DeVos Calls for Due Process in College Rape Cases, Amazon Announces Massive Expansion, Trump Jr. Explains Meeting with Russians: P.M. Links


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    Paul Gordon/ZUMA Press/Newscom

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos in a speech today said she's going to fight the practice of colleges using Title IX as a way of punishing students accused of sexual misconduct without allowing the accused appropriate due process under the law.

  • Amazon announced today plans for a second headquarters that would employ 50,000 in North America, which will no doubt result in many city leaders climbing all over each other to offer incentives to be chosen as the location.
  • Donald Trump Jr. today told Senate investigators that he set up a meeting last year with a Russian lawyer in order to get information damaging to Hillary Clinton but says he did not collude with the Russian government and had planned to consult with attorneys before using any information he might have received.
  • If you're looking for some hurricane counterprogramming, here's a piece on how zoos and aquariums (of which there are many in Florida) handle these storms. The picture alone is worth the click.
  • A Las Vegas police union has responded to an NFL player's claim that he was targeted for excessive force due to his race by demanding the NFL investigate the player and "take appropriate action" over his "obvious false allegations." Always forging better connections with their communities, those police unions.
  • Australia's highest court will allow a non-binding postal vote to proceed that asks the public whether to legally recognize same-sex marriage. Opponents of the vote would prefer the country's parliament vote (and vote yes) and avoid the taxpayer expense. The mail-in votes themselves will not determine whether they become legally recognized. The parliament will still have to vote anyway.

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