Mattis in Turkey, Saudi Airstrike on Yemen Hotel Kills 35, Taylor Swift Releases New Album: A.M. Links


  • Big Machine Records

    Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in Turkey after visiting Iraq and Jordan to discuss ongoing military operations.

  • A Saudi-led airstrike on a hotel in Yemen killed at least 35 people.
  • Police in Denmark have identified a headless torso found in the water as that of journalist Kim Wall, who they believe was killed on board a homemade submarine.
  • A concert in the Netherlands by the rock group Allah-Lahs was canceled after a terror threat.
  • The prefecture of Miyagi in Japan has pulled a tourism video accused of being sexually suggestive and sexist.
  • A 14-year-old was arrested in Saudi Arabia after a video of him dancing the macarena in a city street went viral.
  • The mayor of Florence apologized for yelling out "Allahu akhbar!" at a terrorism conference in Italy.
  • Taylor Swift is releasing a new album.

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  1. Taylor Swift is releasing a new album.

    Way to bury the lede all the way at the bottom.

    1. I eagerly anticipate not listening to this album.

    2. That CAN’T be the real album cover…

      The whole last year, she’s been a joke meme for neo-Nazis and 4channers, and she uses the fraktur font on her next album?

      1. I’m not sure what’s more amusing–that Swift knows she’s a meme for the channers yet deliberately chose this sort of imagery for the album anyway, or isn’t even aware of it and picked that style just because she thought it looked neat.

        1. OR… that the album cover was designed months ago and uses the same font as the New York Times does for their logo on their newspaper. That’s just a wild guess though seeing as how the entire right side of the cover shows a bunch of newspaper clippings.

          1. That would make a lot more sense.

        2. I’ve seen enough evidence to believe that Swift herself is a /b/tard.

          1. Really? She’s always seemed pretty anodyne to me. The most I’ve ever seen her directly address political or social issues is when she complained about Amy Poehler and Tina Fey mocking her, saying that feminism shouldn’t be about tearing other women down.

            1. /b/ is just a bunch of assholes shitting on each other most of the time. Not necessarily political. Also, all the evidence is super circumstantial, but I just want to believe so I do.

              1. I saw a /b/ tattoo on her ass while I was grabbing it.

    3. At least Ed knows how to butter the commentariat’s bread.

      1. Hell of a euphemism, Crustle.

        1. Come one Citizen. Don’t use Crusty’s real name on the comments.

          1. It’s not like it’ll hurt him professionally. Chinchillas can’t read.

  2. The mayor of Florence apologized for yelling out “Allahu akhbar!” at a terrorism conference in Italy.

    No offense taken?

  3. A 14-year-old was arrested in Saudi Arabia after a video of him dancing the macarena in a city street went viral.

    If only they had applied this standard in the US back when that thing was popular.

    1. Me-ow! Who let the cats out?

    2. Why in the world is a 14 year old doing the Macarena anyway?

      1. Because the reverse ouroboros of cultural recursion has gotten around to vomiting up the ’90s again.

        I have to say, though, it fills me with joy to see urban youths sporting flat-top haircuts again.

        1. I’ve been waiting since 1995 for the Tootsee Roll to come back.

          1. And in about five years when America collectively becomes too heavy to dance, they will just pull up their pants, do the rockaway, and lean back.

        2. I am happy to see cute girls wearing black chokers again.

      2. Let’s all get up and dance to a song that was a hit before your mother was born.

      3. Could it be…SATAN?!

      4. And in public, in a totalitarian s–thole. Must be a screw loose if he didn’t see this coming.

        1. Do you know who else had a screw loose?

          1. Anakin Skywalker’s Podracer?

          2. Ultron?

          3. Hillary?

      5. it was probably a dare

        1. btw, this just goes to show how old and out of touch you people are….. the 90s is retro and cool now

          1. Except sexual harassment and hazing. Those 90s behavior are “persona” non grata.

            1. Why did you italicize and also put quotes around “persona”?

              Is it because Revelations: Persona came out in 1996?

