Supreme Court Stays Georgia Execution, ACLU Sues ICE Over Pregnant Detainees, Police Finally Solve Creepy-Clown Murder: A.M. Links


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  1. In Alabama, the GOP Senate primary run-off between Luther Strange and Roy Moore turned into a sort of proxy war between President Trump and Steven Bannon; Bannon won.

    Get those GOP establishment sons of b*tches off the field!

    1. Hello.

    2. Best idea I’ve ever heard. Let’s start with Paul Rino and Bitch McConnell, and then move on to McCain, Collins, and Murkowski.

      1. “Let’s start with Paul Rino and Bitch McConnelling”


    3. This Roy Moore guy is seems like a full fledged nutcase. Sounds like the right guy for Alabama.

      1. He’s a bible thumper but he says he will vote for straight repeal of ObamaCare, impeach judges who don’t follow the constitution, and cut federal budgets. He also says that “I want to see virtue and morality returned to our country and God is the only source of our law, liberty and government”, “Separation of church and state never meant to separate God from government”, Moore said that “homosexual conduct” should be illegal and compared such acts to bestiality.

        As long as other Senators don’t cater to his religious views and wrong views of separation of church and state, he will probably go against RINOs who want bigger government.

        1. The problem with the part of impeaching judges who don’t follow the Constitution coming from Moore is that he has a fucked up view of it. If you follow the link I posted below, he thinks the First Amendment only protects Christians and maybe Jews (he says “God of the Bible”). So Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, presumably athiests, etc. don’t have freedom of religion according to him.

          1. In general I think it’s probably for the best to try to separate morality in all forms from Government. Government should exist purely as a practical enforcer of certain rules, such as contracts. At the very least, adding a moral element to leviathan is the beginning of it’s never ending encroachment in the name of good.

            1. Agree. It just allows government to attack undesirables for yet another reason- religion.

    4. I’m actually kind of glad to hear that Strange lost. The GOP spent an insane amount of money trying to get that guy elected. I imagine McConnell is pretty pissed.

      I’ll admit I don’t know jack about Roy Moore, so perhaps it’s a premature celebration, but I’m glad the GOP establishment lost either way. They deserve to lose at this point.

  2. Police have solved a 27-year-old cold case involving a killer clown.

    This is some kind of viral marketing for It, isn’t it?

    1. It isn’t isn’t it, It is it.

    2. Killer Klowns was 29 years ago, not 27.

  3. Palestine has been voted into the international police agency Interpol.

    Well, they are on their knees. That’s half of a half-and-half.

    1. Goddammit. That was a good one and I attached it to the wrong link.

      Stop prostituting the fabric of America, you guys.

      Well, they are on their knees. That’s half of a half-and-half.

      (Although go ahead and think up a way to apply this to the Interpol thing, if you can.)

      1. **Something something ** Muslims praying on their knees ** something something ** Cops suck dick

        1. Something something witty play on words something something insightful snark.

            1. Clown Colleges look with suspicion on students that are not interested in learning how to land jokes.

        2. Funny fact about Palestinians getting on their knees:

          The Dome of the Rock is so sacred to them that Palestinian Muslims present their asses to it when they pray on the Temple Mount. Now that’s how you show respect.

  4. In Alabama, the GOP Senate primary run-off between Luther Strange and Roy Moore turned into a sort of proxy war between President Trump and Steven Bannon; Bannon won.

    Is it Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays where we root for the Bannon influence on Trump, or Tuesday and Thursdays?

  5. …the American Civil Liberties Union is suing U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement over its treatment of pregnant detainees.

    I guess in utero you have to be a potential anchor baby to get the ACLU interested in your well being.

    (…is what someone who wanted to lob one in the culture wars might say.)

    1. Quick fix for this, just don’t allow pregnant foreigners to enter the US.

      They can stay safe and pregnant in their own countries.

      1. But what if someone gets preggers here?

        1. Those rides in the back of pick up trucks can get pretty kinky.

  6. Scared the shit out of me with that picture. Couldn’t tell if I was looking at a Juggalo, Pennywise from It, or Nancy Pelosi.

