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In Indiana, Mount Vernon schools superintendent Shane Robbins says an elementary school teacher was wrong to send a note home to parents telling them their children should not talk about God at school. Officials say students can discuss religion or other personal beliefs as long as they do not interrupt class.

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  1. Teacher,leave them kids alone!!

    1. All in all you’re just another prick in the hall.

  2. Teacher, teacher, teach me love.

  3. As an atheist, I 100% support the imposition of my worldview on America’s young minds, and see absolutely no contradiction in espousing this support while simultaneously castigating religion for its tyrannical tendencies.

    I also 100% support all opportunities to tell everyone how awesome it is that I’m an atheist.

    1. The first rule of Atheist Club…

      1. … You NEVER talk about Non-Atheist Clubs.

        As this little punk in Indiana just learned the hard way, at least until the superintendant chickened out.

    2. At least you aren’t one of those evangelical agnostics or Amish.

  4. I suspect the issue was not so much that they were talking about God, but that they were not talking about the approved leftist propaganda in the curriculum.

  5. I think it would be beneficial to have a Religion class in middle/high school that looked at the world’s religions and their history.

    1. Didn’t you take ‘American history’ and ‘World history’ in high school? Remember how shitty those classes were? World history being yet *another* year spent mostly going over WW2 and American history being spent mostly going over slavery in the US and WW2 *for yet another year*. Same shit covered in history classes from middle school to the end of high school. Its as bad as English classes – 4 years, 3/4ths of which were rehashing the same basics you spent 3/4 of each of the last 3 years reviewing.

      So yeah, a comparative religion class in a public school would be basically complete shite.

    2. They actually do that in some countries. They end up just being a way to siphon tax money to various churches. It’s also how the whole Church of Jedi thing started, because once formally recognized as a religion, schools were forced to teach it.

  6. Officials say students can discuss religion or other personal beliefs as long as they do not interrupt class.

    That sounds pretty reasonable. Clearly these officials haven’t been public school officials for very long.

  7. There is a problem here. But if you read the teacher’s note in the newsletter, I don’t think this is a 1st Amendment issue or anything. I got the sense that there was probably some hurt feelings because some kid told another one that they were going to Hel(l) if they didn’t accept Jesus (whatever the fuck that actually means). So the teacher was trying to have kids be polite to each other (Remember don’t discuss politics or religion?)

    The problem is the hurt feelings of the kids. Get over it!! I told my kids that the next time some Jesus kid talks to them, tell them how much better it is in Valhalla!

    And my favorite retort: Your god was nailed to a cross. My god carries a hammer!

    1. yeah? well my god has mai tai’s and picks up the check at the strip club

    2. My God is tougher than nails.

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