              1. Naw, I could not find the Latin word for “behavior”, so I used a sloppy equivalent even though behavior is not a person- obviously.

            2. Yeah. Bill Clinton can’t get any more college interns this time around.

          2. I saw a club advertising a “Club 90s” yesterday. I loled a little.

  4. The prefecture of Miyagi in Japan has pulled a tourism video accused of being sexually suggestive and sexist.

    False advertising as we now know the Japanese have become asexual as a culture.

    1. Unless tentacles are involved.

    2. I watched parts of the video linked to and I’m very confused. Japan is fucking weird.

    3. If do right, no can defense.

    4. Miyagi is the prefecture right next to Fukushima, so maybe they’ve been radiated back to virility.

  5. The mayor of Florence apologized

    Hey, I’m talkin’ here!

    1. In response, Mr Nardella wrote an apology on Facebook. “It was not my intention to offend anybody, least of all the Muslim community. I did not intend to joke about their religion, nor evoke the tragic events of recent days.”

      Was that an apology or a “Fuck you if you can’t take a joke”?

      1. It was a plea not to be roasted by the PC police or bombed by the “Muslim community”.

  6. Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in Turkey after visiting Iraq and Jordan to discuss ongoing military operations.

    Oh, so they’re allowed to know our plans but we aren’t? #smh

    1. Well, they’re in NATO and you’re not. Or something.

  7. Police in Denmark have identified a headless torso found in the water as that of journalist Kim Wall, who they believe was killed on board a homemade submarine.

    I feel like reading more about this story would just ruin the crazy picture of events that this sentence put in my head.

    1. In a bizarre twist, that was exactly my reaction. There’s no good way to parse that without something absolutely ludicrous playing in your head.

      1. But I read the article. It is both more mundane and more bizarre than I had imagined.

    2. I bet she said “no” when he asked for sex.

  8. A concert in the Netherlands by the rock group Allah-Lahs was canceled after a terror threat.

    That is an excellent band name, though.

    1. No, Blues for Allah or the Netherlands.

      1. +1 Franklins Tower

  9. Take that you fucking hotel!

  10. Taylor Swift is releasing a new album.

    Ryan Adams books studio time.

  11. Police in Denmark have identified a headless torso found in the water as that of journalist Kim Wall, who they believe was killed on board a homemade submarine.

    David Lynch read about the incident and orgasmed for seven straight hours.

  12. Porn for you “the media!!!!” peeps: Dumber By The Minute: Reuters Calls ESPN’s Robert Lee a Confederate ‘Namesake’, ‘Doppelganger’

    Also, this:

    one of the top basketball recruits in the country right now has the rather unfortunate name David Duke


    1. Hole eeee shit – people still watch ESPN?

    2. The Asian guy is a doppelganger for the confederate general?

      1. Have you ever seen them both together?

        1. Shit, I ripped off a joke from the article.

  13. Defense Secretary James Mattis arrived in Turkey after visiting Iraq and Jordan to discuss ongoing military operations.

    Has no one in the government heard of Skype?

    1. Maybe the owner of Skype refused an appointment to the Manufacturing Council (RIP)

      1. Maybe Skype refused to host their offensive content?

  14. In Afghanistan, Enough

    The noted supporter of white genocide ends his piece with this:

    They don’t know what it is they are doing, but they are sure that we should keep doing it ? forever.


    1. Sometimes i almost miss John, and then i think about it, and then i don’t anymore.

      1. Wonder whatever happened to Red Tony…

        1. Possible explanations, in order of likelihood:

          1. DHS finally got around to blocking from its network
          2. trapped under a fat chick
          3. The Glibbening
          4. recalled to Moscow
          5. has a life

          1. I’m thinking 2 is most likely.

          2. No matter where he is, he is maniacally explaining to someone that he knows their thoughts better than they do.


          3. He’s popped up a couple of times after the Glibbening, but most of the people he liked to argue/converse with are at the other site now, and I’ve never seen him on any of the comment threads I’ve read there. Typically when he wasn’t commenting here it was because of an unusual amount of work crossing his desk, but I suspect he got bored when the others left. Not sure if he tried to register there and they rejected his request or not.