    1. Please, Juggslos and Pennywise are not that hideous.

    2. Is that a lightsaber or a marital aid?

    3. Pelosi would be wearing more make up.

    4. Hmm, has anyone ever seen Pelosi and Pennywise in the same room together? I mean… and lived to tell about it.

      1. I think that’s how Pelosi met her husband. He was so happy with his insider government contract that he made a little boat put of it and floated it down the street. Of course, it fell into the storm drain, and the rest is history.

  7. Palestine has been voted into the international police agency Interpol.

    I’m starting to think this whole voting thing doesn’t always work out.

    1. It’s nuts.

      1. Don’t tempt the squirrels.

    2. Could someone point to Palestine on map for me?

      1. West Bank and the Gaza strip, inside Israel.

        Technically Palestine is an area covering ancient areas of the Eastern Mediterranean like Canaanites, Philistines, Jews, Phoenicians. Sometimes called Semitic peoples. The Romans made the area a roman province.

        That’s about all I can remember.

  8. the anthems that we hold so highly and [with] such high esteem

    He’s a multi-anthem-er?!

  9. Prostitute the fabric of America?? How much are they asking for a blowjob?

    1. You offering?

      1. No, I’m asking. I’ve never had oral from the fabric of America, and I want to know how much something like that costs… for a friend.

        1. The American flag is not an appropriate dental dam.

        2. You’ve never rubbed it against a cotton sheet? Oh, yeah, I think that’s the fabric of our lives, not America.

          1. Cotton? Racist!

    2. Prostitute the fabric of America

      I don’t cotton to them thar hooers.

  10. I’m confused by the ACLU article. If the ICE flunkies are withholding medical attention from a pregnant woman who is bleeding, then fuck that business. Or are they arguing being pregnant punches your ticket to stay in Merica as long as you want?

    1. You old, she pregnant. Can’t have a bunch of old pregnant bitches running around. That’s crazy, I’m only allowed to let in five percent black people. He said that, that means if there’s 25 people here I get to let in one and a quarter black people. So I gotta hope there’s a black midget in the crowd.

  11. In Alabama, the GOP Senate primary run-off between Luther Strange and Roy Moore turned into a sort of proxy war between President Trump and Steven Bannon; Bannon won.

    Let’s make sure we focus on what’s important here, and that’s the question of how this affects Trump. Not that Alabama just elected a religious nut job who thinks the Bible supersedes the Constitution despite the fact that, as former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Alabama, he of all people should know what “the supreme law of the land” means. How seriously can you take the oath of a guy to protect and defend the Constitution when the guy has as much as said he doesn’t give a shit what the Constitution says and actually got removed *TWICE* from his office for that attitude?

    1. He was on Fox News this A.M. talking about how much he agreed with Rand Paul.

      The Constitution says nothing about plaques of ancient religious laws or gay marriage.

      1. Moore openly advocates for state violence toward homosexuals. His popularity among libertarians is just more proof that libertarians are lying about what they believe.

        1. Thanks Tony.

          1. You either Stand With Moore or you’re Tony!

            1. This Gordon Solie dude accused me of being a homophobe for using the word “fag.” I guess he’s never seen South Park episode 13×12.

              1. Well, that makes it ok then.

            2. “You either Stand With Moore or you’re Tony!”

              Or maybe it’s that Stormy Dragon was trying to pull the same crap as Tony when he said “His popularity among libertarians is just more proof that libertarians are lying about what they believe.”

        2. How does he advocate state violence against homosexuals? Seriously, what did he say and when?

            1. He said that in 2005. Does he still believe that? Once believing in something is not the same as “openly advocates” for something, which implies you still believe in it.

              So, Dragon still isn’t correct. Moore “once openly advocated for state violence against homosexuals”. That is not good, but if he doesn’t anymore, not a very big deal. Its not like he could do anything as a senator about that.

              1. Fundamentalists are not known for reviewing their beliefs.

              2. What would it take to move Red Tony from mild devil’s advocate to an eyes bleeding melt down defense of this fundamentalist piece of shit politician? …and can we cut right to it?

