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Democrats Blame Trump for Disappearing Sexual-Assault Report…That Was Archived by Obama Administration

The report's removal from the White House website was totally standard operating procedure.


Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA/Newscom

Last week an array of liberal-leaning media outlets reported that the Trump administration had axed an Obama-era report on campus sexual-assault. "The White House Deleted a Sexual Assault Report From Its Website," read the headline at Jezebel. "The White House has removed an important report on sexual violence from its website," said TechCrunch. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) even put out a statement condemning the move, which was portrayed as a covert action driven by Donald Trump's disdain for sexual-assault survivors.

The report, "Rape and Sexual Assault: A Renewed Call to Action," was "a summary of really important and, in some cases, government-funded work that was done to understand the causes and effects of sexual and gender violence," Alexandra Brodsky, co-founder of the advocacy group KnowYourIX, told The Huffington Post, in a piece shared more than 100,000 times. "What does it mean that the Trump administration doesn't want the public to have that information?" she asked. ("No one knows for sure, but we can certainly speculate," added HuffPost Women Editor Alanna Vagianos, perfectly summing up the editorial ethos of #Resistance "reporters.")

The DNC declared that "removing this report is the latest example of the Trump administration's efforts to systematically undermine critical policies that protect survivors and combat sexual violence."

Like other too-perfect anti-Trump narratives, this one falls apart under scrutiny. It turns out the paper—part of Joe Biden's work with the White House Council on Women and Girls—was slated for removal from the White House website before Donald Trump even took office, as part of the government's normal archiving process between presidential administrations.

The report can still be found on the archival Obama White House website.

"At the conclusion of a Presidential Administration, web content from that Administration is archived by [the National Archives and Records Administration, or NARA] and typically made available on an archived website," the Trump White House said in a statement. "The policy, process, and extent of archiving of Obama Administration content was determined by the Obama Administration, in consultation with NARA and other stakeholders."

In other words, the report's removal was totally standard operating procedure, approved by federal bureaucrats before Trump was in power.

Vagianos still tries to assign some blame to Trump, noting that we don't know "exactly when the report was taken down" and it could have been "taken down during the administration turnover on Inauguration Day…or in the months since then." But even if it was removed from the White House website after Trump's inauguration, this is hardly Trump's fault, as his website people would have simply been following the digital archiving plan laid out by Obama's team.

At least HuffPost has offered a correction, stating at the bottom of Vagianos' article that it "previously suggested that the removal of the report from the White House site was in some way unusual. As the White House notes, such removals are not uncommon in the routine transition between administrations." Most of the pieces summarizing HuffPost's inaccurate story have yet to be corrected.

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  1. The media, raping the truth with #FakeNews.

  2. Good, good. Invent a false narrative to frighten women until they're literally shaking and need to be comforted, then slide in there to establish some kino. These dames are true allies to all us creeps.

  3. So, President Obama and Vice President Biden commissioned a report that was going to determine just why in the frick so many college-aged women are being sexually assaulted on college campus', and President Trump deleted the report in order to ensure that college-aged women will still be sexually assaulted on college campus'?

    My God.

    1. When you put it like that, it does sound pretty stupid.

  4. It feels true so it is true.

  5. HuffPost Women Editor Alanna Vagianos

    With a last name like that, i'm not sure what other job she COULD have.

    1. I made up a fake Spanish verb in high school, "vomitamos", which could even be a real verb for all I know or remember of high school Spanish. This resemblance you note reminded me of my made-up verb and made it seem even more appropriate.

      1. Vomitar is a real Spanish verb.

        1. Huh. Wonder if my ancient memory is wrong. Maybe we found it in a dictionary and thought it was funny (it is). No way our straight-laced Spanish teacher would have told us.

    2. Yeah I was having a hard time getting past that too.

  6. Suggested alt text:

    The sexual assault victims are melting in the dark
    All the powerful designs are flowing down
    Someone left the laundry out in the rain
    I don't think that I can take it
    Cause it took so long to make it
    And I'll never have that melodrama again
    Oh, nooo!

      1. Shackford wishes he had the skill to come up with that, and if you had good taste you would understand that, you stupid-dumb dumb-head from stupid-town stupid-face.

    1. 3 out of 5 roses at best on this.

      Doesn't touch the sonnet I had to write a buddy as a part of his last of demands before he'd rejoin the fantasy football league.

  7. noting that we don't know "exactly when the report was taken down"

    I appreciate the unaware admission that nobody reads the document anyway.

    "What does it mean that the Trump administration doesn't want the public to have that information?"

    Whenever I want to learn about stuff like this, the first place I'll look is the white house archives. Said nobody.

  8. It was all George W. Bush's fault.

    Now it's Trumps fault.

    Libs have to have a fault guy.

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  10. The lamestream media does indeed find fault with anything and everything Donald Trump does. If the pundits should see him cutting his toenails, I'm sure they would critique the angle of the cut and find it a danger to children should he get near to any on the beach. However, Trump is such a dishonest narcissist that defending him against false accusations is a kin to defending Hitler against a charge that he beat his children. You say he had no children so the charge must be false? So what? If he had any he would surely have beaten them. Same with Trump. If he cut his toenails to sharp points, he would kick children on the beach with them. Spend your ink defending others.

    "In other words, the report's removal was totally standard operating procedure, approved by federal bureaucrats before Trump was in power."

    So what? Trump remains an acknowledged woman groper.

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