Men From Malheur Standoff Acquitted, DOJ Drops Anti-Trump IP Request, Attack of the Kremlin Bots: A.M. Links


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  1. We’re on ENB Time this morning.

    1. ENB Time: Elizabeth “Nobody’s Business” Time?

      1. Ein’t Nobody’s Business

      2. Earning No Brospect

    2. Hello.

  2. Inside the Kremlin’s bot-fueled propaganda network.

    Putin is gr8! LOL

    1. So Tulpa is a Russian bot?

      1. No.

        Russia is a Tulpa sock.

        1. It’s ?????s all the way down.

          Reason websquirrels, you’re killing me with this “English script” thing.

  3. “Hundreds left early” during President Trump’s rambling 75-minute speech in Philadelphia yesterday…

    They got the gist.

    1. “Huh. He really IS that shade of orange.”

    2. But how did his speech in Phoenix go?

  4. Inside the Kremlin’s bot-fueled propaganda network.

    In Soviet Russia, bot propagandizes YOU!

  5. A jury acquitted two men who were part of the 2014 Cliven Bundy family standoff with federal agents at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. Two other defendants were found not guilty on most of the charges against them.

    A dark day for BLM’s power.

    1. Also a dark day for the “libertarians” of Reason.

  6. The Department of Justice has dropped a request for the IP addresses of visitors to an anti-Trump website.

    Especially when they found out they were all v6.

    1. Especially when they found out the next step was to subpoena hundreds of ISP records. And the step after that was to do who knows what.

      1. I believe the meme you’re looking for is: Profit.

  7. Day laborers have a First Amendment right to solicit jobs, rules a Long Island court.

    OMG suddenly illegals have constitutional rights? President Trump, Long Island needs you now more than ever!

    1. It is unconstitutional to try and limit people from standing on public domains or private property (when the people are invited) to try and get work.

      On that note, it’s illegal for people to cross the US border without being a citizen or having a valid visa.

      1. I guess Long Island is a sanctuary island.

        1. New movie idea “Escape from Long Island: Illegals on the move”.

    2. Stupid legislators. Just have a cop stand at the same place, and there will be no ‘place’. He can ticket drivers who obstruct traffic, and the public will be safe. The laborers will not stand where cars do not stop, because that is not going to get anyone a job.
      That is called ‘policing’. It used to happen all the time.

      1. Yeah, but if a cop is just standing there watching cars drive by, where are the options to seize assets from cowed citizens? How is that helping the precinct’s bottom line? You’re not thinking this through.

        1. In glorious California Republik, cops pretend to be homeless beggars at freeway exits, the better to ticket you for not wearing glorious seatbelt when you try to provide meager financial support to non-existent poor citizens.

    3. The Constitution doesn’t give rights to citizens. It limits what the government can do to any person.

  8. Inside the Kremlin’s bot-fueled propaganda network.

    In Soviet Russia, matrix fueled by robots.

    1. In Soviet Russia, Agent Smith-ski doesn’t need to freeze time to arrest you. Time already frozen, it so cold.

  9. “Hundreds left early” during President Trump’s rambling 75-minute speech in Philadelphia yesterday

    I believe the undoctored photos show thousands!

    1. I was in Philadelphia yesterday. I didn’t see anyone attending the rally at all.

  10. Milwaukee is cracking down on “bawdy houses.”

    Ribaldry will not be tolerated.

    1. But what are they doing about houses of ill-repute?

    2. Are you mocking me?!

    3. Yep, those houses have to learn to behave in a proper manner. Now, what about the people breaking the law who are inside the house?

    1. The headline mentions “pepper balls”. So I take that to mean…”The cops peppered their balls with rubber bullets.”

    2. It was HOT in Phoenix.

      1. How hot was it?

        1. So HOT.

          You know where else gets really HOT in summer?

          1. Your mom’s taint and ballsack?

            1. Close, guess again.

              Hint: It’s not your Dad’s vagina.

    3. I kinda like that our ‘Tiannamen Square Tank Man’ has an unkempt hippie-Jesus and empty beer glass thing going on.

  11. “Day laborers have a First Amendment right to solicit jobs, rules a Long Island court.”