                1. The fact is you only have a 2005 quote. Okay, does he still believe that today? If so, show me. If not, then he no longer openly advocates for that. Make of that what you will. But, sorry, I am not going to pretend that a 12-year-old quote is the same thing as saying it now just to make you feel good. Go find someone else to lie to you about things because that is not what I do.

                  1. “Go find someone else to lie to you about things because that is not what I do.”

                    *Looks down from clear blue sky* Stop pissing on my leg.

                  2. John is known for forgiving politicians for their past statements, especially Obama.

                2. Moore also think Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress (something Red Tony probably agrees with); that biblical law should be the basis for all US law; and still, in 2017, that Obama is a Kenyan Muslim. If Moore came out as a flat earther, Red Tony would ask us if we could really prove the curvature of the earth.

              3. John,

                If you read to the bottom of the article, it was updated to include separate comments from 2015 where he said the same thing.

                1. If you read to the bottom of the article,

                  Come on, we are all only human. Don’t burden us with these unrealistic expectations.

                2. 2015? That’s like a thousand days ago. Pfft! The Honorable, if defrocked, Judge Moore could have changed his view dozens, hell, hundreds of times since then. Who knows what he believes now? Or now? Wait for it…NOW!

                3. If you read to the bottom of the article, it was updated to include separate comments from 2015 where he said the same thing.

                  Yeah but show me where it says he said those things today.

                4. What’s the statute of limitations on beliefs anyway? I think people can change but usually look for then to indicate that change themselves. Not that X years have passed, they probably don’t believe it no more.

                  Also, if he had argued 12 years ago for the government collection of all private property would you be so willing to assume he changed?

                  1. Good rule of thumb: If the person says they made a mistake and learned more and now have “x” belief, I would probably give them a pass. Unless they are a serial liar to get out of what they used to believe.

                    1. Sure, I am all for forgiveness and accepting people’s views change. But it seems like John was basically saying it’s been so long that, despite any evidence other than time has passed, the man’s opinions have changed.

                    2. I don’t assume people’s views change with time and that is why I would need the person to say their position changed.

              4. From the linked CNN article:

                Moore made similar comments in a 2015 video posted on YouTube by user Lone Star Q. In the video, Moore was asked, “Do you still think that homosexuality should be illegal?”

                “I think homosexuality should be illegal,” Moore said. “Sodomy was declared illegal by the United States Supreme Court in 1987, it said there was no right under the constitution to enlarge the fundamental rights of homosexuals.”

                “But then they came back and overturned it,” the interviewer said.

                “Well surely they overturned it. They didn’t go by their own precedent, did they?” Moore said.

                Moore has been a staunch opponent of LGBT rights throughout his career. Last September he was suspended from Alabama’s Supreme Court for failing to comply with the Federal Supreme Court’s ruling that legalized gay marriage nationwide. In 2014, Moore wrote letters to all 50 state governors calling on them to convene a constitutional convention to ban gay marriage.

            2. Simple question: What part of the U.S. Constitution gives the Federal government power over a religious rite?

              Bonus question: What part of a State constitution gives it power over a religious rite?

              Answer: The tax code. Yeah, because that totally makes sense.

      2. The Constitution says nothing about plaques of ancient religious laws or gay marriage.

        SIV doesn’t consider the Bill of Rights a legitimate part of the Constitution.

        1. The BOR doesn’t say anything about those either. And in fact, homosexuality was illegal when the BOR was passed and not a single person who drafted it or supported it thought it in any way protected the right to be homosexual much less have the government recognize your relationship.

          If anyone is pretending here, it is you.

          1. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

            It’s like the first part, dude. I was talking about the 10 Commandments plaque.

            1. It’s like the first part, dude. I was talking about the 10 Commandments plaque.

              An establishment of religion, at that point, meant an official religion recognized and supported by the state. Nothing there approaches it.

              Moore is pretty out there, but exaggerating claims isn’t going to do much.