            1. I doubt it, as they have published several long posts/articles written by him.

              1. Huh–I don’t read their site much, so I didn’t realize that. Is he as argumentative there as he was here, or were they just long-winded screeds?

                1. Nope. Well thought-out articles, actually. He has not appeared in the comments that I have seen.

              2. They didn’t add him to the Contributors page, though. Unless he’s currently moonlighting as STEVE SMITH.

      2. I’ve lurked here for a few years, and was a mildly active poster last summer.

        Now I come back and many names have changed. And I keep hearing about the Glibbening.

        Will someone please clue me in?

        1. Basically, it was a mass exodus by a lot of long-time commenters, many of whom were responsible for a lot of the comments on these posts before they left. It had been building up for a while, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was when Sloopy’s mom was apparently body-slammed by a cop at a high school sports event (I don’t recall what the incident was over). Sloopy and a lot of the commenters pinged Reason to do some journalistic coverage of it, since Sloopy and Banjos were not just long-time commenters and donors, they’d provided the magazine with free publicity when they named their oldest kid after it–I believe there was even a local press feature on them.

          Katherine Mangu-Ward or one of the other editors blew them off, claiming that it wasn’t really in their wheelhouse, despite the fact that police brutality had been a long-time feature of the magazine’s coverage for years, especially when Balko worked there. The fact that this happened to the relative of one of the more prominent magazine supporters led a bunch of the long-timers to abandon ship and set up Glibertarians.

          1. thank you

            1. I think this also coincided with a series of articles making the libertarian case for Hillary.

    2. FTA: The goats went missing and were “presumed eaten,” according to Newsweek. Worse things have happened to goats

      Do tell, Mr. Williamson, do tell.

      1. Michael Yon had a piece about the time the infantry unit he was embedded with took a goat to the local Iraqi police station as a gift. The commanding officer told his translator to emphasize that the goat was “for food, NOT for girlfriend.” The translator balked at translating this, but when he eventually did the Iraqi police officers thought it was hilarious.

    3. [Trump] said that his initial instinct was to pull out but that his military advisers had persuaded him to step up the U.S. military commitment to Afghanistan

      Convenient, that. Who’s wearing the pants in this relationship?

    4. White genocide?

      Is that a deliberate misreading of his assertion that obsolete towns should be abandoned?

  15. Ex-Brooklyn teacher who pleaded guilty to having sex with student ordered to pay victim $750G

    A disgraced Brooklyn high school teacher who admitted to having sex with one of her students in 2011 was ordered to cough up $750,000 to the victim.

    It’s been four years since Erin Sayar pleaded guilty for providing marijuana to and having sex with Kevin Eng eight times in her car and classroom

    A Brooklyn court axed the school system from the suit last year but kept the claims against the now 41-year-old Sayar.
    During a one-day non-jury trial on Monday, Judge Miriam Sunshine awarded $250,000 in punitive and $500,000 in compensatory damages to Kevin and Maureen Eng


    Seems logical.

    1. Cougar provides weed and puts out and has to pay three quarters of a mill? You didn’t get jackpots like this when I was a kid.

    2. She’ll never pay, her meager wages will be garnished for the rest of her working life. She’ll live forever with the “Scarlet Letter” and her life is effectively over. Justice?

    3. Weed and car sex? He should have been paying her, not the other way around.

    4. Sounds like the judge is trafficking that boy at about $100K per shot.

    5. I wonder if I would be greedy enough to take her money.

      I guess it depends on whether it would change her total payments. If I am effectively just taking 2/3 of the government’s garnishment, then of course. Assuming there is a cap on wage garnishing.

