Watch Robby Soave on S.E. Cupp's Brand New Panel Show, Tonight at 7:00 P.M. on HLN

Building a wall between TV viewers and boredom


Screenshot via HLN

Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp (formerly of MSNBC's The Cycle and CNN's Crossfire) and TV's Andy Levy (formerly of Fox News' Red Eye) debuted a brand-spanking-new panel show on HLN this week: S.E. Cupp Unfiltered. I will be making regular appearances on the show, beginning with its third-ever episode, tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET.

Cupp and Levy are both level-headed Trump skeptics who are perfectly comfortable calling out the president on his numerous mistakes while making sure the left doesn't get off easy. Dismantling political correctness is, in fact, one of the show's goals.

Tune in to catch me bringing the millennial libertarian perspective (Abolish the minimum wage! Open the borders! Pass the avocado toast!) to your television screens, and don't forget to tweet your thoughts to @secupp, @unfilteredSE, @andylevy, and me, @robbysoave.

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  1. Robby doesn’t get invited to a lot of talking head shows because he always has prettier hair than the hosts.

    1. It’s hard deciding which one you’d bang when SE Cupp and soave are on the same screen.

      1. Threesome?

  2. It’s not that Avocado Toast makes you unable to afford a mortgage, it’s that Avocado Toast makes lenders unwilling to lend you do.

    1. I don’t know what this avocado toast thing is, but if its a millennial thing, then they really are as bad as people say

      1. It’s exactly what it sounds like, toast with avocado on it. For whatever reason this has become a very expensive and fancy California delicacy. Another strange example of a cheap food I remember from my youth becoming fancy.

  3. I missed you so fucking much Robby. Please give a review of BotW when you return.

    1. I missed you so fucking much Robby

      i find this disturbingly creepy

      1. What do you think it feels like to be inside of him? Fuck, what do you think it feels like to have HIM inside YOU?! God, what if I could just wear his skin and live his life.

      2. I find it comfortingly creepy.

  4. S.E. Cupp was on RedEye all the time, too. Not a host like Andy Levy, but on a lot.

    She was much hotter then. New hair and way too much makeup make her look like a local TV News anchor

    1. Not a flattering pic of her either.

      Her expression suggests she’s trying to work-in a #10 Destroyer ™ butt plug.

  5. Fun fact: Soave will be the third prettiest blonde on that show tonight.


      1. Calm down. Crusty is already dead by my hand.

    2. One is tempted to say “Two girls and a Cupp” but that’s not fair.

  6. S.E. Cupp

    I’ll be in my bunk.

  7. OT: White Ohio police officer is suspended for just 15 days after being filmed repeatedly punching a black man and smashing his head into the pavement during a traffic stop

    Police initially said Hubbard had refused the officer’s orders to ‘face away’ after getting out of his car and claim he immediately began resisting.

    Hubbard’s lawyer said the dashcam footage appears to show Amiott not even giving the driver a chance to comply with his orders.

    I’m with the lawyer, and even if the guy did resist, the officer’s reaction is insane. He also throws hilarious weak punches, which is funny, but the “bashing the head into the ground” is, as Mr. Soave would say, not alright.

    1. Amiott was hired by the Euclid Police Department in September 2014.

      He was reprimanded for hitting a driver with a handgun, mishandling evidence, losing his temper in front of his commanding officer and being involved in two crashes in police vehicles, according to personnel files released earlier this month.

      Before Euclid, Amiott was an officer in Mentor, east of Cleveland. Amiott resigned in April 2014 after an internal investigation concluded he had lied to other officers when explaining why he stopped a man for a suspended driver’s license

      It must be a Cleveland-area tradition to hire a psychopath who has already been rejected by another police department.

      1. It’s called the Cleveland talent pool.

    2. At this point I’d probably be okay if someone just went and broke the police officers legs.

      1. Dang, I felt actual anger for a moment. Really disrupts my ability to shitpost.

  8. And after appearing on HLN with S.E. Cupp, he’ll be on HSN, hawking his new hair care line, “Soaver than Suave”.

  9. … Each night, Cupp and her roundtable cover the latest news out of Washington, as well as stories ranging from political correctness gone wild to celebrity misbehavior and legal mysteries.


  10. OMG, I’m going to watch HLN. There better not be any sign of Nancy Grace in any fucking promos.

    1. Forget it! That’s like asking not to see Oprah.

  11. Is this Cupp chick gonna be another saucey libertarian like Kennedy? If so she needs to hire the same Kennedy Makeover crew and pan the camera out to show more leg, 2 shows to watch would make it almost worth having cable again.

    1. Unless she’s changed her beliefs, she’s no libertarian. She’s a conservative. Then again, it looks like she changed from redhead to blonde, and also put on some weight — neither of which were good moves. So maybe she is due for a change for the better.