              1. Putting up a religious plaque in a government building sure counts as recognizing a religion, and the courts agree.

              2. “The government of the United States is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”
                ?John Adams

                The Declaration of Independence specifically lays out that to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

                The Constitution makes zero references to God or Christianity. It, in fact, has a clause prohibiting a religious test for eligibility in public office.

                Established state religions was what many of the Founding Fathers came from in Europe and did not want the USA to endure that tyranny.

                1. If you’ve been paying attention, and I’m sure you have, you would realize that men like Bernie Sanders are absolutely A-Ok with a religious test for office. Specifically, if you’re religious they don’t think you should hold office.

                  That sword cuts both ways, folks.

                  1. Who here is clamoring for Bernie Sanders to get elected?

                    I’m also curious if there’s a specific Bernie quote you’re referring to, or just a comment on his general worldview.

                    1. In hearings regarding some appointment or another Saunders went out of his way to question the religious beliefs of various people Trump wanted, at length. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger self-hating Jew.

                  2. Christ, BYODB, you’re not embarrassed by posting this?

                    1. Well, Sanders is Jewish and hates a lot of things. Why not himself for being Jewish?

      3. The guy implicitly called for a religious test for acceptance into government.

        1. He’s also said the First Amendment only applies to religions following the God of the Bible, and thus does not protect Muslims, Buddhists, etc.


  12. “California Gov. Jerry Brown has expressed interest in banning cars that burn fossil fuels, the state’s top climate change regulator said in an interview published Tuesday.
    “I’ve gotten messages from the governor asking, ‘Why haven’t we done something already?'” Mary Nichols, chair of the California Air Resources Board, said in an interview with Bloomberg News.”…..230949.php

    Should be a snap; everyone will gladly hand over the car they bought and get an electric subsidized by the taxpayers in the other 49 states!

    1. He’s serious, tragically.

      1. And if people want to know why “scientists” in this field get slammed…their idiocy drives this idiocy.

    2. Why hasn’t the government made hundreds of billions of dollars in assets that are essential to the economy and produce trillions of dollars in wealth every year? The mystery continues.

      Brown was always a bit nuts. But, he has hit full-blown insanity in his second act as governor. It is terrifying that the state elected him.

      1. California is the ultimate example of what happens to prosperous societies when they’ve achieved complete safety and security–they get soft and start worrying about esoteric issues that have no bearing on their actual survival or day-to-day functions.

        1. California is the ultimate example of what happens to prosperous societies when they’ve achieved complete safety and security–they get soft and start worrying about esoteric issues that have no bearing on their actual survival or day-to-day functions.

          It’s worse than that.

          California is the Hunger Games.

          The people outside of the huge cities don’t support this nonsense…but they don’t have enough of a voice to do much. All of these poor cities must pay their tribute to their masters.

        2. I think it’s more along the lines that, having achieved success and a modern standard of living those who are powerful in California seek to make society into some perfect example of this or that ethos. Because just being successful and achieving one of, if not the highest, standards of living in the world just isn’t ‘good enough’ until you can remake man into the perfect New Soviet Man Green eco-centric serf.

      2. And the irony is that this is something designed to appeal solely to the white upper-classes in that state–the Hispanic underclass that these people exploit is going to get screwed by this effort a lot harder than anyone else there.

        1. I am left to wonder when the Hispanic voters are going to figure out how badly they are being screwed and revolt. The environmental policies of California do nothing except make Hispanics poor and unemployed. When do the slaves on the Prog plantation finally revolt?

          1. The reason they won’t is because California increasingly resembles their home countries–a corrupt, heavy-handed, hyper-rich uber-class that lives in gated communities in order to isolate itself from its desperately poor underclass, but mouths socialist rhetoric to prevent full-scale revolutions from taking place.

            1. But those people left those places presumably for a reason. If nothing else, the Hispanics will start fleeing the state like everyone but the super-rich and those too poor to escape are right now.

              1. But those people left those places presumably for a reason. If nothing else, the Hispanics will start fleeing the state like everyone but the super-rich and those too poor to escape are right now.

                The tradition of idiots fucking up one place, moving, and doing the same thing that fucked up their own is well-known.