    But not if it involves hair-braiding.

    1. Or inexpensive buses.

    2. or driving people around for money without a taxi token.

    3. Of course. The decision said nothing about actually performing jobs. Once you have found someone who wants to employ you, the government can screw with you all they want.

      1. especially if they are on the vice squad

    4. Or baking a politically incorrect cake.

  12. A jury acquitted two men who were part of the 2014 Cliven Bundy family standoff with federal agents

    Twitter should take this well.

  13. “Hundreds left early” during President Trump’s rambling 75-minute speech in Philadelphia yesterday, reports The Washington Post.

    Obviously fake news – Trump wasn’t even in Philly yesterday. Try harder, troll.

    1. I thought that maybe Trump has found a way to overcome the limitations of time and space and is able to be in two places at the same time.

      But, no, this appears to be another AM Links snafu. After all Philadelphia and Phoenix begin with the same two letters. It’s easy to get them confused.

      1. After all Philadelphia and Phoenix begin with the same two letters. It’s easy to get them confused.

        Fuckin’ yokels.

  14. Read Matt Welch’s take on it here.

    I’ll wait for the audio version on this week’s 5th

    1. That one will include multiple creative uses of the word “fuck.”

      1. It will include Foster taking the contrarian view on whether he’s a contrarian.

        1. It will include Moynihan getting just as drunk as he wants and constantly leaning away from the microphone.

    2. You ignore those too?

  15. Sensor tracks who is driving in your neighbourhood

    A start-up that lets residents monitor who drives in and out of their neighbourhood was among the companies revealed at a Silicon Valley event on Monday.

    Flock’s sensor, which it offers for $50 a year per house, logs the number plates of every car that drives into a street and takes a picture. The sensor could eventually provide facial recognition.

    Residents of monitored neighbourhoods can opt-out of being tracked – but visitors, or people passing through, cannot.

    Don’t wanna be a thug, don’t drive down our street.

    1. I have dark ass tint, so no facial recognition is happening there.

      I do think it should be illegal for DMVs to release personal information relating to license plates, since you have to have license plates. One work around is to put your vehicle in your business’ name.

      I would sue that start up into bankruptcy if they did this in my area.

      “It’s not our data – it’s the neighbourhood’s data – and we delete it after 30 days.
      Its takes a smaller village, more like a neighborhood.

  16. Michigan teens can get recruited into sex trafficking online, through apps on phones

    This mom said her daughter was a good student and an athlete, and they are close. Until her daughter disappeared, this mom had no idea that her daughter had been caught up in a sex-trafficking ring. She said it began on the dating app Tinder, where she met someone who became her boyfriend. She said they started dating and then the boyfriend asked her to go out with his friends.

    “Then started off like, ‘Oh, one of my friends has a big event they’re going to, could you escort him? He just wants your company just because you’re so funny. Could you just go? He wants to go to the movies. Could you just go with him? That’s all you have to do.’ They would give her like $40,” the mom said.

    She said it continued with her daughter going to the movies and going out to eat with the men, who would give her $40 or $50, then after about six or seven times, her daughter was told that she had to sleep with the men.

    1. “Unfortunately, most of the trends that we’re seeing, especially in the sex trafficking side of it, is that the victims that get involved are voluntary at first. So they are almost always voluntary at some point. They are either boyfriended into it, meaning the person that is eventually going to exploit them brings them into it as a relationship and then there comes to be expectations with that relationship and they get involved into a sex-trafficking situation,” Krebs said.

      Sarah Krebs, a detective/sergeant with Michigan State Police, works in the Missing Persons Coordination Unit. She said while more girls are pulled into sex trafficking, boys can be targeted, too.

      “Parents need to be aware too that if there child is home every night in bed, it doesn’t mean that they’re also not falling victim to this,” Krebs said. “We have seen cases where girls have been exploited and are still going to school every day and are still in bed every night, but they are doing this in their free time.”

      Fact: if you live in Michigan and you have a child, chances are your child is being trafficked for sex. The only way you can safely assume your child is safe is to, first, move out of that trafficking haven of a state, and second, to track your child’s movements at all time.