  12. Looks like a pick of Timpf on a chubby day.

  13. I may watch this to see what’s up with libertarianism, now in color TV! and also because I share everyone else’s gay lust for Robby.

    1. Don’t debase my feelings for Robby down to some nothing such as lust.

  14. Reason’s stodginess weighs its angels down like glum billionaire corsets.

    1. Hello!

      Pardon my Canadian.

  15. Would S.E.

  16. Who?

  17. Other than being known for her ample breasts, SE Cupp is known as the atheist conservative. She is on Bill Maher’s show a lot and giggles all during his ‘New Rules’ segment.

  18. Soave is questing to connect with half-sane types I am extremely familiar with who graduate from esteemed universities but die in short order while leaving old book stores crushed by pyramids where the pages of their shit flutters

    in flames lost on the winds of
    common times driving in front
    of pretend winds and fucking fronts
    not a goddamn person or soul
    can claim to be a designer of

    not a fucking thing or brush or fucking
    philosophy is control of the coming
    future of man and this has never happened
    before, motherfuckers
    and I understand Trump is the key
    to the paradise if the falling now
    and unless you motherfuckers
    understand this your gigantic hearts
    will seize Google, Faceboo boo. CNN Twit birdya word
    and shit

  19. Underneath the soil of the modern souls
    the earth quakes
    Underneath the storefronts of everyday
    the back-end is restless

    The fucking farmer and the goddamn pentecostal mother
    alike are gathering like a fucking storm
    crying to escape the neck bars of Britain, Islam, China, and Russia
    The Native American of eagle spirit has infected the soul of
    modern patriots, black, and fucking white, Asian, Jew and so
    under the peaceful lady with the lofted torch…

    The greatest utterance a nation
    can offer is individual freedom…
    Nothing about European censorship
    is useful.
    Reject it all, Americans.
    The rest of the world is ending
    the human spirit in the name
    of saving emotional lives
    while it seeks to promulgate
    the greatest planetary
    platform of total human control, my friends
    it must be resisted
    or the future cannot be saved

  20. I sometimes wonder if a future life
    has escape to scream through a momentary
    scratching at hell keyboard to
    scream from a future of hell
    where humans get pressed into
    service like a whole earth Cuba or North Korea
    or China or Russia or Britain or Phillipines or
    Venezuala…..Or Cambodia… Or Vietnam…
    Or… Sweden

  21. Shrines of control run
    by dark Princes
    called Romans
    who lived beyond their
    fucking earthwide rivers
    -these monsters Plato
    seemed to suck the balls
    of and Aristotle was confuse
    by mainly because their
    fucking visions were infected
    with goddamn water filled with
    zinc and tons of pussy

  22. Fucking Pythagoras loved to eat Greek pussy
    and his mathematical genius was honed on the
    quivering lips of his magical tongue….
    And old Jesuit told me this, drunk, in old NYC bar

  23. Baudelaire wrote to etch a ladder into
    the neck of my now
    His spleen is my fucking neck
    And fucking Proust is magical Satan
    unleashed like one thousand fucking
    tsunami’s crashing into my goddamn
    fuck neck
    Proust is lines enslaved in gold

  24. very few cars of existence have
    been produced so supremely
    called ‘Sandman” by the magical
    dragon band who somehow make
    some things awesome ‘Metallica”

  25. you feel the fucking storms
    of winter strike your core
    up on the clouds
    You feel the fucking hunger
    of long journey strike your core
    deep in the old valleys
    You feel the fucking wet
    of fucking rain hurting
    your fucking journey
    downtown and it aint like
    the FUCKING journey
    and your mouth needs
    food and drugs
    and roller coasters
    I have a magical key
    called WAKE THE FUCK UP
    you sick green shit…
    Unless your ass has got drilled
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    fucking neck cracked on cock
    swimming with snakes and your
    limbs tied to a bridge and broken
    with jizz strikes…
    you don’t know shit you stupid
    living alive fuck

  26. Bobby Darin kills A Nightingale Sang in Berkely Square
    Betcha didn’t know this shit, motherfuckas.
    Killed it even bettah than the God voice Harry C

  27. Walking across the square of life
    on the wind swept contours of why you are here
    the stones and roses of a fathers notice
    stand beyond the guitar wall sands
    out there watching you etching your tombstones
    and hells and gardens and loves
    and vortex and never stop being a
    carpenter of your own life
    make that ufo sing

  28. Every FUCKING song you want
    and desire to sing and market on
    the shits all over the digital garden…
    they were all done before and even better
    by OLD SCHOOL….