      If I am tripling the wage garnishing, then I like to think I’m not that big of an asshole. but don’t tempt me.

  16. ‘Am I crazy for watching the eclipse with no glasses?’ Rapper Joey Bada$$ is forced to pull out of his live tour after staring directly at the sun

    scrolling down through his twitter timeline, the circumstances for the cancellation were utterly predictable, with organizations such as NASA warning people against staring directly at the sun without taking appropriate precautions.

    In a semi-literate tweet, he had earlier asked his followers: ‘Am I crazy for watching the eclipse today w no glasses? I’ve sungazed before and afterwards saw colors for a whole day. I didn’t die tho.’

    In an attempt to justify his plan he wrote: ‘This ain’t the first solar eclipse and I’m pretty sure our ancestors ain’t have no fancy eyewear. Also pretty sure they ain’t all go blind.’

    1. Also pretty sure they ain’t all dumb nuff to stare at the sun.

    2. Joey Dumba$$.

    3. What’s semi-literate about that tweet?

      1. I mean, it’s no “covfefe.”

    4. If he ends up tapping around with a cane and sunglasses it could make the next season of Mr. Robot even weirder than the last one.

  17. That Japan video is spectacular.

    1. Pure awesomeness.

  18. So far the Trump administration has been more confrontational with Russia than Obama was, although Trump himself is likely unaware of this.

  19. Diehard 8-Year-Old Buffalo Bills Fan Showing Early Signs Of Masochism

    “I thought something might be wrong when Cody made himself so angry by obsessively rewatching clips of the Bills blowing late-game leads last year, but it was his insistence that they’re going to be good this season in the face of all objective reasoning that confirmed his masochism for me. I want to help him, but we’ve been told there’s very little we can do. I just hope he can stay strong, because he will most likely be dealing with this for the rest of his life.” The boy’s grief-stricken mother added that it was hard not to blame the boy’s condition on his father, a sadist who likely inflicted his longtime Bills fandom on his son.

    We’re breaking the playoff streak this year, Cody! I believe!

    1. Can you call a Bills fan “diehard” if he hasn’t jumped through a table?

      1. Good point. At the very least a true Bills diehard has to live through at least one Dyngus Day.

        1. Swatting girls on the ass with a pussywillow switch is not that dangerous.

    2. Onion? I’ve lived in Buffalo – this story is almost certainly real.

  20. The prefecture of Miyagi in Japan has pulled a tourism video accused of being sexually suggestive and sexist.

    What the Fuck did I just watch?!?!

    1. Forget it, dude. It’s Japan.

      1. “Lost in Translation”

    2. What is it about Japanese culture and big heads? Assassination Classroom anyone?

    1. That woman looks like a person who spends a great part of her daily life working out by lifting weights. She’s jiggling, all right, but it is not the same as seeing a fat woman on the beach wearing a two-piece meant for someone with an actual waist.

  21. BAMN (by any means necessary) will holding a counter free-speech rally in Berkeley saving Donald Trump millions of dollars in his 2020 re-election campaign bid.…..t-marxism/

    1. Pretty insane.

      But what really stuck out to me was the assertion that BAMN has ties to NAMBLA. Is NAMBLA actually a real thing? I always thought it was mostly a joke.

      1. Loving little boys is no joke, Zeb.

        1. Loving boys is pretty minor.

      2. I think the reporter, Peter Hasson, is trolling them. The antifas don’t like reporters and and won’t give them unmasked interviews.

        1. So, Mr. Masked man, do you like molesting children? That’s a yes or no question and not one you can get away with be unresponsive to. The door is kicked open. So what about this, that, or the othersoon follows.

        2. The linked article seems to provide some sort of decades-old connection that is probably not even worth bothering with today but it makes for a great gotcha so why not.

