Trump Says He's Made Decision on Iran Deal, All of Puerto Rico Without Power, German Researchers Accuse U.S. Right Wing of Meddling in Election: P.M. Links


  • NOAA

    President Trump said he has come to a decision on the Iran nuclear deal. The Iranian president called Trump a "rogue newcomer" in his United Nations speech.

  • Hurricane Maria has knocked out power in all of Puerto Rico.
  • A federal lawsuit accuses police in Columbus of exhibiting a pattern of excessive force against black residents.
  • A dispute over a speeding ticket in Iowa reaches the state's Supreme Court.
  • Researchers in Germany claim right-wing U.S.-based online accounts are "meddling" in the elections there.
  • The president of Catalonia accused the Spanish government of suspending the region's autonomy as the national police raided multiple regional government offices and arrested 14 senior officials.
  • A magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit Mexico City.
  • "End-of-life chatbot can help you with difficult final decisions"