      Godspeed, parents. Godspeed.

      1. Seems to me she could also have said “no”.

        1. Wait, what? A woman can have a choice?

          1. The choice comes later in the story

    2. …then after about six or seven times, her daughter was told that she had to sleep with the men.

      Or else Tinder would come after her? And, also, $40 for that handy in the back row of Baby Driver seems kind of steep considering he also had to pay for the tickets.

    3. so peer pressure is “trafficking” now?

    4. Where were the parents to keep track of their teenage daughter?

      1. Are parents supposed to keep their teenage children on a leash or something?

        1. Teenaged girl on a leash? That’s extra.

        2. You should not use your super powers of extremism all at one time.

            1. Forget it, Zeb, it’s loveconstitution1789. If he doesn’t have a cogent point to make he’ll just type some random words.

              Spoiler alert: he almost never has a cogent point to make.

              1. Citizen X – #6|8.23.17 @ 10:26AM|#
                Forget it, Zeb, it’s loveconstitution1789. If he doesn’t have a cogent point to make he’ll just type some random words.
                Spoiler alert: he almost never has a cogent point to make.

                See, another non-sequitur form you.

                1. If you don’t know what “non-sequitur” means, you could have looked it up the first time someone pointed out that that’s what you are constantly making.

                  1. As with the other non-sequitur you gave, you are not even trying to follow the original post.

                    1. Jesus Christ. How does a person as insensible as you are avoid drowning in the shower?

                    2. Citizen X – #6|8.23.17 @ 11:22AM|#
                      Jesus Christ. How does a person as insensible as you are avoid drowning in the shower?

                      How does someone as insensible as YOU avoid drowning in the shower?

            2. The only way to keep track of your kids is to leash them.

              1. The only way to keep track of your kids is to leash them.

                Yes, that’s the argument I was making.

                1. Teenagers never tell their parents they are going to one place and then go to another, or lie about what they have been doing.

                2. Because that’s the only way Zeb. They ONLY way.

                  I hope you don’t have kids, because clearly you don’t want to even try and keep tabs on your kids. Of course kids lie. You have to be smarter than the kids Zeb. Smarter is the key here.

        3. I keep my kids strapped in their car seats and locked in the car 24/7, I always know where they are.

    5. I believe that Michigan is the Ojibwa name for: “Bawdy house”.

  17. “The government values and respects the First Amendment right of all Americans to participate in peaceful political protests and to read protected political expression online. This Warrant has nothing to do with that right,” the government states in the reply brief.

    That’s for sure.

    1. To chase lefty domestic terrorists is a better reason.

      1. And if they have specific people they are investigating and can convince a judge to issue a warrant for specific and pertinent information relevant to a particular investigation, that’s just fine. Otherwise, it’s a fishing expedition.

        1. Warrantless terrorism fishing expeditions worked for Obama and the swamp is full of bureaucrats willing to do it.

          Oh… now we want constitutional protections to be enforced.

          1. I can’t speak for you, but I always did.

            1. Right on the front lines, right Zeb?

              Fighting judges and cops who violate the constitution, right Zeb?

  18. The Alt-Right Carries on Margaret Sanger’s Legacy of Eugenics

    There is little doubt that the alt-right would like to pursue just such an “integrated population program for the whole society.” Unlike pro-lifers, its acolytes have no desire to protect life for its own sake.

    Or, as Spencer himself has put it, “pro-lifers want to be radical . . . human rights thumpers ? and they’re not us.” On this point, I won’t argue. Neither should anyone whose movement’s intellectual progenitor is Margaret Sanger.


    1. …And eugenics were definitely pursued by the National Socialist German Workers Party.

      All this is coming from the left.

      1. #antichoice policies […] disproportionately harm women of color

        I hate to point out the obvious….

        1. Oh snap I should have kept reading

  19. Economics Has a Sexism Problem

    This past weekend, the economics world was roiled by a controversy over sexism in the profession. A new paper by an undergraduate econ major revealed that an anonymous online forum called Economics Job Market Rumors is a hostile environment for women.