  22. Jonathan Adler weighs in: Does libertarianism have an alt-right problem?

    Among other things, Lewis notes that the Ron Paul campaign and movement was heavily influenced by “paleo-libertarian” types, such as Lew Rockwell, who have long been critical of immigration and multi-culturalism. It’s worth remembering that Rockwell’s circle eagerly embraced Pat Buchanan’s first presidential run in 1992 and stayed the course even after Buchanan turned away from antiwar and anti-government themes and began stressing cultural issues. For some self-described libertarians, Buchanan’s embrace of the culture war was a feature, not a bug, for (in their view) one problem with big government is that it tends to help the “wrong” people.


    1. The “wrong” people, in this context, are those who do not live in the US and a do not pay the taxes that keeps the US government afloat.


  23. OT: The UN is Still useless.

    “It is a sad day when the president of the United States has so thoroughly failed to denounce white supremacism that UN experts must warn the US about the dangers of racism,” Brooks said.

    “Unfortunately, Trump’s racist and xenophobic campaign, and his lukewarm condemnation of white supremacists, has heightened racial tensions in America to the point that it’s raising alarms in the global community.”

    Um, ok…

    1. Right, because no one else in the whole country except the president can tell people that racism is bad. Thank god for the UN.

      1. Well it was the UN that kicked Charlie Chaplin’s ass and in-nazied the world. Of course they’re pissed about Donald Trump making nice with them.

        1. I’d like to take a moment to thank my phone for fucking that up.

    2. Yup. Donald Trump, the guy liked to hang out in NY with Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, is a global racist nightmare.

  24. The prefecture of Miyagi in Japan has pulled a tourism video accused of being sexually suggestive and sexist.

    The video shows several closeups of a kimono-wearing woman’s mouth, speaking words.

    Oh, and stroking the giant head of the city’s mascot, because he’s sad.

    Which means… I haven’t the foggiest idea what they’re so riled up about. It’s not like they’re showing Mexican models with great hips wearing tiny Corona shorts and tops or something.

    1. Perhaps they thought the flying turtle was getting laid…and they weren’t.

    2. I was informed yesterday that Sabado Gigante was cancelled two years ago. I was deeply saddened by this and the realization that I had just been watching reruns at my girlfriend’s Nana’s house.

  25. A concert in the Netherlands by the rock group Allah-Lahs was canceled after a terror threat.

    The rock group threatened to blow up the crowd? ///sarc

  26. The prefecture of Miyagi in Japan has pulled a tourism video accused of being sexually suggestive and sexist.

    Says the country that features octopus pr0n.

    1. But blurs out regular porn.

      Tentacle rape: OK. Two human beings having sex must be censored, though.

      1. Yea, that too. The world is a stupid place.

      2. Look, in Japan, you take your penetrations when and where you can get them.

    2. Hey now – octopus porn is a hallowed Japanese tradition, dating back to at least the 1500s.

      I am being completely serious. You can look it up.

  27. German magazine cover shows Trump doing Nazi salute…..azi-salute

  28. “Sometimes i almost miss John, and then i think about it, and then i don’t anymore.”

    Yeah, because the quality of rhe commentariat is so much better now that there are fewer people who speak crime think. How dare people disagree with their betters.

    Cue, patting yourselves on your back because of your obvious intellectual superiority.

    1. You obviously don’t remember John, and nothing is stopping you from not coming to Hit’n’Run anymore, homie.

    2. Since almost everyone left, half the site’s comments come from two or three assholes posting under several different handles. Like this guy. ^

      1. I only use this handle, you simpleton. Protip: if multiple people on a website make fun of specific traits that you keep demonstrating, the rational response would be to engage in some self-reflection re: said traits, not to leap like a retarded antelope to the assumption that all those people must be the same person.

      2. Let’s see, I know that I am:

        Rebel Scum
        Tom Bombadillo
        Dead Inside
        John Titor
        Domestic Dissident
        Red Rocks baiting n inciting
        Josef Robespierre Stalin
        and BestUsedCarSales

        Who are the other people is what I keep wondering though.