  29. Millions of records
    were created before
    you were born
    millennial child

  30. As a young boy I worked
    for a billboard artist who once
    actually painted shit before
    gargantuan sheet printers
    FUCK YOU big board media
    ah so it went the way of records
    hold on….
    As a young boy I worked
    for an unreasonably handsome
    man who owns a million records
    in top Ohio
    maybe he doesn’t do this shit anymo
    but I discovered decades of
    mountains of voices in his
    basement and all this flow
    changed my face forever
    legit, bro…
    you cannot even fucking
    love a song until you
    understand its monkey and america
    and basement else you just
    are simple shits eating crap
    from mo fo fuckin
    cable crap
    geesh cable…
    man, give me eternal records, Jesus

  31. He was always pissed at his ugly girlfriend
    and his billboards lined I-75 for decades
    He was more handsome but weak-willed
    but intelligent much like reddit fucks
    Brooks was always the Toledo secret
    no one ever knew about but I did and
    grew up under his ninja and for this I offer
    strange praise to Brooks… the gentle
    handsome atheist that made mad girlfriends
    with a basement filled with millions of records
    and a Dining room filled with old valuable porn..
    and Brooks created hard art
    wings and sweeping old tones
    merging like records skipping screams
    and maybe time isn’t what now demands
    from the past, fucker
    you ever think about that? earth face?
    I thought not

  32. Some goddamn fuck face kid here on this fucking Reason site will pretend to know shit and this site
    will suck his or her dick cunt because this site has no central purpose of freedom… it was lost when Gillespie started enjoining Arab money…

    before checking the facts that will and should always remain that Marxist and Ismalists are equal to Pentecostals in such that all the SHIT they love is BULLSHIT….

    Please remind that FUCKING lost soul Gillespie of this fact…. I do NOT pretend to be connected to this world because of my love of booze, poems, and occasional naked luncheons

  33. ancient tender
    is just
    as sweet
    as modern
    sweet coy voice

  34. If you remember, mister Joe Masters,
    I used to masturbate to Noreen Barnes ass
    going about the scrounging in a 1985
    Goodwill on Airport Hwy for school pants and ‘
    Fall checkered vests
    yeah, some dudes wore interesting vests in those

  35. Tight Dude in art
    Sat up top with sweet Black Killers
    what we called British Knights
    super sweet shoes destroyed by
    Marxists who hate America
    British Knights were erased by
    racists no one really understood
    in the 80’s but NOW we do
    They made beautiful shoes and
    a tight due in art wore them
    in an inner city school where
    whites were a minority
    and the fucking blacks always
    figured out how to kill themselves
    over fucking Chicago idols

    1. Where you been?

      1. Rufus THE Curtain of song and life
        Rufus the old motorcycle of cliffs
        The monoclutch of tones
        and roses spiraling
        about the whispers of doors
        and sunrises wrapped about
        uncertain lost keys

      2. Soave re-enters the scene and Agile Cyborg comes back with all sorts of stuff. Coincidence?

    2. Missed you, Agile. Glad you are ok.

  36. Racist blacks hated
    British Knights in the 80’s
    because that is when the
    early Marxist wars
    gained steam…..,
    so died the awesome BK shoe
    even though it fucking had NOTHING
    to do with NOTHING but cool British crap
    but British is dead
    gone, vamoos
    London is empty
    The Brits are now zombies

  37. Bring back British Knights motherfuckers
    I promise you World Star will buy them

    Fucking English United Kingdom is the
    weakest nation on the globe.. full of
    weak tits and dead angle wings and dicks
    that lost hard

  38. Worst nation on earth isn’t Cuba or China or Russia or even the fucking North Goddamn Koreans
    It is the Cambridge State where Bertrand Russell started his ethereal universe and where Whitehead and Winston Churchill pretended to understand the universe but left a shallow, jello, horrid world of lost souls…

    The United Kingdom is the coming cemetery of where stupid nations go, proudly and screamingly while it dies.

  39. The end of the world is the United Kingdom oppressing as it always does while proclaiming strange injustices and demanding odd recollections as it rounds up those poets who offend and assault with terms the dictatorial hell of Islam…. and THIS fucking site called Reason sits by in the name of a FAKE BeatNIK called a goddamn Gillespie who created a world that does NOT question ISLAM while it has NOT A SINGLE PROBLEM fucking with American Christianity (which I agree with )

    FUCK REASON AND FUCK LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Soooo… You’re mad that the Limeys are censoring people for saying stuff about Islam?

      If only there were some other country, founded specifically on the idea of doing the opposite of whatever the British are doing…

      1. France?

  40. Great news! Apparently libertarians have already been considered neo-nazis by internet providers, with Cloudflare now refusing to host that 3d Printed gun site

    I realize cosmos don’t care much about guns, but still, it’s amazing how quickly it happened.

    1. Libertarians are BK, Jerome.

  41. One must live a simple organized life full of poetry, drugs, money, pussy, and raise children until they are grown
    and then those children realize that the sun is beautiful like tall oaks, clear water, and clean money and the
    maga heap repeats… i see nothing racist about this philosophy.

      1. Guilt is for losers

      2. Fuck guilt.

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