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In Colorado, the St. Vrain Valley School District has agreed to pay $3.8 million to settle a lawsuit brought by the family of Shiva Rai. Rai, who is severely autistic, was slapped, kicked, and sprayed in the face with Lysol over at least seven days by a school bus aide.

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  1. Government protec
    Government also attac
    your children with lysol.

  2. In fairness, if the kid didn’t like being kicked and sprayed, you’d think he’d have gotten off the bus after the second or third day. I mean, you’d think he’d at least need a bathroom break or something. Maybe get out and stretch his legs a little.

    1. teach him to be on the spectrum…

  3. Mainstreaming brings out the best in everyone.

  4. These judgement are aimed at “sending a message” but since the monies awarded are stolen from taxpayers there is no pain and the message gets muted. When will the downtrodden taxpayer speak-up and be defiant enough to pull a lever other than D or R? Or better yet recall all school board members, THAT just might send a message.

    1. yup, “don’t get caught”…

    2. They aren’t aimed at “sending a message”.

      They’re aimed at “shutting people up”… So as to protect the people that deserved to have a message aimed at them.

  5. Millions $$$ for what reason, I wonder…why not a hundred bucks or ……..

  6. Burke, 52, also is banned from ever working with at-risk people, – – –

    Seems to me that anyone she worked with would become ‘at risk

    1. I became “at risk” just by reading about that tyrannical bitch.

    2. I’m betting that anyone over the age of 18 who doesn’t have a mental disability is perfectly safe around this person.

      Just make sure she’s always surrounded by people her own size and strength and it’ll be fine.

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