                CT being a nearly bankrupt shithole is largely because people left Boston due to its ridiculous laws and regulations — then supported the same thing in CT. Ditto CO, which is becoming more and more blue because Californians have already fucked up their state and wish to export that.

            2. Yikes. That is eerily accurate, isn’t it.

            3. I think one could make a case that being poor in Estados Unidos beats being hyper rich in the banana republics. Not necessarily a strong case, but a case. It certainly beats being poor in the homeland.

              1. Hard to say, there is evidence that as Mexico’s economy increases immigration from there to here slows.

          2. Well, and this is just a thought, perhaps Democrats are more appealing because Republicans have gone full-fledged nativist in their rhetoric and are demonizing Mexicans in particular. Sure, there are many reasoned and principled reasons to be against illegal immigration but demonizing the immigrants in particular instead of the shitty laws and even shittier civil rights violations of citizens doesn’t look very smart from the outside.

            And this is coming from someone that actually thinks that open borders is one of the stupidest things ever. Republicans should probably pull their heads out of their ass on the subject, but it’s easy to say the same of the ‘never ending amnesty’ retards in the Democrat party too.

      3. What is terrifying, is that relatively, Brown is the voice of reason in the California government and has stopped some truly outlandish ideas by his legislature.

    3. Super funny would be a bunch of Road Warrior types driving around Taxifornia with trucks that had Jerry cans of gas or extra fuel tanks since gas stations would probably disappear.

  13. “Report shows Silicon Valley ‘crisis’ of homeless students”
    “Using a broad definition for counting, the main aid group for street youth in Santa Clara County said more than a third of community college students in the county, as well as 17 percent of high school students, are so unstably housed they should be considered homeless.”…..230221.php

    Like the bogus “20% of Americans are starving”, this will be a front-page feature soon.
    Probably picked that 17% out of someone’s butt and then made up the definitions to get there.

    1. If your home doesn’t have a 60+ inch television, it isn’t habitable.

      1. or maybe your parents have shared custody?


    LA Sparks get booed after National Anthem protest at WNBA game in Minneapolis. When you have lost Minnesota lesbians…

    1. WNBA players have been kneeling for quite some time now with no real backlash. The fact that the fans are booing at that specific event shows that the perception on this has shifted–initially, a lot of people might not have liked it, but were willing to live with it for the most part because they understood where the players were coming from. Mass protests are going to get a mass reaction, and now they’re starting to look on these protests as a “fuck you” to the country instead.

      This is why you don’t give the left an inch on anything, because they’ll keep pushing and pushing to get concessions, while they threaten to burn your society to the ground if you don’t capitulate.

      1. One of the US lady soccer players got s–t for this the first time she “took the knee” last year well before the current hooey.

    2. What happens when the Circuses stop pretending to support the Empire? Well, firstly the emperor gets pissed off. But, more importantly, perhaps the rubes who have been entertained by those Circuses wise up to the fact that they’ve been distracted for decades from the things that matter. Will they see the public costs of those Colosseums built on lies?

      I won’t hold my breath.

  15. Chris Matthews literally praises North Korea’s ability to make the trains run on time. Peak stupid is utterly unattainable.…..ium=Social

    1. Let the strong wind of fish farming tingle up our legs

      1. Oops, it was thrill

        1. At this point tingle is practically canon. Plus, who feels thrills in their leg? It was a stupid utterance.

          1. You calling Robert Plant stupid? He gets a thrill from his head down to his toes.

            1. You can put anything to music and it’s okay. Duh.

              1. Get your chills here.

              2. You can autotune anything into a hit pop song these days.

    2. China’s original subway line ran for something like a dozen years for high-level apparatchiks before the public was ever allowed to ride it. That’s one way to get the trains to run on time.

      1. Or you can take the Russian approach and use the slave labor of political prisoners to create a beautiful subway like the one in Moscow. I bet the Moscow Subway really gets the thrill going up Mathews’ leg

        1. Is that one also built on an actual foundation of bones, like other Russian transportation projects?

          1. I don’t know but it would not surprise me. I don’t think they murdered as many people building the subway as the did building the White Sea Canal, but they no doubt murdered plenty.

