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Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, canceled a panel discussion on "The Stifling of Free Speech on University Campuses" following protests. Officials said they did not think they could protect public safety if the discussion took place.

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  1. Typical unsophisticated libertarians, unable to appreciate a masterpiece of performance art when they see one.

    1. They are planning to go on tour. Check back for locations and dates.

      1. I think they’ve been on tour for a while now…

        1. Surely we can all agree that the “free speech” nonsense is finished? Even the federal courts agree with me, despite the “dissenting opinions” of a single, isolated judge and of a “media law scholar” who is clearly trying to provoke inappropriate controversy about America’s leading criminal “satire” case. For details, see:

  2. They really love proving they don’t understand fascism while ironically using fascist tactics. So according to them, the right to speech ceases to exist when opponents of what you have to say are willing to engage in violence. Yet somehow I doubt a socialist event would be cancelled because the KKK plans to protest (unless an explicit threat to violence is made.)
    Can we also point out that 2 of the speakers are professors who are mostly polite in espousing views that shouldn’t be controversial?

    1. Can we also point out that 2 of the speakers are professors who are mostly polite in espousing views that shouldn’t be controversial?

      No. Because racist.

    2. I thought they do know what communism is and are using communist tactics

  3. “The seeds of fascism, that’s how they start. It starts with this ‘othering’ of people,” she said. “Regardless of whether or not they themselves are preaching strict fascist ideology, who are they preaching to?”

    Quick, is this one of the event speakers complaining about the protestors calling her a Nazi and saying she has no right to free speech and freedom of assembly rights or one of the protestors calling the planned speakers Nazis and claiming they have no free speech and freedom of assembly rights?

    1. I read the article so I know who said it. But the term ‘othering’ gives it away, I rolled my eyes when I got to that word…I mean I rolled my eyes again!

  4. “Officials said they did not think they could protect public safety . . . ”

    We gave you one job, government. ONE job!

    But by all means, take over health care, the education of our children, and the Earth’s temperature. I’m sure you’ll get those things right.

    1. We may have given them one job but they took on 12,819 others. They are desperately searching for one they can get right. The over under on when that happens is 47,039 which we should reach sometime in late 2018. Originally I was thinking they could get cooking french fries right but I am having second thoughts.

      1. The government could fuck up a cup of coffee. I’m talking all government – military pretty much on top of the list.

        1. The government has already proved it can fuck up a glass of water. (Flint, MI)
          Forget “can’t even boil water”, they can’t even carry it.

    2. Yes, this is why we also need the Second Amendment. There are times and places were the government doesn’t do the one job it is supposed to do.

  5. “Violence is contextual”
    I call pure bullshit.

    Also, I call for the entire ‘police’ department to be fired for incompetence.
    Oh, wait – Canada.

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