Trump Sides With Democrats on Debt Ceiling, Robert Menendez Bribery Trial Starts, Dennis Rodman Offers North Korea Diplomacy: P.M. Links


  • KCNA

    President Trump backed a proposal by congressional Democrats to hike the debt limit for three months' worth of spending.

  • Trump says miltary action isn't his "first choice" on North Korea, while Dennis Rodman offered to "straighten things out" between Trump and Kim Jong-Un.
  • The bribery trial of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) opened today.
  • Hurricane Irma is in the Caribbean and headed for Puerto Rico.
  • Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett says police in Las Vegas pointed a gun at him and used excessive force, and that he is considering a lawsuit.
  • A candidate for mayor in Charlotte included "white" as one of her qualifications, apologizing after being rebuked by the local Republican Party.
  • Police in Atlanta shot and killed a roaming tiger.