          2. All I know is every time I hear about it, it’s always accompanied by pictures of its exuberant grandiosity. Soaring arches, marble, chandeliers, the works. And “why can’t we do that”?

            1. We used to have that as well back when we had slaves build everything or created a depression so that labor was so cheap anything could be built and no one not even unions argued about their wages for fear of losing their jobs


              The Kolyma Highway is also known as the Road of Bones, because the skeletons of the forced laborers who died during its construction were used in many of its foundations.

              In case anyone is interested.

              1. Nobody seems interested.

                Like the reference in your name, BTW.

                1. Well, I suspect not everyone has the free time to constantly revisit an old thread, as you seem to. I respect that they have jobs and responsiblities that require their attention and presume that it will require more than 10 minutes for them to have a chance to read about it.

                  1. Not that nobody here cares.

                    The media certainly does not care. The Left does not care. And, sadly, North Korea’s litany of atrocities is so lengthy that it is difficult to focus upon one alone.

                    They see the nifty subway and never seem interested in how it happened. I’ve seen video of it and it is quite lovely in a brutally and insanely gaudy manner.

            3. Socialism loves to build big shit on corpses, and sometimes those potential corpses get so fed up with being used as grout between the bricks that they murder the son of a bitch that’s killing them.

              Case in point.

    3. Matthews quote: “How does a country that is starving get the capital to put together those kinds of projects?”

      Uh, Chris? If you take food out of people’s mouths and use it for other things, you can buy those other things. You just have top put up with the smell of rotting corpses.

      1. Sometimes one of the talking heads seem like it’s going to make a mental breakthrough. I remember John Stewart at times dancing right up to the edge of realizing that liberty is what is missing in a progressive world. Then they pull their shit back together and get on with the message.

      2. Slaves with no rights also make it easier. I’m betting he would REALLY dislike what would be required to make that happen.

    4. It’s important to remind people that, for a long time, the Left ADORED Mussolini.

      They STILL seem inordinately fond of Mao and Stalin.

      The Left loves them some authoritarianism.

      1. Do they seem fond of Mao and Stalin? Which ones? Got any names, examples?

        1. Have you missed the NYT recent series on Communism? Praising a century of the most murderous ideology known to human history.

          How Mao was great for women. That was published two days ago.
          About the greatness of Stalin-era USSR? That’s been a recurring theme.

          These aren’t OBSCURE. The NYT is a rather prominent publication.

          1. But you obviously didn’t read them either. It took me like 5 seconds to figure out you’re reading Washington Examiner summaries of the articles rather than the articles themselvs.

            1. I read all of them, son.

              People here already know you cannot read, Tony.

            2. On this one, Tony is correct. The NYT article is not kind to Communism or those hoodwinked by it.

              1. All I recall is the article saying how well women had it. I admit to not reading NYT articles, because I want to keep my sanity, but in this case I skimmed it and it was everything its critics blasted it for.

                1. You should have read past the headline then

                  But the narrative of an across-the-board elevation of women’s status under Mao contains crucial caveats.

                  While the Communist revolution brought women more job opportunities, it also made their interests subordinate to collective goals. Stopping at the household doorstep, Mao’s words and policies did little to alleviate women’s domestic burdens like housework and child care. And by inundating society with rhetoric blithely celebrating its achievements, the revolution deprived women of the private language with which they might understand and articulate their personal experiences.

                  1. When historians researched the collectivization of the Chinese countryside in the 1950s, an event believed to have empowered rural women by offering them employment, they discovered a complicated picture. While women indeed contributed enormously to collective farming, they rarely rose to positions of responsibility; they remained outsiders in communes organized around their husbands’ family and village relationships. Studies also showed that women routinely performed physically demanding jobs but earned less than men, since the lighter, most valued tasks involving large animals or machinery were usually reserved for men.

