interesting part of this panic is that when there’s an actual case, with charges, arrests, indictments, and all that legal stuff, it’s almost always either a member of the family or someone working for a school or other facility where kids go to be safe.

  31. It’s all John Walsh’s fault. He’s convinced millions of people that abduction of children is a frequent event. It’s not. His outfit, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, raises $42 million each year, $7 million from contributions and $31 million from the government. The CEO of this outfit is paid nearly $4.5 million each year.The “sell” is huge numbers of “kidnapped children” the vast majority of whom are simply taken harmlessly by an estranged parent. People (and the grantors of government largesse) listen to this nonsense and throw money at him.

    Lenore is right to air this problem. We’ve lived up the street from an elementary school for 33 years. The population is the same but the kids no longer walk to school. The street is blocked twice a day by helicopter moms in SUVs and I blame it all on John Walsh.

  32. How come you noticed this and wrote about it. Don’t you have anything better to do?

  33. Can’t believe you are hand-waving away this terrifying encounter. THEY COULD HAVE BEEN CLOWNS NOT WARING MAKEUP!! Shame on you.

    1. Sorry about the sausage-fingered misspelling

  34. Back in the late 80s, during the “Satanists Steal Children for Sacrificial Rituals” panic, a co-worker/neighbor took to putting his kids on leashes and not allowing them out of their fenced yard. I thought it was bizarre, treating your children like dogs, but they said it for safety, so they didn’t get snatched (no one round these here parts ever had a kid snatched).

    I asked if the snatchers would tie the kids up and restrain them in fenced pens, and agreed that would be pretty bad. Amazingly, it took them a second to get it. Then we didn’t talk for many months lol.

    I’m really surprised people don’t remember the hysteria, lies, and cynical manipulation of the justice system during that period. Not like it’s pre-history or anything, and it was total bullshit.

  35. This woman melody or holiday or who the fuck ever. Jesus Christ. That video. Those comments. Oh my god.

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