Texas Rainfall Shattering Records, Arpaio Vs. Flake (Maybe), Amazon Slashes Whole Foods Prices: P.M. Links


  • Houston
    Michael Stravato/Polaris/Newscom

    The rain in Texas from what's left of Hurricane Harvey is shattering records and will continue for several days. Louisiana also faces some very heavy rains.

  • Now that he's been pardoned, will ex-sheriff Joe Arpaio challenge Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake for his Senate seat? Trump and Flake notably do not see eye-to-eye.
  • A business associate of President Donald Trump boasted back in 2015 about ties with Russian President Vladimir Putin that would help Trump get a hotel built in Moscow and that would help Trump win the presidency. There's no actual evidence, though, that this guy actually accomplished anything.
  • So there was a guy who claimed he got stabbed simply because somebody thought he looked like a neo-Nazi. Now police say he made up the story after accidentally cutting himself.
  • Amazon has wasted absolutely no time slashing the hell out of prices at Whole Foods on its very first day of ownership.
  • A nurse in Germany is suspected to have been responsible for killing more than 80 people with overdoses of heart medication. He's already in prison for two murder convictions.

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