          1. Oops, forgot to switch handles.

        1. Get the date right dammit!

    3. The Tony argument in defense of Red Tony.

  29. “God I hope there was a confederate general named Dick Vitale.”

    Good old Iowahawk is still the best. And I wonder if ESPN’s Bob Ley is getting worried about his career at all.

    1. No, but Anderson Cooper has the names of two Confederate generals. Richard Anderson was a corps commander under Gen. Lee and Samuel Cooper was the highest ranking general in the Confederacy (Lee never got higher than #2). Take him off the air or change his name to something less triggering.

      1. Also, Anderson Cooper looks like he was designed by Nazi scientists for desert warfare. Problematic!

        1. Also, Anderson Cooper looks like he was designed by Nazi scientists for desert warfare. Problematic!

          From his hair to his toes, Cooper certainly is the whitest man in the media’s recent history.

  30. OT: Another gem of a professor

    “You should come live in the south for a while. It’s exhausting,” Knijnenburg replied. “The republican ideology of ‘everyone is equal and nobody deserves a handout’ is naive at best, covertly racist at worst. I truly believe that turning a blind eye makes you complicit in what is happening now.”

    1) if ONLY that was Republican (big “r”) ideology… 2) what the actual fuck? I don’t think words mean what the professor thinks words mean.

    “This society is aggressively structured to make cis white males succeed, at the expense of minorities,” Knijnenburg continued, though he didn’t stop there. In another post, Knijnenburg equates President Donald Trump, Trump voters, the GOP, and Steve Bannon to “Nazis,” the “KKK,” and the “Alt-right,” declaring that they are “all racists.”

    Do you want Trump? Because this is how you get Trump.

  31. Looks like about 1,000 people are protesting in support of Colon Paperneck in New York as we speak.

    It occurred to me that Paperneck is the Tim Tebow of the left. The difference between the Tebowmaniacs from a few years ago and the Paperneckers is that the latter group are a lot louder and more hostile and aggressive. So don’t expect them to go away any time soon.

    1. Colon Paperneck

      You’re truly one of God’s originals, Simple Mikey.

    2. A lot of Tebow’s support came from UF fans who did not like being told their hero was not a good fit for the pro game. It was somewhat less political.

      1. That and Tebow had an awkward habit of winning games.

    3. If “Colon” has an ounce of brain matter, he’d distance himself from this inanity toot-sweet.

      1. I’m pretty sure he’s relishing being the Obama of the NFL. He’ll probably be in congress inside of five years.

      2. Why? This is all working for him, not against him.

  32. OT: CNN is still fomenting racial animosity

    “It’s easy to focus on the angry white men in paramilitary gear who looked like they were mobilizing for a race war in the Virginia college town,” CNN reported. “But it’s the ordinary people ? the voters who elected a reality TV star with a record of making racially insensitive comments, the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in, the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism ? who give these type of men room to operate.”

    Prove it. And with the second thing, I’d imagine you also hate when white people move in to black neighborhood as well.

    “We are a country with a few million passionate white supremacists ? and tens of millions of white supremacists by default,” Naison told CNN. He’s a political activist and history professor. He compared all Trump voters to “nice people” who facilitated the horrific violence of the Holocaust and the genocide in Rwanda by looking the other way.
    You don’t say. Only this type of person could be so stupid.

    1. Naison’s more than just a bland “political activist and history professor”–he’s about as distilled of a Boomer shitlib radical as you’ll find this side of Bill Ayers.

      One group is “the ‘down-low’ segregationists, who say they’re against segregation but actively segregate themselves.

      Sort of like progressives who live in mostly white neighborhoods because they can’t admit that they don’t want their kids going to school with the spawn of ghetto hood rats.

    2. Huh. I thought it was the first amendment that gave those people room to operate.

    3. the people who move out of the neighborhood when people of color move in

      Sometimes they’ve even been planning to move for months before the people of color move in. Those insidious racist tricksters, how do they know?!?