    Why is this happening now? One reason could come from economic theory. It’s notable that all of the fields now experiencing sexism controversies are technical, difficult, high-status occupations. In 2002, Harvard economist Claudia Goldin postulated that when women enter technical fields, some men in them experience status anxiety. When trying to figure out why more women are present, some men will credit technological changes, a reduction in sexism or a change in women’s interests and preferences. But other men will worry that it’s a sign the standards of their profession have been lowered, making them anxious about their own status.

    1. Their tits get in the way.

    2. It couldn’t have anything to do with employers desperately seeking to fill quotas lest they get shaken down.

      The fun part with this story is they can just repeat it every week with a different profession.

      1. Every woman hired in any field is above average.

  20. Valerie Plame Wilson wants to buy Twitter and ban President Trump

    The undercover CIA agent who the Buhpigs revenge-outed doesn’t like the Con Man. Who figured?


      1. Not clicking that link but I wonder where she’s gonna get the money. Government pension?

        1. What part of ex-CIA do you not understand?

  21. This could only happen in the Trump era:…


    1. This is a bad, how?

      1. The URL provides a clue.

    2. Will no one rid us of this tiresome director?

  22. Milwaukee is cracking down on “bawdy houses.”

    “Ordering the property owner that this activity can no longer occur, and if it does occur they can be held in contempt of that court order. So, it does have some meat to it. But closure as well, because that is then immediate relief for the community,” Hough said.


    1. Translation: It’s a relief the State’s boot is on somebody else’s neck.

  23. Like any emerging ideology, the alt-right didn’t just materialize out of nowhere. There were forerunners crying in the wilderness who were generally viewed as harmless kooks. “The paleo-libertarian seed that Ron Paul, Murray Rothbard, and Lew Rockwell planted in the 1990s has come to bear some really ugly fruit in the last couple of years as elements of the alt-right have made appearances in various libertarian organizations and venues,” writes Steve Horwitz, an economist who writes at Bleeding Heart Libertarians.

    The Ron Paul Revolution might not have amounted to much electorally, but it would be wrong to underestimate the impact he has had on libertarianism and the alt-right. “In a way, Ron Paul is the guy who lit the fuse,” Nick Gillespie says. “And he embodies some of those contradictions [between libertarianism and the alt-right].” Gillespie tells me that Richard Spencer came up to him at the Republican National Convention in 2016 and said that he was activated into politics because of Paul. Gillespie sees Paul’s legacy as very mixed, as someone who was “simultaneously? positing this very libertarian worldview, but then he’s also speaking to people’s fears and anxieties.” If one were looking for the missing link to explain this phenomenon, Ron Paul (and his paleolibertarian allies) would be a good place to start.

    1. Outsider candidates encourage outsiders to get political. This isn’t news. Personally, i know more Ron Paul ’08 fans who backed Bernie Sanders in ’16 than Ron Paul ’08 fans who remained by any measure libertarian.

      1. Is it just a phase they go through?or is there something about libertarianism that attracts, well, uh, you know, racist kooks?

        Pertinent question.

        1. Because nothing says freedom, Liberty and free market like using racism to stomp on freedoms and Liberty and use racist government policies to curtail free market.

            1. Racist lefty!

            2. Strawman down!

            3. Non-sequitur down!

        2. Because a philosophy that espouses free thought, free speech, and free association is naturally going to be attractive to people who don’t want to feel bad for having dumb ideas about race, saying those dumb ideas out loud, and using the most superficial aspects of another person’s phenotype to exclude them from things. Duh.

          This is why libertarians HAVE to be rabidly pro-individualism – otherwise any libertarian movement becomes a grab-bag of tribalists who fell out of other movements.

          1. Collectivism FTW, brah. He nailed us.

          2. Every once in awhile one of my many sockpuppets produces excellent commentary.

    2. Interesting, sort of.
      Name one “link” Ron Paul created between libertarianism and alt-rightism.

      I’m not saying there isn’t one, but those two paragraphs were just statement and claims.

      1. His looney anti-US Dollar lame-brain gold standard beliefs for one.

        1. Yes, restraining fiat currency inflation is lame-brained- says the buttplug loon.

        2. Shitty example. Just because Paul supports a Gold Standard, doesn’t mean he’s created a link between libertarianism and alt-rightism, which is the claim in the blurb.