                    The urban workplace was hardly more inspiring. Women were shunted to collective neighborhood workshops with meager pay and dismal working conditions, while men were more commonly employed in comfortable big-industry and state-enterprise jobs. Party cadres’ explanations for this reflected deeply entrenched gender prejudices: Women have a weaker constitution and gentler temper, rendering them unfit for the strenuous tasks of operating heavy equipment or manning factory floors.

                    1. The party at times paid lip service to the equal sharing of domestic labor, but in practice it condoned women’s continuing subordination in the home. In posters and speeches, female socialist icons were portrayed as “iron women” who labored heroically in front of steel furnaces while maintaining a harmonious family. But it was a cherry-picking approach that focused exclusively on bringing women into the work force and neglected their experiences in other realms.

                    2. It has some of the current feminist verbiage, but it is not an endorsement of Communism in any way.

                    3. I’m sorry but any study of how women fared under the rural practices of Chinese communism that omits any mention of the massive famines that were directly caused by the rural practices of Chinese communism is not worth wasting any more of my time on beyond the passages you copy-pasted from the article that I’ve already read. Completely ignoring the 800-pound-gorilla in the room might not be an “endorsement” but it’s as goddamn close as you can get.

                    4. No it really isn’t, actually, and I think you’re being unreasonable, but we’ll agree to disagree.

                    5. Or maybe the real world is not as black and white as you need it to be to understand it. I thought it was fairly common knowledge that, apart from everything else, women were elevated in Maoist China.

                    6. No, you don’t understand, famine wasn’t discussed, therefore Communist agitprop.

                    7. Of course, there has always been a Mrs. Mao as communist leader and most of the commies in the politburo are women.

                      Oh wait, they are not. In fact, the politburo is mostly old men with and average age of 61.

                    8. That was discussed, and lamented, if not for the same reasons as yours, by the author in the quoted NYT article.

                    9. I can’t speak for the status of women in Communist China but I can for same in Communinist East Germany. Long story short: everything you’ve heard about the “elevated status” of women in East Germany was a bald-faced lie. Why would China be any different?

                      As for the piles of corpses in China that you’re choosing to ignore, fine – we shall choose to disagree. I think they are relevant to the discussion.

                    10. “As for the piles of corpses in China that you’re choosing to ignore, ”

                      Why are you being such a prick? I’m doing no such thing and you know it.

                      At no point have I defended communism, nor ignored any body count.

                      I discussed the article, and unlike you, I don’t require the famines to be included for the article to be considered critical of the communist regime.

                    11. Honestly, if anything, we should be happy that the NYT admits in any form or fashion that perhaps Communism wasn’t a perfect Utopia that we should emulate on this side of the pond.

          2. To be fair, the left isn’t as down with Mao and Stalin as they used to be.

            But Castro and Che… *swoon*.

            1. Nothing could be more leftist than believing that minorities should have elevated rights while simultaneously celebrating a fascist that believed that minorities were subhuman. It’s more or less the foundational principle of Progressivism to be enormously racist while pretending you’re the only non-racist in the room.

    5. That website turns brains into jello.

  16. The middle class doesn’t want a tax cut. It wants better government.
    Middle Class doesn’t want $$ back, they want more gov- WaPo

    1. I’m not clicking that.

      1. Wise, very wise. I read a handful of comments. I need to drink bleach.

        1. Sorry for linking a lefty Wapo article but it is important to see how stupid and brainwashed some people are. I link off Google news and WaPo is usually at the top of feeds. I ignore most of them but sometimes, I cant believe the lies and this was one example.

          Its a quandary to know your enemy and yet you give them credit for an article by reading it as if clicking on it means that socialist is popular or something.

  17. I see Gorsuch is in the hangin’ caucus.

  18. So it looks like Trump’s tax reform plan is actually going to raise taxes on the lower and middle classes to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy.

    1. No bites, Diet-Tony.

      1. Got one bite.

        1. Sure.

    2. “So it looks like Trump’s tax reform plan is actually going to raise taxes on the lower and middle classes to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy.”

      Hope you take it in the shorts.

  19. ******Are you ready for the Juice to be loose?*****

  20. I’ll vape a starburst. I don’t give a fuck.

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