    4. the family members who ignore a relative’s anti-Semitism

      What?!? Have they even TRIED nagging?

  33. OT: Real fascist intend to do fascist things to stop protest against “”Fascists””

    BAMN is organizing to shut down what it claims is a “Neo-Nazi” rally in Berkeley on Saturday. The rally is titled “No to Marxism in America.” The rally organizer, a biological man who identified himself as a transgender woman to media outlets, claims the rally is not a “right-wing” rally, embraces diversity and is meant to oppose the spread of Marxism in Berkeley.

    Now that’s just glorious. Also, I fear your efforts will be futile on that front. However, good luck and godspeed.

    1. That is pretty good.

      I’d really like to see some more pro-free speech and anti-socialism events like this that sort of confound the leftist narrative.

      1. And yet the well-known fact that Antifa is a pro-violence Marxist organization will somehow still sail over the heads of the vast majority of Americans who follow this story.

    2. who identified himself as a transgender woman to media outlets

      It’s probably just the way it was phrased, but I hope this is a new gender category. “I identify as a transgender woman…but only to media outlets”

      1. Sure I look like a man, but ask me what I identify as. Go ahead, ask me. Ask me. Ask me. Ask me.

        1. *** takes deep breath ***

          Oh, very well. What do you identify as?

          1. I sort of like that $park? left you in suspense here.

  34. The Conservation of Coercion

    These aspects raise an uncomfortable possibility for libertarians: is there a sort of law of conservation of coercion in well-functioning societies? A community with a minimal state can only function if it is thick enough and homogeneous enough to enforce sanctions for antisocial behavior that are almost state-like in their severity, and, furthermore, can make them stick. Freeing individuals from their smothering parochialisms will lead to a compensating increase in the scope and reach of the state as people search for a new solution to social dilemmas formerly handled via informal means. Conversely, attempts to suddenly curtail state power may lead to chaos in the intervening period when social institutions have not yet reasserted themselves. Principled libertarians might still have good reasons to prefer the non-state forms of compulsion?among them the arguments from public choice economics and a federalist preference for decisions being made at the lowest feasible level, where actors are most likely to have relevant information. But “increased freedom” may not be one of them.

  35. The state can help: by compelling both men not to pollute the lake, every party winds up happier than it was before. Note that the men are not being forced to act against their interests. Instead, they are being freed to do what they truly wished.

    Does that read like something out of 1984 or not?

    1. It’s obvious the reviewer is a leftist, but if you separate the reviewer’s creepy summaries from the actual argument the original author is making, it’s an interesting point to consider.

  36. What? Now why would the fact that Taylor Swift, a no-talent vapid alleged popstar simply be releasing a new album qualify as newsworthy at Reason? Wow, “totally” a new low for the editors. So sad. Now if the editors linked to the fact that shortly the massive Italian stoner sludge metal band who have been at the top of their game for almost 2 decades, Ufomammut, new album will be coming out as well-well, that would warm my cockles to no end!

      1. Philosophical question for everyone to think on:

        Can Taylor Swift be greater than Taylor Swift?

        1. Taylor Swift can be whatever the frick she wants to be.

      2. Wow, what a completelu persuasive argument you write. What with, 3 whole words and a symbol. You have won me over-TS is a totally great musical artist. Great to see that even Reason reaches those people out there that can not even write complete sentences-but not surprising in this day and ago-lo and behold, most folks can’t write a complete sentence SO you are in the majority! You are welcome, no thanks necessary to this one time college journalism major.

        But dang, I just realized I can’t actually be persuaded after all. Why? Well, I am an atheist. And thus, naturally, there is no such thing as “god”. Thus, naturally, TS can’t be > god. Because god doesn’t exist. Thus, she can’t be greater than zero. Hate how that works, LOSER>

        1. BTW, utterly sorry for the typo on completely. That is the journalist editor in me.

    1. It makes more sense if you look at it as being of a theme with the rest of the links.

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