    3. I’ve been wondering how long it would take for the “are you now or have you ever been” shit to start. I’m not surprised to see you on that bandwagon.

  24. Clinton says her ‘skin crawled’ from Trump’s looming behavior at debate.
    Hillary has more excuses for losing

    Imagine how creeped out Trump was with being on stage with a zombie who was trying to be the first dead woman elected president.

    1. ” Clinton says her ‘skin crawled’ ”

      Shapeshifters gonna Shapeshift.

      1. Priceless!

    2. I seem to recall Hilary initiating some of the closeness.

      1. Ew.

    3. “She recalled that Trump was “looming” behind her, just days after the clip surfaced of Trump’s infamous remarks about groping women.”

      Like he would want to grab whatever it is that is down there.

      1. That would be a good way to lose a hand and most of an arm. There’s… teeth. And tentacles.

    4. “I did, however, grip the microphone extra hard.”

      Even she does euphemisms

    5. She lost because she did stupid shit like legitimizing a meme.

  25. Milwaukee is cracking down on “bawdy houses.”

    Why else would anyone go to Milwaukee?

  26. TAMPA ? The friendship of the four young roommates ? though cemented in the dark trappings of an obscure neo-Nazi group called Atomwaffen Division ? never seemed destined for bloodshed.

    One was described as a former science nerd, serving in the Florida National Guard. Two others worked temp jobs at a recycling plant and talked about joining the military. The fourth caught flak from his roommates for wasting his days with video games.

    Now two of the young men are dead, the other two are in jail and authorities are left to answer this question: Was Atomwaffen Division plotting violent acts or were the four young men merely posers?

    The slain men’s relatives and friends reject any neo-Nazi labels, but do not dispute that they shared an interest in right-wing ideologies.

  27. Sinatra’s Future album is so strange.*

    *Current references like this are why my life is a cacophony of quim.

    1. cacophony of quim

      90s girl band?

    2. When is the left going to demand that all Sinatra statues and historical markers be torn down?

      1. Actually, I like Penn Jilette’s idea more every day.

        Tear them all down. Quit worshiping dead people.

        (and I support leaving up the Confederate monuments)

        1. (and I support leaving up the Confederate monuments)

          No you don’t.

  28. I warned of right-wing violence in 2009. Republicans objected. I was right.

    Since 2008, though, the body count from numerous acts of violent right-wing terrorism continued to rise steadily with very little media interest, political discussion or concern from our national leaders. As this threat grew, government resources were scaled back, law enforcement counterterrorism training was defunded and policies to counter violent extremism narrowed to focus solely on Muslim extremism. Heated political campaigning by Donald Trump in 2016 pandered to these extremists. Now, right-wing terrorism has become the national security threat which many government leaders have yet to acknowledge.

    1. As this threat grew, government resources were scaled back, law enforcement counterterrorism training was defunded and policies to counter violent extremism narrowed to focus solely on Muslim extremism.

      Thanks Obama!

      1. No thanks Obama!

    2. Your links are all goo-ey this morning. What have you been doing?

  29. Milwaukee is cracking down on “bawdy houses.”

    It’s also bawdying down on “crack houses.”

    1. Actually, not so much. There are actual assets to be ‘forfeited’ in drug deals. The drugs, guns, cars, all that stuff. Not as likely to get away with ‘forfeiting’ a whore and trying to keep here busy at the precinct.

      1. Or even her.
        Certainly not him; cops after all.

  30. ESPN pulled Asian announcer Robert Lee from covering the UVA game.

    1. I forgot to link that this morning after seeing that. Nice catch!

      Just ridiculously moronic to remove someone simply because their name is in the lefty crosshairs right now.

      1. I am not sure how it can be more surreal than this. I suppose it can be, but I cannot imagine right now how it can be.

  31. Phoenix is a long way from Philly. But they both start with “Ph,” and it was a Summer’s Eve and there were a lot of douches out who were not, in fact balanced for a woman;s body… but I’m not clever enough to wrap this up.

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